Once Upon A Time -

Raquel Welch vs. Martine Beswick by TNT

SWOOOOOSH! The ball of orange fire cut through the damp air flashing towards its intended luscious target.

"Stop! Put that down...you're gonna burn me," the angry order slipped past full beautiful sensuous lips, that quivered with anger and the tiniest spec of fear.

SWIIIIIIIIISSSH! The fiery flame blazed forth again.

"Yeowwccch! That does it you arrogant bitch, I'm gonna kill you," the beautiful busty woman shouted as she rubbed her slightly burned, singed arm.

"Argggggh!" The savage jungle cat scream erupted, filling the cave instantly, signaling the fantastic erotic, exciting battle to come.

WHOOOSSSH! The blazing torch flew from the tight hand that gripped it, landed next to a small pool of water and rolled...

"Psfftzttt!" The loud sizzling noise as the flame disappeared in a cloud of steam seemed to be setting the scene for the flaming hot, sizzling steamy catfight that already begun.

"My moneys on the California babe," one said.

"She's the foxiest; but never, never underestimate a brunette-especially her."

"You sound quite sure of yourself, how so?" one asked.

"Just you watch...Lookout!"

WHIZZZZZZ...CRASH! The rock hit the side of the cave with such force it shattered into pieces.

"Damn; those babes are for real."

"It's been building for weeks-just be glad you're here, better duck down though," a wise watcher said as he headed for cover behind a huge boulder.

WHAM! WHAM! Two more rocks slammed into the boulder and the side of the cave.

"That's it you stupid broad, throw rocks at me! Are you chicken to really fight?" a taunting, sneering, erotic, lusty voice enticed.

"Think I should get this on film?" a not-so-bright cameraman asked. "After all, we're officially done with the shooting, this could be our little souvenir, right guys?" he said with a touch of "Eureka-look at lucky us-we get to see these fantastic animal-skinned babes really going at it-can YOU believe it" attitude.

"You crazy? They'll kill you...IF either can still stand after this," the smart guy said.

Mr. Smart and all the Mr. Lucky's watched intently as Raquel Welch and Martine Beswick prepared to settle their differences. Beautiful, feisty, self-centered, more than ready to see which woman was truly best, both had endured each others taunts, teasing, insults throughout the filming of "One Million BC" Both wanted stardom. Both wanted to take each other down.

"When I'm done with you, Hollywood will never want you again."

"You'll beg me to stop."

"I'm gonna rip your hair out, strand by lovely strand."

"I'm gonna scratch your eyes out."

"I've fought and won before."

"Your fate is sealed; remember that beautiful babe I tangled with in-"From Rus...Argggggghh."


Martine's fond words and memories of her off the camera catfight with her lovely rival gypsy in "From Russia With Love" came to an abrupt halt as Raquel leaped towards her, palms open; claws bared. Long strong fingers instantly interlocked, strong, sexy biceps bulged as the two women engaged in a test of strength, each hoping to force a painful submission from her opponent.

"Uhhhhhhh!" "Ohhhhhh!" "Ahhhhhhh!" Both women grunted and groaned as each strained, twisted, pulled and pushed. Raquel's beautiful eyes blazed as she fired daggers into her rivals eyes. She couldn't wait to take Martine down. She felt a bit uneasy as her mind focused on the fiery brunettes last words.

‘From Russia With Love’ was a huge hit and Martine's catfight scene was the most erotic and exciting thing in it. She heard rumors - Hollywood scuttlebutt - that supposedly after the last take, Martine had challenged her lovely rival to a real fight. Word was that Martine had worked the beauty over to the point of exhaustion, slapped her senseless, then slowly stripped her completely naked. The loser bore permanent scratches on her beautiful breasts and her days as a legendary beauty were over.

"Nooooooo...Uhhhhhh!" Raquel suddenly screamed and groaned as Martine's strength and power seemed to skyrocket. The brunettes long strong perfectly muscled legs shifted, moved fast forward, back, sideways destroying Raquel's sense of balance.

"Must keep those talons away," Raquel shouted to herself. Every delicious muscle in her upper body strained as she struggled against her angry rival. Raquel glanced at Marine's steely eyes that seemed to be focused on her full breasts, bulging out of the skimpy animal skin bikini top.

"My dear sweet Raquel, you're sweating; feeling anxious? You should be, I have special plans for you, bitch!" Martine snarled as she felt Raquel's strength begin to wane. "Can't wait to get my hands on you," Martine hissed.

In her minds eye, Martine could already see herself sitting on her dazed beaten rival as she slipped her fingers over two luscious firm full breasts, hearing to Raquel's agonized screams and pleas for mercy. She remembered so well the gypsy fight and how she'd kept a few beautiful shreds of her rivals clothing for good luck (and hot memories) in her dressing room.

"Get her Martine! Make me proud!"

The enthusiastic words from her fan energized Martine instantly; she stood on her toes, bore down with all her strength. Raquel gasped and grunted in pain as the brunette beauty forced bent her hands backward painfully until she forced her to her knees.


"She's got her," one onlooker yelled.

"Not so fast dude!"

"Umppffhhhh...Uhhhhhhh!" The sneering brunette squeezed her kneeling rivals' fingers painfully, then quickly released her fingerlock. Martine grunted in pain as her furious opponent instantly curled her fingers in a fist, ignored her pain and fired a solid punch deep into her stomach. Martine sucked air as Raquel's strong arms shot out, grabbed her behind the knees and pulled! Her legs buckling, the brunette landed hard on her shapely derriere in the dirt. As quick as a jungle cat and with a like savage throaty growl, Raquel pounced ,burying her fingers in Martine's long silky dark hair, then jerked her hated rival roughly to her feet.

"You're going down hard," the auburn-haired beauty snapped as she pulled Martine into a powerful headlock and flexed her arm and shoulder muscles, then tossed her hip and flipped the brunette to the ground in a puff of dust

"Uhhhhhh!" Martine groaned, her air rapidly escaping her lungs. Fast angry fingers flashed and clamped around a beautiful vulnerable throat. The brunette gasped and grunted, pulled at Raquel's hands, finally succeeding in breaking one hands tenacious hold. "AIEEEEEEE!" Martine shrieked as Raquel's freed hand morphed into a fist that slammed into her large firm breast; then it was an open palm that latched onto the throbbing mound and squeezed viciously, fingers digging into the flesh right through her animal skin top. "Leggo bitch!" Martine rasped, her beautiful eyes filled with agony.

Martine reached up, grabbed a handful of Raquel's hair and swung her legs up, wrapping them around Raquel as she snarled a warning, "Now we'll see who's the best!" She dragged Raquel down with her legs and greeted her with a nasty head butt. Raquel lost her strangle hold on Martine's throat, but kept the painful breast hold in tact as the two rolled around on the hard ground until...

THUD! "Uhhhhhh," Martine let out a pained grunt as her head hit a rock.

Raquel seized the moment by firing a punch to her jaw, then dug her nails deep into her tender thigh and fired several punches to her ribs. She felt Martine's legs loosen their incredibly strong grip and she quickly grabbed the brunette in a painful headlock as she dragged her forward several feet, then pumped another punch to her face and wrestled her down.

"Time to cool off, lady" Raquel hissed as she pushed Martine's flushed face down into a small, foot deep pool of water. Martine fought like a wildcat, scratching, clawing, twisting her upper body as Raquel barely held on. Then she finally lost her grip!

"Ahhhhhhh!" Martine gasped as she jerked her head out of the water. She gasped for precious air for a few moments, before Raquel wrestled her upper body back down and plungedher face under again. "Uhhhhhhh! Let GO of me!" Martine rasped between coughs when she finally came up. Winded and weakened, desperate for air, Martine finally broke free, crawling away on her hands and knees.

But Raquel lunged after her and tackled her. "Like I said wench, you're going down," Raquel snarled as she wrestled the drenched brunette down on her back, jumped on her stomach and straddled her waist as she began slapping her face -forehand, backhand, forehand! Martine struggled hard, tried futilely to block the feminine tornado's' hard and fast stinging blows to her beautiful face as Raquel held her with a fistful of her thick, sopping wet, gorgeous black hair and pouned her head on the hard dirt ground.

"Noooooo...Uhhhhhh...Stoppppp! Pleaseeeee?" Martine whimpered and moaned between gasps; her huge beautiful full breasts bulging out of her revealing wet animal skin top.

"Yeah, I heard you're a tough girl," Raquel laughed. "So lemme hear you beg and feel you squirm, Miss Toughie," Raquel taunted. "In the movie I win and in real life I win!" Raquel rasped as she raised her hands, palms open; her long fingers curled in cruel claws as she made erotic, squeezing motions. Her incredibly beautiful face wore a catty smile and a smug, superior sneer; her beautiful eyes flashed with a blazing fire as she lowered her grasping claws and slipped her hands up under Martine's top, then went to work; squeezing and twisting those full breasts. Shrieks and screams filled the small cave as Raquel attacked her costars full firm mounds and bounced up and down on the brunettes stomach.

"C'mon toughie, fight bac... AIIIEEEEEEEEEE!" Raquel's invitation was heard, received and gladly accepted!

Her world spinning, Martine blinked her blurry eyes, concentrated on vengeance, screamed at the fiery blazing pain in her head and chest, reached up with both long arms spread apart, opened her palms, took aim and clapped inward hard. POP! Raquel screamed, her vision filling with a hundred bright stars as her ears felt searing pain. Now her world began spinning like a whirlwind! The two offending arms moved fast, open palms finding two large twin targets, ripe for the taking - or rather squeezing.

"Argggggh!" Raquel groaned as incredibly strong cruel fingers seemed to bury clean through the thick but soft doeskin into her full breasts.

"Turnabout's fair play, Welch!" Martine hissed, the brunettes lower lip curled into a snarl, her eyes blazing as her fingers dug in deep.

Then in a split second, she released her groaning rivals breasts, slipped her fingers under Raquel's top and resumed the torturous routine. Raquel's wide open eyes rolled, she released her own torturous grip with high hopes of sweet relief from her rival that would or should graciously follow suit. WRONG! Martine relished her rivals agony as her strong thumbs stabbed into sensitive areolae, her index fingernails scraping over super sensitive, rock-hard nipples.

"Leggo, leggo now, pleaseeeee..." Raquel squealed as she bucked wildly trying to secure an escape but Martine clung to her rival's twins tenaciously, ignoring the desperate, sharp fingernails viciously raking her forearms and wrists. "Somebody he...HELP ME....pleeeeze?" Raquel whined as she bent backwards in a most erotic arch, lifting her attackers upper body off the hard ground. Martine powered back equally hard and was soon resting back on the ground, smiling at Raquel who resumed her agonizing squirming and pleas for relief.

"I'm gonna help her, that lovely babe needs help," Mr. Unwise spectator chirped as he stuck his head out cautiously from behind a huge rock, slowly got up and moved forward.

"#@%$#%!" Martine cursed when she saw him - and the rock she flung barely missed taking off his ear, sending the guy scurring back under cover, but buying Raquel a moments relief as well as opening a window of opportunity.

"Take this!" Raquel snapped, firing a punch toward Martine's jaw.

The brunette ducked just in time, then returned the favor as her fist slammed hard into Raquel's chin. Mad as a hornet, Raquel grabbed Martine's wet top and pulled. Martine summoned her own strength, and cut loose with a pelvic thrust that sent Raquel flying. WHUMP! She slammed into the side of the cave wall with a groan. Martine looked down in dismay, then looked at her dazed rival with intense anger...then she smiled. Her top was clutched in Raquel's hand.

"Now its really time to get down and dirty," Martine muttered as she charged. Raquel, still dazed, fired a kick at her incoming rival but Martine caught her foot in mid-air. "Gotcha hon!" Martine snarled as she twisted the ankle viciously and pulled the long beautiful leg out straight, then sent her foot flashing toward the screaming Raquel's vulnerable groin.

THUD! "YIEEEEEE!" Raquel's' beautiful face once again grimaced in excruciating pain as her groin exploded in pain, then dulled into a deep, throbbing numbness. Martine raised Raquel's leg high, darted in and fired a punch to her most vulnerable and tenderest point, then stepped back smiling mischievously as she released Raquel's leg and watched it drop limp to the ground.

"Now babe, lets have some fun, whaddya say?" the angry brunette smirked as she grabbed a handful of Raquel's long silky hair, jerked the bawling busty beauty forward, put her in a headlock and ran her head into the nearby rugged cave wall. Martine pulled her off the wall and swung her around several times, making Raquel incredibly dizzy. As Raquel groaned, Martine looked down at her moaning rival's beautiful full breasts bulging out of her animal skin bikini top and licked her lips. They were just too, too tempting a target! She reached down, grabbed the top and yanked until Raquel's left breast found its freedom. Martine snickered, as she forced Raquel down further, then snapped her knee up hard, smashing the fully exposed breast flat!

"Unnnngggggh," Raquel moaned, gasping in pain and grabbing her mashed mammary with both hands.

"Now look who's going down!" Martine laughed as she again dragged Raquel with her as she ran forward, then slammed to a halt, releasing Raquel and sending her flying forward....but Martina stuck her leg out and tripped Raquel who staggered a few steps, before she went sprawling tits-first into the dirt, then skidded several more painful feet.

"You clumsy wench!" Martine teased as she ran over and drove a kick to Raquel's upraised derriere, slamming her flat on the ground. She raised her foot again, this time stomping down and grinding her heel into Raquel's lower back. In a flash Martine leaped, dropping her butt down hard onto Raquel's waist.

"Uhhhhhh!" the busty auburn-haired beauty gasped.

Martine grabbed a handful of auburn silk and pulled the pretty head back, then leaned forward, reached down and cupped that exposed breast, squeezing and crushing it painfully in her strong grip. She pinched the stiff nipple hard with her powerful fingers and as Raquel squealed in agony, the brunette cupped her chin, shifted her own weight and pulled Raquel over onto her back.

"My, so pretty! Lookit me, I'm beating the great Raquel Welch! You're just getting started and you're already a legend. Well, so am I sweetie...for better or for worse. Lets see...you stripped me, so now I guess I'll strip you," Martine said, her voice full of menace and venom.

"Noooooo! Don't...pleaseeee..." Raquel's plea went unheeded as Martine delivered a blistering backhand to her gorgeous face.

"I got a funny feeling, these will be quite famous some day," Martine snarled, focusing her attention on Raquel's full breasts which were coming into full view and easy reach of her hungry hands as she slowly tugged and yanked her sexy animal skin top down. "So pretty, nice and firm," Martine rasped, her voice growing throaty low and lusty as she cupped and squeezed the beautiful firm breasts, caught the erect nipples and pulled and twisted them harshly.

"Too bad you're too chicken to take a picture of THIS!" Martine yelled at the incredibly lucky ones who had hazarded a better view behind a few close rocks. "A word of warning; if you try, you'll surely regret it!"

She giggled as she heard a few angry regretful cuss words, then ignored the lurkers as she turned back and gave Raquel's twin treasures a hard, fast, rough squeeze - and laughed at the ensuing scream it brought from the over-matched young actress.

"I've heard all about your tough gal reputation," Martine said. "And I'm sure you've heard of mine. Well, you'll hear more, sweetie!"

Martine began to deliver a flurry of fast, stinging slaps to her lovely captives breasts. She got into a rhythm and delighted that each WHACK was followed by Raquel's groans and moans. But suddenly, she stopped and captured the now rock hard tender sensitive nubs and pinched them tight.

"Aieeeeee, stop pleaseeeee..." Raquel whimpered, her feet raising dust clouds as they beat a tattoo on the dirt floor of the cave.

"Whatever you say hon," Marine said, and she stopped! "Now, what do you say, my lovely?"

"Th...than...thank you?" Raquel stammered, her quivering voice full of more fear than rage.

"Nooooooo-pleaseeeee..." Raquel's screamed again as, with a lightning fast, catlike move, the topless brunette suddenly shifted position and dropped her mouth down to catch one of the erect nipples in her beautiful teeth, holding the long rock hard nub between her pearly whites as her lips curled back in a devilish, taunting, leering grin.

"Please duh....don't bite," Raquel whined, breathless from screaming as beads of perspiration popped on her lovely forehead.

Time seemed to stand still…

"Why dear, I wouldn't think of REALLY hurting you ," Martine chirped. "Maybe some another beauty, but not the lovely, soon-to-be-famous Raquel Welch!"

Martine sat up; leaned forward and gingerly cradled Raquel's breasts in both hands, pushing the firm mounds together, teasing her nipples with her thumbs as she leaned forward and used her own full breasts to crush Raquel's; her harder, thicker, nipples doing their own playful tease with Raquel's as she gave the young actress a long, deep, rough French kiss!

"I think playtime’s about over, Ms Welch; you gorgeous lovely. Just be sure to remember who the real winner was, OK dear?" the lovely brunette queried, her throaty voice still full of mischief.

"Y...ye...yesss, I sure will," Raquel said, her soft quivering voice barely audible.

Martine gave her rival’s face a stinging slap, then another long hard kiss as her fingers slid down over Raquel's hard flat tight abs and disappered under her soft doeskin bikini bottom; her groping fingers finding soft silkiness, then moist darkness….

"Noooooo, mmmmmmm, not that, ummmmmmmm, puhleeeeze!"

Martine felt Raquel’s body tense, relax, tense again, then relax. "Until next time my lovely," Martine said with a snarl.

Raquel watched the beautiful busty brunette get up and strut off the set after firing a few choice expletives at the stunned crew.

"Yeppur, that babe is gettin' one heck of a reputation," a weak kneed cameraman finally said as Martine disappeared.

"I hear she loves being a bad girl. Loves to catfight other lovelies, too. Hell, she can be one damn mean fighter! Poor Raquel, or maybe lucky Raquel this time."

"Yep, I sure think that Raquel is gonna go places too; she's gonna be famous, mark my words; what a gorgeous babe...and seeing her in a catfight, yowzers, that's sumpthin' special...real special! I can’t wait til they put her in a wresling story…"

"… or better yet, a movie about roller derby! She’d be spectacular in that kind of stuff!" the other suggested.