Catwoman vs Sheena the Jungle Queen
Catwoman portayed by Halle Berry vs Sheena portayed by Gena Lee Nolin

Sheena(Gena Lee Nolin), was on her way to present the priceless artifact to a nearby village. The villagers would surely be deeply grateful to her for its return to them after being lost for so many years. The tall blond beauty could already see the gleam in their eyes when they saw it and could anticipate the warm embraces and a night of jubilant feasting on its return. She counted herself fortunate as well as resourceful that she was able to find it. But as she swam back toward the bank, a look of anxiety, then of anger, filled her soul.

"Stop! Come back!" Sheena screamed. A woman, dressed in black, had reached into her gazelle clothing which she had left on the bank, and was running off with the artifact!

Sheena, naked except for a gazelle skin thong, plunged into the water and swam like a mad woman back to shore. As she reached the bank, her large bare breasts undulating, her blue eyes spotted the woman escaping into the jungle with her treasure. "Bring it back!" she screamed at the top of her lungs before darting toward the jungle at full speed.

Catwoman(Halle Berry), had other plans for tje artifact. Aware of its intrinsic worth, she had spent time in the local villages in search of it herself. Not revealing her identity as the ferocious feline, she posed as an archaeologist to the townsfolk. She was on the verge of finding it, so she thought, until the blond amazon beat her to it. And the deadly black panther woman desired it all for herself.

Catwoman could be a brilliant and courageous crime fighter when she wanted to be. For most of her existence, she fought on the right side of the law. But there was always a dark side to her. A deep, inscrutable mystery that even she could not fully understand. One moment she could be sincere, the next full of guile. She had long given up trying to plumb the depths of her soul.

The sleek, big breasted ebony beauty, in full Catwoman attire, hid in a patch of thick brush as the blond jungle princess dashed passed her. "Come back!" Sheena screamed. With her rival running in the wrong direction, Catwoman had the opportunity to elude her once and for all. The 3,000 year old treasure could finally be hers to take back to the States. All she needed to do was use her catlike speed to race to the nearby village and change her appearance back to the slight, and rather helpless looking archaeologist. Then she could get into her jeep and soon be flying back to America.

But the complexity of her personality as well as her enormous ego were having a field day with her psyche. "This is too easy! I can't leave knowing I've run from that blond- from any blond! I want to prove myself as her master. I want her to know who took it from her and that she can't do anything about it. I want to see the look of fear and helplessness in her eyes and feel her body wilting in my grasp! I must make her admit to me with her own lips that I'm the superior woman. I would regret it for the rest of my life if I don't physically dominate her before I leave." She slicked out of the brush and began to strip herself of her mask and catsuit.

Feelings of anxiety were now enveloping Sheena. She headed back in the direction she came, suspecting the thief was hiding somewhere in the brush. Her sensuous, athletic body was perspiring since it was a particularly humid day, even for a steamy African jungle. "I can not give up till I find her", she thought, as streams of perspiration trickled down her stout breasts and firm nipples. Walking briskly, she thought of taking to the trees where she could get a larger vista of the jungle she ruled.

Suddenly, to her great surprise, the woman she was anxiously pursuing, leaped in front of her from the nearby brush. She was wearing only a black thong made of panther skin to cover her petite but powerful body and she smiled at the blond beauty with wicked intentions. "Is THIS what you're looking for, Sheena?" Catwoman displayed the golden artifact before Sheena. It glittered in the brilliant African sun. Then Catwoman tossed the artifact behind her as if it had no meaning. She sneered at Sheena and began to stretch and loosen up.

Sheena, at first, didn't know what to make of the woman. She stood 5'7 to Sheena's 5'9 and from the standpoint of size alone, she was not in the least bit intimidating to the lovely jungle amazon. But her sleek physique projected power. There was a sensuous grace in her movements that Sheena had never encountered before. She was slight, yet strong and steely with huge breasts for such a petite woman. The stare from her cold dark eyes exuded a haunty arrogance. The ebony beauty's lovely features seemed to be masking something about her, something that was formidable and deadly. Sheena got the impression the woman physically challenging her for the artifact was unconquered.

Sheena took a deep breath, then she spoke. "I see you wish to challenge me for it. You could have eluded me. I don't know why you went out of your way to fight me. But since you have....."

"Be quiet, Blondie! My name is Catwoman and I am here to prove myself the Queen of this jungle!" Catwoman's opinion of Sheena was that she was a phony, a fraud. She couldn't believe or accept in her mind that a beautiful blue eyed blond, tall and athletic as she was, would be able to withstand her ferocious attack without wilting under the pressure and crying out in tears her submission.

The two women, already sweating profusely, put their hands up and began to stalk each other alone on the jungle floor. Catwoman let loose a barrage of snapping kicks, the last of which knocked the jungle princess on her butt. She pounced on top of her foe and the two women engaged in an exchange of punches with Catwoman on top of Sheena. The blond rolled the brunette off of her and continued their struggled for supremacy.

Sheena ripped several blows to Catwoman's face until the lightning quick feline thrust a leg back and kicked the blond off of her. Catwoman quickly jumped to her feet and advanced toward her rival. Sheena got to her feet only to be swept to the ground again by a leg sweep. Catwoman, more cautious, waited for Sheena to arise from the ground before tattooing the jungle princess with more straight kicks which sent Sheena backward against a tree.

Catwoman moved quickly but as she got within range, the blond beauty sprang into her and they both tumbled to the ground. But again, the black beauty, displaying her incredible agility sprang to her feet and nailed Sheena in her butt with another snapping kick. "OOOFFFF!" Again, the jungle princess hit the turf.

This time, Catwoman stood over her and taunted her. "C'mon Princess, you DO want the artifact, don't you? Or would you rather give up now and save your pretty ass a beating?" Sheena, however was more angry than hurt as she lay on the jungle floor nearly naked in her gazelle thong. Breathing heavily, she planned her next move against the quickest and most agile opponent she had ever faced.

The blond beauty sprang to her feet and both women attacked each other with a barrage of blows. Catwoman was scoring more frequently but Sheena's strength allowed her to withstand her opponent. Finally, the blond was able to get inside Catwoman's defence and strike the ebony beauty with a savage knee just above her black thong. "OWWWWWWW!" Catwoman slid to her knees in front of her foe. Sheena leaped into the air and crashed both knees down onto Catwoman's face. "OHHHHHH!" Now it was the blond amazon's turn to take the advantage, as Catwoman fell backward. Sheena jumped on top of her rival as Catwoman tried to twist herself off her back. But Sheena, showing her great strength, wrapped her arms around the sleek panther woman's ribs and began to squeeze. "OOOOHHHHH!....UGHHHHH!" The black beauty was feeling the legendary power of the lovely blond. She began to strike at Sheena's face but the strong, sensuous blond lifted her off the ground with her mighty arms and slammed her back onto the jungle floor."AWWWWWWWW!"

Again, Sheena grabbed Catwoman, pulled her up toward her and bear hugged her. As their large bare breasts pressed into each other, Sheena on her knees, lifted her opponent off her knees in another magnificent display of strength and pressed her big breasts and firm nipples more deeply into Catwoman's. Giving out a scream, Sheena again slammed Catwoman to the ground.

The slick and sweat glistened feline was writhing in pain as her lovely blond opponent knelt on her knees over her. Catwoman, lying on her back, quickly tried to roll away from her beautiful tormentor. "OH, NO YOU DON'T, KITTEN!" Sheena grabbed Catwoman by her skimpy black thong and pulled the struggling brunette into her, ripping Catwoman's thong completely off her in the process! Then the strong and sensuous jungle queen locked her arms around Catwoman's ribs from behind, just below her breasts, and began to crush the sexy feline, with her biceps to rippling.


"GIVING UP, ALREADY? LOOKS LIKE YOU SHOULD HAVE ESCAPED WHEN YOU HAD THE CHANCE, CATGIRL!" Sheena lifted her beaten opponent off her knees and pulled her sensuous victim on her lap.


But the blond beauty could not allow her to submit without feeling the power of her lovely and shapely thighs. Sheena began to flex her thigh muscles around Catwoman's midsection. "OOOOHHHHHH...!" The vanquished beauty's mouth opened and unable to deal with the power of the jungle princess, Catwoman faded into oblivion as she passed out unconscious on the jungle floor.


Sheena presented the artifact to the villagers and there was much feasting that evening.