The Shaman Woman vs Sheena the Jungle Queen
Nabagwe portayed by Naomi Campbell vs Sheena portayed by Gena Lee Nolin
Episode- "The Painting"

A week long festival is held in honor of Sheena. Many dignitaries from the region as well as a large crowd from the local villages are present to honor her. Sheena and Cutter are enjoying themselves on the opening night of the festivities which were originated to honor and pay tribute to the Jungle Queen as the Benefactress of the People. Local tribeswomen dance for her, dignitaries give speeches proclaiming her, and the villagers tell stories of her triumphs and rescues.

Sheena is humbled and grateful for the event. She giggles when she notices rows of tables set up to sell paraphernalia; everything from gazelle skin outfits to T-Shirts, coffee mugs to beer steins, with her image on them. Artists are displaying their paintings of her which depict her triumphing over her enemies in various ways. As she and Cutter stroll past the long row of paintings, the artists interpret them for her and many pleasantries are exchanged.

Sheena observes a large crowd standing in front of the last painting which she cannot make out from her vantage point. Dignitaries and townsfolk alike seem to be enthralled by it. Sheena is anxious to see it. Cutter walks ahead of her to take a look. There seems to be more interest in it than all the other paintings combined. As she approaches the last and by far the largest of the paintings, she looks upon it and is stunned!

The huge 9' by 6' painting depicts her as being thoroughly dominated by a sexy African Woman wearing a black bra and thong. Sheena is lying helplessly on her lap with her opponent's sleek, muscular thighs wrapped tightly around her waist. The shapely black woman has Sheena's arms pinned behind her back with one arm, her free hand yanking the blond woman's head back by her hair. The gallant Jungle Queen is portrayed with tears streaming down her cheeks and appears to be pleading with her tormentor to release her. The expression of the strong African beauty is hostile and unyielding as she gazes into Sheena's teary blue eyes with a sneer.

Sheena is irked all the more by the painting because she is depicted as bare breasted, her breasts and nipples pointing upward, her bra lying near her on the jungle floor. Even her gazelle skin thong is ripped and twisted around her hips, partially revealing her womanhood for all to see. A black panther is portrayed in the background preying on a young gazelle. The life size image appears so real it almost seems to be breathing. Understandably, Sheena is outraged! Fortunately, at least, there are no children at the feast to see her in such a demeaning pose.

"Where is the artist?" she shouts. "Where is he? I would like to meet him!" But the artist is nowhere to be seen.

Sheena is mortified by the large crowd which has gathered to look upon the painting. Many seem to be taking great pleasure in beholding her nearly naked and at the total mercy of the powerful and sensuous African woman who has her voluptuous body held captive and helpless in her clutches. She has to practically tear Cutter away from it and is further angered by his unsympathetic remarks about "freedom of expression" which she is in no mood to hear. She even notices some of the villagers glancing back at her with what she perceives as evil grins. How fickle her following is! How could they take pleasure in such a demeaning image of her? Have they so soon forgotten all the good she has done for them? Sheena storms out of the festival with Cutter. The great feast, originated in her honor, has ironically become for her the place of her greatest humiliation!

The next day, Cutter persuades Sheena to return to the festival. She is hoping the artist will be there. Perhaps, some of the dignitaries and townsfolk objected to the painting and had it destroyed or removed from the display. But when she arrives that evening, to her chagrin, the painting has attracted even a larger crowd than the night before!

Sheena again asks about the whereabouts of the artist. A local points her in the direction of several trailers which have been set up to organise the event and to provide lodging. Sheena is informed of the particular trailer where the artist is residing. Declining to knock, she opens the door and walks in. She is surprised to find the artist is a woman, but not just any woman. She is the same woman(Naomi Campbell) who is dominating her in the painting! Sheena demands the painting be removed but the artist refuses. She introduces herself as "Nebagwe", a Shaman from a village far away. Sheena notices Nebagwe's walls are "decorated" with sketches of the Shaman Woman physically dominating her in various ways.

When Sheena asks why she is doing this to her, the Shaman reveals in so many words that she is envious of Sheena's undeserved fame and believes the feast should be in honor of her instead. An argument ensues and the two women agree to settle their differences the next afternoon alone next to the great waterfall. If Sheena is victorious, Nabagwe will use her powers to alter the painting in Sheena's favor. Then she will return to her village and not cause any more trouble for Sheena. But if Nabagwe wins, the painting will remain as it is and she will force Sheena to journey with her through the jungle to her village to live as her slave girl.

The next afternoon, as Sheena approaches the place of battle, she spots the Shaman near the waterfall. Nabagwe, wearing a black bra and thong as in her painting, is in a trance and is casting a spell on her rival. As Nabagwe comes out of her trance, she glares at Sheena who is less than 100 feet away. Sheena mysteriously feels her special powers drained from her by Nabagwe's spell. The African woman has no special physical powers herself. But she has the power to make a normal woman of Sheena. The Jungle Queen, finding herself without her powers, complains that Nabagwe is afraid to fight her as she is. Nabagwe answers she is only making the fight fair and taunts her in return that Sheena is afraid to fight her, woman to woman, without her special powers.

The two beauties, about equal in size, engage in a savage fight with so much at stake. Sheena punches, kicks, even scratches and bites to the best of her ability. But Nabagwe's speed is superior and she sends the lovely blond to the jungle floor three times with a lightning quick barrage of punches. Sheena is dazed.

The African beauty pounces on the hurting blond and beats her senseless. She strips her of her clothes, then wrestles her on her lap. Sheena's bra is torn off and her gazelle skin thong is twisted around her hips as her fierce rival wraps her thighs around her waist. Twisting Sheena's arms behind her back with one arm, she yanks her head back by her hair with the other. Just then, a black panther, set in a tree behind them, springs on top of a passing gazelle. It occurs to the now helpless Jungle Princess that she is in the same precise position that she was depicted in Nabagwe's painting! As her fierce aggressor continues to torment her by flexing her muscular thighs around her and stretching her arms painfully behind her back, Sheena submits and bursts into tears. But Nabagwe is merciless and forces her beautiful blond captive to beg and plead for her release.

"My paintings are truly prophetic, Sheena!" the Shaman Woman remarks upon finally releasing her.

Nabagwe leads a devastated Sheena through the jungle toward her village. It is a four day journey. Nabagwe proves the huntress and Sheena cooks food over an open fire. When bedtime approaches, Sheena finds herself wrestled into submission time and again by her new master. Lacking her powers, she is afraid to fend for herself in the harsh jungle with all its dangers. Nabagwe has rescued her from a python attack and as their 3rd day of the journey approaches, Sheena comes to see her as her protectress. Despite Nabagwe's cruel domination of her at bedtime, Sheena feels safe from wild beasts in her presence.

As they journey within a few miles of Nabagwe's village on their last evening together before entering the village, Sheena remembers something her older, wiser Shaman friend back home had told her about casting spells. She was told that if a Shaman loses sexual control over her subject, the spell would lose its force. Sheena was desperate for her powers to return to her and would try whatever she could to get them back.

That evening as Nabagwe began her usual wrestling domination of her, Sheena playfully pretended to giggle as if she was feeling aroused. She began rubbing Nabagwe's nipples and was soon stroking her womanhood. She continues her playfulness as she feels Nabagwe's nipples erect as they press into hers. Sheena continues to gently and playfully stroke her foe's womanhood. She smiles up at Nabagwe and lifting her head, plants a long, drawn out kiss on her lips. The African beauty, at first confused, soon becomes aroused. Sheena releases her lips from Nabagwe's but her master wants more. She presses her lips on Sheena's as the blond continues to gently massage her womanhood. Suddenly, Nabagwe begins to moan passionately. Sheena feels a surge of strength coursing through her body. As Nabagwe moans in pleasure, Sheena, at the same moment, feels her powers returning to her. Quickly, she throws a stunned Nabagwe off of her.

The Jungle Queen pounces on top of the Shaman Woman and punches her repeatedly. Nabagwe punches back but Sheena's powerful blows have her hurt. The blond beauty proceeds to deal her now former master a savage beating. Then twisting Nabagwe onto her side, she captures the Black beauty in a reverse bear hug. Sheena grunts as she applies pressure with all her might around her opponent's breasts.

"OOOHHHHH!" Nabagwe's face is contorted as the athletic blond pulls her onto her lap. Then it's Sheena's turn to wrap her shapely thighs around Nabagwe's waist. Her full powers restored, the mighty blond Jungle Woman flexes her strong thighs around her foe as she twists her upper body back and forth with her arms. Now it is Nabagwe who submits to Sheena. But the victorious blond beauty, unlike her personality, proves a bit merciless herself. She continues to squeeze by flexing her strong biceps and powerful, silky legs around her defeated rival. Nabagwe begs Sheena to let her go.

Sheena finally releases her and watches the Shaman trembling on the jungle floor. Then she slowly lifts her foe off the ground and onto her feet by her hair. Sheena again executes a reverse bear hug around the Shaman's breasts. Then she speaks loudly and toughly to her beaten prey.


"I PROMISE, SHEENA......NO MORE TROUBLE....JUST LET ME GO....!" Sheena releases her from her reverse bear hug and the mighty Shaman Woman crumples to the ground. The triumphant blond beauty looks behind at her vanquished foe as she begins to depart back to her village. Nabagwe is lying on the ground trembling like a leaf.

Her full powers restored, Sheena made it back to her village in a fraction of the time, swinging through the trees like a female Tarzan and morphing with faster creatures than herself, a gazelle included, to gain speed. She enjoyed being around the beasts again that had terrified her the last few days when she had her powers temporarily drained from her by the mighty Shaman. As she again set foot in the villages she would again rule, it was still evening. Fully clothed in her gazelle outfit, she made her way to the festival. When she arrived, she was pleasantly surprised to find those gathered at the feast celebrating her return.

Sheena noticed even a larger crowd than previously gathered in front of the painting. She moved toward it with pride, knowing full well she had earned the right to destroy it. Then she could tell her story to the villagers about her adventure with the Shaman Woman who painted it and who was dominating her in the painting. She would inform them of her victory over her wannabe conqueror and how she forced the mighty Shaman Woman to submit to her. Of course, no one would have to know about her being dominated herself by the fierce African beauty. She was without her powers, after all, and felt she had the right to keep her evenings of humiliation to herself.

As Sheena approached the painting, she realised that it was different from the original. She strode next to it and was joyfully surprised to see Nabagwe lying helplessly on her lap with the Jungle Queen in full control! A gazelle was even painted in the background escaping from a savage black panther. The Shaman Woman had kept her promise! It was a replica of Sheena conquering Nabagwe earlier that evening and like the original, it seemed to have a life of its own.

But the blond beauty did not have to study it very closely to notice a stark difference. As her blue eyes gazed upon the depiction of her latest triumph, she distinctly remembered she was wearing her gazelle skin bra and thong to the very end of the fight. Nabagwe apparently decided to be mischievous as a parting shot to her conqueror and left the Jungle Princess bare breasted, her nipples pointing downward and her womanhood partly exposed as she captured the Shaman Woman in her clutches.

Sheena looked around to see if there were any youth present and was relieved there were none. She did spot Cutter in the midst of the crowd, seemingly enthralled by the image. She smiled broadly. She realised she really didn't mind being exposed in this graphic manner at all- as long as she was victorious!

Some of the crowd, dignitaries and villagers alike, soon began to approach her with warm smiles to embrace her, shake her hand, and praise her for her triumph as depicted in the painting. It was as if the original painting never existed! Finally, Cutter, realizing Sheena had returned, tore his eyes from the painting and accompanied her as they walked through the festival.

"Do you like the painting, Cutter?" she asked him.

"It's fabulous, Sheena! Just beautiful. It's who you are! I hear they are going to hang it in a place of honor when the festival is through."

"Oh really?" Sheena was a bit hesitant to embrace the idea.

"By the way, Sheena, did you ever find the artist?"

The Jungle Queen smiled. "It's a long story, Cutter. Perhaps someday I'll tell you about it. But for now....let's just enjoy the festivities!" She gave him a wink and led him through the dense crowd.


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