Born: June 28th, 1979 Height: 5’7” Weight: 135lbs Eyes: Brown Measurements: 34D-24-36 Orientation: Bisexual Years Catfighting: 10
Previous League: ATL, 3XL, Atlantic Division Diva’s, NYCL (New York City Apartment Wrestling League) Previous Belts: ATL Champ 3x’s, 3XL FFC (Fuck-Fighting) Champ 5x’s, Atlantic Division Diva Queen 3x’s, NYCL Champ 2x’s
Finishing Moves: AA Meeting! (Sit out senton splash where she sits down on the chest of her victim with her ass, then immediately Breast Smothers them!) Haulin Ass! (Stolen move from WWF Legend Earthquake; runs back and forth springing off ropes over downed target and then crashes down on their chest with her ass!) ATL Express (Inverted Body splash on target in the corner using her ass and body) MIA (Staggered Scoop Power Slam followed up by a Jumping AA Meeting! with no smother, only a pin) Ayana Nirvana (Sits on targets FACE, while facing down the length of their body, pins their shoulders with her knees and bodyweight while grabbing their legs and sitting upright/pinning submission smother)
Strengths: Veteran experience, quick, powerful, brawler, great fuck-fighter, some submission moves, some speed moves, some technical moves, high endurance, hard to stun, can take multiple finishing moves and still kickout, rarely submits, determined, loyal, good tag wrestler, great teamplayer, great showmanship, Geese, abilities increase dramatically when with Geese or her subordinates (Aurora Jolie and Giana Taylor), has not reached her full potential as a catfighter
Weaknesses: Overextends, overestimates own abilities, once stunned easily chain-hit, takes abnormal damage from speed attacks, fetishes can cause her to lose matches, weakens dramatically when womanhandled, closet submissive which can be dragged out of her during a match, dependent on Geese, as momentum goes so does her psyche and so does her effectiveness she can actually breakdown mentally which leaves her open to infinite chain-hits and KO/pin

Standing at 5’7”, Ayana Angel was born in Miami, Florida on June 28th, 1979. She is the ultimate expression of the zodiac sign Cancer. It is this last striking fact that has played a huge part in her relationship with Geese. One of the most intense and taboo interactions amongst zodiac signs are those directly opposite of their sign on the zodiac chart. Cancer is directly opposite of Capricorn and when the two meet it is extremely intense if not obsessive.

Ayana met Geese while she was stripping her way through college. The two connected immediately, but Ayana was not aware that Geese was actually recruiting for more Black Pagans following the recommendations of Devin DeRay. DeRay had already staked out the Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi region using her network of agents and had heard about Ayana. DeRay’s instincts told her to steer clear of scouting Ayana and so she DID NOT include the club that Ayana was dancing in. As fate would have it, Geese wandered into it anyway. Julia and Charmaine started to become concerned as their master was clearly just as much smitten by Ayana as Ayana was of him. They attempted to remind him that they were looking for more Black Pagan recruits, not more Maid Enforcers.

Geese ignored their warnings and continued to flirt and talk with the now clearly captivated Ayana. They retired to the VIP Room and Ayana confessed her strong attraction towards Geese and questioned whether or not he was a scout for 3XL or the fledgling XCF? Curious on how Ayana knew about the various catfighting leagues she revealed the fact that she was already doing apartment wrestling leagues in New York when she danced there, as well as some catfighting in the tri-state area of Georgia. After a lengthy conversation Geese decided to recruit Ayana as a Black Pagan. The two began a steamy romance that had them joined at the hip until it was time for Ayana to actually go to the Den of the Black Pagans. She refused and wanted to stay at Geese’s Estate as his girlfriend! Again, the bond between the two of them caused him to break normal means of doing things and for a time anywhere Geese was at, Ayana was right by his side and they were two inseparable peas in a pod, until…

A mini-mutiny broke out amongst not only his other Maid Enforcers, but also amongst his 13 Queen’s of Color and especially Julia and Charmaine! Julia and Charmaine in particular, reminded him of the rules that everyone abided by regarding dating and working for him. Ayana was stunned when many of the Maid Enforcers demanded that they get a shot to tear her limb-from-limb because she was breaking the rules of the Estate and the organization by blatantly fraternizing with him while not having served her time or contributed at all! Having built his house of cards on BDSM and fetish-like Sub/Dom culture, Geese had no choice but to listen as Julia, Charmaine and DeRay reminded him that only the 3 women that he told them about from the door have the right to be on his arm “as his woman”! And Ayana was NOT one of the 3! Ayana who understood certain elements of what was going on, was totally baffled by why they would become so adamant since it was impossible for him to ever ACTUALLY be with all of these bitches at one fuckin time ANYWAY! However… as she learned more about the inner workings of his Estate and what he had set up she understood that it was the principle, the idea, that mattered to them.

Reluctantly… she actually left the Estate altogether and went back to Atlanta. She would get into the porn industry while searching for someone who would accept all of her the way that Geese did. She joined the 3XL, had a solid career there, but simply couldn’t find the kind of man that could accept her intelligence and sexuality. She was forced to admit that being a pornstar was not helping her cause either. Then she encountered trouble getting the kind of promotion that she deserved and it just snowballed from there. Before long she wasn’t enjoying herself and she wasn’t getting paid what she deserved, especially in comparison to her White counterparts. She had built up a strong White fanbase but was often times being told things that she saw first hand wasn’t true about her “not being attractive” to White men, a great means of low-balling her pay scale. Meanwhile her private life was dismal when it came to having a man. She had plenty of girlfriends, but she wanted a MAN! One who had the balls to not turn pussy because she did porn!

Ultimately it was literally a dark and stormy night when Ayana walked up on Geese as he was leaving the Strip of Sin City, headed home after adjourning a national convention on market trends for 06. He did not waste anytime in hustling her into his limo and taking her back to the Estate. The two were not seen for nearly a month until Ayana reappeared at the Den of the Black Pagans and began her neophyte training. Ayana eventually rose to 3rd under Lady Lori Alexia. She has become a central figure in Lady Lori’s reign as Queen of the Black Pagans, but all Ayana has ever cared about is being able to become a Maid Enforcer and return to serve her master directly. She has been allowed to break all kinds of rules in order to keep seeing Geese privately. Even going so far as bringing her subordinate Aurora Jolie to one of their secret rendezvous’! Ayana fell victim to Jenna Jameson’s raid on their den and was forced to flee along with the rest of the Black Pagans. She was also separated from the main group and her subordinates, her fate is unknown…