Carmen Electra vs. Laetitia Casta by technetium

Before reading this story, read Casta vs Jennifer Lopez and Casta vs Adriana Sklenarikova.

Laetitia’s career turned to a nightmare after the lesson Jennifer Lopez gave her, and her subsequent humbling defeat to Adriana Sklenarikova. Her popularity in the models circuit just dropped down, and she was forced to relocate her area of interest. Being pretty and not so stupid, she decided to chase the career in the movie industry, but her first attempts weren’t so successful, which wasn’t so surprising since her playing skills were pretty absent.

However, the pretty French decided to leave Europe for the land of hopes an desires, at least in the movie industry: Southern California. After a couple of days in some cheap hotel, Laetitia decided to discover the sandy California beaches, and to get a nice suntan (her skin was still pale in every part). She decided she wanted to catch the attention that day, and found the courage to go outside topless: it was quite early, though, and nobody was on the beach. Just a small trip outside to be noticed by someone, she thought.

When she left her hotel dressed in a small blue thong bikini bottom, carrying with her just a white towel, nobody was around. The sun wasn’t too hot, and she walked towards a row of sun beds not too far from the sea edge. When she arrived there, much to her surprise, there was a woman laid down on one of them, back upwards. Her skin was nicely tanned, and her breath was almost inaudible to Laetitia.

The French woman hesitated for some seconds, unsure, and then kindly asked in her marked accent, “Excuse me, madam, can I stay here?”

The woman slowly turned her head towards the smiling former model and opened her eyes to see Laetitia’s figure in front of her, waiting for a positive answer. Instead, the woman said, “Get lost, you skank. This is my place!”

Laetitia gulped. Never she had though the other woman could have been so rude. However, her last defeats were still burning as an open wound, and she decided not to start another challenge.

Of course, she was scared, and so started retreating, whispering, “Sorry, I’ll try somewhere else....”

While Laetitia was walking away, Carmen Electra rose from the sun bed, and decided it was a good opportunity for her, instead.

Carmen ran toward Laetitia, yelling, “Hey, wait, wait....”

Laetitia turned, smiling feebly, “Have you changed your mind?” she asked, unsure.

Carmen laughed, “No, bitch, I just thought that you were so submissive that you must be completely scared. Is this true?”

Laetitia glanced at Carmen, trying to hide her real feelings. She was obviously scared by the shorter, but more experienced, woman in front of her, but she didn’t want to show it. Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t a great actress.

“Scared of you? You must have gone mad! You’re a stupid cow!”

Carmen fumed. She couldn’t let Laetitia called her like this!

“Who is a stupid cow? YOU are a FAT COW!!! C’mere an’ fight!”

Laetitia’s breathing became faster as she realized what Carmen was trying to do. Laetitia couldn’t stand the tension anymore, and decided to run away: she was too scared! Carmen chased her and in less than five seconds jumped on her from behind, catching the running Frenchie, sending her down on the sand.

The two rolled for a while, with Laetitia that tried to hit Carmen, but to no avail. Instead, the American connected a perfect slap to Laetitia’s left cheek, leaving her stunned for a while. Carmen wasted no time and pushed Laetitia down, with her back on the sand. She sat on the dazed French and grabbed a hold on her wrists.

Laetitia moved her arms frantically, trying to hit Carmen, but her limbs were kept at bay by Carmen’s powerful hold. Carmen started jumping up and down on Laetitia’s breast, flattening her melons under her ass with every jump. Laetitia seemed to be helpless, as she suffered this punishment for a whole minute without even trying to react. Carmen rose, releasing her hold on Laetitia’s aching wrists and started kicking her breast while standing. Laetitia tried to protect them, but Carmen kept her attack, aiming at her opponent’s pretty face as well. Laetitia was breathing sand with every blow, and this just added pain and confusion to her.

“You’re so pathetic!” shouted Carmen, lifting the very dazed Laetitia by her hair.

Carmen dragged Laetitia for some meter, towards the sea. Laetitia tried to oppose some resistance to the action, but she wasn’t in the position to have a word on it: Carmen was simply overwhelming her.

“Now, take a deep breath, bitch, before I show you what’s this water looks like!” said Carmen, holding her breath for a moment before slamming Laetitia’s head below the water.

Laetitia dropped to her knees and sputtered hard as her head was pushed down, trying to grasp some air. Carmen lifted the head above the water and screamed, “Take another deep breath!” before pushing it down again.

The second time she lifted Laetitia’s head, the expression on her face was almost vacant. Carmen kept on lifting and lowering Laetitia’s face, enjoying the complete lack of reaction by her. However, Laetitia’s head was in a trouble. She was scared to death to fight, but she knew that she couldn’t resist so long before fainting. And, at least she was sure about it, she didn’t want to lose. So, it finally happened. The fifth time Carmen lifted her head, Laetitia unleashed her left elbow, connecting it to Carmen’s unprotected crotch. The blow contained all the tension Laetitia had accumulated since then, and was so strong that Carmen was out of breath. Her legs buckled and she fell on her knees, near Laetitia. Laetitia connected another elbow to Carmen’s face, stunning her further. Then she turned towards the American, rising up and grabbed Carmen’s head in her hands and started hammering it with her right knee. One, two, three blows reached their target before Carmen could even think of reacting. Nevertheless, she did, grabbing a hold on Laetitia’s left ankle.

“Ohhhh, oohhh.” exclaimed Laetitia as she stumbled backwards, crashing on the water where it was just few centimeters deep.

Carmen immediately jumped on her, pinning her down and clinging her nails on Laetitia’s perfect breast. Laetitia reacted and grabbed a hold of Carmen’s firm implants, pulling them down. The stalemate lasted a couple of seconds, before a new wave crashed on the shore and, even if it didn’t hit directly the two fighters, made the sand below Laetitia’s back roll towards the sea. This was enough to help Laetitia in displacing Carmen from her dominant position, and for a moment the two spun on their sides, towards the deep ocean.

However, they stopped their rolling quite soon and rose up, with their hands locked on their enemy’s melons. Despite all her rage, Laetitia’s action simply couldn’t have been as effective as Carmen’s one: the soft, real mammaries of the gorgeous French were enduring much more suffering than the hard, fake ones of her American opponent.

Soon, she abandoned her tactic and grabbed a hold on Carmen’s hair. Laetitia pulled hard, making Carmen scream in anguish, as her hair was being ripped out. Carmen lost her hold on Laetitia’s tits and the bigger girl took advantage, slamming her knee onto Carmen’s crotch three times. Carmen aimed at Laetitia’s face and connected some punches to it, forcing her to step backwards, which obviously lost the grip on Carmen’s hair. The two looked at each other for a while, recollecting forces and ideas in the meantime.

Laetitia starts stepping backwards, easily walking out of the water. She knew that Carmen had much more experience on that environment, and didn’t want to give such an advantage to her foe. However, her scarce experience on the sand popped out in the worst moment: as she walked backwards, her left ankle slightly twisted on the uneven material. Laetitia’s knees buckled and she lost for a while the concentration due. Carmen took advantage of the situation immediately: she unleashed her right leg in the air, hitting Laetitia’s left melon, sending her further back. Laetitia threw herself against Carmen, willing to grab the smaller brunette, but Carmen quickly ducked her.

Laetitia slumped to the sand, stupefied. Carmen didn’t let her recollect her ideas and immediately kicks her in the back of the head, forcing her face down in the sand. Laetitia tried to rise herself, but Carmen was immediately on her knees, pushing her head further and continuously. Carmen added more misery to Laetitia by punching her shoulder blades almost relentlessly. The bigger girls desperately tried to grab a hold on her tormentor, somehow, but she couldn’t. Carmen’s blows were too fast and precise for her.

“Give up, bitch?” yelled Carmen, lifting her foe’s dazed and terrified face.

Laetitia didn’t or couldn’t answer: she simply feebly spat the sand in her mouth towards Carmen. This action made the dominant brunette completely furious. She rolled the weeping French on her back and easily removed her bikini bottom, leaving the luscious former model totally nude.

Laetitia murmured something, but Carmen didn’t pay attention to it and poured some sand on Laetitia’s wonderful breast, while she knelt near Laetitia’s hips. The moment later, Carmen started rubbing her left hand on Laetitia’s gorgeous breast, scratching the tender and pale flesh with the sand grains. At the same moment, her right hand explored Laetitia’s love box without any pity, using sand and nails to inflict the most possible pain. Laetitia howled in desperation, as she sensed that her defeat was almost inevitable.

“Tell me you like it, slut!” yelled Carmen at the glassy-eyed French.

Laetitia shook her head, not wanting to submit, so Carmen went on with her attacks. But Laetitia wasn’t submitting; she was too proud to give up so easily, even after the beating she was receiving. After all, Jennifer Lopez did her much more damage than what Carmen was doing. A bit frustrated, Carmen shifted her action to Laetitia’s pussy, scratching it with all her mighty. Laetitia desperately leaned forward, grabbing a hold on Carmen’s hair.

“Ooohhhh, you bitch -howled Carmen- you’re going to pay for that!!!!”

Carmen quickly went for punching Laetitia, but Laetitia trapped her arms. She wrapped her legs around Carmen’s waists, squeezing with all her remaining energy. Even if she suffered a good beating, her pride and rage seemed to have a corroborating effect on her fighting. Laetitia managed to hold both Carmen’s wrists in her left hand and started pummeling Carmen’s face, tits and body with her right one, while maintaining the scissors on her screaming rival.

“Now, you’re not so sure anymore, bitch!” she grinned.

“I’ll kick your ass soon, slut!” replied Carmen, pretending she still was in control.

As the seconds were flowing away, Carmen’s breathing became harder and harder, and the former Baywatch star seemed to be in real trouble. Laetitia was eager to get a victory, and she was seeing it very close. Finally, Laetitia rolled Carmen on her back and sat on her tummy, pinning her arms at the same time. If Carmen had been less dazed, she could have removed her arms from Laetitia’s grip quite easily: the sand wasn’t so hard, after all but she wasn’t in the best condition.

Carmen buckled and kicked the sand, but she didn’t get any further. Meanwhile, Laetitia sadistically poured some sand on Carmen’s tits and started rubbing her hands on them, giving Carmen’s tanned globes the same punishment Laetitia’s ones suffered some minutes before. Carmen could only scream, her eyes filled of terror, as Laetitia continued her attack, spitting on her devastated opponent every now and then.

“So, let’s see how much pain can your fake tits endure? How long will you resist?” yelled Laetitia, not really wanting an answer from her foe. She just wanted to see her suffering.

Not satisfied, Laetitia would pour some sand on Carmen’s face too, alternating face and breast in her scratching and rubbing. Carmen’s tits were now completely red and swollen, and her face wasn’t in a better shape.

“Please...” she murmured.

“Yes? What?” said Laetitia.

“Please, Laetitia, no more.. no more, please... I give up” whispered Carmen.

“Not this way, honey, not this easily...” whispered back Laetitia, rising from her crying foe.

Laetitia held Carmen in a reverse facesit, and played with Carmen’s erected nipples, while pushing her crotch hard on Carmen’s face.

“You’ll be passing out in my hold, you slut.. Enjoy a nice pussy!”

Laetitia pressed hard, knowing it was a matter of seconds before Carmen passed out. Finally, she felt the Baybitch ceasing her breathing. Laetitia lifted her crotch and looked back at Carmen’s face.

Suddenly, she felt a deep pain in her pussy. Carmen wasn’t done, obviously. She was now wickedly biting at Laetitia’s pussy with all her rage. Laetitia screamed and tried to push Carmen away. However, she managed to do so after a whole minute of complete torture. Sobbing, she tried to crawl away from her tormentor, but Carmen chased her. She jumped on the retreating French, ending up at top of her. Carmen pinned Laetitia’s wrists down in the sand, using her hands, and started thrusting her tits onto Laetitia’s, punishing her perky white melons with her hard and tanned ones. Laetitia’s pride gave the former model a big help that morning, but couldn’t compete with that last, ferocious attack. In a while, Laetitia started screaming in complete pain.

“Please, Carmen, no more.. no more please... Ahhhhh!!”

“No way, whore, I won’t stop until you admit you have ugly, saggy tits!”

Laetitia loved her perfect, big breast. However, Carmen’s dominant position was too much even for this last leftover of pride.

“Yes, Carmen, my tits are ugly and saggy!”

“And you’re a whore!”

“Yes, I am a whore!!! A bitch!”

“Now -continued Carmen- tell me you like my tits!”

“Yeah, I like your tits! Your tits are wonderful!!!”

Carmen smiled as Laetitia repeated her last sentence ten times or more. Then, she grabbed Laetitia’s head and pushed her face between her well-shaped tits. Laetitia sputtered and tried to resist the hold, but she couldn’t. Carmen’s tits were overwhelming her, and soon her breath was almost disappeared. Carmen removed Laetitia’s head from the uncomfortable position, just to look at Laetitia’s eyes once again. Terror and discomfort were clearly visible in her vacant stare.

“You deserve this, bitch!” yelled Carmen, before putting Laetitia’s face back in the former position.

Carmen pressed hard, until Laetitia passed out then she let her head slump on the sand. Carmen contemplated her beaten opponent for a while, then tried to rise but she couldn’t. She started punching Laetitia’s breast with rage, but there was something strange. Instead of seeing pain on Laetitia’s sleeping face, Carmen felt a deep pain in her chest. She stopped, but the pain continued. Her nipples were burning! She closed her eyes, and opened them a moment later. Carmen found herself with her back on the sand. Laetitia was atop of her, sat on her chest.

“It took some time for you to revive, bitch! I’ve been twisting and pulling your nipples for five minutes and you’ve only now opened your eyes!” grinned Laetitia.

Carmen’s eyes filled with tears, as she realized her victory was nothing more than a dream. Which now, of course, was turning into a nightmare. Laetitia rose up and dragged Carmen by the hair. She pushed the screaming American towards the edge of the beach, where a small crowd had gathered to watch the catfight from a secure distance.

“Now, guys, you know that Laetitia Casta is not a tart! I’ve trashed this bitch, and here’s the proof!”

Laetitia brought Carmen’s horrified face towards her chest, and pressed it hard on it. She had to squeeze her own tits with her arms to get a good hold, though, but at the end she managed to hold Carmen firmly in her grip. Soon, Carmen’s body went limp, giving Laetitia an important victory. Laetitia left Carmen’s body slump on the sand, and then she left the beach, satisfied.

The following day she had some quite bad burns caused by the hot sun, which nailed her throughout the whole match, but the local newspapers were plenty of reports of her victory over Carmen Electra. Ms Casta was a big name, now, even in the USA.