Angie Everhart as Mary Jane Watson Parker and Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane

Mrs Superman Challenges Mrs Spiderman

International supermodel Mary Jane Watson-Parker had traveled to Metropolis for one of the biggest fashion shows on the East Coast that year, and had taken up residence in a suite in one of the city's most luxurious hotels. She had already done her modeling bit for this day, and now she was waiting for some reporter for The Daily Planet newspaper to come to the hotel and interview her. She relaxed on the leather couch in her suite, looking resplendent in a white blazer and matching skirt, complete with white heels, her long legs crossed one over the other as she waited.

There was a knock on the door, and Mary Jane got up and cordially admitted Lois Lane, Daily Planet reporter extraordinaire. She looked fantastic in a purple dress with matching pumps. Normally Lois, a feisty, beautiful brunette, covered real, hard news, not the society pages; but she was doing it as a favor for a Planet cohort - and besides, there were some pointed questions she wanted to ask of the jet-setting redhead.

The interview went well enough at first, Lois asking the usual questions a reporter inquired of a celebrity, and Mary Jane making the usual celebrity replies to reporter questions ... until Lois sprung a surprise on her hostess.

“Reports in New York have linked you to the hero known as Spider-Man, Mrs. Watson-Parker. Any comment on that?”

Mary Jane looked aghast at Lois. Did she know that the fabulous supermodel was indeed married to that particular crime-fighter? But no, how could this Lane woman know? She decided to play dumb.

“Linked?” intoned the redhead. “Linked how?”

“Well, he’s saved your life on more than one occasion, and rumor has it there’s something more to your … relationship than the old hero saving the damsel-in-distress routine.”

Mary Jane stared straight at Lois, feeling a white-hot anger growing inside her. What the hell was Lane asking these damn questions for? Had someone revealed her Mary Jane’s husband’s secret identity to the reporter? Then a thought crossed Mary Jane’s mind, and she smiled. Time to turn the tables.

“Well, Miss Lane, it’s been said that Superman saves your life on a routine, almost daily basis, or so I’ve heard. Should I ask you if there’s anything going on between you and him?”

Lois was taken aback, but only for a moment. There was no way this little redheaded wench could know that she was married to the Man of Steel.

“I’ll ask the questions here, miss, if you don’t mind,” replied Lois sternly.

“Well, Miss Lane, as a matter of fact, I do mind. This is sensationalism.”

“I think this interview is over.”

“Fine! I’m not going to sit here and be insulted by some know-nothing bitch like you, Lane! Now leave!”

“What did you call me, you little redheaded whore?”

“You heard me!” snapped the supermodel. “Want to make something out of it?”

“You bet I do!” shot back the reporter.

“Fine then,” said Mary Jane. “Let’s fight it out like women, then - I’m game if you are!”

“Name your game, then!” retorted Lois.

Mary Jane looked over at the queen-size bed and smiled.

“We fight completely nude, beginning on the bed. No rules, no holds barred. We fight until one of us is out cold.”

“Fine by me!” snapped Lois, eager to begin.

Both women got up and stripped to the skin, and then they faced each other naked on their knees on the luxurious bed. Both women had looks and bodies to die for. Both were absolutely gorgeous, both with long tapering legs, huge full breasts, and tight little asses to complement their fantastic faces. Mary Jane had long, flame-red hair that cascaded down over shoulders and down her back, while Lois kept her brown hair shoulder-length. Neither was really a fighter, but neither was exactly afraid to fight, either. They waited, hands upraised, for the clock to chime the hour so they could tear into each other tooth and nail.

Four bells later, the bout was joined as Mary Jane lunged forward to seize Lois by the throat with both hands and squeeze ruthlessly, fingers crushing the reporter’s neck. The brunette gasped for a second before joining her hands and smashing them down on the bridge of the supermodel’s nose. A wounded Mary Jane let go and fell back on the bed, Lois surging forward after her; but the redhead braced her bare feet against the brunette's naked chest and thrust her backwards on the bed. Regaining their knees, the two beauties seized each other in grips of steel, arms wrapped tightly about each other's upper bodies as they rolled back and forth on the comforter. Their long, tapering legs became totally entangled as they fell sideways and fought and kicked for advantage, neither woman able to gain the upper hand (or foot). So lost were they in their struggle that they didn't see the edge of the bed coming up until they had rolled right off it and onto the floor with a heavy thud.

Both women were dazed by the fall and began to sit up slowly, but Lois recovered first. Getting behind Mary Jane, she scissored the redhead's waist from behind before draping her arms across Mary Jane's neck in a headlock/chokehold. Mary Jane gasped as the breath was double-squeezed from her body, but she managed to pitch forward until she was on her knees, still under siege by the brunette. Rising slowly to her feet, with Lois still mounted on her back, Mary Jane wrapped her long arms over and underneath Lois’ smooth thighs until she herself stood up straight (with Lois on her like a writhing, wriggling backpack) and then the redhead steeled herself for her counterattack. She waited one, two, three seconds as Lois continued to crush her at both ends, then Mary Jane drove herself backwards at full speed until she crashed into the wall behind them.

Stunned by the blow, Lois felt her grips loosen. Two more back-first crashes into the wall and she tumbled off of the redhead to land heavily on the green-carpeted floor. Mary Jane knew it was now her turn to make her opponent pay, and she reached down to grab Lois by the ankles before dragging her to the middle of the room between the bed and television, the carpet scraping and roughing up Lois’ tender breasts and fleshy nipples. The brunette sobbed slightly, but next thing she knew she was being hoisted in the air and turned 180 degrees. She then felt arms wrapping about her waist and fists knotting in the small of her back, followed by intense pressure, as Mary Jane began crushing the brunette in a classic textbook bearhug.

Lois’ arms splayed out helplessly to the sides as Mary Jane intensified her vise-like hold, squeezing the life from the brunette while bouncing the dark-haired girl up and down on her toes. Lois moaned audibly as she felt her spine snapping under the relentless pressure; she saw Mary Jane's blue eyes ablaze, her white teeth firmly clenched, as the redhead funneled every ounce of effort into her thin but strong arms. Feeling the fight draining from her, Lois began to push under Mary Jane's chin with both hands, trying to push out of her foe's grasp, but the redhead only reared back and lifted the brunette even higher into the air before slamming Lois back down onto the soles of her bare feet.

Frantic now, Lois decided to circumvent the immediate problem by giving Mary Jane something else to concentrate on. Her left hand clamped over the redhead's mouth, while her right hand pinched Mary Jane's nostrils shut to complete a perfect smother hold. Mary Jane's eyes grew even wider as she struggled to breathe and found no air coming in. She squeezed Lois even harder, further damaging the brunette's back, but the other woman's soft hands held fast over her pretty face. Frantic herself now, Mary Jane released the brunette from her arms and seized Lois by the wrists, but then Lois rammed her knee up into the redhead's crotch, bone connecting on bone with a sharp crack. The redhead whimpered and whined, but her cries were muffled by Lois’ suffocating hands. Desperate to escape as the room began to swirl around her from lack of oxygen, Mary Jane pulled and tugged like mad, using up her much of her air in the process, until finally she wrenched free and gasped for breath, sweaty breasts heaving and falling as she sucked in sweet lungfuls of air.

Her mini-victory was short-lived, though, as Lois again drove her knee up into Mary Jane's womanhood, dropping the anguished redhead to her own knees. Lois then spun her enemy around and threw her face-first against the dresser, hard. Mary Jane was stunned and offered no resistance as Lois reached down in front of her and grabbed the redhead's pert breasts. She pulled the redhead up to her feet and began mauling her antagonist's mammaries from behind, their respective ecstasy and agony fully apparent in the mirror in front of them - Lois grinning wickedly in domination, Mary Jane suffering silently with eyes shut tight. The brunette continued to rough up the redhead in this manner for the next few moments, Mary Jane's soft fleshy mounds like silly putty in Lois’ greedy, grasping hands, until the brunette slammed Mary Jane down headfirst into the dresser again.

The redhead was almost knocked cold by the blow, but hung in there as she clutched at the dresser and tried to regain her feet. She stumbled the first time, and then the second, displacing the drawer in front of her, but she began to rise slightly on the third attempt.

A wicked thought crossed Lois’ mind as this new opportunity arose in front of her. She knew she really shouldn't - but she also figured when would she ever have the chance to do this again, especially to a supermodel?

Smiling evilly as she grabbed Mary Jane by the back of the shoulders, Lois forced the redhead down again until Mary Jane's breasts were all the way inside the open drawer; then she released the redhead and pushed the drawer shut hard - with Mary Jane's hanging tits in the way. Mary Jane wanted to scream, but Lois quickly covered her mouth with one hand to stifle the redhead in a smother hold, while using her other hand to keep pressing the drawer forward, and her voluptuous body to bash against the redhead’s back, the brunette assaulting Mary Jane's chest as if it were stuck in a trash compactor. Tears spilled from Mary Jane's eyes, but not just from pain. Her anger rising as her consciousness fully returned, a furious Mary Jane lashed back with an elbow and caught Lois square in the cunt, knocking the brunette back with a gasp onto the bed. Mary Jane turned violently to wrench herself free from the drawer, and then dove on the bed and onto Lois. Seizing the advantage as Lois tried to cover up, Mary Jane grabbed the brunette by the hair before flattening herself down against her foe and forcing her bouncing boobs over the brunette's face in a classic breast-smother.

Lois clawed at Mary Jane's shoulders with her nails and scissored the redhead's waist with her long legs, but Mary Jane continued to hump and grind her fantastic chest against Lois’ fabulous face, cutting off her opponent’s oxygen. Their furry red and brown pussies ground together as they strained against one another, both women feeling ecstasy even as they fought against each other. Mary Jane held Lois’ head even tighter, the soft flesh of her huge breasts completely filling Lois’ breathing passages, the brunette's jaws too constrained to open and bite her way free as she had done before in these catfighting situations. Lois’ legs fell limply away from about Mary Jane's torso as she weakened in the other woman's all-encompassing grip, her strength sapping as her air ran out.

Finally, when Lois was on the verge of passing out, Mary Jane released her prey and got up off her. Getting behind the brunette, Mary Jane pushed Lois up onto her apple of an ass before reaching underneath the brunette's legs to grab her under the knees. Mary Jane then reared back to put terrible pressure on Lois’ legs and lower back, but the exhausted brunette could offer no resistance. She simply whimpered and scrunched her airborne toes, her helplessness evident in the mirror. Mary Jane held Lois this way for the next minute or two, biting down on a toe or two of the brunette's to hurt her a little bit more, before sliding her soft hands down to the brunette's brown-furred crotch.

"No," whispered a frightened Lois. "No, don't …"

"Shhh!" whispered Mary Jane back harshly.

Once there, Mary Jane's fingers began to pry Lois’ fleshy pussy lips apart, spreading them wider and wider until Lois was fighting madly to both stay conscious and not cum all over the comforter. The redhead was in ecstasy, probing the forbidden flesh with her long red nails, scratching lightly every so often while also jamming a finger home from time to time to make the brunette shudder like a leaf. Oh, how the redhead wished she had a plunger with her …

Mary Jane then released her hold, sank her hands into Lois’ pliable ass cheeks, and pushed Lois forward to the corner edge of the bed. Rolling the brunette over by the shoulders, Mary Jane again flattened herself atop her foe and entwined her long legs under and over Lois’, locking her ankles around the brunette's until she had achieved a perfect grapevine. She also bound Lois’ wrists tightly with her own hands, to prevent any sudden counterattacks.

Lois’ head lolled just over the edge of the soft luxurious bed, and Mary Jane decided to finish the fight for good. First she bit down on Lois’ left breast, chewing heartily on the erect brown nipple and the soft surrounding white flesh, as Lois squealed softly, hoping it would end soon, the brunette knowing she was going down to defeat but too tired to really resist any more. A minute or more later, and the redhead decided to go for the coup-de-grace.

Her face right in Lois’, Mary Jane locked both of her hands about the brunette's throat and began to squeeze methodically, making short sharp thrusts with her thumbs and hands. The two beauties bounced up and down on the bed, Lois growing more subservient, Mary Jane growing more frenzied the harder she choked her victim, until the redhead almost had her orgasm right then and there.

Lois’ throat felt good in Mary Jane’s hands as they sank deeper into its soft, yielding flesh. The brunette had no leverage and no route of escape – she could only scratch at the back of her attacker's shoulders as she felt her consciousness slipping away. The hands held, pulling the brunette's head up and down slightly as their pressure slowly but steadily increased. Both women's eyes were shut tight in respective ecstasy and agony as before, with the roles reversed this time. Lois’ resistance grew ever feebler, the breath being squeezed bodily from the beautiful brunette by the gorgeous redhead.

In a final act of defiance, Lois inserted two long fingers into Mary Jane’s waiting snatch, digging, thrusting, scratching, and penetrating with her blood-red nails, as the redhead moaned long and loud in response. Totally turned on now, Mary Jane bent down low and pressed her wet lips hard over Lois’ in a long, sensual kiss, tongues grappling and wrestling with each other's as they hungrily devoured one another's mouths. A final thrust of the lovely redhead's gripping, squeezing hands; a final languid gasp from the anguished, fading brunette and then they both exploded, soaking the sheets with thick torrents of cum - and then both battlers were still.

They lay there together for a long while, like lovers in climax. Only Mary Jane was still awake - barely. She brushed a shock of matted wet hair from Lois’ silent face, ran her crimson-tipped fingers across the other woman's soft lips. Then the redhead crushed the brunette's left breast with her right hand, and squeezed her opponent’s sopping cunt with her left, harder and harder with each hand, for what seemed like an eternity, before relaxing both grips, her bare hands still in place on her rival’s prone body. Then Mary Jane rested her head on Lois’ ample chest and heaved a sigh of relief, before drifting off to sleep atop her vanquished prey ...
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