Born: January 28, 1962 Height: 5'6"
Ebony Ayes is a adult movie actress. She reached the height of her career in the late 80's-early 90's and continued doing adult movies till 1996. Her exuberant personality came through in every scene she appeared in and her infectious laugh could lighten even the darkest of moods.

She was a veteran of numerous men's magazine photo spreads when she made the plunge into adult movies in 1985. Her sparkling good humor, busty good looks, and raw sexual heat immediately established her as one of the top African-American starlets of the day and turned her into a legend. Ayes was also one of the original pioneers of black stars entering the world of mainstream adult movies.

Not much information is known about her or her past (where she grew up, her real name, etc.). After leaving the adult film industry in 1996, it is rumored but not confirmed that Ayes worked as a dominatrix at an Atlanta, Georgia BDSM club. The actress also has no active website or fanclub to speak of and has virtually faded away without a trace.