Best of Jonair

Before I begin, let me introduce myself. My name is John Ryan and I used to be in the FBI where I worked in the computer crime division as a deep cover agent. As part of my job, I would infiltrate hi-tech criminal organizations as a computer wiz and became part of the organization until such a time that we had enough solid material to make arrests.

I started off years ago following in the footsteps of my father, a Mike Hammer type private eye. Early on, I worked on a case involving these two kids, Bill Gates and Paul Allen who were working on some kind of computers. I wasn’t investigating them or anything, but I had to speak with them about the case. To make a long story short, I was infected by their enthusiasm and saw a great deal of potential in these computers, so I quit the PI business, went back to school, got a masters degree in computer science to go along with my BA in criminology, and joined the FBI where I have been until recently.

I have this rare combination of hi-tech education, street smarts and gumshoe instincts which make me a natural for deep cover detective work in today’s technological environment. I got to work on lots of mind-boggling cases over the years, and I’m here today to tell you about one of them which may be of particular interest to you.

I was working for this gang for about three months and was on the verge of wrapping the case up. I spent most of my time in their hideout doing all sorts of computer hacking and setting up a series of elaborate cyber scams. The interesting thing about this gang was that it was headed up by a woman. Samantha was a stunner of a woman. 5’8”, 135 lbs., long brown curly hair and a perfect 36-24-36 C cup figure. She was remarkably intelligent, evil, ruthless, self-absorbed and above all, a total whacko. A truly deranged individual. She had been fucked over years ago by some low level hood from whom she had learned the business and that really messed up her mind. She became hell bent on revenge- against him specifically, and against the world in general. Idle gang gossip clued me in on the fact that she had exacted her revenge on him and in a way that would make Saddam Hussein look like Mother Theresa.

She ran a tight ship and everyone made sure to stay out of her way and interact with her as little as possible. She had one hell of a time controlling her emotions and was pretty well unpredictable most of the time. She could be the most gentle charming lady one second and a vicious ball-busting monster the next. She was especially hard on women and it always seemed as if dealing with other women brought out the worst in her. She constantly challenged women, even when it was obviously unnecessary, and always appeared to be disappointed, or even disgusted, when no woman would or could stand up to her. Not that I could blame any of them, or any of the men either.

After all, I already mentioned that she was an obvious over the top whacko, but she was also a very physically imposing woman. She worked out constantly and was a remarkable physical specimen. Despite all this, however, she was pretty anonymous in her activities and it was only by a fluke that we even found out about her.

I’ll spare you the details as to how I came to hook up with her and her little group and I’ll just say that I tired to stay out of her hair as much as possible. I spent hours and hours each day sitting at my computer in the corner just doing my work quietly. No one really understood what I was doing so more often than not, everyone went about their business as if I wasn’t even there. Samantha, of course, knew exactly what I was doing because she was the one who told me what to do, but most of my contact with her was through her trusted assistant JT, and as long as I delivered the goods, no one bothered with me.

I was getting heat from Washington to go ahead and end the investigation. I had enough on her and the rest to put them away for a while, but I had a feeling that all what had been done up until that point was leading up to something really really big. I just didn’t know what- yet.

One morning, I was sitting at my computer in the hideout when Samantha came storming in like the wind with JT at her side as always. She was in an exuberant mood and called everyone together. She was gushing on an on about how today was the day when the “next phase” would begin and that some heavy shit was going to be going down very soon. As usual, I was pretty well ignored (just the way I liked it), but she rattled off a series of instructions to everyone else. I could hear everything she was saying to everyone, but I still didn’t quite understand what was going to happen. I knew that we would be deserting this hideout for good at the end of today, so something big was definitely up.

The hideout was in a large warehouse that consisted of a small outer office, a large space and a small back room which was Samantha‘s private office. I was situated in one of the corners of the large space and my workstation was right next to JT ‘s. He had an array of monitors at his workstation which were connected to a number of security camera’s spread throughout the place.

Samantha took a seat in the far corner of the large space and sat there with her head down and arms behind her back as if she were tied to the chair. Two armed men stood several feet before her as if guarding her and the rest of the crew was scattered throughout the large space of the warehouse. Everyone just waited.

From my vantage point, I could seethe monitors on JT ‘s desk. I caught movement in one of them and I took a closer look. Imagine my surprise when I saw who walked in carefully. Wonder Woman. I couldn’t believe it. Wonder Woman! My mind was racing with all these conflicting thoughts and emotions. My first reaction was “wow, I’ve never seen her before, this is going to be cool.” My next reaction, however, was disappointment at her barging in on my case at this time. Unless she had something BIG on this group, they would all get busted for whatever I already had on them, making her intervention useless.

I was also concerned for her safety seeing that she was outnumbered 13 to 1. On the other hand, from what I had heard about her, we were probably the ones who were outnumbered. I was also thinking about how I should react and what I should do, but I decided to just stay still and see how things develop. I watched the monitor as Wonder Woman carefully walked around the front office searching. She then reached towards the door to the main area of the warehouse and walked through to where we all were.

I’ve got to tell you that I was simply amazed at what I saw. She was incredible. Unbelievable. I couldn’t believe it! I mean, I had seen pictures of her before, and I knew who and what she was, but man oh man, I was not prepared for what I saw here. She was the most stunning woman I had ever seen in my life! Her long flowing black hair, her beautiful face. Those powerful shoulders, large firm breasts. I can’t even begin to do her justice describing her here. Her body tapered down to a narrow waist and then curved out to the most shapely hips I had ever seen. My eyes bulged out of their sockets, or so it seemed to me at the time. I watched as she walked cautiously into the room. Her legs were so long, and her thighs...oh man! I know it seems like I’m carrying on and on, but I’m telling you, seeing her in person is way different than in pictures or movies. And you should have seen the way she walked. Oh my oh my.... It was like she swayed as she walked. Those hips moving from side to side. She was so graceful, so confident, so powerful.

She took three steps into the room, stopped, put her hands on her hips and spoke with great authority to everyone in the room. “I have finally found you kidnappers! I’m here for the woman, and I don’t suggest you try and stop me. Bring her to me NOW!”

I was starting to get a grasp on what was going on here, but I couldn’t figure out what the angle was. Kidnappers? These people weren’t kidnappers; they were thieves, and very good ones at that. No, this wasn’t about kidnappers. This was a trap set up for Wonder Woman, but why? Surely Wonder Woman would have no trouble taking out the ten men “guarding” Samantha, so what did she have in mind? Why did she lure Wonder Woman here and why did she set the trap like this? After all, Wonder Woman was invincible.

Eight men stepped out of the shadows and surrounded Wonder Woman. JT spoke from the other side of the room and told Wonder Woman that she had just made a huge mistake and that the hostage would not be leaving with her. Wonder Woman didn’t even bother to react to this. She just stood there in her power pose surrounded by the eight men. JT gave the order to take her out, and in a flash, the eight well- trained men went into action.

I know you people are getting the wrong impression of me at this stage, since I seem as excited as a wide eyed kid here, but there’s no other way for me to describe what I saw. I had never seen anything like this before in my life. You’ve got to believe me when I tell you that I’m a pretty jaded guy, and that I’ve seen practically everything in my life. I’ll take it even further- I was never a big fan of Wonder Woman or heroines in general. At least not until that minute. Wonder Woman sprang into action and in less than one minute, these eight well-trained guys were all lying on the floor in a crumbled heap. Wonder Woman was incredible! I had never, EVER, seen anyone fight like that. Such grace, such power, such technique, such poise.

I was mesmerized as she walked a few steps further into the room and confronted the last two guys guarding the hostage. They appeared to be taken back by what they just saw, but they were well-paid professionals and they had a job to do. They pointed their weapons at Wonder Woman and began shooting. Wonder Woman sprang into action and began deflecting the bullets, sending them flying all over the place. I had read about the “Bullets and Bracelets” thing but seeing it in real life is just something else. The shooting stopped for a brief instant so that the men could reload, and that was all the time Wonder Woman needed. She crouched down and somersaulted over towards the two armed men, jumping to her feet inches away from them. In an instant, she crashed her elbow into the bridge of one’s nose and pulled the m16 out of his hands. In one swift motion, she brought the stock of the rifle up into the solar plexus of the other causing him to gasp out in shock and pain and lose his grip on his rifle. She tossed the two rifles off to the side, and crashed their two heads together knocking them out. It was over just like that.

My heart was racing as I watched this unfold. I watched Wonder Woman walk over gently to Samantha ‘s chair and in a soothing voice reassured her that it was all over now and that things would be ok. Wonder Woman was one foot away from the chair when Samantha suddenly sprang to her feet and jumped towards her. She had a rag in her hand and quickly stuck it in Wonder Woman’s face. Wonder Woman was caught completely and totally off guard and could not react quickly enough to stop Samantha. Before she knew what was happening, she inhaled a healthy whiff of chloroform and stopped dead in her tracks. Samantha held the chloroform over Wonder Woman’s nose and mouth. Wonder Woman brought her hands up and tried to remove the rag from her face, but she was already beginning to feel the effects and could not. At the same time, JT, who had been hiding under the desk, ran over and removed Wonder Woman’s magic belt in one swift motion. Wonder Woman’s eyes bulged even further open than they already were and she brought her hands down to her waist to try and stop JT. It was no use. The belt was gone. So was Wonder Woman for that matter. Her eyes rolled up into the back of her head, her arms fell limply to her sides, her shoulders slumped and her legs went weak. She passed out while Samantha was still holding her up. She let go and Wonder Woman fell to the floor on her back.

Samantha jumped for joy and shrieked with pleasure at the sight of the unconscious super heroine out on her back.

I was stunned at this turn of events. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen. Wonder Woman seemed so much larger than life. So powerful. So undefeatable. And now she was out cold on her back. The transformation from total power to complete weakness was incredible. I watched her chest rise and fall with each labored breath she took and must admit that I found myself becoming aroused at this sight, but I didn’t have time to dwell on that. I had to decide what I was going to do.

On one hand, I didn’t want to blow my cover, but on the other hand, I couldn’t possible allow them to permanently harm Wonder Woman. I had to figure out what to do. I had a problem though. The only thing I could do in this case is pull out my hidden gun and take Samantha out. But what would I do about JT and the other ten guys now trying to recover. I had to find a way to get Wonder Woman’s belt to her. But how???

As I sat there trying to figure things out, JT told all the guys to go into the outside office and wait there until they were called for.

In the mean time, Samantha lifted Wonder Woman up and secured her to the chair using her magic lasso. Everyone else had left the room. Only JT and I remained in addition to Wonder Woman and Samantha.

As Wonder Woman regained consciousness, Samantha started to berate her and come down on her verbally like I had seen her do with countless women before. I was now thoroughly confused. Samantha had a habit of seeking out very impressive women from all walks of life and establish her superiority over them. It was almost an affectation of sorts and it often distracted her from the real work at hand. It was like she was trying to fill some unsatisfied desire of sorts and she spent a shit-load of time dealing with it. She’d start out befriending her and get real close and then slowly begin engaging in her in all kinds of competitions of sort. At first it would seem like innocent fun, all harmless and everything. Then it became more serious. Samantha would seek to dominate and humiliate the woman.

Now keep in mind that by all human standards, Samantha is a most impressive woman. She’s beautiful, strong, smart, sharp as a whip and superficially very charming. Yet for some reason, she constantly seeks to be challenged. To be tested. To be pushed to her limit. She tries to find other woman who can do that to her, but inevitably they would not be willing or able to do so. She would then become cruel, abusive, and often just plain violent with these woman who could not or would not rise to the challenge. I couldn’t understand this part of her personality.

She ranted and raved at Wonder Woman telling her how easy she had been to capture and how even she did not pose a challenge to her. She was verbally abusive towards the captured heroine. She began slapping Wonder Woman in the face roughly. Wonder Woman finally spoke. “Wow, you’re a real tough woman now aren’t you? It takes a lot of courage to slap around someone who’s tied up. What’s the matter, no guts?”

“You should talk, Wonder Woman? You have you magic belt and all your powers and you talk about courage and guts? I don’t see you being so tough without your belt.”

“I’m tough enough even without the belt. Certainly tough enough for the likes of you.”

“Oh really, lets see you then. I’ll untie you and we’ll fight fair and square. It’s about time someone put you in your place, Wonder Woman.”

“I don’t think you have the guts to face me. Let’s see if you do. Untie me and we’ll fight. Fair and square, but you keep your goons away from here.”

Samantha agreed and untied Wonder Woman. She then began to remove her clothes under which she was wearing a long sleeved skin tight lycra top cut off just below her perfect breasts and high cut scooped lycra bikini bottoms. She had been prepared for this encounter. It was obviously part of her plan.

The two women faced each other. Wonder Woman struck first and landed a right to Samantha ‘s face causing her head to snap back. She followed up with a left right left combination to Samantha’s face. All the punches landed solidly. Samantha’s arms dropped to her sides. Wonder Woman landed another left. And another. And a right left left right combination! Samantha didn’t have a chance. Wonder Woman kept going on unchallenged. A right to the midsection, a left to the midsection, followed by an uppercut to the chin and a left left right left combination to the chin. I didn’t get it. Samantha was being massacred here! Why had she agreed to this fight? What had she been thinking?

I looked at her being pounded into oblivion by Wonder Woman who, it seems, is a strong woman even without her super powers. She was up against the wall as Wonder Woman continued to fire away at her face and helpless body. For the first time, Samantha looked vulnerable to me. Almost human, and a very beautiful one at that. I looked into her eyes and saw something different. I didn’t see pain. She didn’t look hurt or anything like that. She looked....aroused! Yes. I couldn’t believe it, but it was true. The more she got hit, the more excited she became.

Wonder Woman had no clue that this was happening. She did not let up and Samantha showed no resistance. She let Wonder Woman continue to pound her at will. She was in near ecstasy by now. She moaned loudly and continued to moan with each landing punch. Her breathing was now very heavy. Her eyes shut and her mouth pursed into a very sensuous “0”. Her hips gyrated and bucked. Her entire body began shaking. She let out a loud gasp of pleasure when her eyes suddenly opened and she had a wild, insane look in them.

From out of nowhere she threw a huge punch which landed on Wonder Woman’s unsuspecting chin. She shrieked like a wild woman and tore into Wonder Woman with a vengeance. With blinding speed, Samantha landed punch after punch after punch after punch backing Wonder Woman up. She followed up with a left right right to the midsection and a roundhouse kick to Wonder Woman’s chin. Wonder Woman was being overwhelmed. Like a wild woman possessed, she jumped Wonder Woman and they both fell to the ground. Samantha got on top of Wonder Woman, pinned her shoulders with her knees and started landing short sharp punches to Wonder Woman’s face. She was in a state of rage. Adrenaline pumping through her body at a furious pace. She sat on Wonder Woman’s chest and punched her again and again and again. Wonder Woman was trapped! She tried to struggle and throw Samantha off of her, but to no avail. Wonder Woman stopped struggling and her body lay limp on the floor.

She lifted her up and slammed her face first into the wall. Before she could fall down Samantha slammed her into the wall again. Then she lifted up the chair and broke it on the back of her neck. Wonder Woman fell to her knees. She was hurt. She tried to crawl away, but Samantha kicked her in the chest causing her to flip over and land on her back. Samantha lifted her to her feet, slammed her into the corner and began to go to work on her, methodically destroying the helpless Wonder Woman. She started on her midsection and worked her way slowly up her body with short, sharp effective punches which paralyzed Wonder Woman’s muscles. She was so weak that she could not even lift her arms to defend herself. It was amazing. Wonder Woman was getting her ass kicked big time and it was the most arousing thing I had ever seen. Samantha worked her way up towards her chest, her chin, her head. She punched literally every inch of Wonder Woman’s upper body.

Wonder Woman could not move a muscle and she just stood there helplessly absorbing blow after blow. The look in her eyes was so different from the look that Samantha had when she was on the receiving end. Wonder Woman’s eyes showed weakness, defeat. Numbness, helplessness.

Samantha was in another world. Overcome by her desires, ruled by raw animal passion she ranted and raved as she taunted the defeated Wonder Woman. “Come on, Wonder Woman. What’s the matter? I like it when you’re tough. I just L-O-V-E-D the feeling of you kicking my ass before. It made me feel S-O- G-O-O-OD. C’MON. Do it again.”

Wonder Woman just stood there, unable to rise to the challenge. That served to infuriate Samantha even further. She spun around and landed a kick directly to Wonder Woman’s chin that made her crumble into Samantha’s arms. Wonder Woman was out cold. Her legs were completely weak and useless. Samantha was the only thing holding her up. Samantha tightened her grip around Wonder Woman and now had her in a face to face bear hug. She squeezed and squeezed and squeezed with all she had. Wonder Woman just flopped in her arms like a rag doll. I was beginning to get nervous here. I couldn’t believe that I was witnessing the destruction of Wonder Woman right before my eyes and I felt that I had to intervene in some manner, even at the expense of blowing my cover. I stood up and began to reach for my hidden weapon when Samantha suddenly released Wonder Woman and let her crumble to the ground, deeply unconscious.

I was fixated on the sight of the mighty Wonder Woman laying passed out on the ground. I knew she wasn’t dead because I saw her chest rising and falling with each labored breath she took. All in all, I must admit that it was the sexiest, most erotic sight I had ever seen in my life. Wonder Woman, on her back, passed out. I had to sit back down.

Samantha was finally beginning to calm down from the frantic high she was experiencing just moments before. I was beginning to figure her out. She actually became sexually aroused by the notion that another woman could dominate her. This now made perfect sense in light of her behavior towards imposing women. For Samantha, the psychopath that she was, stealing was only a part time job. She spent in inordinate amount of time seeking to get off; to satisfy a powerful, unfulfilled drive deep within her. She lured Wonder Woman to the hideout not to put her out of commission so that she would not interfere in some elaborate scheme, but so that she could get herself off. And get herself off she did. Wonder Woman pounded her into orgasmic ecstasy at which point her desires became uncontrollable and resulted in the swift devastation of one of the world’s most powerful heroines. But as with all fetishes and fantasies, it was never enough and she had wanted more. She had wanted Wonder Woman to recover and challenge her some more, but her orgasm-induced rage had been too much for the already weakened heroine.

She lifted Wonder Woman’s fallen body off of the ground and carried her over to the far wall where wit the help of JT, she secured Wonder Woman spread eagle to the wall. Wonder Woman was still unconscious and her chin rested on her chest. Samantha reached up and placed a thin chain with a tiny locket around Wonder Woman’s neck.

She turned to me and asked, “Ryan, what’s the status with the Brinks delivery to the bank on 6th and Figueroa?” I patched in to the main Brinks computer and saw that the armored car was scheduled to arrive at the bank at 2:15 p.m. and conveyed the information back to Samantha. She had JT call in the rest of the gang and told them that the plan was on schedule. They all appeared to be fixated at the site of the unconscious Wonder Woman now strapped spread eagle to the wall, but they all snapped to it when she commanded them to “MOVE IT!” they went off to do their thing only JT and I remained with Samantha and Wonder Woman. Samantha turned to JT and said, “If my calculations are right, she should be here in any minute. Make sure the cameras are still rolling.”

I was pretty confused at this point, but I was certain as to what my course of action should be. It was time for me to end this case. I reached down for my hidden weapon. JT was at his workstation right next to me. I would hit him on the head with the gun and then confront Samantha. I figured I would probably have to shoot her in the arm or something as I didn’t think she would go without a fight. I would then tip off the cops about the Brinks job, release Wonder Woman and end this case once and for all. Not the way I had hoped, but circumstances were now dictating the pace of events.

I rose to my feet and was about to nail JT on the head when suddenly the door came crashing down and in a blur, Supergirl flew into the room. Supergirl! I couldn’t believe it. When it rained, it fucking well poured! She came crashing through the door, smashing it to bits and then landed gracefully in the center of the room.

And there she was. The might Supergirl, standing in the center of the room with her legs slightly spread, her hands on her hips and an air of total confidence and power around her. Like Wonder Woman, Supergirl was an exceptionally beautiful and sexy woman. As I said, you can’t really describe the effect these women have on you in real life because it doesn’t even come close to doing them justice. These women are like the hydrogen bombs of beauty. The magnitude of their beauty simply incomprehensible in real life terms. I just stood there dumbfounded as I looked her over. For starters, her costume was beyond skintight. It was skin. There’s no other way to describe it. And she was so, so curvy. Her skirt was so short. I mean so, so short it may not even meet the legal definition of the word skirt. Her long tan legs with those red boots. So shapely. So perfect. Her face was so beautiful and her breasts so perfectly round and large- distorting the shape of the “S” logo so proudly plastered to her chest.

My mind was in a daze. After seeing Wonder Woman, I didn’t think I would ever see a woman more beautiful than her. And Supergirl wasn’t. She was equally beautiful, but in a totally different way and I found this to be mind boggling.

Supergirl spoke. “I don’t know who you are, and how you got lucky but your luck just ran out. I’m taking you in.”

Samantha jumped out in front of Supergirl and confronted her. She was visibly excited. Her nipples were rock hard and very visible. There was almost a quiver in her voice when she spoke.

“No kidding Supergirl? And based on what charge will you be doing that? Kicking the shit out of a super heroine? Wow! I’m REALLY scared. Let’s see, assault and battery... I may even get a $50 fine. Jeez, you really are intimidating, Super GIRL! Hey, don’t you even want to know how I took her out? Don’t you want to know how little old me defeated the mighty Wonder Woman? Or maybe you’re afraid the same thing will happen to you? C’MON Supergirl, what do you think? You want a piece of me? Come on. Let’s see how tough you are. Let’s see if you can do more around here than just kick the shit out of a door.”

Supergirl did not get sucked in by Samantha's taunting. She merely stepped to one side and started walking towards Wonder Woman. Samantha jumped in front of Supergirl and blocked her path. “C’MON Supergirl. Show me your stuff. Let’s see how tough you really are.” Supergirl looked bored. Samantha shoved her. She didn’t budge. She tried to sidestep Samantha but every time she moved, Samantha followed.

“If you think you can just waltz into my place, bust down my door, act all hot shit and everything and walk away with my Wonder Woman trophy, you’ve got another thing coming sista’. You think you’re so bad and tough with that hot costume and short skirt and all? She thought she was tough too but look at her now. She’s been out cold for twenty minutes now. You think you’ll do better? You think I won’t kick your ass all over the place?” The now familiar rage was building up inside Samantha. I doubt it was something that she could control in any way. To Supergirl’s credit, she was playing this perfectly. She did not respond to the taunting. Did not get drawn into a confrontation here until she finally had enough.

“Will you shut up already!” and with that, she lifted Samantha in the air and tossed her clear across the large room. She landed with a thud!

“You’ll pay for this, Supergirl! I’ll make you pay dearly for this!”

Supergirl ignored her and walked over to free Wonder Woman. It was a pleasure to watch her move with such poise, grace and power. She got to within 5 feet of Wonder Woman when she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. A strange look fell upon her face in total contrast with the cool confident expression of mere seconds ago. Hr mouth was open and she gasped audibly. “Feeling...weak..... what’s......hap....pening. Must..... get.......” Her powerful legs buckled and Supergirl stumbled forward. The wall broke her fall and she found herself leaning up against it right next to Wonder Woman. Her legs were trembling slightly. Her shoulders were slumped forward and she brought her hand up to hold her head. Her eyes looked very dazed. Her chest HEAVED with every labored breath she took. Hey eyes focused down to Wonder Woman’s chest. “The locket. It must be....”

“Kryptonite, Supergirl!” Samantha said suddenly completing her sentence. “The locket around Wonder Woman’s neck is pure Kryptonite, Supergirl. How does it feel? Supergirl’s powers were being sucked from her body at an alarming pace. She sunk to one knee. Then both knees. Her back was resting up against the wall. Her arms were weakly by her side and her knuckles were on the floor. Supergirl tried to struggle, tried to get to her feet, but it was to no avail. She had become so weak. She could no longer keep her torso up and she fell face first to the floor. She tried and tried. She tried to lift herself off the ground using every last ounce of strength she had in her once powerful arms.

Truth be told, it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen in my life, but I tired to push these thoughts out of my mind. With no success of course. Well what do you expect? I’m a normal guy and this was way too sexy for anyone to not dwell on it. I mean think about it. One of the most powerful women on the planet face down on the floor, trying to lift herself up off the floor. She manages to lift her chest up a few inches off the ground only to have the strength in her arms give out and have her fall back down. But she wouldn’t give up and that was even more arousing. She kept trying and trying. She tried to use her legs to help but they were useless. All she could do was rub her thighs up against each other, but that was completely useless. But that was also really, really sexy.

She had these amazing, and I mean fucking amazing thighs. I know, I’m getting carried away again but there’s no other way to describe the site of this super powered, super beautiful, super sexy woman struggling. The sight, the sounds. It was all almost too much for me. I had completely forgotten about my grand plan to take Samantha out and I found myself anticipating the scene unfolding before my eyes. I can only tell you one thing. Any of you people out there who are reading this now would KILL to be there in my position because I can assure you that I’m doing a shitty job at describing the magnitude of what was unfolding before my very eyes.

Samantha walked over towards Supergirl just as her arms gave out for the last time and she fell still to the ground. Samantha bent down and grabbed Supergirl’s limp arms and dragged her across the floor about ten feet away from Wonder Woman. I was beginning to see the logic here. She rolled Supergirl’s unconscious body over onto her back. She was just far enough from the Kryptonite so that she began to recover. Supergirl opened her eyes and was disoriented and in shock. Samantha taunted her, egged her on. “What’s the matter Supergirl? Not so tough. Can’t take the heat? Are you ready to find yourself strapped to the wall like my other trophy? C’MON you pathetic little whore. Come on Superbitch, get up! Let’s see what you’re made of.”

Supergirl was regaining some of her strength and I could see the anger building up in her eyes. She slowly got to her feet. Samantha lashed out and nailed her with a left to the face. She followed up with a right and a left. The punched wobbled Supergirl. Samantha shot out another left but was blocked. Samantha shot out another punch to Supergirl’s head which waalso blocked. Supergirl countered with a right uppercut to Samantha ‘s gut and followed that up with a rapid one-two flurry straight to the chin. Samantha fought back and threw a series of punches, all of which were blocked by Supergirl who had now recovered quite nicely. Supergirl slammed an amazing right hook into Samantha ‘s chin that rocked her big time. She was instantly dazed.

Not letting up for an instant, Supergirl followed with a left left right right left left right combination to Samantha ‘s face. They all landed solidly. I knew what to look for this time so I was more in tune with what was going on. Samantha was moaning with each punch that Supergirl was landing. Supergirl may have thought the moaning was in pain, but by now, I knew better. Samantha ‘s mouth was open and she looked dazed as Supergirl continued to press her advantage. With each punch that landed, Samantha appeared to be mouthing the words “oooh. Give it to me baby. Give me more. Yes. That’s right. You know how to do it.” Samantha looked remarkably sexy right now. Unbelievably so.

Supergirl lifted her up and slammed her to the ground. She jumped on her and pinned her shoulders to the floor. Samantha bucked and heaved and grinded up against Supergirl’s body as if trying to throw her off. “Do you give up?” Supergirl asked.

“No, never!” Samantha answered in the sexiest voice I had ever heard before in my life. Supergirl lifted her off the ground and pressed on. She had her up against the wall and began pounding away at her face and body with an endless series of combinations. Left and rights. Rights and lefts. Lefts lefts lefts rights. Hooks, crosses, uppercuts. Samantha was in ecstasy and Supergirl had no clue.

It was truly amazing, the amount of punishment Samantha was able to absorb. Each punch was the equivalent of a powerful lover thrusting away at her with authority, power and passion. Granted, Supergirl was severely weakened by the Kryptonite, but she was still a strong woman and she POUNDED away at Samantha and kept wondering when this woman would fall down. Samantha never looked as beautiful to me as she did that moment. So vulnerable, sensual, so Human.

Samantha was on the verge of climaxing when she reached out and wrapped her arms around Supergirl in a face to face bear hug. She was no match for the woman of steel and it was Supergirl who tightened her grip around Samantha squeezing with all she had, bouncing up and down. Samantha writhed and squirmed and gave it all she had rubbing up against Supergirl’s body. Supergirl tightened her grip even further. Samantha ‘s eyes were shut and her head was swaying slightly, her mouth wide open in a silent scream. It was happening. It was happening again. Her chest began to heave and her body squirmed more rapidly as her orgasm surged through her body. Her silent scream turned loud.

She got that wild look in her eyes again. She flexed her body to the max and actually managed to break Supergirl’s powerful grip around her body. In a total rage, and before Supergirl could react, she tackled Supergirl and went crashing with her into the wall next to Wonder Woman. Supergirl was once again within the close range of the Kryptonite.

Samantha had Supergirl up against the wall and went completely nuts on her. Like a piston, she fired blow after blow after blow to Supergirl’s midsection. She rattled off 8 or 9 of those in a matter of seconds. The air left Supergirl’s body she was about to double over but Samantha ‘s uppercut straightened her chin right up. She blinked her eyes momentarily and in that space of time Samantha landed a left right left right right combination to her face. Before those blows even registered, she was rocked by two vicious right hooks that landed straight on the chin. Supergirl’s legs buckled and she began sliding down the wall. The Kryptonite was really doing a number on Supergirl. “NO!” Samantha yelled out. “Don’t go down yet! Let’s fight some more, Supergirl. Show me what you’ve got.” She was frantic. She kept propping her up, but Supergirl kept sliding down the wall. In a sudden fit of rage, Samantha pounded her as she slid down until she was on the floor in a battered heap.

Samantha dragged her away from the Kryptonite just like before and brought her far enough away so that the effects were minimal.. Samantha was anxious for Supergirl to get back to her feet, but it wasn’t happening. She dragged her 10 feet further away. She wanted another go at it. She wanted Supergirl strong again. But Supergirl was too far-gone from the beating she took and the cumulative effects of the Kryptonite. She tried and tried, but could not get up. Samantha was in a rage.

“GET UP!!! GET THE FUCK UP, NOW!!!!” but Supergirl was out of it. In a fit of anger, Samantha kicked Supergirl’s fallen body- the impact causing her to roll over floppily. She lifted her to her feet. Supergirl's legs were real wobbly. She couldn’t support herself. Her thighs just kind of rubbed up against each other as Samantha held her up. She was totally helpless. Samantha held her up with one hand and wound up a final knockout punch with the other. She was about to nail Supergirl with this awesome punch when suddenly she stopped. She looked at Supergirl in front of her and decided against the punch. She let go of Supergirl and blew a short burst of air into her face, much like blowing a fly away. This had absolutely nothing to do with Supergirl crashing to the ground in an unconscious heap, but it sure as hell looked good, and Samantha was not above theatrics from time to time.

Samantha stood above the fallen heroine and looked almost sad and definitely unfulfilled. She had hoped Supergirl would recover for another round but she got carried away in her orgasmic rage and put the maiden of steel away for good. I knew what she was feeling then. I understood the frustration and the burning desire. I could finally relate and identify completely with Samantha. I finally understood.

This had gone on long enough. There wasn’t any major operation being planned. It was all about Samantha and her libido. It was time for me to act. I pulled my gun out and nailed JT on the head knocking him out instantly. I then rushed over to Supergirl, lifted her up, and tossed her over so she was now much closer to the Kryptonite. I then turned to Samantha, grabbed her and planted a long hard kiss on her lips. She was caught completely off guard. She struggled for a brief moment but I felt her resistance waning.

I ripped her clothes off and ripped mine too. I proceeded to fuck her right there in between Supergirl and Wonder Woman. Samantha exploded. So did I. Neither of us had ever experienced anything remotely as powerfully erotic as this. We had incredible sex. Beyond incredible. It was as if we had sucked up all the sexual energies from the two super heroines and fucked each other with a vengeance. Samantha went on an on about how she couldn’t believe what was happening, how she had never felt this way before, etc..... I was quieter about it but I felt the same way. Samantha came and came and came until we both came together and collapsed in a satiated heap.

The effect of all this raw, animalistic passion was not lost upon Wonder Woman and Supergirl and they were both visibly excited by the sight they just saw. I would like to tell you that we released the two heroines and then enjoyed massive group sex with them, but, alas, this was not the case, and even if it were, you would never believe me.

So now it’s time for me to wrap things up. I’m no longer with the FBI. I am on their “missing in action” list since I disappeared without a trace that day. We released the two heroines and advised them not to seek revenge because we have everything on a video which will remain private unless....

Samantha and I fell deeply in love that day and have been together every since. We disbanded the gang and Samantha gave up her life of crime. We now enjoy a quiet life in a small town in south central Virginia. Samantha has a Victoria’s Secret franchise at the local mall and I..... well I am now infected with the heroine bug too and I currently run a heroine in distress web page on as well as writing scripts for heroine-related women’s wrestling videos.

Samantha and I role play constantly and have even found a few women who relate to the fantasy and join us often in elaborate role-playing. Samantha finally found an outlet for her pent up sexual fantasies and calmed down substantially. We often watch the video of that fateful day with Supergirl and Wonder Woman and we both become incredibly aroused each time we watch it.

So in conclusion, I’d like to tell you all that crime does not pay, but the sex can sometimes be awesome!