Part 2 Boxing
After the punishment they both absorbed in the wrestling match, no one thought either would be up to another battle so soon. But these ladies didn't become Queens by being soft and delicate. Ebony is ahead with one victory to Barocca's zero. For this topless boxing event scheduled for ten rounds, Joi Reno will act as referee. Joi is the only Napali gal to have fought (and lost) to both Ebony and Barocca. Devin DeRay is Barocca's corner attendant, and Melissa Mounds is Ebony's. The arena is again filled with fans and former opponents.

Before the contestants enter, Joi explains that no matter who wins this bout, there will be a third event tomorrow. The series will go to whoever wins at least two of the three battles, but all three battles will be fought regardless. The house lights dim and Joi presents the first contender.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it's my great honor and distinct pleasure to present now, standing 5' 10" and weighing 135, the Brazilian Bombshell, BAROCCA!"

The spotlight illuminates the entranceway and there stands Queen Barocca, dazzling in iridescent white hotpants, and matching gloves and kneeboots, all with red trim. Completing the white ensemble is the Queen's platinum blonde hair, a wig she wore in two of her Napali videos. The crowd erupts in cheers, shouts, and stomps. As the proud pugilist starts toward the ring, Devin drapes a shining red robe over Barocca's shoulders. Joi continues, "Barocca measures an astounding 46" around her full bosom and 34FF-22-36 overall. Quite a woman, quite a Queen."

In the ring, Barocca greets the crowd with a confident wave that gives no indication of her stunning loss to Ebony less than 24 hours ago. She returns to her corner where Devin checks the lacing on her gloves.

"And now here is Napali's First Queen and winner of the first of this three-part Queen-vs-Queen series, at 5' 6" and weighing 130, the one and only EBONY AYES!"

This time the spotlight picks up the former Queen who, true to her name, is encased in a sequined black cape with gold trim. With Melissa in her wake, the cloaked combatant strides through the spectators' uproar, nodding royally to either side like the Queen she is.

Once in the ring, Melissa whips off the robe to unveil Ebony in yellow and black tiger striped hipphuggers, with golden gloves and ankleboots. As she flexes for the crowd, Joi remarks, "Ebony stretches the tape at an impressive 42" inches around her all-natural bust and 36JJ-26-38 overall. Yes, that's a double-J cup. What a formidable competitor!"

With a final wave of her glove, Ebony recedes to her corner and confers with Melissa. They chuckle, glance quickly at Barocca across the ring, and then laugh a little louder.

Dressed in a black micro-miniskirt, black hose and pumps, and a black and white striped cutaway tailcoat, Joi summons the boxing beauties to center ring for final instructions. Barocca and Ebony nod to Joi, make a few sneering remarks to each other, and turn abruptly back to their corners to eagerly await the bell for the first three-minute round. Devin and Melissa exit the ring as a hush falls.

The usual opening cautionary circling and jabbing lasts only about 30 seconds, giving way to a few exploratory punches by both women. Barocca shows slightly more aggression, but in no way dominates the action. The Brazilian repeatedly bobs forward, takes a poke or two at Ebony, and quickly dances back out of range, forcing Ms Ayes to pursue her. Ebony lands a few good punches, too, but neither is really trying to inflict any damage yet.

Now that the preliminary skirmishes have probed her opponent's defenses, each gloved lovely takes more strategic aim. In the opening seconds, Barocca nails Ebony in the face with a looping right that staggers the pornstar back a few steps. She shakes it off and bullies her way back in, lobbing two good body blows into Barocca's belly. The Bombshell launches a nasty uppercut into Ebony's jiggly juggs just as the bell ends the round.

Still smarting from that last tit shot, Ebony ducks beneath a powerful jab and shock Barocca with a hook to the jaw that rocks the Brazilian's boat. She pursues the platinum pugilist with a barrage of blows that keep Barocca backpedaling around the ring. The Second Queen manages to block almost all of these, but she's clearly on the defensive for the first two minutes of the round. To stop Ebony, Barocca clinches her and Joi must pull them apart. They spar equally to the closing bell.

During the one-minute rest, Devon towels off Barocca's heaving chest and gives her an earful of advice. Barocca rinses her mouth and nods. Over in Ebony's corner, Melissa grins broadly as she checks her fighter's laces.

Charging like a Pamplona bull, Barocca races across the ring and flattens Ebony with a solid right to the kisser, scoring the first knockdown of the bout. Joi directs Barocca to a neutral corner and gives Ebony the mandatory eight-count before allowing the battle to resume. With a smoldering glare, Ebony swings at the platinum blonde, but Barocca easily deflects the angry and poorly aimed blows. She insults Ebony some more with several taps to her face that only serve to stoke Ebony's fury. Barocca is obviously in full control of this round.

At the break, Melissa squirts Ebony down with the water bottle. Barocca and Devin see pleased with the outcome of Round 4. After whispering in Barocca's ear, Devin gives her a quick kiss on the cheek.

Ebony is deadly serious now. Content to let Barocca float like a butterfly, she is on full alert for the bee. The statuesque stripper fires some powerful shots, but Ebony dodges or blocks them all…at least for the first two minutes. Then the First Queen staggers the Second Queen with a mighty right to the face, but Barocca miraculously stays on her feet. She hammers Ebony into a corner with a series of piston-like body punches that leave the shorter boxer gasping. Joi backs Barocca off just as the bell sounds.

Ebony's knees buckle slightly on her way to her corner, so Melissa cracks an ampule of smelling salts to awaken the groggy gal. Devin cares for her Queen by attentively toweling Barocca's bountiful bosom until her chocolate kiss nipples are at full distension.

Devin DeRayRadiating confidence, Barocca dances from her corner and straight into a one-two combination from an irate Ebony. Instantly Barocca's mood changes; her demeanor becomes meaner. She softens Ebony with a left jab, then another, and ices the cake with a haymaker right that bloodies Ebony's nose. Joi rushes in to assess the damage, sees that it isn't serious, and signals the ladies to resume. With a twinkle in her devious eye, Barocca shows Ebony her own blood stain on Barocca's white glove. Then she again smashes the bloody glove into Ebony's face.

Enraged Ebony blasts a hard left into Barocca's bouncing breast, and the blonde quickly retaliates with a grueling gut punch that sends a spray of blood from Ebony's nose. The Bombshell generously redirects her attack toward Ebony's body, especially her abundant boobs, leaving her nose alone for the remainder of the round.

This time Devin dries off Barocca's thighs, especially her upper thigh area, while Melissa does what she can to stanch the flow of blood from Ebony's nose. She succeeds, but how long will the repair last?

The blood on Barocca's right glove taunts Ebony as it bobs before her eyes. She literally sees red and is obsessed with getting even. Shooting a straight punch at Barocca's breast causes the Brazilian babe to drop her guard just long enough for Ebony to rocket a right at her foe's jaw. The senior Queen is delighted to see a thread of blood trickle from the corner of the junior Queen's mouth.

When Joi approaches her to check the injury, Barocca waves her away and wades into Ebony with a vengeance. The blonde peppers the brunette with a rain of blows and receives quite a few in return. Halfway through the round, Barocca unleashes a left hook that opens a cut over Ebony's eye. Joi knows she cannot stop the fight now, as the pair of pugilists would simply ignore her.

At the break both ladies willingly allow their attendants to minister to their wounds and each vows to put away her opponent for good this round.

The blood has stopped flowing, but Ebony's eye has swollen almost shut and her breathing is hampered by her damaged nose. Barocca can still detect the telltale iron taste in her mouth, but she soldiers on. Ebony deposits a powerful left uppercut on the blonde's beltline that doubles her over. A follow-up right uppercut to her chin straightens the Bombshell right up and opens the cut again. It also plops her onto her ass. At the end of Joi's mandatory eight-count, the Queens re-engage. A minute later Barocca swings a devastating but clumsy right into the side of Ebony's head that sprays the Brazilian with a bloody mist.

Ebony drops to all fours, with both cuts reopened. In a neutral corner, Barocca fidgets as Joi reaches "six…seven…." Ebony tries to get up, but stumbles, shaking her head to clear the enveloping fog. A small pool of blood forms beneath her face. "Eight." Barocca is alert for the sound of the bell that would cut off Joi's count and rescue Ebony. "Nine." Ebony inhales deeply and moves her leg up.

"Ten." Ebony collapses onto the mat, conscious but too exhausted even to prop herself up. Joi raises Barocca's arm in triumph as Devin rushes in to remove the conquering Queen's mouthpiece. The arena is total pandemonium as the Brazilian Bombshell promenades around her fallen foe, exulting in the adulation from the crowd. Barocca the Brazilian Bombshell is the Boxing Queen.

With a low groan, Ebony slowly rolls over onto her back. Her successor and conqueror asks if she knows where she is. "In the boxing arena, in the ring," Ebony replies. "And are you comfortable?" Barocca inquires. "I ache all over," she moans. With a sharp laugh the busty Brazilian says, "Then this arena truly is a site for sore Ayes."

Now the two Napali Queens are even. Ebony won the wrestling match, and Barocca won the boxing match. Now it's on to the tie-breaker. The ladies will rest up for a private catfight-sexfight tomorrow.


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