BRING IT ON Detention!!!

Miss Lynn Sexpot played by Britney Spears vs. Miss Kenedy Tightass played by Cori Nadine

Lynn goes stomping down the hallway, straight to Miss Kenedy Tightass' home room, mad as hell for having to stay after school for detention. Yes she was caught talking in class, but it was about the big game today. How dare Miss Tightass have the nerve to keep her after in detention, causing the very cute head-cheerleader to miss the game? Miss Lynn Sexpot was not going to let this teacher keep her after school on this day of all days. So, in her green tight sweater with a big white "J" on it, for Jefferson High, her braless 34b nipples poking thru (she hardly ever wears a bra), and her sweet ass swinging in a way too short green and white pleated skirt, showing off her white panties as it sways back and forth, and with her white ankle socks and tennis shoes squeaking on the hallway floor, she turns into the home room of Miss Kenedy Tightass. As the door closes, her blonde hair in 2 ponytails, with green and white ribbons in it, she comes to a stop at the teacher's desk, all 5' 7" of her 120 lb., 18 year old babe of a body.

Miss Kenedy Tightass does not even acknowledge Lynn's presents at first, her mousey brown hair was up in a tight bun, She wore dark rimmed glasses, and also wearing a white short sleeve blouse, buttoned all the way up, complimented by a knee length black skirt. Unbeknown to others, Miss Tightass had on very sexy white lace push-up bra, with the clasp in the front, concealing beautiful 36d tits, and a matching pair of white lace bikini panties. To top it off, she had black penny loafers, black stockings, held up by black garter belt. Standing at 5' 8", 130 lbs., no one could have guessed what the conservative 30 year old teacher (on the outside), had on underneath, that is until today.

Finally, Miss Tightass slightly raises her head, peeks over her glasses, looks at Lynn and says, "Take a seat over there, we will be here about 2 hours."

Lynn thinks to herself, "Oh no, the bus leaves in 45 minutes. I can't miss the bus, or I'll miss the big game." Lynn clears her throat, trying to remain calm, and says, "Miss Tightass, the big game is today, can't I do this another day?"

Returning to grading her papers, the teacher softly says, "No can do."

Lynn pleads, "But the squad and the team are counting on me!"

Without hardly moving, Miss Tightass responds, "You should have thought about that this morning. Now go sit down!"

Getting angrier by the second, Lynn shouts, "Danmit, that's not fair!!"

Standing up from her chair, leaning on her desk, the teacher points to the chalkboard and with a stern voice says, "You will not yell or curse at me, missy. For that, you will write on the board, 'I will not talk in class, yell or curse at my teacher', 500 times!"

Storming toward the chalkboard, the head cheerleader mumbles as she passes by Miss Tightass, "Fuck you, you stuck up bitch!"

Furious from Lynn's remark, Kenedy grabs the cheerleader's right arm, stopping her in her tracks, almost shouting Kenedy says, "Wait here Miss Smart mouth, you’re gonna pay for that!" With a quizzical look on her face, Lynn watches as Miss Tightass walks to the door, locking it and pulling down the shade. The teacher then goes to the chalkboard and grabs the 4 ft. wooden pointer, hanging from a hook by its chrome eyelet, and with a rubber tip on the other end. Kenedy sees no need to close the window shades, since they are on the 3rd floor of the school.

Lynn Sexpot asks, "What you going to do with that, Miss Tightass?"

Kenedy smiles an evil grim and says, "You're about to find out, big mouth. Now bend over that desk in the front row!" Lynn slowly does as she is told, thinking that the spanking she is about to get, surely it won't hurt that bad. After all the fights she has been in, the padding of her white cheerleader panties, she can handle this, easy!!

Miss Tightass can see the bottom edge of Lynn's white panties, feeling a slight arousal of lust and joy, as the teacher pulls the rest of Lynn's green and white skirt up and over her nice sexy ass. The cheerleader's tan thighs, making the white panties seem even whiter and brighter. Kenedy is going to just love this, too bad Lynn won't.

Miss Tightass raises the wooden pointer and brings it down hard onto the ass of the head cheerleader. Lynn hardly makes a soft umph! Kenedy takes back the pointer again, aiming to hit her much harder this time. But once again the cheerleader hardly makes a sound. A grin crosses the face of Lynn, knowing Miss Tightass can't hurt her there. But the teacher, getting mad, changes tactics and brings the wooden pointer down harder, this time just below Lynn's white panties, striking with a loud smack upon the cheerleader's smooth tan thighs! Lynn screams in pain, shocked that Miss Tightass would do such a hateful thing to her lovely legs. Before Lynn can say a word to stop, Kenedy brings the pointer down again, an inch lower than the first. The searing pain, rips through the back of the cheerleader's thighs, screaming louder and getting very angry with the teacher for marking up her sexy legs.

Standing up, Lynn strikes here elbow back into Miss Tightass' firm right tit, causing Kenedy to scream in pain, surprised that Lynn would do such a thing. After dropping the wooden pointer, and as it rolls away to the wall, the teacher grabs her right breast, turning away from Lynn in pain. Lynn grabs Kenedy's mousey brown hair, causing the bun to fall out, and now the teacher's hair cascades down over her shoulders. Then Lynn shoves her teacher into the chalkboard. Still holding Kenedy by her hair, Lynn pushes her teacher's face up against the chalkboard, smearing old chalk dust on Kenedy's pretty face. The sexy cheerleader then takes her teacher's left arm and pulls it behind her, into a hammer lock, bringing another scream from Miss Tightass. Lynn smiles with delight and tells Kenedy, "Not such a big bad teacher now.....huh? Now I am going to let you go, and go to the big game." But Miss Tightass has other ideas, as she brings her right foot down hard onto the top of Lynn's foot, causing her to scream in pain. While releasing her teacher, the cheerleader hops away on her left good foot. Kenedy, happy to be free, turns around, leans on the chalkboard, and looks at Lynn, while catching her breathe.

Miss Tightass steps away from the chalkboard toward Lynn, and starts to grab the cheerleader by her shoulders to shake her. However, Lynn makes a fist and brings it up from the floor, smashing it into Kenedy's soft stomach, all the air leaves the teacher's lungs, and she bends over at the waist. Reaching into her teacher's hair again, Lynn pulls it up and delivers a vicious slap to Kenedy's left cheek........smack!! Miss Tightass' hair goes flying around her face, as the teacher recoils from the slap, with a stinging pain burning her left cheek. The cheerleader then pulls the blouse open of her teacher saying, "Let's take a look at what's under this ugly thing." Lynn is shocked to see the sexy bra on her conservative teacher's breasts. "Wow Miss Tightass, all the students should see this!!!" Horrified to be seen in this way, Kenedy, on impulse only, slaps Lynn's right cheek as hard as she can, bringing a cry of pain from the cheerleader.

Lynn now goes into her complete catfight mode, and tears into Miss Tightass' tits, scratching and tearing at her teacher's tits and white lace bra. The delicate material rips away at Lynn's effective and very painful move. Kenedy's sexy tits and nipples come into contact with the cool air. A loud screech comes from Kenedy's voice, and she punches Lynn in her left breast. Lynn instantly lets go of her teacher's tits, grabbing hold of her own painful breast. Miss Tightass then pulls Lynn's green sweater up and over her head, exposing the cheerleader's breasts. Throwing the sweater over into the student's desks, Kenedy pulls Lynn by her perky breasts over to the chalkborad, and slams her back first into the wall. Feeling the pain in her lower back, Lynn pushes off the wall, wraps her arms around Miss Tightass' body, grabbing the back of her teacher's hair, causing both to fall to the floor.

Both beautiful females, lock themselves together, pulling each other's hair and rolling over and over the floor. Miss Tightass ends up on top of Lynn, pulling hard on both of her ponytails, as the cheerleader reaches around Kenedy's body to unhook her skirt and pull her zipper down. Shocked again at the antics of the sexy cheerleader, Kenedy stops the hair pulling to reach around and try to keep her skirt on. Bad move, as Lynn takes her right fist and slams it into Miss Tightass left tit, a perfect bullseye on Kenedy's left nipple. The breast crushing back into Kenedy's chest, the pain almost unbearable, she falls back off the cheerleader. Lynn does not miss this chance and rises up into a sitting position, grabs the bottom of Miss Tightass' skirt, and pull it off. Kenedy feels the cool air on her white lace bikini panties ass, and then rolls over to her stomach and starts to crawl away. Lynn grabs Kenedy's legs, taking off both of her penny loafer shoes, when out of the blue, Miss Tightass kicks back with her right foot, luckily nailing Lynn in between her legs. Once again it is Lynn's turn to do the screaming. Never in all her catfights had Lynn been violate in her sweet sexy pussy.

The teacher decides to take off her torn blouse and bra, thinking they might get in her way, as she looks over at the sexy smartass big mouth cheerleader. Feeling very pissed at being stripped by Lynn, Miss Tightass goes over to Lynn to get some revenge. While Lynn is still curled up into a ball on her right side, away from Kenedy, she feels her skirt sliding down her legs and off her tight little body. "Now we are even, you little bitch! How do you like it?", says her teacher. Kenedy's hands reach into Lynn's hair again, pulling out her green and white ribbons, causing Lynn's blonde hair to fall down to the middle of her back. Kenedy is ripping away with all her might.

Miss Tightass pulls Lynn to her feet by her hair, intending to pull her back over the desk and resume the spanking. "Now where did that pointer get off to?", wonders Kenedy. Once again the teacher leaves herself open for another attack from the clever catfighter. Lynn as she is getting up off the floor, reaches around Miss Tightass, to grab a 2 handed hold of the back of Kenedy's white lace bikini her teacher a very painful wedgie. Screaming at the top of her lungs, the teacher also reaches around her enemy, grabs Lynn's white panties by the leg openings, and gives the head cheerleader a taste of her own medicine. Both females screaming now, both pulling up as hard as they can on her opponent's panties, they feel each other's tits against their own, as they continue this painful dance around the room.

Suddenly, Miss Tightass' white lace bikini panties tear completely off of her lovely body, leaving the teacher to stand in only her black garter belt and black ripped torn stockings. Lynn digs her fingernails deep into her teacher's ass, clawing and scratching the sexy bottom. Kenedy, glad that the wedgie pain is gone, now feels the cheerleader's nails dig, claw and scratch at her lovely ass cheeks. "Nooooooo," yells Kenedy, as she reaches around her own body to remove Lynn's sharp nails from her ass cheeks.

Miss Tightass gets the cheerleader to remove her hands, but gets an unexpected pain in her own pussy, as Lynn rams her knee hard into Kenedy's own sex organ. Tilting back her head, Kenedy screams at the ceiling, as Lynn laughs saying, "Hurts to have your pussy hit, don't it? Here have another Miss Bitch!!!" The second knee to her sexy mound, almost knocks Kenedy out, just barely hanging on, she falls to her knees, head hanging down, her mousey brown hair falling around her face. A huge smile beams across Lynn's face, as she reaches down and grabs both of her teacher's bruised tits, twisting her nipples to make sure she had not passed out yet.

Hearing her teacher moan again, Lynn whispers in Miss Tightass' ear, "Glad to see you're still awake, dear. I want you to feel what I am going to do to you next, every bit of it!" Still pulling on Kenedy's nipples, she leads her teacher to her own desk, draping her over the desk on her belly, Kenedy's nude scratched up ass is in the air. Seeing the pointer over by the wall, Lynn quickly gets it, and begins lightly tapping it over her own hand. "Now the teacher will be taught!!", boasts Lynn. Lifting the pointer high into the air, it comes cracking down on the already beaten ass of the teacher. Kenedy raises her head off the desk and screams again.

Laughing out loud, Lynn brings down the pointer another time, and another, and another, until it breaks in two. Miss Tightass is crying her eyes out at the beating she is taking from her student cheerleader. "Damn!!!", exclaims Lynn, mad that her fun has been forced to stop. "But wait, you whore, I have another idea.", musses the head cheerleader. Lynn picks up the broken end of the pointer, the side with the rubber end, and pokes it in deep into Kenedy's painful ass. Hearing Kenedy yell at the top of her lungs, the now smiling Lynn, takes the other end, with the chrome eyelet on it, and pushes it into her teacher's pussy. Lynn steps back and says, "I think my work here is done."

Miss Tightass lies motionless on her own desk, moaning softly, not wanting to move because of the pain. Lynn looks up at the clock on the wall, seeing that it has been 25 minutes since the fight began. "Good!", says Lynn, looking for her skirt and sweater, she picks them up, along with her green and white ribbons. Moving toward the door, Lynn says, " I have time to go to the rest room, put on my clothes, fix my hair, put in my ribbons, and make it easy to the bus for the big game." The last thing Miss Kenedy Tightass hears from Lynn, as she goes through the door is, "Oh, Miss Tightass, you do have a.........tight ass.....ha ha ha!"

The End


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