Gillian Anderson vs. Helen Hunt (III) by tansel

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Gillian Anderson and Helen Hunt were both invited to Aaron Spelling's palace, neither knowing of the other's invitation. It was actually Tori Spelling's idea to have the two of them fight it out since they were supposed to be the smartest and most intelligent actresses in Hollywood - at least those were the kind of roles they played. Tori wanted to show everybody even brainy women would fight like streetcats when it came to proving who was sexier and more beautiful.

Helen arrived first wearing a long white evening dress with a small slit in the back and white high heels. Her blonde hair was gathered high and back on her head. Of course everybody loved her appearance and told her so. But then Gillian arrived and Helen was no longer the star of the party. Tori ushered Gillian in and showed her to a seat. When the redhead sat, she crossed her legs and all the men in the room had only eyes for her. Gillian was wearing an ultra short miniskirt with black shiny pantyhose and black high heel shoes.

Helen was shocked. She'd dressed in a way she thought suitable for her image, but she realized it wasn't enough to attract everyone's attention. She and Gillian were natural Hollywood rivals, so she didn't want to miss the opportunity to put the redhead down.

"Well, you not making enough money acting? You have to prostitute yourself to make ends meet or what?" Helen said in a very arrogant and condescending tone.

"Well, everybody knows why you'd never try to wear a sexy outfit like me, you ugly bitch," Gillian shot back. "With a body like yours it's not surprising they only give you 'intelligent' roles. Nobody is dumb enough to think you could carry off the glamorous look."

"Who are you calling ugly, stupid pumpkin?" Helen snapped, furious as she stood up.

Both women were standing toe to toe, their tits almost touching each other. Tori was grinning, ready to heat things up.

"Come on ladies, let's calm down. We can't tell which of you is smarter, but I can clearly see who's proudest of and not afraid to show her body. Helen, maybe you'd like to try on one of my mini dresses? It might help," she added innocently.

Helen was fuming. She wanted to prove her body was at least as good as Gillian's if not superior. She quickly accepted Tori's offer. As Tori and Helen headed toward Tori's room, Gillian couldn't resist adding one more insult.

"Wonder if you'll fit in anything that fits," she purred cattily. "I think Tori's stuff is designed to go on a nice body."

Helen's face was red as she and Tori left the room After about fifteen minutes they were back and the men were holding their breath. Helen was wearing a red one piece dress that came to just below her crotch and white stockings the tops of which you could clearly see. The dress was extremely tight and everyone could tell Helen's body didn't have a gram of fat too much. Gillian had a shocked look on her face, but she managed to smile as Helen approached.

"Now what've you gotta say?" Helen asked Gillian, striking a pose just inches from Gillian.

"I remember somebody talking about being a prostitute, but I only see one whore in here," Gillian responded.

"And who would that be?" Helen dared the younger woman.

Gillian hesitated for a moment, knowing that with the answer she was about to give Helen would immediately jump at her. When she was ready for Helen's attack, she answered, "You. You look like a whore, and probably you are too."

That did it! Helen had expected the answer and immediately swung to slap Gillian's face. But the redhead, knowing it was coming, ducked quickly and shot her fist into Helen's flat belly. Helen doubled over, clutching her belly, but Gillian immediately followed up kicking Helen's leg, then another to her side.

In pain, Helen stumbled backward, falling on a big sofa behind her. Gillian continued her attack. She jumped on Helen, straddling her with her strong legs. Helen was unable to fight back and Gillian had no difficulty pinning her arms under her knees. Tori was jumping up and down, clapping her hands excitedly. She was all smiles - her plan had worked!

Gillian started slapping Helen's face, feeling herself too sophisticated to attack any other body part - at least in public. She hadnt even thought of doing so, until she heard Tori shouting, "Grab her tits Gillian! Pinch her nipples! Come on, we want to see you milk her!"

Gillian realized Tori had enough influence on her father to help or hurt a Hollywood career, so she started to do what she was told. Ripping off the top part of the tight dress, Gillian twisted Helen's nipples like mad until she cried out in pain, then sat up and slapped them back and forth with both hands. The shocked expression on Helen's face when her tits were attacked showed she hadn't anticipated such a fighting style from Gillian.

Helen had always been proud of her nice firm tits, but now they were being mauled and it hurt like hell. Not only did it hurt, it was humiliating for a woman of her class to be stripped and slapped around like that in front of the other guests. Helen knew she had to fight back.

Helen kicked her legs and hit Gillian in her back, making her fall to the side. Now both women were on their hands and knees, and they immediately grabbed the others hair. They got up, still holding onto their mutual grip but Helen shot her right knee up - directly into Gillian's groin! While Gillian was more shocked than hurt, she still let go of Helen's hair. Now Helen had a clear advantage.

Helen pulled even harder on Gillian's hair as she started to swing her around the room. When she let go, Gillian crashed against a wall and fell to the floor, holding her scalp. Just as she looked up, she saw Helen's foot coming straight toward her face. She tried to cover up, but it was too late! Helen's foot struck Gillian in the mouth, bringing blood from her cut lips.

Gillian was too hurt to react when Helen stepped in close, grabbed her dress at the neck and stripped it straight down her body as easy as peeling a banana, leaving her in just white stockings and her shoes.

Helen went down on one knee and started mauling Gillian's nice breasts, every now and then delivering a punch with her fist right into the pink nipples. Gillian was crying from the pain now, she could hardly see her rival through her tears. The first thing she saw clearly was Helen's right tit - so close to her face Gillian couldn't miss the chance. She opened her mouth and bit down hard, bringing a shriek from the blonde.

Helen grabbed Gillian's hair again and tried to pull her head away from her tit, but her teeth were deep in the soft flesh. Helen slapped Gillian's face, punched her ribs and tried everything else she could think of to make Gillian release her bite, but to no avail. Feeling she had won back the advantage, Gillian pushed Helen on her back with her mouth still attached to her tit. She sunk her teeth even deeper in the tender meat now, while her hands started reaching for Helen's pussy.

Tears were again running down Helen's ruddy cheeks and she was on the verge of passing out and losing this battle. When Helen felt Gillian's hand on her crotch, she knew that would be the end if she didn't get out of her predicament quickly.

In sheer desperation, her hand shot out and she stuck her fingers in Gillian's eyes. The pain made Gillian stop and she fell back, her hands rubbing on her eyes to ease her pain. She was completely defenseless, but Helen was in no condition to think of attacking. She was busy rubbing and soothing her tit which was red where Gillian had bitten her, her teeth marks clearly visible.

It was some five minutes before both were ready to fight again, and looking into each other's eyes they both knew the next time one of them wouldn't have time to recover. Gillian attacked Helen's already bruised and punished breast again, slapping at it with both hands. Helen was in pain, but while taking the tit punishment she was also attacking Gillian. She kicked out, her foot hitting Gillian's unprotected pussy with the pointed tip of her shoe. Two more kicks to the cunt put Gillian on her knees, clutching her injured womanhood.

Helen immediately took advantage of the situation as she walked around behind Gillian. Grabbing her by the hair, she pulled Gillian's head between her strong thighs, capturing the redhead in a standing neck scissors. When she poured on the pressure Gillian knew she was in trouble. The X-Files star grabbed both of Helen's legs with her hands and started scratching. When this had no effect, she sank her fingernails into Helen's calves, but the blonde's leg muscles were so hard that she hardly felt it.

The pain in Gillian's neck became almost unbearable and she felt her strength slowly sapping away. The pressure from Helen's legs didn't weaken, though Gillian tried to throw off her enemy by bucking like a wild horse. Helen simply threw herself on the floor and kept Gillian's head trapped between her powerful legs.

Helen even bent her legs so her sharp heels dug into Gillian's lower chest and upper belly, adding to her pain. When she felt Gillian had weakened enough, Helen released the scissors and jumped on top of Gillian, straddling her back. Reaching forward around Gillian's chest, Helen grabbed her breasts from behind and squeezed, reminding the redhead of what was going on.

Now in total control of the redhead, Helen wanted to humiliate her. She pulled Gillian's hair with her left hand while with the right hand she reached backwards and started spanking her raised ass. Gillian's butt-muscles tightened every time Helen's open hand splatted against the soft globes of pale flesh.

"Now...tell.... everybody....who the.... better woman...IS!" Helen said, punctuating her words with sharp slaps to Gillian's bright red ass.

Gillian could hardly talk, she was so hysterical from crying and screaming in pain and humiliation, "You Helen! You're the better woman," Gillian gasped between sobs. "Please.....please stop. Don't torture me anymore. I'm sorry for what I said. Please let me go," she begged her dominant rival.

"Yeah, I bet you're sorry, bitch," Helen laughed. "But being sorry isn't enough. You will have to prove you really mean it. First of all, kiss my feet," Helen snapped as she released her victim and stood up.

Turning Gillian over on her back with a foot under her hip, Helen looked down at the beaten woman's tearstained face and stretched her leg out until her right foot was in Gillian's face. Gillian tried to turn away, but Helen convinced her that it wasn't a good idea by kicking her brutally in her pussy. Even Tori felt a little sorry for the beaten actress, although she enjoyed the sight like hell.

"Kiss it, you whore," Helen threatened. "Kiss it or I'll kick your rotten cunt to a pulp," Helen again shoved her nylon-covered foot in Gillian's face.

This time Gillian made no mistake. Crying, she pressed her lips on the sole of Helen's foot, slowly kissing it. Helen enjoyed her complete mastery over her arch rival and made her kiss her feet for almost five minutes, looking around in the room, making sure that everybody got a good look at the scene.

Eventually Helen tired of this and decided to stand on the helpless woman's body, planting her feet firmly on the redhead's tits. Gillian couldn't do much more than hold onto Helen's muscular calves, hoping it wouldn't last much longer. In the meantime, Helen was thinking what other kinds of humiliation she could inflict on her beaten rival.

Finally she said, "Originally I wanted you to kiss my pussy, but I don't think you deserve to have your fucking ugly lips on my beautiful cunt, so I have something else for you to kiss".

She turned around, facing Gillian's feet and pulled up her dress, giving everybody a good look at her magnificent ass.

"OOH!" the crowd gasped at the sight of her beautiful round butt.

"I'm sure you'll enjoy the close-up view as much as all these people do," Helen taunted, squatting over Gillian's face.

Gillian was disgusted at the prospect of kissing Helen's ass, but she was helpless to resist since the blonde woman had beaten her so badly.

"If I don't feel your fucking lips on my beautiful butt cheeks in two seconds, I'll sit on your face and smother you unconscious," Helen threatened.

That was all it took to break the last of Gillian's pride!. She started kissing Helen's ass, moving her lips all over the wide, firm butt of her bitter foe. But even that act of submission couldn't save her from her inevitable fate. It took about two minutes of Helen sitting on her face, but Gillian eventually slipped into unconsciousness, the victim to a smarter and stronger woman's ass-smothering.

"Bravo, bravo, I knew you could do it, Helen. That was magnificent," Tori shouted breaking the silence at last.

Helen accepted congratulations from the party-goers, knowing that from now on there would be only one woman playing the smart, intelligent roles in Hollywood. The best thing was that she'd proven she was not only intelligent, but also sexy and strong. Helen wouldn't be afraid of any woman's challenge in the future but Gillian's next role was as a prostitute in a B-Movie.