Black Friday Beatdown
(Mature Latina vs Asian Kitten)
Maria portayed by Nina Mercedez vs Tiffani portayed by Asa Akira

Happy holidays everyone! My name is Maria. Since it is Thanksgiving time in the US and we are rapidly approaching Black Friday, I thought I would share a story about a sexy fight I had a couple years ago on Black Friday at a lingerie shop. I think once you are done you'll see why the very mention of Black Friday makes me melt:

I am a mature 49 year old Latina who enjoys buying sexy lingerie to spice things up a bit for my devoted husband Carl. A couple of months I saw this really sexy scarlet red bikini in the window of my favorite lingerie store in the upscale mall near my house in Texas. It caught my eye because it has the same cut as the bikini I was wearing when I first met my husband, and I just know it will drive him wild when I walk into the bedroom wearing it and drop my robe to reveal my firm and muscular 155 pound, 5'9" body.

Ever since the day I first spotted that daring bikini, whenever I am at the mall I check out that suit, tempted to purchase it. Unfortunately it is just a little to pricey with household expenses, so I resist the temptation.

My friend Sally who works in the store tells me one day that the scarlet bikini will be 60% off at their Black Friday sale. Ever since I have been fixated on buying it and surprising Carl in it.

I arrive an hour before the store opens to get positioned at the front of the pack of shoppers who are restlessly milling about, anxious to surge into the shop. One skinny little Asian girl stands right next to me, invading my personal space as she loudly squawks into her mobile phone.

She is about 22 and has tightly wrapped her fit body in a skin tight leopard print micro-mini dress that hits about a foot above the knee. The girl looks to be about 5'6" tall when out of the 3 inch heels she is perched in, and probably weighs about 115 pounds. I take an instant dislike to her, knowing immediately that her high cheekbones, perfect curves and sculpted legs have treated her to a life in which men lavish attention on her. Probably an "actress" or "model" I scoff derisively.

My preconceptions are affirmed as I am further bombarded by one side of her vapid conversation. "Yeah, I am go-go dancing tonight at the club. And I got an audition for the part. My agent said to wear a bikini, but make sure to be very classy. Apparently the director hates tattoos and wants someone clean cut. Glad I didn't get that tattoo! They are about to open the store, and I will get that suit I told you about."

Just then Sally unlocks the front door and the gaggle of excited shoppers spills into the store. I rush into the store, relieved to escape the inane chatter of the Asian girl. My heart is pumping as I am about to get a steal of a deal.

Where is it? I look wildly around the store and spot my suit. I rush over to it and just as I reach out and grab the bikini top, I see a long hand with manicured nails snatch up the bikini bottom.

I look up and see the annoying aspiring Asian starlet who had been incessantly chirping into her phone. While clutching the scarlet bikini bottom against her perky breasts, she reaches out and grabs the top, trying to yank it out of my hand. "I got here first, so the suit is MINE. Give me the top."

My eyes narrow, and body tensing I reply cooly, "Sorry, but I got here first, so the bikini is MINE." She looks me up and down, surveying me. Our bodies become erect, cat-like.

She gives me a condescending look and arrogantly issues her stern warning to me, clearly perceiving a mature woman like me not to be a threat. "Look honey, you don't want to mess with ME. I am an experienced wrestler. 5 and 0 in jello matches at the club," she brags with a cocky smile.

Oh how I want to knock that smile off her beautiful face!

I attempt to take the high road, although I want nothing more than to rip into the cocky little strumpet. I reply haltingly, laugh meekly and say, "I prefer to try to solve this without fighting."

I decide against telling her that I was an accomplished fighter in Mexico, whose husband first caught sight of her as she was dressed in a bikini just like this one, locked in a pitched battle with a visiting Asian vixen. I decide against warning her, choosing instead to relish the surprise.

Ever since retiring I have missed the adrenaline rush of battle, the fury of two she-cats tearing into one another while locked in a close battle. As I stare at the little Asian hottie's petulant lips, I fondly remember pulling that limp, spent Asian vixen off the mat by her long, silky hair so I could finish her with a kick to the head. I can still remember collapsing exhausted onto her flat belly, pulling her long, sexy leg up and rocking her back onto the mat for a pin amid thunderous applause. The look in my future husband's eyes was electric as he watched me triumph after an incredible fight. Our eyes locked, and I found love at first sight while perched atop my vanquished rival.

"This bikini is WAY too small for you anyway. Are you shopping for your daughter?" I am jarred back to reality by the starlet's insults as she grabs for the bikini.

Glowing with memories of that past battle and then stinging from the starlet's insults, I throw caution to the wind, deciding in a split instant to engage in one final fight. "This is on you, you arrogant little bitch!"

The starlet and I tug on the top, but I am stronger. I pull hard on the top until she is close and can hit her cheek with an open palm. The slap rings out throughout the store, and the other shoppers crowd around to watch. She slaps me back, hard. I am impressed that she can pack such a punch in a skinny body. I wrench her right arm behind her back and apply as much pressure as possible, hoping to get her to tap. "Not going to be nearly that easy, old-timer," she says through clenched teeth. I give a further twist and she shrieks in pain. I see a flash as her left elbow crashes into my belly. "Damn, I have gotten rusty," I think as I struggle for breath. "Just let me dig my elbow out of your soft belly," the Asian taunts. She breaks her right arm free and nurses it while I try to catch my breath. She should strike now, but lacks the experience to know to finish me.

As soon as I get my breath, I kick off my heels and run towards the girl, hoping to spear her taut tummy. She sidesteps me with the agility of a jungle cat and I tumble onto the floor. She kicks me in the side and the butt repeatedly. I am face down on the floor, gasping for breath. This starlet clearly knows how to fight, and I am afraid that my ribs may crack. I am terrified that I have lost a step and will be crushed by this arrogant little tart in my final fight.

The sadistic bitch flips me onto my back, then plants her heel on my belly, pressing me against the floor. She finds that one area of cellulite on my thigh that is so stubborn that I can never get rid of it. While pinning me to the ground, she zeroes in on that cellulite and shoves it with her toe, "Look at you jiggle." Then grabs her DD breasts and shakes them, "That's the only place I jiggle, you old cow."

I am furious, humiliated here by this young trollop, my imperfections laid bare. She lifts her leg up, poised to slam it into my soft belly.

I quickly roll to the side and she misses with her next kick. I sit up suddenly, eyes blazing with fury, as she tries to kick me again. I grab her foot and flip her backwards. Her shoes fly off as she tumbles into a display case, her fall broken by satin bras and panties.

I lunge forward, grabbing her hair to pull her upright. She squeals in pain, her scalp clearly ablaze with pain. I quickly raise my arm back, balling my hand into a tight fist and steeling myself to thrust it into her. The slut tries to raise her hand, but my aim is true and there is a dull thud as my fist connects with those stunning high cheekbones that I know have served her so well in her young life. Her brown eyes roll back and I think for an instant that victory is mine, that I have bested this tart. Amazingly, the vicious punch does not knock her out cold, and I am surprised when she sweeps my legs and knocks me down.

Shocked by her resolve and skill, I am caught off guard and do not see her kick until it connects with my head. Now my eyes are rolling back. She comes in for another kick, but I block it successfully.

We back apart and face each other. She should be trying to use the fact that I am heavier to tire me out by dodging and weaving, but instead the cocky vixen keeps coming straight for me. Still, I grimly realize that she is pretty dangerous for someone with no training. We run directly at each other and collide hard, then latch onto each other as we roll around the floor. We are pressed against each other, panting as we roll around on the floor. Our breasts and bellies are soon rising and falling in perfect synchronicity as we gasp and heave.

I manage to use my height and greater mass to get on top of her, feeling her belly rise angrily while trapped beneath my crotch. She swipes at me with her sharp nails, but the talons miss their mark. I slap her face and breasts repeatedly, watching her almond-shaped eyes flash with fury as she swings helpless to block my slaps. I love having power over her, feeling her strain and struggle.

Knowing I must press my advantage, I surprise her with a hard punch to the cheek, then grab her wrists and drag her arms under my legs, pinning her there helpless. She tries repeatedly to buck free, but each attempt earns her a sharp slap or punch to her beautiful face. Finally she rests a bit, clearly strained to the limits by exertion. I know to press my temporary advantage over the slut, mercilessly punishing her face, belly and breasts. I keep punching, and can see bruises and welts forming. But the aspiring starlet is much tougher than she looks and somehow manages to keep struggling under me, pressing her toned body up against mine.

I can see she is weakening, and at one point as her eyes glaze over I grab her silky hair and pull her upright. She sees the punch coming, but can't block it. She falls into the display table again, and I rip her clinging dress from her tight body, stripping her. Pressing against her I taunt, "Isn't it a little early for you to be gyrating around half naked?" I see the anger flash in her eyes as she is trapped, forced to listen to barbs that clearly hit close to home. I realize how deeply my insults have cut, how much she strives to escape that life. I might feel pity, had she not mocked me, exposing my flaws. It's the law of the jungle. I have to destroy this slut, lay her bare, teach her a rough lesson.

I survey her as she gyrates under me. I have stripped her down to her a shiny, red satin demi bra and matching string bikini panties. Her lingerie is incredibly skimpy and tight enough to hug every gorgeous curve of her spectacular body, and the smooth fabric feels fantastic as it passes against my skin as her body gyrates frantically. Glistening with persperation, she wiggles back and forth and manages to squirt out from under me, then punched my belly. Surprised by the attack, I loosen my hold on her and she manages to free herself from beneath me.

I step back a few steps, hoping she will come at me. She does, and I hit her with a vicious yakuza kick that launches her into the display table. I rush forward and grab her limp body. I lean in to make sure she is finally out and she hits me with a sharp blow the the belly and then the nose. She grabs my shirt and rips it, exposing my own lacy bra. She then hits me with a barrage of punches. My nose is bleeding and jaw aches. She is one tough slut, and I know that I need to finish this soon.

I hit her with a vicious blow to the gut which doubles her over in pain. As she gasps for breath I get behind her, wrap my arm around her neck to apply a sleeper. I drop to my back, then maintain the hold as I pull her back with me. I keep pulling her until her back comes to rest against my belly. The Asian starlet thrashes her arms and legs about, panic-stricken that she cannot breathe.

It is too sweet to resist. "I guess there are no sleeper holds in the jello wrestling pit?" I whisper softly in her ear, squeezing tighter, my belly tickled as she thrashes weakly. Then her thrashing slows and I feel her go limp. I clutch her thin wrist, raise it aloft, and watch it fall lifeless to the floor. The slut is out cold!

After a foot on belly pose, I sling the slim Asian over my shoulder and lean her lifeless body against a display table. I then slap her several times until she comes to. Her eyes slowly open as she realizes that she has been defeated by me. I decide to have some fun and pay back her insolence tenfold.

I have always wanted to KO a girl with my breasts, so I decide that this is my chance to go for it! I strip off my torn shirt and I am dressed in only my lacy bra and thin satin shorts. I flex my muscular body and glare down at the defeated slut, recalling her insults. She is is leaning against the table on wobbly legs, barely conscious and clad only in her shiny red satin bra and panties. I force the broken tart down on the table and press against her so her arms are pinned behind her back.

I rock back, grab my breasts, and lift them towards the slut's face, moving them up and down.

"Mine jiggle too," I purr as I bury her mouth and nose in my DD breasts. She immediately uses what little strength she has left to struggle and squirm, gasping for breath. We are belly to belly, and I feel her firm body flopping and bucking frantically beneath my own as she tries desperately and with all her might to get to oxygen. Her belly button ring tickles me as she twists and twitches.

"MMMMMphhh, OOOOOUUUU, UHHHHHHHHHH, MMMMMMMM" are the only sounds that my helpless little hard-bodied victim can make. I relish her muffled screams and moans, and even mimic them to mock and humiliate her. I become so aroused that I vigorously caress my breasts and nether regions as she twitches and squirms beneath me. I look down at the gorgeous vixen beneath me. Why not, I think, and suddenly expand my approach. I move my free left hand lower and begin to stroke and caress her slim belly and jiggly breasts, further enhancing the experience. I now own her in every possible way, and I am savoring every last second of it. After several of the most satisfying couple of minutes I have ever experienced, I feel her entire body go limp just as I achieve release. To make sure she is out I grab her nipple between my fingers and give it a tug followed by a sharp twist. She doesn't even twitch!

Suddenly my celebration is rudely interrupted by the tone as a text hits her phone. I scoop it off the floor where she dropped it and read the message. "Tiffani, good luck on your big audition!!! Hugs. Lindsey."

Although I had already dominated the bimbo in every conceivable way, I decide to visit one last indignity on her. Remembering that she needs to be clean cut for the director, I grin impishly and grab a magic marker and decide to give her a little body art. Nothing permanent, just something to stay with her until the audition. I take a marker and write in large letters on her belly, "5 and 0 against strippers in jello. 0 and 1 against a pro."

As I admire my handiwork, I lean in and whisper into the vanquished, unconscious girl's ear, "Try finding a bikini that will hide this, bitch. Lucky for you, I took that sexy crimson one from you. It would have been much too skimpy. Maybe you can find one with gigantic granny panties. Good luck with your audition."

I pick up her cell, then give her taut tummy a final slap for good measure. As she starts to come to, I coo, "Poor Tiffani, my turkey won't be the only thing I stuff," as I jam the phone into her mouth.

I wheel around, pick up my bikini and pay for it at the register. It will be a beach and bedroom bikini nd not a wrestling bikini, but every time I wear it I will fondly remember dominating, knocking out and humiliating that bitchy, jello wrestling bimbo.

That night when Carl and I are ready to go to bed and I drop the robe, dressed in the scarlet red bikini. I then tell him how my day went, showing him the cell phone video one of the other mature ladies shot of the fight. Christmas came early for Carl that year, as he got to watch his wife dominate a woman half her age.


I decided to go see Tiffani a couple of weeks later. I hid in a dark booth and paid the manager for a dance from the Asian bitch. On seeing me, the slut flushes crimson from a powerful mix of shame and anger, I squeeze her tit and give her a slap on the ass.

"Hi Tiffani. Thanks for the bikini. It looks SO hot on me. How did your big audition go?"

I walk out laughing as the cocky bitch stammers, having received one final comeuppance.