Born: September 14th, 1985 Height: 5’4” Weight: 88lbs Eyes: Brown Orientation: Japanese Years Catfighting: 8
Anna AmorePrevious League: NNL, JL (Junior League)NNL
Previous Belts: NNL World Champion 6x’s, Honshu Queen 7x’s, Hokkaido Queen 2x’s, NNL Tag Champ (with Mami Nejiki) 2x’s, (with Mai Fujiya) 2x’s, (with Manami Nishiwaki) 2x’s (with Kou Shibasaki) 2x’s, (with Chiaki Kuriyama) 1x, JL-Champ 3x’s, JL-TV Champ 2x’s
Finishing Moves: Eye-Opener (Jumping DDT from standing position), Aya-chan Blooming Flower (Standing SHARP DDT where catfighter is DDT’d but stays on her feet while her head is driven into the mat, leaving her ass up!), Kozue Crusher (5-Star Frog Splash stolen from Chiaki), Kou Shibasaki Crusher (stolen from Kou), Attention Please; Sayonara (Chain-attack finisher that varies if enemy is a rival, evil or typical opponent. If typical; toe-kick, then she grabs opponent by her hair drawing them in for a knee-lift to gut, then a knee-kick to tits, then variable DDT! If Rival or Evil; Toe-kick or cunt-kick pending on her mood, then she gives another kick that is the opposite of the one she just used, so if it was toe-kick first, then it would be a cunt-kick second, etc. She then grabs their hair, draws them in so she can then follow with a knee-lift to the cunt, then a knee-lift to the tits, capped off with a Tornado DDT!)
Strengths: Veteran experience, fast, heavy speed & technical wrestling skills, solid against high-flying opponents, attacks opposed weaknesses immediately, relentless, knows how to wear down and whittle opponents, highly intuitive, able to withstand momentum swings, knows when to get clear of ring, great ring awareness
Weaknesses: Weight and size, limited power moves, lower back, vulnerable to power moves, takes abnormally high damage from chained power moves, vulnerable to KO in long matches when hit by power moves, tits, bitch-slaps, can be exhausted and overpowered by bigger/stronger bitches, can give out when continously pressured by chains of submission moves, vulnerable to certain catfighters, successful top-rope and high-flying moves do abnormally high damage, takes abnormal damage from dirty tactics, Evil Bitches that gain too much momentum on her can actually wear herout mentally, secretly dislikes stereotyped image and occassionally resorts to blatant dirty tactics because of it

Aya Ueto (上戸 , Ueto Aya) is wondering where exactly has her bitter rival Chiaki disappeared to and why is NNL Management so determined to have her fight with Chiaki, especially!? Since they know that Chiaki cannot beat her. Born on September 14th, 1985 in Nerima, Tokyo, Japan. Aya is the be-all-see-all of NNL, New Nippon League! The Crown Jewel of Cuteness and multiple time NNL World Champion! She sees right through what they are up to and this time… she has a problem with simply obeying orders.

Although immensely popular in Japan, Aya has been seeing her standing outside of the ring declining sharply as the money from her commercials and the calls for more photobooks and albums still increases. Her J-TV-drama’s have been getting lower and lower ratings and people are beginning to talk about her openly in print as “The Low Rating Idol”, something that urks the hell out of the Quintessental Good Girl. In some of her promo matches against Chiaki and Kou Shibasaki, both of them have mentioned that Aya is not as squeaky clean as her handlers have buff-waxed her up to be. Aya’s roves of otaku simply dismiss it as the bitter whining of two bitches who have not made nearly as much impact as their beloved Aya, something that pleases Aya’s handlers to no end, but concerns Aya herself. Either way, she has been an icon in the NNL, but she would like to start expanding her options to the dominant multi-national East Asian League known as, The EEL! But NNL Management has stated that it could damage her rep if she started doing matches in the EEL and started actually losing to non-Japanese catfighters, something that she has repeatedly told them is a risk she is willing to take. Again her handlers have shoo-shoo’ed and shotdown the prospects of foreign matches and it didn’t take her long to confirm that her out-of-ring reality was tied moreso to her face and looks, than the fact that she had talent for acting, singing, etc. She has grown increasingly concerned that her only market is Japan, and some of East Asia, unlike Kou Shibasaki who is known throughout Japan and East Asia. Many of Aya’s loyalist fans believe that the way she is coddled by her handlers is why Aya is so mercilessly brutal during her matches, because she resents being treated like a child.

Aya got her start in 1997, when she participated in the 7th All-Japan National Young Beauty contest, where she received a special award from the judges and when I say “special” I mean just that. The award was literally created on the spot solely so they could acknowledge her… “talent”. Really it was because of their immediate infatuation with her and nothing more. She was immediately entered into the NNL Junior League and it is there that she met Chiaki and the departing Kou Shibasaki who was headed for the pro circuit. This would be the start of Japan’s, particularly Japanese men of all ages, obsession with her as the Ideal IDEAL’S, Japanese Beauty and girlfriend. These things would also be the very cornerstone of her long-standing rivalry with Chiaki who is NOT the ideal image of beauty in Japan and is only seen by a narrow few as the ideal Japanese girlfriend. In its own way the two represent polar opposites of Japan that are at the heart of why the NNL has ordered Aya to fly to Sin City IMMEDIATELY! And use the Return Match Clause in Chiaki’s contract to force her to face-off against Aya so that she can promptly get her ass kicked and be dragged back to Japan!

Aya, unlike Chiaki, speaks decent English and understands American culture. She has made it crystal clear that she knows that this “Geese Howard” is doing all of this because of his love for Chiaki. She has cautioned that Americans are not exactly known for patience and tolerance towards people getting in the way of what they want. She’s suggested that they seek another means of resolving the situation instead of trying to use her to drag Chiaki back to Tokyo, clearly against her will. She has also cautioned the fact that this Geese is a powerful Black American and not along the lines of “entertainment avenues”, a rarity as far as she knows. He did not dance, sing or entertain his way to the top, which means he probably has had many interesting adventures that she would rather not have brought to bear on her because she’s trying to undo whatever he has with Chiaki. She also ran down the laundry list of information that she dug up on her own and quickly concluded that he has had long ties to Japan, yet was never talked about regarding any of the things on the list of information that she had. In the end she stated that letting Chiaki go will not cause any major issues for the NNL and she is more desired abroad than at home. Her departure should be seen more as a blessing for both instead of a portent to rebellion.

Only… a select few NNL Idols… can honestly speak… candidly, openly… with the NNL Executive Board. Aya is one of them. Chiaki is not, and again this is something that Aya sees for what it is. Even though she addressed them with the above words Aya knew that the NNL does not want a mass stampede of their Idols trying to jump ship for the newly formed W3W because of Chiaki or Geese’s connections to their league. The NNL’s control is absolute, much like the old Studio Days of Hollywood where the Studio was law, the Studio took care of everything, and the Studio even took care of the actor or actress that complained too much or wasn’t a teamplayer! Aya is aware of this and understands their concerns, but she knows and tells them that paranoid reactions to one person leaving is overkill and will only cause more Idols to take notice of the situation. Her opinions heard, the Executive Board made it crystal clear that Aya is to leave immediately and go to Geese’s Estate and invoke the rubberband clause IMMEDIATELY!

Aya has left from Tokyo bound for Sin City, ALONE. Something that has also made her EXTREMELY UNEASY. Clearly they weren’t too keen on sending official NNL management and it was because of this that she began realizing that Chiaki was the least of her problems. She thought she’d made it clear to them that Chiaki herself was powerless!?!! Worrying about her was a non-issue! No, Aya was more concerned about the man who had gone through all of these lengths for Chiaki. That was a realllll cause for concern to her… and in her own way, she was happy for Chiaki, but saddened at the reality of the situation. For once Aya understood that if she wins, for the first time she would without question be “the Evil Bitch” in all of this. It was one of the reasons why she tried so hard to get out of being sent in the first place! She didn’t wanna wreck Chiaki’s chance for happiness and she couldn’t understand why they didn’t send KOU!?!! And if she looses the match to Chiaki? Then… she destroys her own career. Worse than any of those thoughts though? Aya highly doubted Geese would honor the clause now that Chiaki was on his turf and even worse than that? She kept getting… the creepiest sensation down the back of her neck that… Things could turn ugly in a hurry… now that she was on his turf too…

DOWNLOAD - Gang Violence Vol.2 (Sam v Tina Racquel Destiny Jess)
DOWNLOAD - Gang Violence Vol.2 (Sam v Tina Racquel Destiny Jess)