Hollywood and Tanya Danielle versus Nikki Cox, Heather Locklear, Carmen Electra and Kim Kardashian

"Yeah, get her! Get her good-get a good grip!" Tanya Danielle cheered her friend on.

The gorgeous busty blonde wrestler watched intently as her wrestling bombshell friend, Hollywood threw her luscious redhaired opponent around the room, Nikki Cox bounced into furniture, stumbled and screamed as Hollywood took her own sweet time.

Ripppppp. Nikki's blouse was torn off and she was slammed backwards into the wall.

"Aieeeeee. Argggggh." Hollywood indeed got a better grip as she grabbed the screaming redhead by the boobs. Nikki squirmed as Hollywood twisted her full firm breasts clean out the sexy bracups.

"Yeah twist her titties," Tanya cheered, secretly wishing for some action. Not that she had any lack of action herself. She smiled at the groaning, moaning gorgeous blonde in the corner of the large very private hotel suite. Heather Locklear looked a mess (a very sexy mess). Her beautiful silky blonde hair looked like she'd been hit by a tornado. Her lowcut sexy blouse was shredded; a bra cup yanked cruelly, a luscious full breast exposed enough to put the big thick rock hard nipple to be displayed. The short skirt lay crumpled in another corner of the room. Along with one heel. (One heel off, one heel on, quite a fashion statement no doubt). And the sexy pantyhose shredded, ripped and oh how many runners would one lucky dude love to count???!!!

Both Tanya and Hollywood worked Heather over. It was SO much fun. Hollywood started things off with some catty insults, a challenge; she even let Heather slap her first. Tanya snuck up behind her, pushed her, grabbed a handful of hair. Hollywood slapped the surprised blondes face, reached out and squeezed her left breast just long enough to cause pain and feel the nipple stiffen up. Slaps, punches, and some good clothes ripping followed. The two wrestlers took their time. Heather protested just a bit when they took turns feeling her up and kissing her roughly.

But then Nikki showed up.

"Come on, finish her....the next one's coming right up," Tanya snickered as she went over to Heather who was starting to stand up. Tanya treated her to a couple nasty neck twists via hair pulls, a couple of slaps, then a hand over her mouth and nose to escort her into dreamland.

"Here, catch..." Hollywood shouted. Tanya giggled as she caught the flying object. It was Nikkis bra.

"Hmmmmm, super idea," Tanya said," Tying up a blonde with a redheads bra." She quickly tied Heathers wrists behind her back, cupped that beautiful left breast and teased the nipple. Heather moaned-must have been a sexy wet dream?

"Sweet dreams," Hollywood whispered as she bid Nikki night-night. She gave Nikki a slow sensuous good night kiss, ran her hand over the redheads belly and slipped her fingers down a bit further. Nikki, definitely was having an erotic dream and confirmed that thought.

"I get her."

"No, I do." Tanya felt it was her turn.

Surprise! Double surprise! It was Kim Kardashian and Carmen Electra. They heard they were doing a quick stint as sexy wrestlers. Both came in wearing ultra hot bikinis.

Wham. Wham. Biff. Boom. Zap. (Wowza kind of zap).

"Uhhhhh. Ooooooh. What the hell?"

Both Tanya and Hollywood got their wish. Tanya took Carmen. Hollywood took Kim. Tanya was all over the sexy brunette. She tried out every wrestling hold she could think of and even did a few throws and flips. Into and on the bed of course. As Kim went flying around, her skimpy bikini top came closer and closer to losing its twin treasures.

"Uhhhhhh. Stop please...I give up," Kim gasped, feeling both dizzy and breathless.

"Oh, so now you want to relax, huh sweet stuff?" Tanya asked, as she licked her luscious, lustfully hungry lips. She zipped in, looked into those lovely dazed dreamy eyes, pulled the beautiful brunette to her and kissed her hungrily.

A muffled protest-Ignored!

"Don't wanna fight? Then let's Fu---"

Whaaack. The hard slap infuriated the tall luscious blonde wrestler. She returned a head turning stinging backhand, ripped Kim's top off, grabbed her by the boobs and slammed her into a nearby wall.

"Nice tits, Kimmie girl." Tanya was on her; pressed her own super nice boobs into her topless rivals. Kim gasped as she felt Tanya's large stiff nipples poke against hers. Rather thick sports bra cups and the fabric of a sexy top seemed to be no barrier for the lovely Tanya's love nubs to "hold up."

Hands moved behind Kim; slid down.

"Nice-very nice firm sexy booty," Tanya whispered. Suddenly a knee to the brunettes crotch.

"Gonna put you to sleep Kimmie-but first, I just gotta see your lovely bod, and have MY fun...the guy promised...and I must say he, no, YOU delivered...Ummmm."

Ripppp. Rippppp.

"I see you got yours-I'm still workin' on mine," Hollywood shouted.

And such an enjoyable job-if only more people could work in this manner.

"Who are you? I was promised wresting in Hollywood-it's gonna be another movie, and I wasn't supposed to really wrestle," Carmen protested as Hollywood completed yet another move-this time an efficient takedown...to the bed.

"Sorry, you misundersood. They said wrestling WITH Hollywood, and I am she." And you're soooo hot....and I want to have a little sizzle," Hollywood chuckled as she easily wrapped her long strong sexy legs around Carmen's waist.

"Uhhhhhh, please, I can't breathe...Umppphhh." Carmen struggled, tried to get away. Her huge beautiful breasts strained against the bikini. Hollywood reached out and squeezed a lovely breast. She relished Carmen's squirms and pleas. She moved her leg up, her bare foot was at Carmen's groin...a bit more and her toes hooked in the top of Carmen's bikini bottom.

"Noooooo..Aieeee," Carmen shrieked.

"But this is part of my reward-part of true wrestling victory," Hollywood snickered as she used her foot to bring the skimpy bikini bottoms down to Carmen's knees.

"Nice boobs....show them off too," Hollywood taunted as she pulled Carmen's bikini top off. One arm around her opponent's lovely throat; the free hand squeezed each lovely breast firmly, painfully and teased the erect nipples.

"Any other wrestling partner...you know woman ever do this to you before? Maybe Kim? How about Pam or Gena Lee or Nicole-you know when you pretended to be a lifeguard? Any wrestling? Catfights? Huh babe?"

Carmen was now reluctantly moaning, breathing heavy not from the struggle or the fight....Hollywood was all over her. Even her foot was causing some trouble. Moaning enjoyable trouble. Talented toes?

"Smile. Lots of big smiles. Remember."

Suddenly, Tanya and Hollywood remembered. They both smiled. Moved into better positions, turned their heads to the special spot in the lovely expensive portrait on the wall.
"Yeah, we just love those two wrestlers. And their opponents. Hot, sexy, wrestling catfight action."

The two unnamed anonymous film producers just knew this would sell big....they laughed...all the way to the bank?