Prelude: Occasionally, there are adult model/pornstar conventions where the babes who make a living out of showing off their incredible bodies hawk merchandise like videos, pictures, autographs, etc. Ones like pornstar Diamond Foxxx are very accustomed to such events but there is a newcomer who just started doing nude work after many years of avoiding nudity....Missy Hyatt who mostly managed wrestlers in organizations, occasionally wrestled, and also was a commentator and did interviews quite a bit. So Missy Hyatt is hardly ever at a loss for words. And Diamond Foxxx is not known as a shrinking violet herself in either porn scenes and at such conventions as this one. As luck would have it, they are at adjacent booths at the convention and as no surprise, these two personality filled superstacked babes don't get along... at all.

Diamond: "Well, I heard I was going to have to a virgin exhibitor next to my own area. But I didn't know it would be someone whose profession gets more jokes than even my own pornstar one...a wrestler manager,commentator, and rare actual wrestler?" {laughing}
Missy: "Hey, sounds like someone is jealous of my better body and the fact that I could actually speak coherent sentences in interviews and not just be a blonde Barbie bimbo wannabe!"
Diamond: "Can't believe you are bringing up a doll's name when you have a first name of Missy! As far as your body goes, you come in a poor second place next to mine!"
Missy: "And your first name is Diamond? {laughing} Zirconian is more like it since you are as fake as it gets! Starting with those freakishly made twin mountain peaks of yours!"
Diamond: "Rrrrrriiiiiggggghhhhhhttttt, and those gigantic gazongas of yours are natural huh? Not mention your botched botox lips enhancements! Missy, you dime store whore, you should have stopped after 1 gallon of botox!" {laughing}
Missy: "Your whole body looks like a construction zone! Do you put out signs when you have more work done... you know lower the speed limit, etc, you overrated bitch!" {laughing}
Diamond: "Enough of this crap! Let's settle this woman to woman! How about you and me have us a beauty contest where the attendees here can judge our bodies.... even the most private of areas. Up for that, tramp?"
Missy: "Yeah cunt, I agree to that if you agree to a no holds barred/submission only catfight! I say my body is stronger and more athletic than yours and I have proved how fit I am over the years in some matches."
Diamond: "You do remember those were scripted matches right? Yeah, I agree to that competition after our assets comparison one! Not to mention I've seen you with so many hair colors....brunette, blonde, redhead....that I want to see your rear color by pulling out some."
Missy: "Pot, meet kettle. I have seen you with the exact same variety of hair color! You are going to regret trying to make fun of the First Lady of Professional Wrestling!"
Diamond: "Yeah, before I saw you I wondered what that meant. Now I understand! That title means that you were the first female to ever be associated with wrestling.... Roman times.... wait, given the age you look, Grecian maybe?" {laughing}
Missy: "You are sssssoooo going to regret trying to make fun of me, plastic Barbie!"

So the two silicone-enhanced babes are ready to have it out comparing their anatomical assets. Since neither has proven to be modest, the 8 anatomical areas include the most private areas of tits and snatch along with their asses of course. The winner of more of these areas of facial beauty/tresses, tits, midsection, pussy, legs, arms/armpits, back, and butt will win the overall beauty contest. They go ahead and strip now.

Beauty Contest: The first area of comparison will be their faces/tresses. Neither has a world class beautiful face but are above average in beauty also in this area. However of the two, Diamond Foxxx has the more classic model type face so the superbuxom pornstar takes a 1-0 lead. The next area is the one that most of the convention patrons would most want to see....their humongous treasure chests that no doubt Blackbeard the pirate would have loved to have plundered. And indeed, this is an epic battle between these two well-endowed sexpots with Missy claiming F cuts while Diamond possesses even alrger G cups. However, it isn't the size that ends up deciding this particular area but instead that Diamond Foxxx's twin torpedoes are ven firmer than the former wrestling manager/wrestler/commentator. So Diamond extends her lead to 2-0 after this victory.

Missy HyattDiamond FoxxxThe next area for comparison will be their midsections. Diamond claims a significantly thinner one than Missy but Diamond's still looks less firm and actually thicker than her nemesis so Missy gets a much needed victory for the better stomach area to cut her deficit down to 2-1. The next area to be judged will be their snatches. Missy Hyatt has a good one but it is very hard to match or defeat a pornstar with an incredible snatch like Diamond Foxxx possesses. Thus, the platinum blonde adult film actress adds to her lead with another victory and now is ahead 3-1 halfway through this beauty contest.

The next area to be compared will be their legs. This is a good area for both of the babes, however Diamond's legs are a bit sleeker and better tapered so the pornstar wins yet another area to extend her commanding lead to 4-1 which clinches at least a tie in the beauty contest since only three areas remain to be judged.

Both have good arms and armpits but not world class ones. But of the two, Missy wins mainly for having better armpits which are larger and a bit firmer looking so she stays in the overall assets comparison competition by cutting her deficit to 4-2 with only the rearside areas of back and ass left for a winner to be determined.

The two superstacked nude babes turn around that their backs can be judged first by the convention attendess. This is a good area for each with decent delineation and change in width from the small of their backs to the area of their backs between their shoulders. In a close decision, Diamond is considered to have the sexier back so her victory wins her the beauty contest with a 5-2 lead and only the ass comparison left to be decided. The two try to show off their asses to the best with neither really having a world class butt since there isn't a bubble butt between them. However, Diamond Foxxx's is considered to be firmer thus the pornstar completes her rout with a final tally of 6-2 in her favor. Needless to say, Diamond Foxxx is relatively pleased with her lopsided win the beauty contest while Missy Hyatt can't wait to try to get her revenge in the upcoming no holds barred/submission only catfight.

Catfight: There really isn't a suitable place inside the convention center to have a catfight so they will take it outside so to speak for this physical battle. They decide on a pool area surrounded by concrete but there is a grassy area a short distance away. also which would be good to cushion any falls via the soft grass. Each wants to redress a bit but given the site of the upcoming catfight, there won't be much clothing on. Missy Hyatt comes out in almost an American Indian type bikini top and bottom which of course accentuates her humongous hooters with a colorful pattern on the top and bottom like you might see on a native American blanket. Diamond Foxxx counters with a solid gold colored bikini which befits her reputation as being about the moolah.

They start this battle in the grassy area near the outside pool with each moving her body right up against the other in an obvious contact of the other's gigantic gazongas hidden behind their skimpy bikini tops... nothing but a tease of a titfight at this point. Missy Hyatt is clearly still pissed off at the dominance by Diamond Foxxx during their just completed beauty contest so she wants to show that she isn't going to be embarassed yet again in their second competition. Thus, she goes on the offense and in an unexpected way as she puts forward her botox-enhanced lips and gives Diamond Foxxx a passionate kiss that no doubt the pornstar hardly expected. Indeed, that does give the former wrestling associated babe the advantage with the pornstar being surprised at this particular line of attack. But Missy moves away from the kissing after gaining the shock edge and goes more for an expected catfighting more... a slap to the face of the beauty contest winning face of the superstacked pornstar. That turns the head of the buxom platinum blonde at which point Missy reaches for omse of that treasure chest length straight hair that Diamond loves to show off. Missy uses those tresses as leverage to swing around the well known pornstar into a circular spin at which point she finally lets go to send Diamond stumbling out of control and ending up flat in a prone position... or as flat as she can be giving those G cup caliber twin mountain peaks.

Diamond of course is angry about her rude treatment early in this catfight and is anxious to push herself off the grassy area where she is lying on her stomach on her world class gigantic gazongas. But as she tries to get off the grass, Missy Hyatt has followed her over to the next position and footstomps that sexy, beauty contest winning back of the busty babe to keep Diamond on the ground. And of course each downward stomp gives Missy the satisfaction that Diamond's world class twin torpedoes are going harder into the grass covered ground beneath that treasure chest. Missy then drops down and sits on top of that recently tortured back of her nemesis and hops up and down on it which has two fold punishment.... torturing that Diamond Foxxx back some more and also of course still pushing those world class twin peaks of her rival hard into the grass covered ground. It even gets worse for the foxy one when Missy grabs a hold of Diamond's head and uses that to scrub Diamond's beauty contest winning face back and forth across the grass in yet another humiliation for the beauty contest winning busty blonde. Finally, Diamond is able to buck her rival off her back and end her embarassing status... at least for the present time.

Missy looks to the conventioneers as she has always loved an adoring audience when things are going her way as they have been from the start of this catfight. But Diamond isn't one to just sit back and take torment without trying to dish out some punishment of her own. So as the two get up to sitting positions, it is Diamond who delivers the next blow...a hard righthanded slap to the face of the self-proclaimed First Lady of Professional Wrestling. That jerks the head of Missy hard to the side is the first offensive blow by Diamond in this catfight. The two are already at a catty type peak as they now go for each other's throat in a vicious, primal, dangerous chokefest.

It is incredibly hot for the spectators for these two superstacked babes to be going after each other throat as the goal of course is to render the other unconscious and thus to win the submission only catfight by way of the opponent not being able to continue. And sure enough both suffer respiration issues as the other is squeezing the windpipe and thus restricting normal breathing. Of course each realizes she is suffering but has trouble ending this particular skirmish since each holds on to the belief that if she can hold out just a little bit longer, the other will be made unconscious by her choking and thus win the catfight. But it becomes clear that neither is guaranteed the outcome she desires so they end this particular duel in a draw.

But it stays catty as Missy and Diamond can't resist going for each other's hair in a classic hairpulling duel from their sitting positions. Of course one of the first actions of this catfight was Missy pulling Diamond's hair to swing her around in an arc and ultimately send her nemesis down to the grass but now both get into yanking tresses. Even from sitting positions, they can't remain in that state as they end up lying on the grass covered ground and begin to roll around that area with first one on top only to be displaced by the female who was on the bottom and now becomes in the advantageous position on top. At this juncture, the first time that either of these huge hootered blonde bombshells is on top, off comes that bikini top and those gigantic gazongas are dropped down upon the face of her foe in a devastating, world class titsmother. Each gets her opportunity to humiliate the other in this titsmother but the smothers don't even stop there with the transferring of that sweat and foul body odor from those monster mams.

Because in addition to the titsmothers, each realizes that even though their armpits aren't quite as desirous as their humongous hooters are, those recessed areas are great as trapping that sweat generated during all this strenuous action in this catfight in those enclosed regions and thus resulting in a lot of odor to go with it. So when each puts her left or right armpit on top of the other's face, it is not only humiliating but also punishing for the victim below physically. Finally after each of the superstacked babes gets her turn at titsmothering and armpit smothers, the two end up in a neutral position lying on their sides facing each other. Diamond Foxxx and Missy Hyatt at this point get to standing positions for the first time in a long while.

Their bodies still look magnificent even after this grueling match up to this point. Only their hair looks like a mess due to the earlier hairpulling episode. But the sweat on their bodies makes their flesh look even sexier. Not to mention their world class gigantic gazongas being freed again for the first time since the end of the beauty contest and still more erect than they should be at this point due to the silicone implants helping them stay that way. And since their humongous hooters are now unveiled again, it is not much of a surprise that one of the favorite competitions within a catfight between two well-endowed babes... namely a titfight... now gets underway.

Diamond and Missy ram their monter mams against the other's titanic tits in a titfight of epic proportions...literally with both have oversized bodacious boobs. Of course, during the beauty contest, Diamond Foxxx won the breasts comparison but that was more for symmetry and perhaps a little due to her increased cup size but certainly wasn't related to how their jumbo juggs would come out in a titfight like they are having right now. To ensure their massive melons stay pressed securely against the other's, they have wrapped their arms around the opponent's midsection in a tender embrace to keep one set from having an escape route and thus back away from the action. As it turns out after all the grunting and screaming and claims of superior mounds and the issuance of profanities, neither really gains an edge in this very sexual of skirmishes do this results in a tie. Thus they move on from the titfight itself but with their arms already wrapped around the other's waist area, not a surprise that they keep their current positions for the next engagement.

The next skirmish ends up being a mutual bearhug battle with of course their arms already wrapped around the other's midsection due to the just completed titfight. But now the focus is being shifted to arms strength as the main goal is not to destroy the other's titanic tits anymore but instead to cause anguish by pressuring the other's midsection. And as this particular duel occurs, screams and grunts and some profanities come forth with this squeezing. As the battle continues, although neither would be confused with having gym-trained arms, Diamond Foxxx the pornstar does seem to be gaining an edge over the First Lady of Professional Wrestling due to what appears to be stronger arms more than say just due to a tougher midsection. So as Diamond squeezes ever harder, her efforts are rewarded as she puts Missy Hyatt in panic mode as the wrestling entertainment babes abandons her own bearhug under the duress of Diamond's. In fact, she puts her hands on the top of her head which looks incredibly sexy but of course does nothing to remedy her current situation and gives Diamond free access to continue her own bearhug of Missy's midsection. Finally, Missy Hyatt regains her poise but instead of engaging once again in a mutual bearhug battle that she was losing before, she launches a short right fist to the prominent jaw of Diamond Foxxx which stuns the huge hootered honey and forces an immediate end to the bearhug that has been torturing Missy. The two separate for the moment with Missy trying to recover from the punishment to her own midsection while Diamond tries to recover from the sock to her jaw via the Missy Hyatt fist.

At this juncture, their bikini bottoms are getting a bit rank due to all the sweat and foul body odor that comes with the perspiration so they take them off voluntarily now. But they don't toss them away but instead shove their skimpy bottoms hard into the opponent's face to force their foe to be exposed to those unpleasant factors. Eventually, each is able to take away the top from her rival and indeed those bottoms do get tossed away at this point.

From their current standing positions and with their snatches now visible for the first time since the end of the beauty contest, it is natural that the pornstar and the wrestling associated babe turns this very personal again as each shoves her right hand forcefully into the other's precious pussy in order to try to force her nemesis to cum. Each screams and grunts and issues forth profanities as their most sacred chamber is being violated by the other's probing hand. And as this continues, Diamond proves to have the advantage which is no surprise since she is the more skilled at anything related to sex considering her many adult film scenes involving such. But in the meantime their postures during this most personal of battles is a turnon since they put their free left hand on the top of their heads which shows off the firmness in that arm and that nice armpit at the same time the right hand and arm is busy forcefully exploring the other's snatch. In the end, Missy's right hand falls out of Diamond's pussy with the pornstar having proven to be the better one in this better skirmish as she extracts her hand to show that she has Missy's cum on it. Of course, this has stunned Missy and gives Diamond the current advantage at this point. With Missy bent over trying to recover from the recent sexual victory by Diamond Foxxx, the pornstar attacks the back of her nemesis that was very competitive with Diamond's back during the beauty contest but did lose that area.

Diamond then grabs hold of Missy's long blonde hair and uses that to pull Missy along behind her as she leads her across the grass and onto the concrete area surrounding the pool. Diamond then whips Missy Hyatt in an arc using that hair to do so and then lets her rival go to propel the self-proclaimed First Lady of Professional Wrestling into the shallower end of the swimming pool. Diamond celebrates this humiliating toss of her nemesis into the pool with Missy disappearing briefly underneath the water only to bob up quickly. With Missy's gigantic gazongas as floatation devices there is little chance of her drowning... especially as the more shallow end of the pool.

Missy eventually gains her footing and is in a standing position and is frustrated at her recent rude treatment and slaps the water with her hands. Missy challenges Diamond to join her in the swimming pool to continue their duel in the water which Diamond does at this juncture. So with both in the water facing each other from standing positions, each begins to slap the water in front of their bodies with their hands to send streams of water into the other's face. They also move their arms across the surface of the water to end up slinging larger volumes of water into the face of their foe. And they also work in dunking of the other's head occasionally below the surface of the water by pushing down on the head of the opponent. This particular aqua skirmish ends up pretty much of a draw and does actually refresh both of the combatants at this time during the catfight which has been very strenuous and punishing up to this juncture. Diamond Foxxx and Missy Hyatt exit the pool now and move back to the grassy area where most of this catfight has been taking place.

The two have already had duels related to arms strength via the mutual bearhug, their humongous hooters via the titfight, and very recently the pussy war from the standing position. So far Diamond defeated Missy in the arms strength and pussy war contests and the titfight ended in a draw.

Now, they decide to have a test of legs strength which gives them the added advantage of being able to get off their feet in order to contest this battle. Since they have already gone the mutual bearhug of midsections during the arms strength competition, Missy and Diamond want to do something different than mutual legscissors around the other's midsection in a duel. So that leaves the Indian leg wrestling type competition or maybe a mutual legscissors of the other's neck and head area. Diamond and Missy decide on the latter method so they lie down on their sides next to each other but facing opposite directions. Their lower legs clamp down on the other's head and neck area in a tortuous legscissors which immediately brings protests from both of the target babes via loud grunts, occasional screams, and some spewed profanities. Missy's legs seem to be thicker but of the two, Diamond Foxxx's seem to sinewy stronger and thus appear to have Missy suffering more than herself during this legscissors skirmish. Of course their arms and hands are free so even though Missy is losing this battle as evidenced by her louder and more frequent screams and use of profanities and the more look of anguish on her face, she is not necessarily near concession as she can always fight back via her hands being used to fish and pinch those legs of her torturer..... which she does at this point. Of course, Diamond follows suit by attacking the legs of Missy in the same manner which means both of them end the legscissors around the other's head and neck.

However, despite Missy Hyatt's escape from this legscissors duel she clearly came out the worse for wear compared to Diamond Foxxx' situation after this battle. In fact, it is Diamond who is the aggressor and lunges towards Missy who is still lying down after the just completed test of legs strength. Diamond is able to push Missy down on her back and sits her beauty contest winning ass on top of those humongous hooters that Missy is so proud of and actually did take Diamond's gigantic gazongas to a draw in the earlier titfight. But that isn't the goal of Diamond right now to necessarily torment those titanic tits although she certainly doesn't mind doing that. Instead it quickly becomes clear that the huge hootered pornstar is interested in doing another smother... in fact the most personal one possible.

She pulls the face of the self- proclaimed first lady of professional wrestling hard into one of the best pussies in all of porn. And this late in the catfight, Diamond has plenty of sweat and thus foul body odor to share with the beleaguered blonde and this is a very effective smother, especially with Missy Hyatt already in a tired state to begin with. Diamond scrubs that world class, beauty contest winning pussy of hers hard into the face of Missy which is not only very humiliating to the victim but also affects her breathing. Missy of course tries to buck her torturer off her tremendous tits but her energy level is down plus Diamond uses her hold on Missy's head to keep it flush against her pussy to anchor her position a bit more. And the more escape attempts that Missy tries and fails, the lower her energy level and resistance ebbs. Finally, Missy concedes to Diamond.

Missy: "I give.... I give up.... you street corner whore! Let me go, tramp!"
Diamond: "Missy....Missy....Missy...I believe you are missing the point here. I have you exactly where I want you. Sooooo, if you want me to let you up after your concession, I suggest you quit calling me names. Try again, bitch!"
Missy: "Please let me up...I give up....you win...you win."
Diamond: "Damn it! I was so hoping you would keep up your rude actions and then I could keep tormenting you. I guess I have to let you go now, you bleached blonde bitch!"

Postmatch: Even though Diamond feels obliged to let her defeated foe up, that doesn't mean she isn't going to take the spoils of her victory. But the beauty contest winning and catfight winning pornstar does get off of Missy for the time being leaving the exhausted Missy Hyatt supine on the grass. Yet, she is still sitting right beside her defeated foe's form and just catching her second wind in order no doubt to humiliate her nemesis more starting in a short time.

And sure enough, Diamond Foxxx mounts Missy Hyatt's still supine form in a great full body cover. She rubs her beauty contest winning gigantic gazongas down upon Missy Hyatt's own oversized orbs...no doubt some of that attack being one of frustration since Diamond probably believed she would win the titfight also but instead only got a draw in that particular duel. She gets her revenge now as she smashes those massive melons of Missy Hyatt underneath her own perfect pumpkins. Diamond then does encore smothers using those humongous hooters of hers as she moves forward a short distance in order to do so.

She repeats another set of smothers by lowering first her left armpit and then her right one on top of Missy's face again transfering lots of sweat and foul body odor just like the just completed titsmother did. And Diamond Foxxx sports her sadistic smirk on that beautiful face of hers with each smothers she performs in this postmatch version of her earlier smothers.

At this juncture, Diamond moves on from utilizing her own ample assets to going after Missy's. She again goes after the pussy of Missy in old school fashion as she rams one of her hands hard into the snatch of Missy Hyatt... the same maneuver that proved successful during the catfight when they had their pussy war from standing positions. And she gets the same result as she again extracts her hand with cum on it after Missy Hyatt has climaxed. Diamond Foxxx then goes for some more liquid from Missy.... a new assault on those monster mams of the self-proclaimed First Lady of Professional Wrestling.

Those humongous hooters of hers have to be attacked one at a time using both of Diamond's hands due to the size of those pumpkins. Using that two on one method, Diamond is successful as she first milks the left tit and then the right boob. After each successful milking, she swipes the bounty of milk coming from that nipple and sucks those fingers dry in her mouth. Diamond skips the pussy smother since she just utilized that maneuver to win the catfight itself but isn't about to omit the classic winner's smother. Thus, Diamond Foxxx sits her beauty contest winning ass on top of Missy Hyatt's face in a great facesit move. And she has stills and video taken of this particular smother as she puts her hands on the top of her head to show off her firm arms and great armpits...an area she won during the beauty contest judgments and also of course proved she had the stronger arms during the catfight test of their arms.

Finally, Diamond gets off of Missy's face and stands up alongside the almost motionless supine form and collects their bikinis that they started wearing for the catfight...her own gold one to perhaps being used again in the feature while she probably will put Missy Hyatt's colorful bikini in a trophy case at home alongside perhaps some of the other victims she has defeated in earlier catfights. But Diamond has one more humiliation to dispense to Missy Hyatt. The pornstar reaches down and pulls Missy up by the hair and walks the stumbling defeated doll over to the pool as she did during the catfight itself and slings her exhausted rival once again fortunately into the shallow end of the pool. Then Diamond brushes her hands together as if she had just taken out the trash....probably in her own mind exactly what she just did!