Carrie Underwood was fascinated by the catfighting league. Carrie saw the glory of the successful catfighters; the studs, the fame, the money, yet this glory was achieved by only a few fighters. Many catfighters were broken, injured, and forced to do humiliating sparring work or a few dollars and a hot meal training current catfighters. Carrie thought she had the talent, desire, and skill to become the lightweight champion. Visions of a match against Jennifer Love Hewitt, and a $20,000,000 match floated through Carrie's pretty little head.

Jennifer Aniston was an enigma. Although talented and strong, her catfight career was consistently inconsistent. It was win one, lose one. She was destroyed by Jennifer Love Hewitt, in the match that Hewitt claims gave her the confidence to go on to win the lightweight title. Then Jennifer Anniston destroyed her arch rival Angelina Jolie.

Jennifer was also fascinated by the big money in catfighting. Everyone knew Aniston had really gotten into shape. Her commercial for bottled water showed a firm tight muscular body. At 5 ft 6 and 110 pounds, Jennifer Aniston had a physique matched by very few fighters. Secretly she had begun training with the thought of eventually fighting for the lightweight catfighting championship, the most coveted prized title in catfighting.

Jennifer agreed to fight a rookie, that rookie was Carrie Underwood. Carrie was 14 years younger than Jennifer. However, Jennifer was 3 inches taller, and weighed 110 pounds versus Carrie's 100 pounds. Jennifer also had much more experience in catfighting than Carrie.

Carrie was pleasantly surprised to be fighting Jennifer Aniston. Defeating Aniston would get everyone's attention. Aniston was enough of a name catfighter, so a victory would certainly enhance Carrie's status as an up and coming catfighter. Aniston was agreeable to the match up. She thought Carrie's lack of experience would be the deciding factor.

Both women signed the contract and embarked upon 3 weeks of grueling training. The match was the week's main event. The match would be attended by all the catfighters. Glory to the victor, pain and humiliation to the loser, as in all catfights. Two women step into the ring, thinking they will destroy their opponent. However, only one women will achieve this goal.

Carrie entered the ring first. Carrie was 5 foot 3 inches and 100 pounds of firm young muscle. The butterflies were churning in her stomach as Carrie walked to the ring, climbed the apron and entered the squared circle. "Well". she thought, "no turning back now." Carrie was wearing a blue sports bra and matching bike shorts with black over the knee wrestling boots.

Jennifer made Carrie wait a couple minutes before her entrance. "Nothing like making the rookie wait", thought Jenn. At 5 ft 6 inches and 110 pounds, Jennifer Aniston was a prototype body type for a catfighter. Months of exhausting exercise had honed Jennifer into a fighting machine. Victory over Carrie was essential to propel Jenn toward her goal of becoming the lightweight catfighting champion.

The bell clanged. The fight started. Jennifer wanted to start fast, hopefully to take advantage of any nerves that Carrie has. Jenn strode confidently toward Carrie, and at about 3 feet from Carrie, reared her right hand back aiming a slap to Carrie's left cheek. Carrie's instinct took over and she easily blocked Jennifer's attack. Carrie flexed her right hand out toward Jenn's left breast, grazing Jenn's breast, but doing little damage. Jenn turned to her left and again tried a quick left, right combination slap to Carrie's face. Again Carrie blocked the flurry by raising her forearms up. Jenn was getting pissed as 3 strikes toward Carrie's face landed zero punches. Carrie then waded in toward Jenn and both woman locked up collar and elbow style.

The women hissed as their firm bodies collided. Soon both women had their hands in their opponent's hair, pulling and twisting breast to breast. The fighters were screaming in pain as their scalp was being torn by their vicious hair pulling. Jenn decided to use her experience. Jenn raised her right knee hard into Carrie's gut. Carrie gasped as Jenn's bony knee slammed into her muscled belly. More importantly, Carrie's grip on Jennifer's hair loosened considerably. Jenn was able to pull her head away, and yet maintain her grip on Carrie's hair.

Another quick knee to the gut by Jenn found its mark. Carrie gasped and her body slumped a bit. Jenn took her hands from her opponent’s hair and quickly delivers 'da right, left combination slap' to Carrie. This time the slaps found their mark. Carrie's head snapped backward, and a scream of pain escaped the blonde's lips. Jenn then raked the breasts of her younger opponent. Aniston grabbed both firm young tits of her opponent and curled her nails into the underbelly and top of Carrie's breasts. Twisting and kneading, then Jennifer delivering another knee to Carrie's belly. Carrie was now in a panic. All the training, all the practice, were nothing compared to the actually experience of hand to hand combat. Carrie flailed her hands in windmill style toward Jennifer's head and face. Aniston easily evaded these telegraphed slaps and continued to torture Carrie's breasts.

"C'mon Carrie", chided Aniston. "What was all that big talk about? How you were gonna kick my old ass? Yeah right!" continued Jenn. Quickly Jenn pulled her hands from Carrie's tortured breasts. Carrie was so panicked she could not launch a retaliatory move. Jenn grabbed Carrie's tangled blonde mane of hair with her left hand. Jenn pulled Carrie's head forward, and bitch slapped Carrie's face with her powerful right hand. Slap after uncontested slap fell on Carrie's unprotected face. The pain and humiliation were affecting the tiring country star. Slap! slap! slap! slap, Carrie could feel her face swelling, being bruised from Jenn's battering right hand.

Jenn pulled Carrie's face up. A smiling Aniston surveyed her work on Carrie's battered face. "Not bad, if I do say so myself." Jenn intoned sweetly. Jenn pressed her index finger into the swollen right and left cheekbone of Carrie Underwood. The result was instantly seen. The blood in Carrie's cheekbones was forced into Carrie's eyes. Carrie's eyes instantly blacked and swelled shut. Saliva and now tears rolled down Carrie's face as Jennifer resumed her bitch slapping on the defenseless rookie. Finally Carrie screamed. "I GIVE!"

Jennifer immediately ceased her attack. Jenn smiled sweetly as she raised her arms. Jennifer Aniston was the one catfighter who entered the ring thinking she would punish her opponent, and succeeded in that quest. "Better luck next time rookie." Jenn said to Carrie as the defeated rookie was escorted out of the ring, leaving Jenn to bask in the applause from the crowd.

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