Whammm. Whammm.

"Take this, sugar!" Wham. Another hard punch snapped the busty babe's head back and a satisfied laugh was heard as Pam Grier grabbed a glass of wine from a table, dashed forward and splashed it in Barocca's face. Barocca screamed, took a wild swing and was treated to a hard fist to her stomach. As she gasped, Pam grabbed the front of her low-cut dress by both straps and yanked it down hard.

R-r-r-r-i-i-i-ip. Two huge beautiful breasts bounced free and Pam smiled, and treated the left jug to a stinging slap.

"Now I'll pound you and your two big 'friends' senseless," Pam said with a smirk. She was rather glad that Barocca had picked an argument with her in the classy nightclub. She intended to punish the porn star publicly.


Angry fingers suddenly buried into Pam's hair and her head snapped back as did her lovely upper body. The beautiful woman's impressive chest pointed skyward and those nearby got a good look at a generous portion of Pam's own twin attractions as she struggled and the low-cut strapless gown started to slide.

"Leave my friend alone, bitch. Wanna fight? Try me on for size!" Pam caught a glimpse of the pretty, quite confident face. It was Ebony Ayes.


"Shouldn't pick on my friend, honey," Ebony said as she wrenched Pam's head from side to side. As she watched Pam's full breasts bulge out of the top of her dress, she reached down, slipped her fingers inside the soft fabric, cupped the full, firm mound and pulled it completely out of the dress. A slow, hard squeeze brought a whimpering groan from Pam's lips as she grabbed for Ebony's hair. Ebony yelped at the hair pull and smiled as she heard Pam scream and heard the loud r-r-r-i-i-ip of her rival's dress giving way to Barocca's eager fingers.

Another good hard r-r-r-i-i-ip and twist and Pam was wearing only her silky dainties. As Ebony held her, Barocca punched Pam's hard abs, applied a painful stomach claw and grabbed a full breast at its base. She squeezed the pleasure mound hard causing the thick, erect, dark nipple to fully extend. With a wicked laugh she stuck out her tongue, teased the nub, then licked the entire breast before grabbing it in both hands, squeezing it hard in a milking action then nipping at the now rock-hard nipple. Ebony positioned Pam's head perfectly and planted her lips, kissed her hard and slid her eager tongue deep into her captive's mouth.

"Love the action in this club," a bystander noted as he watched Ebony's fingers slide downward and inside Pam's silk dainties in search of something even more special. Pam struggled, her fingers clawing and scratching but the moves were seemingly ignored.

"Yeah. Do her, girls, do her," someone shouted. The lights dimmed in the room and the loud upbeat music stopped, then started, this time playing soft sensual music that seemed to set the mood for the spectators and the three participants; two willing, one-well, maybe not so-though the angry protests and threats had changed in tone, intensity and meaning.

"I just love catfights," one lady said.

"Tain't much of a fight, but yeah, I know what ya mean," another said watching Pam's face turning slowly from angry fury to a blank, rather satisfying, pleasurable expression. Both of Pam's breasts were feeling pleasure and one would swear steam was rising from the closest proximity to a hidden "volcano."

"C'mon take her down," the dapper piano player said his voice a bit hoarse.

"Noooo. N'uhhhhhhhh," Pam managed to scream as her two opponents started to alter their holds and stimulation of her body. A burst of angry energy; a hard elbow to a nearby breast, a backwards fist, a hard kick, a punch (whether skillful or lucky who could say), and a head butt.

Pam Grier"Owwwwwww. Oooooooooh. Uhhhhhhhhh. Arrrrgggggh. Unggggggggh. Oooooooffffh."

A moment of freedom. A brief moment. Too little. Too late. Pam's precious few steps to freedom slammed into "NO WAY, NO HOW," as Ebony chased after her and caught her by the hair after that final lunge. Pam screamed as her head snapped back, her scalp exploding from the vicious hair pull. A hard, powerful punch blasted into Pam's gut. Barocca snickered softly, still trying to catch her breath from the fast chase. But it was worth it, at least for her and Ebony, as they went after Pam with vigor, catching the lovely beauty in between them in a hair-pulling, face-slapping, breast-attacking two-on-one.

"Oucccccch. Ooooooooh. Stopppp. No. Don't."-

From behind Ebony reaches around and sinks her hand into Pam's panties. Fingers plunge into Pam's already wet twat and start tickling her into sexual delight. As Pam moans and coo's in arousal, Barocca cracks her across the face with an open hand slap. Ebony's fingers work more feverishly bringing Pam ecstasy, while Barocca's slaps brings Pam torment. Pam is caught there between Heaven and Hell. Depleted by Barocca's stinging slaps to her lovely face and beautiful tits, as well as Ebony's relentless fingers sending her into multiple orgasms.

When they were done they carelessly toss Pam's limp carcass to the side. She lands face down in a heap with that beautiful ass in the air still quivering from the last orgasm.

"Damn! That made me horny as hell!" Barocca confesses.

"Me too" Ebony says "Any men out there that wanna to take us on?"