Parallel Wives


by S.P.Eider
Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane and Angie Everhart as Mary Jane Parker

Mary Jane Watson-Parker smiled her most gleaming smile as the camera flashed repeatedly in her face, itís effects almost hypnotic. The steady click of the shutter as reels of film were exposed was a familiar sound to the young model and not without good reason. For one thing, Mary Janeís husband Peter, was (amongst other things) a photographer for The Daily Bugle. But while Peter was usually behind the camera (as far as most people were aware), it was Mary Jane whoís face was known and adored the world over. Mary Jane was one of the most sought after models in the fashion world today, a fact not lost on Ralph Lauren who had requested the divine redhead for this particular shoot to launch his new swimsuit line.

Mary Jane was currently wearing a striking red two piece bikini, small enough to be sitting precariously on the boundary between fashion and erotica. It was a testament to the photographerís consummate professionalism that he remained able to photograph the perfect woman with a steady hand. Mary Janeís figure was almost comic-book in itís realisation, large firm breasts that clearly had never had the need for a Wonder bra or other such innovation stood proudly above a flat toned stomach. Moving down her Venus like form, MJís legs were smooth, supple and athletic, like those of a gymnast, an effortless combination of beauty and power. Peter Parker had been blessed with two great gifts in his life. Mary Jane Watson was the greatest.

Apart from MJ and the photographer, Francois, there were only three other people present at the shoot. Julie, the fitter and make-up girl; Dan, a security grunt; and a woman MJ had never seen before. Despite that, MJ had visited the offices of The Daily Bugle enough to recognise a reporter when she saw one. The woman was young and, had she been smiling, very pretty. Dark brown hair almost reached her shoulders and she wore a smart light blue trouser suit and black heels. Although her body was incomparable to MJís, the woman was still more attractive than most, the suit could not hide the shape of her slim figure and substantial breasts. MJ figured she must be the reporter from Metropolis, here to interview her after the shoot.

Lois Lane watched the scene playing out before her with a barely contained contempt. When Perry had sent her to New York to interview one of "Americaís most influential women", Lois had been only too eager to make the journey to the Big Apple. It was only when she arrived at JFK that Perry had phoned Lois and informed her who she was there to see. Mary Jane Parker, a Ďsupermodelí. Loisís subsequent reaction had increased the four letter vocabulary of some nearby children and could be heard across the airport lobby, even by people whoís hearing was not Ďsuperí.

Now, some three hours in New York traffic later, Loisís attitude had not warmed to her situation and the brunetteís attractive face wore a near permanent frown. Trying to cheer herself up, Lois pondered what her husband Clark was doing right now. Like Lois, Clark was a reporter for The Daily Planet and a good one at that. Clark always had a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Lois smiled sardonically, wondering whether Clarkís current activity was notepad and pen or boots and cape. Either way, she knew he would never give anything less than his best. With that in mind, Lois resolved to approach her assignment with the same enthusiasm.

With the shoot over, Francois quickly left the studio eager to develop his copious rolls of film. Julie and Dan soon followed, neither apparently being paid by the hour. Now that the incessant snapping of Francoisís camera had ceased, the studio seemed too quiet. Lois approached MJ and extended her hand. "Hi," said the brunette. "Iím Lois Lane. You must be Mary Jane, right?"
"Thatís me," said MJ shaking Loisís hand and smiling back at the reporter. "How was your trip?"
"Oh, donít ask," said Lois, raising her eyebrows. "Sometimes I hate flying in planes."
"Oh, I know but what else is there?"
Lois answered with a sly smile but said nothing.
"So, what are your thoughts on New York," asked MJ politely.
"Oh, itís not unlike Metropolis in many ways," said Lois. "Same tall buildings, same gridlock, same everything. I guess the only thing weíve got that you donít is Superman."
For a brief second, MJís smile flickered. "Well, yes, but we have our fair share of heroes too. The Fantastic Four and the Avengers are based hereÖ" she paused and the smile returned to her face, warmer than before "and of course thereís Spider-man."
"Oh yes, Iíve heard of him," said Lois, "but isnít he a criminal?"

This time MJís frown was more obvious and her smile disappeared completely. She spoke slowly and deliberately, looking Lois directly in the eye. "Heís not a criminal. Spider-man has saved this City a thousand times over and he keeps saving it too, in spite of numerous hack reporters always trying to paint him as the villain." Lois had not missed the Ďhackí remark and suddenly found her enthusiasm once more receding. "And besides," continued MJ who was by now in full flow, "at least Spideyís human"

Lois recoiled as though she had been slapped. "How dare you!" she spat and now it was MJís turn to recoil, only this time because she had actually been slapped. MJís hand raised to her cheek in shock, the right side of her face now nearly as red as her swimsuit. Loisís vicious blow stung intensely and ignited a fire in MJ perfectly complemented by her flame red hair.

For her part, Lois was mortified at what she had done. She never resorted to violence, except in self defence, but the events of today and this bimboís attitude had pushed her temporarily over the edge. She had barely begun to apologise to the furious redhead when MJís open hand smacked across her cheek.


The sound of the blow echoed through the studio like the crack of a whip and was quickly followed by a scream of shocked anguish from Lois as MJ lifted her knee hard and fast directly between Loisís legs.


MJ repeated the move spitefully, kneeing Lois with a merciless tenacity right in the brunetteís pussy. This time Lois could only offer a winded grunt as MJís knee made itís cruel impact in her soft sex.

Lois dropped to her knees in agony, her pussy throbbing and a wave of nausea spreading from the pit of her stomach throughout her body. MJ stood over the downed brunette, a look of intense anger in her emerald green eyes. "You thought you could take me?" she asked. "You would not believe the things Iíve faced!"

Lois looked up. Any hope she had of settling this verbally was long since over, her reporters instincts told her that. MJís fists were clenched and it was clear the redhead was out for blood. Lois did not know who or what MJ had faced over the years but knew for a fact that nothing could compare to the craziness of her life. And the feisty brunette hadnít lasted this long as a reporter without picking up a move or two of her own. Lois stood up slowly, maintaining eye contact with MJ the whole time. Slipping off her black heels, Lois felt the cold of the studio floor against the soles of her bare feet. "OK Red," she said quietly, "You wanted a fight Ė you got one!"

On the word Ďoneí, Loisís leg moved fast, a swift high kick that connected firmly with MJís jaw.


Mrs Parker stumbled back from the blow but not far enough to avoid another kick, this time a roundhouse that crashed across her attractive face, knocking her sideways and splitting her lip in the process. Lois smiled as she fired a kick deep into the redheadís bare midriff, watching her toes sink into MJís belly as the model doubled over, expelling air as she did so.


Loisís knowledge of the Martial Arts was limited but apparently greater than that of MJ whoís fighting technique was of the more Ďall iní variety, though at the moment MJ was getting very little in and on the receiving end of yet more kicks to the head and gut, each executed with pinpoint accuracy to cause the most pain.

Despite herself, Lois was starting enjoy herself. Every grunt of pain from the redheaded bitch before her excised her previously foul mood and Lois began to find her assault on Mary Jane very therapeutic. By now, the pair had ended up on the faux beach, the place that had recently been the location of MJís photo session. As Loisís bare foot again thumped into MJís face, it was clear from the redheads bruises and bloody lip that it would be a while before she was once again photogenic. As if to labour that very point, Lois grasped MJís long red locks in her hands and pulled the modelís head down sharply into a uncompromising knee to the face that connected with a bone crunching...


MJ dropped to the floor, sobbing to herself gently. Under the intense glare of the studio lighting, Lois was now drenched in sweat, her blue suit clinging to her slim body. Needing to cool off, Lois quickly slipped of her jacket, blouse and trousers to reveal a slim tanned body, dressed only in blue bra and panties. Moving over to the sobbing redhead, Lois was uncertain of her own motivation at this point. Did she want to comfort the girl or hurt her more. Despite the later being obviously wrong (and an action her husband would never condone), Lois could not suppress the need to hurt this bitch, make her pay for the day Lois had so far endured.

As it turned out, Loisís moral dilemma was solved for her Ė by MJ. As soon as Lois was close enough the battered redhead sprang upright and powered a driving punch straight into Loisís pussy.


Lois yelped and dropped to her knees just as MJ was getting to her feet. Their positions again reversed, MJ knew she had to capitalize on her advantage before Loisís greater skill could again come into play. MJ grabbed a handful of Loisís hair in both hands. "I believe I owe you this!!" spat the redhead and drilled her knee into Loisís face.


Lois screamed as MJís knee collided with her nose and cheek, bone thudding into bone with MJís knee coming away considerably less damaged than itís intended target. "And here's some in advance!" smiled MJ and repeated the move againÖand againÖand again.


MJ stopped, only to look upon her handi-or more specifically, knee-work. Lois's face was a mess, her lower lip swollen, her nose bloodied and her left eye almost completely closed. Her one good eye stared blankly forward and the brunette seemed only moments from unconsciousness. Maintain her firm grip on Lois's hair, MJ jerked the stunned reporter upwards until the brunette's battered face was facing MJ's bountiful bosom. "Now," said MJ, "I've got a story for you that needs looking into!" Smiling broadly, MJ pulled Lois's face into her breasts, wrapping her arms tightly around her head so Lois had no escape from the claustrophobic cleavage. Fierce pain seared through Lois's nose as the already broken bone was pushed hard into MJ's tits. Lois tried to scream but MJ's grip was so tight, the brunette was effectively gagged with a mouthful of red bikini and bosom.


With her grip secure, MJ again began to go to work with her knees, this time concentrating on Lois's midsection that made itself an easy target in their current position. MJ drew back her knee and immersed it into Lois's gut, feeling the brunette's body jerk within her grip as the blow found it's mark.


Lois grunted into MJ's bosom as yet another knee struck sank into her stomach and the early spent reporter new drastic measures were called for all it would soon all be over. Lois opened her hand flat and with her little remaining strength, sliced it upwards between the unsuspecting MJ's legs.


The effects were automatic as MJ instantly released her grip on Lois. The reporter slumped to the floor, taking in huge lungfuls of air as MJ dropped to her knees, hands at her throbbing sex. "Bitch!!" hissed the redhead and crawled towards Lois. The brunette lashed out with a foot and caught MH full in the face, her bare sole slapping into MJ's features and halting the redhead's progress, temporarily at least. Staggering to her feet, Lois kicked the still downed MJ in the gut, winding the redhead and buying Lois still more time. With clarity slowly returning, Lois noticed something under her bare feet, the fake beach had a been given a touch of authenticity by something that was exactly what Lois was looking for. Lois made her move quickly and surreptitiously as a now enraged MJ again rose to her feet.

MJ charged at Lois, imbued with pure rage. At the last possible moment, Lois made her move and threw a handful of sand into the approaching woman's face. MJ stopped cold, spitting sand from her mouth and wiping her eyes to clear her vision. She needn't have bothered, in less than three seconds a renewed Lois was once again on the attack and this time she was not holding back. Lois's foot snapped forward fast and thumped into MJ's pussy, almost lifting the redhead from the floor.


MJ's hands again dropped to protect her pussy, tears streaming from her eyes as she tried desperately to see what was coming next. Unfortunately for the model, her vision was so impaired she did not see the sole of Lois's foot until it was centimetres from her face. Moments later it cracked into her chin, jolting her jaw and cracking her teeth together.


MJ staggered unsteadily and Lois swung her fist in a wide arc that concluded with MJ's head shaking on it's shoulders as Lois made unrelenting impact with the redhead's nose.

F W H A A M M M M ! !

Lois continued her attack with successive knee strikes to MJís pussy, each strike bring a grunt of pain from the visually impaired redhead. MJ slumped forward into Loisís arms as Lois continued battering the redheadís sex. Again and again, Lois lifted her knee sharply into MJís groin, every cruel blow causing the model to jerk in Loisís arms as though receiving an electric shock.


Finally Lois ceased her onslaught and let the beaten beauty fall to the floor. But Loisís victory was not quite complete. Satisfied that MJ was still aware enough to know what was happening to her, Lois stood on either side of the modelís head. Dropping to her knees, Loisís crotch covered MJís mouth and nose and only the redheadís eyes could be seen, gazing imploringly at her conqueror and hoping against hope to prevent the inevitable. Lois looked down into MJís pleading eyes and smiled. ďPerhaps now would be a good time for our interview,Ē said the brunette and reached down to grasp MJís hair in both hands. ďTell me,Ē said the reporter, ďWhat is your opinion on light blue underwear?Ē MJís eyes opened wider, knowing what was coming. ďHere,Ē said Lois helpfully, ďTake a closer lookÖĒ

MJ gave a muffled yelp, powerless to prevent her face being pulled up into the blue fabric of Loisís panties. The redhead could feel the soft flesh of Loisís sex lips through the thin material as the dark haired reporter began to slowly move her crotch back and forward across MJís features. MJ could do nothing to resist the dominant brunette as her face was used a mere tool for Loisís pleasure, Lois starting to moan in pleasure as her pleasure increased. Tightening her grip on her captive victim, Lois positioned MJís face so that the girlís nose pushed into her pussy and bought with it wave after wave of ecstasy.

Totally smothered and able to breath nothing but the musty smell of Loisís sex, MJ tried to protest, to scream, but the sound that escaped her lips was silenced by the grinding love mound being forced onto her face. Instead MJ could only whimper into Loisís panties, beaten, smothered and humiliated.


Lois shuddered with intense pleasure as she finished her destruction of the beaten model. She released MJís hair and sat in triumph on the redheadís now wet face. Lois smiled in satisfaction. She felt SUPER.

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