by GW
A lady Sheriff in the old west orders a crooked, female, saloon keeper out of town, by High Noon.

Consuela Haggerty sat behind her desk smoking a large black cheroot, when Sheriff Belinda Peterson pushed open her office door with a loud slam. Consuela's dark eyes blazed as she looked up at the tall, full-bodied, blond woman.

"Well, so our LADY Sheriff has come to visit my establishment! What an honor! What can I do for you, Sheriff?" Consuela asked, her voice dripping sarcasm. "A drink? A bet? One of my girls?"

Belinda's large, blue eyes glared at the saloon keeper. "Well, Consuela, I'll tell you what you can do for me! I want you to send those dance hall gals o' yours to some other town. Why, everybody, in Town, knows them girls aren't no better'n harlots!"

"If ya mean they're hoors, why don't ya say so?" Consuela interrupted.

"Harlots or hoors, we both know, what they are!" Belinda continued, annoyed at the interruption. "Not only that, I want you to shut down your gamblin' tables, too. I've had too many complaints, that you run them crooked. If you can't run an honest saloon, then I'm going to have to shut the Laredo down!"

Consuela laughed derisively. "Why should I do that, for you?" She sneered.

"I'll tell you why! Because, if you don't do it, and do it by noon, today, then I'll run you out of town and close down this hellhole permanently!" Belinda snapped back at the saloon keeper. "In fact, there's nothin' I'd like better to do, then to shut you down permanent!"

"You just try it, you uppity bitch!" Consuela snarled. "I'm not one of the men around here, that goes all weak in the knees, and wriggles around like little puppies, every time you waggle your fat behind, or wiggle your big tits, or bat them big, blue eyes. Them fools may roll over for you, but you just try to shut me down, and see what happens!"

Belinda studied the saloon keeper coldly. "So long as I'm Sheriff of this County, that's just what I will do, Consuela! I'll be back at High Noon, and if you haven't sent those girls away and padlocked those gamin' tables. I"ll padlock this place myself and personally put you on the next stage out of town!"

Once she'd said her piece, Sheriff Belinda whirled on her boot heel, and stalked out, followed by Consuela's mocking taunt. "I'll be waiting Sheriff Bitch, and we'll see who gets run out of town!"

Consuela sat at her desk seething a few minutes, and muttering to herself. "Who does that uppity, canary-haired bitch think she is?" Consuela once sent an intermediary, one of her hired gunslingers, supposedly one of the best shootist's available, to offer the Sheriff a percentage of the Laredo profits. Belinda, furious at the insult to her integrity, had outdrawn the man with her six-guns, and made him dance down the street, in a hail of bullets. The desperado left town in disgrace, the next day.

"Easy enough, for that Bitch to turn down cash!" Consuela seethed. "She inherited the biggest spread in town, when her husband got shot, and she owns half the bank, too!"

When the cattle drives started going through Town, Jim Peterson, Belinda's husband, had been elected Sheriff, in hopes of controlling the rough element, that streamed into town, to take advantage of the easy money.

Jim was killed in a shootout in the Laredo, shot in the back. Nobody could prove that Consuela had been behind the killing, but Belinda hated her with a passion ever since. After Jim Peterson was killed, the Town was fast on the way to becoming a lawless hellhole, and Consuela seemed to be the biggest beneficiary of the lawlessness. The Laredo's business boomed like never before, and Consuela was on her way to being a very rich woman.

Finally, in desperation, the Town Fathers asked Widow Peterson, herself, to take a hand in restoring order. Belinda was about the most respected woman in the territory. She'd come to this country, twelve years ago, as a sixteen-year-old bride. She'd worked right alongside Jim, to build the biggest spread in the area. She could rope and ride and shoot as well as any man around.

Belinda was kind of reluctant to take on a man's job like that, figuring it wasn't lady-like, but finally, when the Rev. Adams, the Minister and the Church Ladies called on her, and pleaded with her, she'd reluctantly accepted the Sheriff's badge. It didn't take Belinda long to restore order. She strapped Jim's six-guns around her slim waist, and soon showed she could use them as well as anyone.

Belinda coolly faced down most of the gunslingers in Town. She killed one, and wounded another in face to face shootouts, with two to one odds, against her, in both fights. She'd proved she could use her fists, just about as well as her guns, in a couple of fist fights, too. Pretty soon, there wasn't nobody willing to cross Sheriff Peterson. Belinda had shut down a couple of dives in Town, and forced the owners to clean up several others. Now, the Laredo was the only place still running wide open, and Belinda aimed to set that right today.

Consuela sat at her desk, awhile, angrily puffing her "ceegar". Finally she glanced at the clock, and muttered. "Well, I suppose that blond bitch'll be back pretty soon. I best get ready to give her a warm reception!"

Consuela changed into a black leather riding outfit. It was Spanish style, and went well with the black hair and snapping black eyes, that Consuela had inherited from her Mexican mother. Unfortunately, she'd also inherited her Irish, card-sharp father's larcenous nature, too. She slipped a riding quirt in her boot, and a knife up her sleeve, believing in giving herself every edge possible. Then, she strapped on a pair, of six- guns. She could use them, but she knew she was no match for Belinda in a gunfight. Everybody knew the Sheriff was the fastest gun in town, man or woman. Woman to woman, though, maybe she'd show Belinda a thing or two, and even cut the beautiful, audacious blond down to size. She cleared the saloon out of a couple of morning drunks. Her saloon girls were mostly still upstairs in their rooms. In their profession, they slept late in the morning.

Back in the Sheriff's office, Belinda also prepared for the confrontation. She checked her guns, to see that they were cleaned and loaded. If she could subdue Consuela the town would be quiet and her job would be done. She could get back to ranching full time. Being a peace officer was a lonely, thankless job.

An hour later, the big, buxom blond, with the slim, wasp waist, left the Sheriff's office and walked toward the Laredo. Belinda had purposely sent her deputies out of town. This was between Consuela and her, alone. She didn't want any interference. As she walked down the middle of Main Street, Rev. Adams and Mayor Roberts came out into the street to greet her.

Belinda was taller than either of the menfolk, and had broader shoulders too. Of course with that queenly bosom of hers, combined with that little wasp waist, she didn't look like no man. It was generally conceded that Belinda Peterson was about the finest figure of a woman to be seen in the Territory, and with her long golden-blond hair, blue eyes, bee-stung, pink lips, and that rosebud complexion, just as pretty as a picture, too.

"We jest come out to offer our support for what your doing today, Sheriff!" The Mayor said, tipping his hat. "It's, sure enough, time, something was done about that pesky hellhole of a saloon. I guess you're the lady to do it too! Nobody'll fault you, if you don't go easy on that no-account, saloon woman, either, if you know what I mean! Wouldn't hurt if somebody was to give her a good hidin', an run her out of town on a rail"

"Well, Sheriff Peterson, as you know, I certainly deplore violence as much as any man of the cloth, but you should certainly use whatever force, is legally appropriate, to close down that den of inequity, forever!" The reverend chimed in. "We both wish you every success in this endeavor!" He added.

"Well thank-you, Gentlemen, for your support and confidence. You know I'll do my best!" The beautiful, blond Sheriff told the two men, with a quiet, confident smile playing about her ripe, pink mouth. As the men tipped their hats, again, and walked off, Belinda continued on toward Consuela's saloon. When she got there, she saw the Laredo hitching rail was deserted. "Good! There'll be no interference!" Belinda thought, as she hitched her gun belt to a more comfortable fit, and loosened her guns in their holsters.

Belinda paused in front of the Laredo's swinging doors, and called out. "I'm coming in for you, Consuela!" Then she strode boldly through the swinging doors.

Consuela had sent her hired gunslingers away, too. She knew as well as Belinda, that this showdown had to be between her, and the bossy blond Sheriff. Even the town lowlife's wouldn't stand for any back shooting, or ganging up, on a popular woman like Belinda Peterson, one of the first settlers of the Territory. That didn't mean the wily saloon keeper felt bound by any Marquis of Queensberry rules, of course.

"Thanks for the warning, you canary headed bitch!" Consuela chuckled, as she waited in readiness, her back pressed against the wall, just to the side of the doors. As soon as the blond Sheriff walked through those doors, Consuela hit her in the back of the head with a bung starter.

Belinda fell to her knees, reflexively reaching for her six-guns. Consuela dropped the bung starter and grabbed Belinda's wrists, before she could reach her guns. She kicked the big blond in the back, knocking Belinda over on her face. Then she slid Belinda's guns from the holsters before the dazed Sheriff could stop her. She threw them behind the bar.

"Now we're on equal terms, you nosy, interfering bitch!" Consuela crowed. Still, odds' makers would have put their money on Belinda in any, hand to hand, fracas. She was taller, with broad, husky shoulders, and a lean work-hardened waist. Her long legs packed her tight jeans to overflowing with sinewy muscle. Consuela was almost as tall, but softer and plump looking; she didn't look like she'd ever done a hard day's work in her life. Yet, life in a succession of bordellos, had made her a pretty fair catfighter, and she was a lot stronger than she looked. What she lacked in muscle, too, she made up in cunning meanness.

Belinda rolled over and came to her feet like a big supple jungle cat. Her ten-gallon sombrero, and thick golden hair had prevented the cowardly blow from seriously injuring her, and now she was coldly furious.

"O.K.! You sneaky bitch! I don't need guns to straighten out a no-account saloon gal, like you!" Belinda snapped. Her big breasts heaved angrily, punching out her white, silk blouse, in an exciting display of feminine pulchritude.

Consuela didn't bother to reply, but stepped in close, and sent a fist crashing into the blond's jaw. Caught off guard a second time, Belinda staggered back a step, and then Consuela's other fist struck her cheek, putting her down heavily on her rump. Belinda noted Consuela didn't hit like a girl, but punched like a man. Well two could play that game. Belinda knew she was a pretty fair bare knuckle boxer, herself.

Before Belinda could get up and prove her skill, though, Consuela took a backward step, and then her booted foot flashed at full length. Her toe caught Belinda on the chin, flopping her over on her back.

You're not so tough, Blondie!" Consuela laughed cruelly. She leaned over and tore open Belinda's blouse. Belinda rolled away toward safety. Unfortunately, as she got up on her hands and knees, Consuela was right behind her. Belinda's broad, shapely behind stretched her tight jeans to near breaking. Consuela couldn't resist a target like that. She landed a sharp toed riding boot right between Belinda's heavily rounded buttocks, knocking her flat on her face, again.

Belinda's huge, vulnerable boobies splatted against the rough, wooden floor. Consuela grabbed the big blond's arms and yanked them straight out behind her. Belinda let out a screech, as Consuela bent her back, at nearly a right angle. Consuela drove the pointed toe of her boot into the big blond's kidneys, several times. As Belinda struggled desperately to pull herself free, Consuela pulled her tattered, silk blouse completely off her.

"Dang! I sent all the way to San Francisco for that blouse!" Belinda thought, with a pang of regret, as she heard it ripping. "I shoulda' warn my old flannel shirt to this clambake!"

Consuela was pretty well pleased with herself. So far, she'd stripped the uppity blond Sheriff down to her camisole, and hurt her pretty bad a couple of times. The lady Sheriff hadn't yet laid a hand on her. Consuela dropped Belinda's arms. She kicked Belinda in the hip, then in the side. The kick rolled Belinda over. She kept on rolling, and jumped to her feet before Consuela reached her.

Belinda was still off balance, when Consuela, with calm deliberation, grabbed hold of her long, golden hair. She jerked her head down into an upcoming knee. Belinda felt blood spurt from her nose. As she wiped the blood away, Consuela skillfully caught and twisted her right arm behind her back, high between her shoulder blades. "Ow, ow!" Belinda cried as the pain lanced through her shoulders.

Belinda struggled violently, but she couldn't get loose, and Consuela punished and tormented her captive arm, viciously. The black-haired saloon owner held on to the Sheriff's right arm with just her left hand, while she reached in front of Belinda, with her right hand. First, she clawed at Belinda's huge, arrogantly upswept, right breast, through her thin camisole. Her boobie was already sore, where she landed on it twice, and Consuela twisted and pinched it, until the Sheriff screamed, "Y-you dirty, little guttersnipe! L-let go o' me, damn you!"

"Ha-ha, make me, why don't you, Sheriff Cow Tit?" Consuela taunted Belinda. She clawed her way down Belinda's firmly rounded, belly and abdomen, working her hand inside the waist-band of Belinda's jeans. Belinda yelped as she felt Consuela's hand inside her pants. Consuela's strong, clawing fingers grasped the white flesh, directly above Belinda's crotch, sinking her fingers deeper and deeper, until she was clawing right into the Sheriff's vitals.

Belinda gagged and moaned, as Consuela twisted her flesh. She doubled over from the pain stabbing her belly. Her left hand tugged at Consuela's wrist, without effect. Her big powerful legs trembled and shook.

As Belinda bent nearly double at the waist, Consuela followed her, her own body glued to the Sheriff's broad back. Her long ebony hair fell past Belinda's tangled gold curls. The Sheriff was still fiercely alert, despite the gut twisting pain. Belinda saw her chance. Her strong left hand painfully twisted together a handful of Consuela's hair. Then, she judo tossed the vicious Consuela by her hair, head over heels. Consuela landed on her back with a stunning thud.

The Sheriff slumped to her knees, clutching her hurt belly with both hands. At first, Belinda could only crouch there, gasping for breath. She watched Consuela. She knew that Consuela was not seriously hurt, and that in moments, she must be ready to fight her, again. Consuela turned over on her stomach, and started to get up. Despite the distress, in her gut, Belinda got up a moment sooner. She hurled herself at Consuela.

The impact toppled Consuela over on her back. Belinda's heavy body crashed down on top of her. This second fall took Consuela's breath away. Even panting for breath, though, she struggled with the furious strength of a madwoman. Her cruel claws raked Belinda's bare arms and back, until they were crisscrossed with deep painful scratches. Her knees thumped relentlessly into Belinda's injured mid-section. The gallant Sheriff vainly tried to pin Consuela under her, and counter her furious assault. Consuela wrapped her strong, deceptively plump legs painfully around Belinda's slim waist. She succeeded in rolling the Sheriff off her, over onto her own back.

As Consuela surged atop Belinda, her legs didn't loosen their tight grip on the Sheriff's slim, aching middle. As she settled atop Belinda, she twisted them around the Sheriff's brawny thighs in a grapevine. Consuela pushed herself half up, while she held Belinda down, with her left hand thrust between Belinda's enormous, nearly nude breasts. Her right fist smacked Belinda's face, battering her head back and forth, until Belinda saw stars.

Belinda tried to hit Consuela back. She discovered though, that with her back pressed flat on the floor, and her big legs tied up by Consuela's wiry limbs, there was no way she could get her weight behind her punches. Instead her powerful arms thrashed harmlessly, unable to reach Consuela.

Consuela battered Belinda's beautiful face, until her own knuckles were bruised and bleeding, and her arm, grown weary. Pausing to look at the Sheriff, Consuela noted with satisfaction, that Belinda's nose was streaming blood, and her left eye was swollen nearly shut, and rapidly discoloring. Belinda's full, sensuous lips were red and smeared, like jelly.

Consuela loosened her legs from about Belinda's thighs, and stood up. Groggy from Consuela's punches, Belinda's arms fell to the floor by her sides, her legs sprawled apart, her mighty limbs twitched and trembled. Her magnificent body lay helplessly spreadeagled, vulnerably displayed to Consuela's scornful inspection. Belinda heaved herself over on her side facing her enemy. Consuela reacted with the unthinking deadliness of a striking snake. Her booted foot lashed out with devastating force into Belinda's huge left breast. With a scream of pain, the Sheriff's body flopped over on her back, again.

Belinda tried to shield her vulnerable bosom, but Consuela's next kick drove into her side. Belinda rolled over the other way onto her other side. Two more brutal kicks to her kidneys, rolled her on her belly.

Consuela reached down and grabbed hold of two handfuls of tangled blond hair. Viciously she twisted it, as she dragged the screaming Sheriff up on her knees and then to her feet. Belinda lunged forward. Her heavy body lent her the momentum to break free from the hateful saloon woman's clutching hands. The pain of tearing loose, sharpened her dulled senses. She whirled about, desperately eager to get at Consuela. Belinda smashed Consuela with her hard fists, catching her off guard. Belinda's punches hit Consuela in the stomach and on the chin. Consuela gasped and fell on her knees.

Belinda drove her knee into Consuela's face. Consuela collapsed against Belinda's abdomen. Belinda grabbed her by the hair with one hand, and cocked her fist for a finishing punch. Before Belinda could throw the punch, the weasel-like Consuela snapped her sharp teeth deep into the ivory-hued flesh of Belinda's smooth belly, just above her gun belt. Despite the dizzying pain of Belinda's attack. Consuela clamped her arms around Belinda's waist, and clung with the persistence of a bulldog, while she recovered her strength. Belinda thrashed wildly, beating at Consuela's head. She tried to kick Consuela away from her, but the black-haired fury clung like a leech.

Then Consuela rose to one foot, and braced herself. Using all of the unexpected strength in her plump body, she straightened up, lifting the much heavier Sheriff right off her feet. Once more, the smaller woman's savagery outmaneuvered the blond- haired Sheriff. Consuela dumped Belinda head first over her shoulders. Belinda's head smashed into the floor. She tumbled over on her back. Consuela flung herself atop the big blonde, straddling her middle.

In shock, Belinda looked up to see the saloon keeper's triumphantly leering face above her, once again. At that same instant, Consuela's pointed finger stabbed into her right breast. From the floor Belinda threw a wild punch that Consuela dodged easily. Before Consuela could retaliate though, Belinda, kicking and struggling with all her enormous strength, dislodged the smaller girl. Consuela jumped clear, and got to her feet, as the Sheriff got to her knees.

Before Belinda could rise from her knees, Consuela took a step backward and kicked her. Consuela's flashing leg caught Belinda on her firmly rounded chin. Somehow, the Sheriff kept her balance, and pushed her hurt body fully erect. There was a look of smoldering hatred in her huge, dark blue eyes. She hurled herself at Consuela. Belinda's heavy body carried the smaller woman over backwards.

Belinda strained to pin Consuela down, but even the Sheriff's big, marvelously strong body couldn't overcome Consuela's wriggling, snakelike resistance. Belinda drew back her right fist, and smashed it at Consuela's face.

Consuela shook off the powerful blow, and sneered: "Is that the best you can do, Sheriff Slut?"

Before Belinda could hit her again, Consuela's body stiffened like a coiled spring. With a whiplash like movement, she unbalanced Belinda for a split second, just long enough, to whip her legs up from behind, and lock around the Sheriff's plump, white throat. She dragged Belinda backwards.

As Belinda's body weight shifted backwards, Consuela sat up between her voluptuously curved, denim-clad thighs. Her clawlike hands closed on Belinda's crotch, and she squeezed. Consuela cut short Belinda's blood-curdling scream, with a series of blows to her tautly stretched belly. Belinda pitched over backwards. Consuela let her legs drop from Belinda's neck, and then, jumped up.

As she rose, Consuela caught Belinda's heavy thighs under her arms. Consuela's grip trapped the big Sheriff, helplessly. Her back was on the floor, and her legs in the air, securely under Consuela's arms. Consuela began to spin around. At first, she could barely move Belinda's heavy, muscular body across the floor, but she persisted, building up momentum. The Sheriff's golden head bounced on the floor. The velvety flesh of her back scraped against the rough wood. Soon, Consuela lifted Belinda completely off the floor, and whirled her helplessly, in dizzying circles.

"Noo don't!" Belinda wailed.

Consuela laughed with insane glee, as she let go of the Sheriff's huge, curvaceous body. Belinda hurtled through the air, half way across the large barroom. Her hurtling body crashed into a poker table, virtually demolishing it, scattering cards and chips in all directions.

Moaning amid the wreckage, Belinda felt Consuela attack again. Her head whirling in confusion, she could hardly resist, when Consuela dragged her up on her feet. Consuela ripped off her camisole, and bared her huge, pink-tipped breasts. When Consuela denuded her magnificent bosom, Belinda's face flamed in embarrassed anger, and she frantically renewed her struggles. Most any man in town would have paid a pretty penny for that sight. Consuela's eyes gleamed as she looked at Belinda's upswept boobies, the size of ripe cantaloupes.

"I thought the overgrown bitch would sag mor'n that!" Consuela thought in disappointment. "Goddam her! She's got tits like a sixteen-year-old! Well let's see how pretty them titties look, after I fix 'em, for her!"

Consuela dug her claws into one big, succulent globe. Belinda tried to protect the high riding beauty, but the vengeful saloon keeper pinched the exquisite, pink nipple between thumb and forefinger, digging her nails into the soft flesh. Belinda squealed shrilly. Laughing scornfully, Consuela used the huge, ripe melon, as a lever to carefully position the wildly struggling Sheriff. Then she closed her right hand like a vice on the Sheriff's crotch. Even through the thick denim, Consuela's cruel fingers squeezed Belinda's most intimate treasure with savage effect. The Sheriff cried fiercely at the pain.

Bending low, Consuela slid her back under Belinda's trembling belly. With a heave, she hoisted the Sheriff's captive body, big as it was, across her shoulders, and lifted her off the floor. She started to spin around once more. Her clawing right hand was locked vise-like to the helpless Sheriff's privates, and she used the cruel grip to bounce the big woman's lower body in the air. In excruciating pain, Belinda wailed helplessly, as Consuela spun her with sickening speed, and then slammed her with furious glee to the floor.

Belinda landed with a jarring crash. The small of her back landed on some of the table wreckage, left from her last crash landing. Her spinal column nearly snapped at the impact. Consuela didn't give the moaning Sheriff time to move. Facing Belinda's feet, the cruel saloon keeper squatted on the Sheriff's face.

Before the blond Sheriff could stop her, Consuela wrapped her legs around Belinda's upper arms, trapping them between her thighs and calves. Once Consuela was certain she had Belinda inescapably pinned, she pressed her plump behind down firmly on the Sheriff's beautiful face, imprisoning it in a horribly suffocating prison.

Belinda tried to move her arms, but they were locked securely between Consuela's legs. Her face was mashed against the rough leather that covered Consuela's substantial backside, and her classic nose was buried between Consuela's buttocks. Belinda's back still rested on a part of the wrecked table, raising her lower body at an angle, that vulnerably exposed her belly. Consuela wanted a clear shot at the Sheriff's firm white belly. She unbuttoned Belinda's jeans, pulled them open and pushed her white, cotton pantaloons down off her trunk.

Consuela licked her lips gleefully, in anticipation. Then, calmly and deliberately, she drove he fist into Belinda's defenseless, white belly. She took care to put all her weight, and the full power of her plump, but strong body, into the punch. Her hard fist smashed deep into the Sheriff's straining body, like a small canon ball.

Belinda's big body shuddered, at the shock of the punch, for several moments afterwards. Consuela waited patiently for Belinda's shudders to subside. Then, she repeated the blow. This time, Belinda's big, shapely legs jack knifed in the air, then dropped back to the floor like dead weight. Once again, Belinda's full-fleshed body shuddered uncontrollably. Next time, Consuela didn't wait for the shuddering cramps in Belinda's belly to ease, before she drove a third and then a fourth punch into the Sheriff's suffering body. Belinda writhed convulsively. Despite the agonized thrashing of Belinda's lower body, Consuela's legs never loosened their grip on her face or arms.

"St-stop! Stop! Please, pleaseeeeeiiii!" Belinda cried, her voice muffled by Consuela's big bottom pressing down on her beautiful face.

Consuela gleefully listened to the muffled, pleading croaks, as the Sheriff's agony became all but unbearable. Consuela's laugh was nearly hysterical at the success of her own cruelty. She joyfully drove her fists, into poor Belinda several more times. Finally, like a cat reluctant to finish its victim and end her suffering, she lazily got up and stretched in sensuous pleasure.

Belinda rolled over on her side, convulsively drawing her legs up to her abdomen. She hugged her injured lower body with both hands, curling into a ball, in a vain effort to ease the excruciating pain. All the breath driven from her body, her sobs were harsh spasmodic croaks of pure agony.

Unmoved by her foe's suffering, Consuela drove the toe, of her boot, into Belinda's back, several more times. Still wretchedly huddled in a ball, Belinda rolled over on her stomach. Her upper body, her face, and her huge bosom now rested on the floor, while her knees were drawn up under her belly. She still hugged her throbbing belly. This position thrust her huge, solidly constructed buttocks vulnerably into the air. Consuela walked behind the Sheriff. She smacked the Sheriff 's broad bottom, and Belinda yelped in shock. How dare this saloon gal slap her bottom?

Consuela was ready to dare a lot more! She grabbed the waistband of Belinda's jeans, and tugged the pants down around the Sheriff's knees. The white cotton pantaloons went too, so that the grinning devil completely bared Belinda's impressively well shaped behind. Consuela enthusiastically smacked Belinda's bare butt, jiggling the firm white flesh, and leaving a red imprint on it. Belinda cried out even louder at the shock.

The stinging slap made Belinda's eyes water. "Damn that hurt!" Belinda thought. She tried to kick the other girl, but her jeans tangled around her knees, and hampered her efforts.

"Here, let me, help you, Sheriff!" Consuela snickered. She grabbed the jeans by the leg bottoms, and pulled them over Belinda's boots, right off her long, shapely, fully- rounded legs. Consuela pulled the long, cotton unmentionables right off too. The only thing left, was the empty gun belt, still clinging to Belinda's slim, work-hardened waist.

"Here Sheriff, let me help you up!" Consuela snickered. She was really starting to enjoy this showdown! She roughly pulled Belinda to her feet. In shock, Belinda found herself standing in the middle of the saloon, naked except for her boots and gun belt. A modest well-brought-up lady, no one except her husband had ever seen Belinda naked, since she left her parent's home as a girl. Now the big, blond Sheriff automatically tried to conceal her nudity with her fluttering white hands. She didn't have much success, though, because there was just too much exiting, white flesh for two hands to cover.

"Waal, waal! Ain't that a sweet sight! Sheriff Belinda in her birthday suit, all modest and embarrassed! That'd sure make a real nice picture over my main bar!" Consuela snickered. "Now, I reckon, I'm going to march you down Main Street like that, naked as a jaybird, so all them, holier-than-thou, Town people can see just how tough, their Lady Sheriff really is!" She crowed triumphantly.

Just the thought of that kind of humiliation, sent a thrill of horror through the proud, blond Sheriff's bosom. That darned Consuela had nearly beaten her senseless, and stripped her stark naked, and she hadn't even gotten in one good, hard punch. Suddenly she was overcome with righteous fury.

"I don't need no clothes to beat your sorry behind!" Belinda snarled furiously. Her fist flashed out at Consuela's mocking face, and connected with the side of the dark-haired woman's jaw. Consuela fell back a step, and rubbed her jaw.

"You'll pay for that, you bleach-haired bitch!" Consuela snarled. As Belinda threw another punch, Consuela caught her arm and gave it a vicious twist. She used Belinda's arm like a lever, to whip the bigger woman, belly-first, into the bar. The Sheriff bounced off the bar, twisted supplely, and rushed at the black-haired girl, only to be sent flying over Consuela's hip, by a perfectly executed flying mare.

Just as Belinda got to her knees, she felt Consuela's strong arm around her throat in a tight choke hold. Consuela dragged Belinda to her feet, as the desperate blond struggled to get loose from the encircling arm. Belinda wasn't done by a long sight, though. She dropped to one knee, and threw Consuela over her head. The saloon girl rolled like a cat when she hit the floor. She jumped to her feet, as Belinda rushed at her. Consuela stopped Belinda's heedless rush, with a one-two combination, right below Belinda's useless gun belt. Her fists sank deep into Belinda's firmly muscled belly.

Belinda gasped and doubled over. Consuela straightened her up with a right cross to the jaw. A left hook to the same spot sent Belinda flying backwards. She landed spreadeagled against the bar. Her golden pubic thatch gleamed brightly, in stark contrast to the rich ivory hued flesh, of her thighs and flat lower belly. Consuela couldn't waste a target like that. Her booted foot sailed upward, and the pointed toe landed right at the apex of that golden triangle, knifing deep into Belinda's vitals.

The big blond screamed and clutched her groin. She tottered forward two steps on unsteady legs, cradling her injured womanhood. Tears flowed down her beautiful face.

"Oooh, you nasty bitch!" Belinda croaked in disbelief at Consuela's savagery. Her pain racked features elicited no sympathy from the vicious saloon girl, though. Consuela laughed harshly, in satisfaction, and gave the couching blond a hard shove. Belinda fell over sideways, still clutching at herself, as waves of pain paralyzed her lower body. Her big, ivory-fleshed legs worked slowly, to ease the agonizing cramps in her privates.

"Ha, ha, ha!" Consuela laughed in delight. She picked up an almost full pitcher of stale beer from the bar and poured it on Belinda's face. The weeping blond sputtered as the beer ran up her nose and down her throat, choking her. She tried to get up, but Consuela kicked her over on her back.

On her back, Belinda kicked at the hateful saloon woman. More by luck, than anything, she kicked Consuela in the belly. Unfortunately, the kick wasn't hard enough to hurt Consuela; it just made her mad. Consuela's laughter stopped abruptly, as she gasped in pain. She glared at the blond Sheriff venomously.

"All right, you blond bitch! Just for that, I'm going to bounce that fat, white body, of yours, all over this saloon!" Consuela snarled.

Fearing the threat, Belinda jumped up as quick as she could. It hurt her to walk, and her long, muscular legs quivered at the effort. Consuela barely gave Belinda time to get on her feet, before she launched a slashing attack at the injured blond. She pounded away, without mercy, targeting the sharp, pink tips of Belinda's huge, milky- white breasts. The big melons quivered under the barrage, bouncing helplessly all around Belinda's broad chest.

Belinda was so busy trying to protect her magnificent, very vulnerable bosom, from the vicious Consuela, that she couldn't throw many punches of her own. Those she did throw were totally ineffectual. Consuela hadn't left her much strength, to fight back with. Consuela just beat her arms aside, and bored into her chest, even harder.

Belinda stumbled away, retreating from the smaller woman. Consuela gave her no respite. She began hitting Belinda in the face, hard mean punches that soon beat the cringing blond to her knees. Consuela was merciless. As Belinda crouched helplessly on the floor, Consuela picked up a chair and smashed it across the Sheriff's bowed back. She hit Belinda so hard, that she smashed the chair into kindling wood. Belinda screamed in terror, at the pain. She feared the enraged Consuela would beat her to death. Consuela drew back her foot for another kick. There was nothing the beaten Sheriff could do to stop it.

"Naaaah (sob) please stooooop!" Belinda wailed in shame. Consuela's vicious beating had stripped the haughty blond of all her pride, along with her guns and clothes. Now, she was just a frightened, helpless girl, crouching naked at Consuela's feet, altogether at the cruel, black-haired woman's mercy. Belinda hugged her aching breasts, and wept piteously. Consuela lowered her foot.

"It ain't worth kicking a beaten dawg, like you!" Consuela sneered. "I can think of more amusin' things to do with you, though! Git up on your feet! Bitch!" She ordered.

Belinda didn't move. She just lay there, sobbing. Consuela grabbed a couple of handfuls of blond hair, and hauled the weeping Sheriff to her feet.

"No more! I give! Please Consuela I give!" Belinda wept in dismay.

"You don't have to give up! I know you're beat, you stupid cow!" Consuela sneered . She pushed Belinda up against the bar, and bent her over backward at the waist. Belinda hung there, terrified. Consuela held her, by the hair with one hand, and ran her other hand over Belinda's trembling, white body. She hefted and pinched the blond's melon-sized boobies. Belinda whimpered, and looked away, mortified to have the hated saloon gal touching her, so intimately, just like she owned her.

"You sure got some big titties, Sheriff! I gotta give you that!" Consuela whistled, and then she patted Belinda's firm, ridged belly. The flesh was bruised and tender, from her fists, and Belinda winced at her touch. Consuela swatted one of Belinda's big, out thrust, naked, bottom cheeks, and snickered. "You got bigger haunches then any heifer I ever seen, too!"

Next, Consuela boldly fingered Belinda's gold-fringed, pink pussy. She parted the pink labia, before Belinda even guessed what she was doing, and lewdly thrust her finger inside. She started in to wiggling it around, right inside Belinda's pussy.

Nothing so terrible, and frightening had ever happened to Belinda in her entire life. She shrieked in terror at the abusive invasion of her womanhood, and pleaded brokenly. "Noo! No! Please! I'm a decent woman! Don't do that to me, Consuela, pleeease!"

"How would you like me to take that bung-starter over there, and shove that up here, up your 'decent woman' privates?" Consuela demanded.

"I-I wouldn't like that! I (sob) wouldn't like it, at all! Please Consuela! You won't do that to me, will you? Please don't!" Belinda wept in abject terror of the saloon keeper. Her ripe, pink lower lip trembled uncontrollably, and tears flooded from her big blue eyes, and poured down her battered, rose-petal cheeks.

"That's just what I will do to you, next time!" Consuela threatened. "If there is a next time? So you better be danged sure, there ain't no next time!" As she spoke, Consuela pulled her finger, out of Belinda's pussy, flicking it against the Sheriff's clit, as she did. Belinda screamed in shock, again.

"There won't be no next time! I swear, Consuela! I won't never bother you, no more! I swear I won't!" Belinda pleaded. "Please can I go home, now?" The broken-spirited Sheriff sounded like a little girl begging a stern teacher, to go outside to the privy.

"Waal I guess maybe you can go home pretty soon, but first, we're gonna give you a real special Laredo sendoff!" Consuela told the weeping blond, with a mean, nasty grin in her face. Then she turned and added. "Ain't we gals?"

As soon as the fight started, Consuela's saloon gals had all trooped out of their rooms, onto the railed balcony, that overlooked the main bar, to watch the fireworks, They'd lustily cheered Consuela on, when they'd seen her getting the upper hand over the gorgeous, blond Sheriff.

Now Consuela called out to them. "C'mon down here gals, and lets show the Sheriff a real Laredo sendoff!" When Consuela called them, the bar girls all came trooping gaily down the rickety steps, to join their boss. They stood around the wood burning, potbellied stove in the corner, while Consuela whispered some instructions to them. Meanwhile, when Consuela let go of her, Belinda sank down on her knees in relief. She protectively covered her violated pussy with both hands, still in shock at what Consuela had done to it. She wanted, more than anything, to run out of this terrible place, but she was too scared of riling Consuela, so she remained crouching by the bar.

Consuela walked back, and stood towering over the terrified Sheriff. "O. K. Honey! You can go home now!" She told Belinda, and patted her on the head, ruffling her tangled, gold curls, like she was a pretty little girl. Then to the waiting bar girls, she added. "Gals, show the Sheriff, the way out!"

Each one of the eight hoors picked up a stout piece of fire wood, from where it was sitting by the stove, and lined up in two staggered rows, facing each other.

Belinda hopefully started to get up, but Consuela's fist smashed into the back of her neck, knocking her down on her hands and knees, again. Consuela booted the Sheriff, in the behind, driving her toward the aisle, between the two lines of waiting hoors. Seeing them girls lying in wait, for her, Belinda looked around wildly for some way to escape, but Consuela was right behind her. With a sniff of resignation, the big blond began tho crawl through the gauntlet.

Hildy whacked Belinda's bottom, first. She got in two good, hard smacks before the Sheriff reached the next girl. As she hit Belinda the second time, Hildy jokingly called over her shoulder, to her boss. "Holy mackerel, Con, this bitch has an ass biggen'n two prize pumpkins jammed together for judgin' at the County Fair!"

Belinda screamed louder than a wounded cougar, the first time she got whacked on her big bottom, and kept right on screaming, at every additional smack.

As soon as Belinda was out of reach of her wooden slat, Hildy ran to the other end of the row, and got in line again, waiting eagerly for another shot at the luckless Sheriff's bare behind. Meanwhile Sallie, in the row across from her, was already smacking Belinda's big, round bottom, as hard as she could. Like Hildy, Sallie got in two good, hard whacks, before poor Belinda could crawl out of range.

The girls drove Belinda, on her hands and knees, like that, from one girl to another. Fast as she crawled, the wailing Sheriff was never quite fast enough, to get less then two licks, per girl. Sometimes the faster hoors would get in three! As soon as she finished, each girl would run to the other end of the line, for another turn. This way poor Belinda never reached the end of that God awful gauntlet.

Poor Belinda howled in agony, as the thick wooden slats reddened, then blistered her lily-white bottom. The never ending line of hoors, drove her all the way to the swinging doors, and out onto the wooden sidewalk.

Most of the Town folk had come out on the street, to see what they could see, of the epic showdown, between the two best looking women in the county. When they saw their champion, Sheriff Belinda, crawl out of the Laredo, buck naked, on her hands and knees, howlin' like sick pup, her butt ablaze, from the worst whupping in Town history, the good folk let out a terrible groan. The barflies, gamblers and other lowlifes started in to cheering for Consuela.

"O. K. gals! I'll take it from here!" Consuela said, once Belinda was outside the saloon. The vicious saloon keeper pulled out the riding quirt she'd stuck in her boot before the fight. Everybody knew that this was a private fight, between Belinda and Consuela. Nobody interfered, when Consuela whacked the unfortunate lawwoman on the behind, and drove her out into the dusty street. As the hoors laughed, gaily, and the good folk watched in horror, Consuela herded their howling Sheriff down the street, crawling like a whipped dog on all fours, past the livery stable, the feed and grain store, and the general store, to the church, and then back to the Laredo, again, awhumping on Belinda's naked behind with her whip, all the way.

"All right gals! Help the Sheriff up!" Consuela ordered. The bar girls hauled Belinda up on her feet, and stood her up butt-naked, in the middle of the street. It was a sight, men talked about in barber shops and barrooms, for years to come. Poor Belinda stood there, head hanging down in shame, too scared and shamed, to look anybody in the eye. She vainly tried to cover her bosom and her privates with her arms, but it wasn't much use. Everybody in Town got a pretty fair peek.

Many of the spectators noticed that somehow, the forlorn gunbelt cinched around her girlish waist, and her high-heeled range boots made Belinda look more fetchingly naked, then if she had nothing on at all. Even some of the Town's solid citizens were secretly relishing the spectacle of the beautiful blond's humiliation. Mayor Daniels, officially one of Belinda's staunchest supporters, was heard to mutter. "That gal is, shore enough, one fine figure of a woman, all jaybird nekkid like that. Look at that pair of titties! Ain't they fine though!" And he licked his lips in appreciation.

Consuela pulled out her two six-guns, and shouted. "Dance Sheriff!" She aimed at Belinda's foot. Then, Consuela started shooting, forcing the naked, lawwoman to hop up and down, from one foot to the other, or get her toes shot off. Making an opponent dance to the tune of a six-gun, was a popular amusement here in the West, but nobody ever dreamed of seeing it happen, to the most beautiful, woman in the Territory, and her stark naked, besides. As Belinda hopped up and down, her enormous breasts jiggled and shook, dancing all over her chest, and her magnificent behind, as blood- red, as a newly butchered side of beef, bounced around like an empty stagecoach on the old mountain road.

It wasn't an awfully hot day, but the Mayor was sweating like a pig, and constantly mopping his brow, as he looked on. Finally, Mrs. Daniels grabbed his ear in disgust, and dragged him home. "You should be ashamed of yourself, you old goat, and you the Mayor!" She cried shrilly as she pulled him into the house.

Consuela kept right on shooting, until both her guns were empty. When she finally reholstered them, the exhausted Sheriff fell headlong on her face. As she lay there, her big, abused bottom stuck up prominently, blazing angry red in the noon sun. Belinda's broad, sinuous back, gleaming palely in contrast to her blistered bottom, heaved convulsively, as she sobbed miserably into the dust.

"Now, let's send the Sheriff home in style, shall we?" Consuela cried gleefully. Than to one of her hangers-on she added. "Jake, go get Pedro, for the lady to ride!"

"Too bad, we don't have some hot tar, we could tar and feather the bitch!" Sallie snickered to Hildy.

Hildy snickered back. "Maybe we ain't got no hot tar, but we got a passel of spittoons inside, waitin' to be emptied, and we sure got lots of pillows with feathers in 'em. After all, this ain't a hoor house, fer nuthin'!"

The other girls cheered Hildy's suggestion. Belinda, crouching naked in the dust, listened in horror. Consuela laughed, and shrugged. "I won't stop you gals from havin' some fun if you want!"

The girls scurried after the pillows and the spittoons. Belinda sat up and looked around in terror. Wouldn't anybody help her? The Town's folk looked away from her pleading blue eyes, in embarrassment. Harvey Richardson, the barber, muttered to feed salesman Norm Harrington. "After all, SHE's the Sheriff. It ain't for us to enforce the law. You gotta kinda' hand it to that Consuela, though. She's a lot tougher than anybody give her credit for. Ain't many women, nor men either, for that matter, could beat the stuffin' out of a big, strong, fine-figured woman like Mrs. Peterson!"

Belinda was about to jump up and run for it, when Consuela stepped closer, and gave her a warning look. Belinda's cowed eyes dropped in resignation. Just then, Sally brought out the first spittoon, and without further ado, upended it over Belinda's head, spilling the filthy mixture of spittal, tobacco juice, cigar butts and vomit onto Belinda's golden hair, and down her broad, white shoulders. Belinda humbly accepted the vile treatment.

Sadie was right behind Sally, with the second spittoon. She threw the contents sideways, so it landed full on Belinda's beautiful face, and splattered down her magnificent bosom. The vicious hoors emptied several more spittoons on the helpless, beaten, sobbing Sheriff. Then one of them brought out a pillow, and slit it open. She poured the stuffing out onto Belinda's slime-covered body. The feathers stuck to the horrible disgusting mess coating her body. Belinda sobbed in humiliation. How could this be happening to her?

Just then, Jake brought out Pedro, a skinny, spavined, very elderly burro. Two of the girls grabbed Belinda's slime-covered arms, and dragged her to her feet.

As the saloon girls hauled Belinda, toward the burro, Consuela called out. "Hold on there, a minute, gals. I got one more piece of unfinished business, with our gun-slingin' lady Sheriff!"

When the girls halted, Consuela ordered them. "Put her gun hand on that hitchin' post, and hold it here, steady!" With a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach, Belinda guessed, right off, what was coming, next. She struggled to resist, but after the beating Consuela had given her, even the spindly armed hoors could handle the big, muscular blond, easy enough. The two hoors laid Belinda's hand outstretched on the hitching rail and held it there by her wrist and arm.

"No, No! Don't do it! Please Consuela! Not my hand! Oh don't, please!" Belinda sobbed and begged, shamelessly, but it was no use. Consuela didn't bother answering Belinda' pleas, but pulled out a six-gun, by the barrel, and raised it overhead. She brought down the butt on Belinda's outstretched hand. Belinda shrieked at the terrible pain, as she felt a bone snap. Consuela raised the gun again and struck a second time, then a third, and a fourth. Bones snapped at each blow. Belinda's screams died away to agonized sobbing. It was clear to the shocked bystanders, that the Sheriff wouldn't be using that hand for a long time to come. Consuela's cold-hearted brutality shocked even some of her own kind, who turned away in disgust.

"Jest so's you don't change your mind, later on, and come after me agin, with your guns ablazin'!" Consuela growled.

"O. K. gals, now you can mount the lady Sheriff on her fine steed!" Consuela laughed. The girls forced Belinda up onto the pathetic burro, facing backwards. As her fiery, blistered bottom touched the rough, shaggy hide, Belinda shrieked in renewed agony.

"Shet your big mouth, you bleached blond cow!" Hildy snickered. "Ye'r plumb lucky, I don't put a cactus under your big, fat ass, to ride home on!"

Once they had the sobbing Sheriff mounted, the girls tied her arms behind her, and fastened them to the burro's bridal, so she couldn't dismount. Then, they tied her feet together under the burro's belly. Consuela mounted Belinda's own palomino stallion, and took hold of the burro's bridal, and led it down the street and out of town. She headed for Belinda's ranch. Belinda sobbed hopelessly, in shamed despair, as Consuela's hoors capered about her jeering her, and pelting her with Buffalo chips.

Consuela turned the burro loose at the gate to Belinda's ranch. By the time Belinda got free from the burro, and got herself cleaned up, and bandaged her crippled hand, she wondered how she could ever face the Town folk after a humiliation like that.

The End??


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