Nightmares of Futures Past
Sinking Soleil Part 1

The Present;
She ran up quickly in the cold night air and slid to a damn near shoulder-charging stop! She hit the tree and hugged it close to keep from being spotted! Right across the street!? And down below her!? Were the sounds of bitches beating the crap out of each other! Her heart was racing fast as fuck! But she knew full well that she’d better not get fuckin caught!? Or this time trying to name drop to get the fuck out of it wasn’t gonna work! On instinct she whispered “Master…?!” because she knew he was gonna be pretty fuckin pissed to see this shit going on in his city! She was still in shock over the last few weeks of just rabid battling bitches catfighting all across Sin City Vegas with not a care or a clue! As to whose house they were wrecking! Then that shit at the fuckin Diner with Chiaki and Lucy getting their cunt and asses kicked by Jennifer Love Hewitt of all fuckin people!?!?! Jennifer FUCKIN Love HEWITT!?!?! What the FUCK!?!?

And he thinks that Chiaki and Lucy are actually worth all this when they can’t even beat a loser like Hewitt!?!?! She fuck panted at the irony as she watched another bitch go down as these two groups were fighting like street gangs in the dead of night in this residential park! The cold night air sent shivers through her body! Her nipples were already hard as fuck, standing on end, from knowing that this time she was following up on something that could blow right the fuck up in her face! She’d parked her SRT8 Magnum black wagon a few blocks away! And made sure to call in her last location, just in fuckin case she got caught snooping! She squinted and then shuddered as she watched two bitches gang up on another one and KO her ass! It actually caused her own cunt and asshole to flinch because she was allll too familiar with getting KO’d her damnself! They’re not fuckin around, she thought to herself! The pace that these bitches are knocking each other out at!?!?! She started to pull out her cell and call it in, to let someone else back at the Estate know! And send a squad to investigate, but then that was when she saw something… some-one…?

Without meaning to, she gasped softly at the sight and recognition of exactly who she saw laying there ass out in one of the swing sets of the playground “Ayana!?!?!” And with that, all thought of letting someone else handle the situation, was gone! If I can get her out of this…!? And get her back to the Master…!?!?! Then he’ll let me back in! He’ll finally let me come back home! Meanwhile, she pushed her fears aside of wondering why the fuck Ayana was way out here!? At this hour of the night!? When the Black Pagans Den should already be closed! Her instincts made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end! Call it in, doofus! Don’t be fuckin stupid! You’ve got two groups of fuckin bitches battling it out in the dead-a-fuckin night!?!? With Ayana laying limp in a goddamn swing with her ass and tits hangin! CALL IT IN!!!!! But Soleil ignored that in favor of the fact that if she could somehow, someway!?!?! Get Ayana OUT OF THERE!? I can’t just leave her there!? And that was one of the reasons why she was stuck out in the cold now… Biting off…!? More than she could chew…!

The Past…

A six way ELIMINATION Fucked-and-Fired MATCH!?!?! Always got the Jenna Inc. Arena JUMPING! 5-fuckin-THOUSAND! SCREAMING PERVERTED BASTARDS AND BITCHES! Packed the newly built stadium to see more of Jenna’s, Scottsdale Diva’s, BATTLE IT OUT! Even as Soleil could still barely see her breath in the cold Sin City Vegas air…! She was doing exactly what she’d been told not to do, over and over and over again…!

“You can’t lose yourself in the moment, Soleil…”

“I undur-stand.” she muttered back in a dreamy voice with a heavy Caribbean accent.

But his response was far less dreamy, way more annoyed, but still…!? Soft & whispered in her ear as he stood behind her saying “You’re not hearing a word I’m saying.

SoleilQuickly Soleil turned to her left and kissed him here in the dimly lit center of the mat room. She felt a warm spine tingling shiver run up her back and she moaned at him… And actually licked his face to show him that she was ready for some more of his man-milk “I luv u Mastah, soh much. Only you, no one else, only you.” She kissed his face again and enjoyed the feel of her ready to train body, against his business-suited self, especially, in this barely lit room! If I do well right now…? I know u’ll fuck meh, won’t u Mastah…? I know u want to fuck meh, I can feel how hard u r right now, and I want it… Want it soh bad, right now, right here.

She took a deep breath as she saw another set of bitches battling it out and then she flinched as one of them bitch-barked, hard as hell! As she got put the fuck down! “I’m trying Master… I’m trying…!” she muttered, but she was starting to lose herself as she saw Ayana laying there, ass and tits out, done…! Fuck! Either of these groups catches meh and I’ll be juss like Double-A… Done…! Soleil didn’t make any excuses as she raced from one tree to the next, creaming at the cunt nervous at the fact that she knew that, if she got caught!? They’ll ride meh into the fuckin ground! Almost on cue, Ayana shivered and raised her crossed ankles as if she heard Soleil’s thoughts! Soleil whimpered as the fog and street lights caught the angle of Ayana’s polished black boots! Which were still fuckin hard crossed at the ankles from the way that McKenzie Lee had laid her the fuck out! She’s totally fuckin-fucked…! Soleil whimpered to herself. She won’t be able to help meh at all if I fuck this up!? Again, as if on cue, Ayana shuddered and her crossed legs thudded back against the grass as she lay tits down in the swing, head and mane hung limp over one side…! While the rest of her body was knee deep in grass and dirt on the other! Soleil knew that Ayana’s reaction was her attempt to come back around, and she burned up whatever energy and awareness she had in keeping her fuckin ankles, CROSSED! Causing Soleil to fret even harder, she’s soh fuckin out of it…! Damn it this would be soh much more fucken easier if she could at least move somewhat…! Fear started to overwhelm Soleil… and she almost fuckin tripped as she reached the last tree before she would have to cross this fuckin street! And make a damn near straight dash out in the fuckin open down this goddamn hill to try to retrieve Ayana from the playground below! This is hopeless! They’ll fuckin see meh!

Ayana shivered and whined at Soleil “Soh cold… Soh cold…! Help meh… Help meh, Soleil… Pleaz… Help meh… Pleaz don’t… leave meh like this…

Soleil froze in her tracks and a cold chill ran down her spine as she saw the fact that Ayana was still ass and tits out unconscious in the swing! Fucken losing my fucken mind, from the pressure! She looked over as she heard another bitch-bark and saw yet another White bitch go down hard and fast! Whoever the other bitches are, they’re gettin their asses kicked hard and fast! But I recognize…!? Sure enough she did recognize Vanessa Blue and Spontaneous Xtacy! AND THEY WERE BEATIN THE SHIT OUT OF THESE WHITE BITCHES! Which… wasn’t exactly a good thing for Soleil, or Ayana…! SHIT!? Not these fuckin two! Soleil quickly recalled her last separate encounters with the two big-titted brute Black bitches! Both times they put her away hard and wet for spying on them! In a flash, Soleil was dragged to her encounter against Xtacy after the local fuckin Crime Lady had managed to pull off a big-time backdoor deal that would have undercut Geese pretty fuckin solid if not for Soleil snooping around! It of course made Anna Amore look like she wasn’t doing her fuckin job! Pissed her off! Which quickly dragged Soleil to her last encounter with Anna Amore where the bitch put a hurting on her something fierce!

You have to focus on the task at hand, Soleil.” Geese told her softly as he kissed her back, and she just melted.

I am Mastah…” she purred back, and moved deeper into his embrace, which had started off as him simply holding her around her waist and standing behind her, supporting her, like she always needed. But now it had become an embrace. Now it was moving away from whatever they were in this training room for, to an area that Soleil and Geese had spent far too many years in. Fucking. Plain and simple “U like fucking meh, don’t u Mastah…?

“I sure do like fucking you, bitch!” Xtacy cunt kicked the crap out of Soleil! Whose whole body jumped as their back alley brawl was coming to a close! Soleil bitch-barked! And threw her ass and hips out as she stooped over forward with her tits hanging and the top of her black bodysuit ripped the fuck open after fighting back-and-forth with Xtacy out here in the dead of night! Xtacy grabbed Soleil by her mane and Soleil curled her cocksuckers and sneered while she clutched her cunt and mindlessly gripped and rubbed at the crotch of her black spandex bodysuit! X was quick to point out that “I knew if I spread a fuckin rumor that I wuz about to put another shifty fuckin move on your Master!? That your bitch-ass would come crawling out from under the rock you fuckin hide underneath!”

Fuck! Fucken, trick! Fucken, trap!” Soleil gasped and fuck-panted harder as X was quick to shake her by her fuckin jet black mane of hair and keep her all fucked up and off-balance! Mind you, the fight had pretty much done that to Soleil in the first fuckin place! It had been a pretty good start, and Soleil did land some solid shots, but the minute X started digging in her ass and showing she could take Sol’s punches and dish them right back!? Soleil started taking damage like the weak bitch she is and after awhile? X simply started going to town on Geese’s favored spy-slut!

You’re not soh fuckin smart without Geese’s hand up your funky ass! Fuckin, puppet, BITCH!

Soleil managed, you’re juss fuckinnnn---jealous that… his hand’s not up yours, filthy… cunt! Soleil managed to get off an insult “Fuck u, man-chick!” Before Xtacy bitch-slapped her senseless! “OHH…! Fuck…!That’s it! No more! No fuckin more…! No more…! She creamed her cunt even harder as she stumbled around held hard by her mane! Never mind that her cunt was still throbbing from Xtacy finally wearing her out with that last and totally unnecessary, cunt-kick! But then again she wouldn’t be Xtacy if she didn’t do that! And Soleil wouldn’t be Soleil if she didn’t do this! I just have to get Ayana out of here! Get her back to the wagon! And get her back to the Estate! But…!?!?! Soleil shuddered as she saw Xtacy take down another bitch hard and fast! Soleil had no choice but to admit that, I never could fuckin beat her! Even when she used to catfight…! Even in my fuckin prime…!? Just couldn’tHANDLE HER…! But she always!? Soleil actually laid up against the tree and fuck-panted even harder as she was getting hammered by the ghost of the past and the numerous times that Xtacy would just comeback on her mid-match and just fuckin wear her the fuck out! “Always too strong for meh…!I ca-can’t do it, I can’t! I have to… Haveta phone it in…! Can’t let Ayana be lost… Because I got cold fuckin feet…!

But then Ayana whispered in Soleil’s ear “This is why you’re where you’re at…

Soleil shook her head and whispered back “Noh, noh, you’re not real, just a figment, not real…

But Ayana got in nice and close against Soleil and told her “I know who you are,” Soleil whined as Ayana continued “Everybody kept comparing me to u when I got here. Sayin shit, sayin I wuz just like u.” Soleil whined as she looked over at Ayana, still ass out, ass up, and ankles crossed, down there in the swing, but still Ayana whispered in her ear “I did just like u. Skated the rules, pissed people off. Flaunted it and shit. Till I got my ass handed to meh!” Soleil tried to tell her to shut up, but Ayana told her in a pleading voice “Look at meh, in that swing” Soleil tried not to but Ayana insisted “Look at meh… I’m finished… I’m fucked, and everyone knows it… Whichever side wins… I’m gonna talk… Once they get their fingers in meh…!? I’m broken now… And you know it wasn’t from V or X, but those out of town White bitches…!” Ayana fuck-panted hot and heavy in Soleil’s ear and Soleil asked her how could she let that happen!? How could she let out of towners take her out like that!? But Ayana moaned at her hard “I tried, jess like u always do…!” But Soleil quickly whined for her to shut up! She wasn’t REAL! It was just HER! TALKING TO HERSELF IN HER OWN FUCKIN HEAD! But Ayana whined at her and told her the truth “I’m not strong enuff without Master, u know that” Soleil shook her head hard as another bitch-bark cut through the night air and Ayana persisted “U KNOW THAT! Neither of us are strong enuff! But…!? I swear… Look… LOOK AT MEH…!” Soleil closed her eyes, but all she could see was herself in that swing on top of Ayana! She’d already gotten caught and gotten her cunt kicked by Vanessa and Xtacy for spying on them years ago! If they catch me this time!?!?!? If they…!? They catch meh this time…!? Wuh-wuh-with outsiders to blame…!?!?!

And that is when Ayana moaned at her “Whut do u think is going 2…!? Happen 2 meh, now…!?” All kinds of images ran through Soleil’s mind as she was VERY AWARE of what SHOULD, COULD, AND WOULD HAPPEN! With Ayana all fucked up and turned out the way that she was showing in that swing and with her last attempt to come around! The words, Soleil tried to speak her peace but she was all too familiar with being turned out the same way that Ayana was turned out right now. Soleil’s eyes slid open to show whites as she was quickly being steamrolled by her long list of losses and failures and how time after time she had to simply just shut up and take it until Geese showed up… And took her in. She licked her lips as she flinched at the sound of another faint yelp or something!? From yet another bitch being put down in the park below her!

Soleil opened her eyes… and looked at Ayana, or this… figment, of Ayana… and saw how desperate she was for help! Soleil knew all too well what it felt like… but she just couldn’t…!?

Save meh, and I’m yours, Soleil…” Ayana felt herself get even wetter as she saw Soleil’s hot and heavy heaving gasp at the way that she’d just spoke to her. Soleil went to say something, but Ayana moaned at her again, a sexy, exhausted moan, her voice, sounding just as worn out as her physical body had to be laying in that swing “U need meh… To get back in, with the Masster… Pleaz, pleaz… Don’t leave meh here like this… Look at my chain…” Ayana showed Soleil her chain and told her softly “This chain was given 2 meh… By our… Masster… I know… U have one 2…! He always gives his most… favored bitches… these chains…! Each… unique… for the woman… annnnd… who she is… It’s…!? They…!? They’re priceless…!

Lynn WhitfieldGia LaShayOn the other side of the country…? Lynn Whitfield was breathing a sigh of relief as she and Brandy were on one of Geese’s private jets, streaking towards the East coast, with Brandy asking her finally…

“Uhmmm, I don’t mean ta pry, but…? U been gawkin at that necklace since we got away from Angie and all and…? Well…?”

Lynn smiled softly and finally took her eyes off it and told her young protégé/lover “It means everything to meh, everything…! Just like the man who gave this to meh…

Brandy sucked her bottom lip in a coy sort of way as she got in a little bit closer, and enjoyed how easily the white diamonds caught the light and how hard they sparkled whenever they did, even in this dim light “U weren’t gonna leave without it, were you?

With no hesitation, but no hardness in her voice, only soft, submissive, whispered, one word “No.” Then Lynn looked back at the necklace and let it dangle from her fingertips “Never. When he gives you one of these…? It means that his door is always open for you, to you. This is your proof of the fact that you are always in his heart, on his mind.

Brandy got wet just looking at how much this shit was turning Lynn out, and turning her on, but in typical Brandy fashion she whispered “Sound like some ole cult shit, really dough.

Lynn couldn’t help but smile and smile hard and nod as she said “Because it is! It really is!

Now Brandy was confused… “But if he’s a cult leader…?” And now Brandy could see Lynn’s smile fade… and a bit of… morose… sadness… but a look of… absolute love and affection, was all over the Creole Queen’s face as Brandy asked her softly, gently… “U miss it, don’t u…? U miss him…?

And Lynn did not hide her feelings, as she wet her lips and a flood of memories washed over her as she told Brandy “More than anything… More than… anything….

Ayana looked at Soleil intently and both of them quickly knew who was the stronger of the two as Soleil’s eyes began to meander down and away… While Ayana didn’t dare take hers off of her. A test of wills, a contest of wills. And even in her broken, and beaten down condition… Ayana could see Soleil starting to slowly fuck-pant and buckle under the stare-down and pressure that they were mentally exerting on each other… Ayana could remember all too well all the times that the older maid enforcers gave her disapproving looks and how quickly they tried to corral her ass and herd her on out the door when Geese continued to shower her with undue and unearned accolades and privileges… Soleil licked her lips softly and brought her eyes up to meet this figment that she’d heard all too much about after her ouster and exile from the Estate. Younger. Stronger. Faster. More successful, but just as arrogant and overbearing towards the other maid enforcers as she had and hid under the protection of Geese. Every now and again Soleil would get word of Ayana fighting it out with Julia, with Charmaine. Devin DeRay and Anna Amore. Giving just as good as she got! But just like with her, even as Soleil cast her eyes downward and creamed at the cunt while trying NOT to turn her head totally to the side!?

It was jess too many, Soleil…” Ayana whispered. The sound of her voice…? Made Soleil look up and look at her and for a split second Soleil flinched because she swore she’d been tricked! She swore that Ayana was going to be right there staring her down! Glaring her down! Always getting…!? TRICKED!!!! Soleil whined to herself, but in that split second of bitching-a-fit and waiting to be clubbed like a seal!? It set in that Ayana was far from setting her up with anything other than the honesty that she’d been sharing with her this whole fuckin time “It wuz too many for meh 2 fight… Jess like ta-night… Too fuckin many…” Soleil went to say something, but Ayana softly cut her off “If u leave meh here…? U’ll leave whut-ever is left of you with meh… Neither of us will ever leave this place ever again, Soleil… That bitch, McKenzie…? Had meh all figured out… Hunted meh like a bitch on the street and kept sendin waves of her fuckin flunkies an…!? An…!?” Soleil saw how desperate Ayana was and reached out and

Ayana Angel“Ur…!?” Soleil’s mouth fell open because!?

Ayana’s eyes rolled up into whites as the sounds of battle below them were now sudden and sharp! No more random outburst anymore! Quickly Ayana sighed at Soleil “Warm to the touch, I know…! U gotta help meh, Soleil, and I swear…! I’m yours… Whatever you need meh 4, whatever u wanna do with meh…?” Ayana opened her eyes and looked dead in Soleil’s “Whatever u wanna do to meh…?” Slowly Ayana reached and pulled out her necklace from inside her corset… “This…?” she whispered “U know what this iz… don’t u Soleil…?” Soleil licked her lips and nodded, she was horny as fuck, and knew what Ayana was going to do “Our Master… only gives these… To his Favored Bitches… Each one of these…?” Soleil’s eyes lit up as Ayana’s necklace caught the light, a bizarre necklace that was attached to a thin layered choker of the same…? The same…? And before Soleil could continue to gawk Ayana told her flat out “That’s right… It’s a platinum necklace, similar to yours…” Quickly!? Soleil pulled hers out and just…? She just stared at the similarities…“Take meh by my leash, Soleil…” Ayana held up her necklace, held it out… for Soleil… “U wanted a chance to get back in… Save meh… and u save yourself…” Soleil started getting antsy and nervous! FRETTING AND PANICKING!

The only thing going through Soleil’s mind was “Whut if I fuck up!!?!! I always fuck up!!!!! Whut if I fuck this up!!!!!” Quickly now! That quick!? Soleil was dragged back to both her encounters with Xtacy & Vanessa Blue! Xtacy didn’t let up on her! And neither did Vanessa! All that work, turned out to be another carefully constructed TRAP! To lure Soleil in to find out just who the fuck was fucking getting information out about her comings and goings! Vanessa couldn’t stand it! The fact that Geese always seemed to know what the fuck she was doing!? Before she fuckin DID IT! She knew it had to be a mole! A filthy fuckin traitor! And she beat the shit out of her bitches, in every way! Pushing and punishing them! Trying to find out just who the fuck was the TRAITOR!

It was barely enough light in here to see, and Vanessa had made it that way! She’d laid the bait and waited here personally! To see the rat-bitch that came skulking out of the shadows to pick it up! When she finally saw on the security cameras, just who the fuck it was!?!?! She nearly lost her goddamn mind! She was ready to get down there and take a chunk outta this bitch’s ass! For the shit she’d put her through! She sent her security about their business, because she’d handle this bitch personally! Just like she always did! And sure enough when Vanessa got down to where Soleil was trying to make her exit out of the building from!? Their matching gear was no accident, as Vanessa knew that in order to catch a thief! She needed to think like a thief! They didn’t waste any time getting into it hot and heavy and by the moves that she was making, Vanessa knew full well that it was Soleil! Black ski mask aside, she could try all the ninjitsu shit she wanted! Vanessa was determined to fuckin clip her wings just like ole times! And put her the fuck back in her fuckin place!

“I lost a lotta good PEOPLE! On account a, YER ASS!” Vanessa snagged Soleil tearing yet another part of her black catsuit open! As Soleil tried to get away! They’d been fighting in the loading bay of one of Vanessa’s storehouses for the last ten minutes! But in the last few minutes!? Vanessa had taken control & taken it to Soleil the way she used to do in their FF-CF years together! Vanessa still couldn’t believe how she’d totally missed the fuckin obvious “I shoulda fuckin known it wuz YOU!” Soleil struggled and whimpered as Vanessa’s short-ass continued to give it to her in the worst fuckin way! Vanessa knew full well what buttons to push on Soleil and she was jammin the shit outta all of them! She wanted to make this fuckin bitch pay for the people she’d lost when she was pulverizing them and then actin all wild and paranoid! About who the fuck was diming her out to Geese’s ole stupid ass! I shoulda fuckin known it was somebody from his fuckin camp! But I never imagined, Vanessa pulled Soleil back to her and got her arms around Soleil’s waist! I never fuckin imagined it’d be this weak fuckin bitch!? When the fuck did she grow a set!? Ta try sum shit like this!? She enjoyed feeling Soleil shiver and struggle! As she bearhugged her stomach and kept her held nice and fuckin tight! Just the way she knew Soleil fuckin hated! I’ma teach your ass! BITCH! She slung Soleil down into another set of boxes! Not letting go of her as she told her “Feelsss---like---OLD---TIMES! BITCH!

Soleil creamed from her cunt and whined hard and LOUD! As images of Vanessa putting her through her paces in the Fetish Fantasy Catfight Federation! Bombarded her already whittled away at and worn down psyche! Each time, she saw how they started out decked out in their respective colors of black for Blue and burgundy for Soleil, all lingerie, even with the fuckin heels! Catfighting in bra and panty sets! Slinging each other around and hitting moves on one another where, quite fuckin frankly? One wrong misstep and somebody was twisting an ankle! Hated those fuckinnnn---!!?!! HIGH HEELS! Soleil whined to herself…! Dragged herself up onto her knees as she fell down into the boxes again with Vanessa still bearhugging the shit outta her “Get---offa, MEH!” She swallowed hard as they were up on their sides! Against crushed cardboard boxes and all, all around them!? More were sliding down and falling about as Soleil kicked her black booted legs out to try to tip herself, PULL HERSELF, upright! She fuck panted and started whining mentally for her master, which only reminded her of how she’d fallen from out of favor and gotten booted off the Estate! It did manage to drive her to “NHF…! UHF…! Noooooh, get…!? St-st-ssssss---stop it!” She managed to drag herself to her FEET! With Vanessa still ON HER! Unlike Soleil, Vanessa was well aware of what she was doing! She made Soleil work her ass off to get BOTH OF THEM out of that cardboard mountain of crap! And now as a thank you for her services!? Vanessa immediately got her own black boots to the ground and put the brakes on Soleil’s attempt to get out and get away “Ohhhhh no u don’t!

Soleil immediately whined and shuddered as Vanessa kept the pressure tight around her stomach! While her arms were still FIRMLY PINNED! To her sides! Soleil shut her eyes hard and tight! Once she did that, it broke her! She knew she wasn’t going to open them again until whenever Vanessa got tired of having her way with her and finally KO’d her ass! She’d open them again whenever it was that she woke the fuck up! And that only made her cream from her cunt even harder! Her will to fight was totally gone, she knew that Vanessa was gonna get her to spill her fuckin guts about why she was here! It was all the fuck over now! She whined and struggled, but it was token time now. All that kept hammering her now was that this was why the other higher ranked Maid Enforcers finally ganged up on her and revolted against her! Shit like this! And at that moment she was instantly hit with how Julia Channel and Charmaine Sinclair along with Devin DeRay! Rode her into the ground along with her only supporter, Anna Amore of all people! The three of them fucked the shit out of them and that was that! Without Anna to block the other 3 anymore, it was easy for them to oust her ass, at long last! And they made sure to pass her and Anna around for awhile, making sure that the two of them understood that it was all the fuck over for this Soleil Dynasty shit! This ain’t Africa or China, only dynasty’s around this bitch are sports teams and that fuckin TV-show from the 80’s!

Soleil’s mouth watered over and all she wanted was to feel the hard length of her master’s dick in her mouth! Or the taste of Anna’s cuntlips as she sucked on them and enjoyed for once having that fuckin bitch at her mercy! She missed finally having a powerful bitch like Anna Amore at her beck-&-call, and all honesty it was part of the reason why she was so fuckin afraid of having Ayana under her command and control now. She was certain that Anna was a little stronger than Ayana, but look at how that shit turned out!? All I need, she whined to herself, iz 4 hIM, 2 tell meh whut 2 do…! Jess tell MEH…!? Whut 2do…!!!!! But the moment that she heard no voice, got no commands on what to do…!? In an almost ceremonial fashion she tried to swallow down all of that fuckin cockspit…!? Then her eyes opened to whites for a moment as the sensation of needed to put something in her fuckin mouth and just suck on it like their no fuckin tomorrow for her! Overwhelmed her already ridden into the ground willpower! She moaned and fuck-panted through her nose like a speared bull and actually came on herself while Vanessa was still putting the screws to her with her fuckin BEARHUG! Soleil opened her mouth and hissed hard “HUHHHHHHHHHHUHLLLL----fuck!!!!!” Her tongue hung out hard like a bitch that had been running around for too fuckin long in the hot fuckin sun! Drooling cockspit…! At having the air squeezed the fuck outta her! Then…? The bitching… And whining… started… “Nn-nnh-noh…! Gawd…!!?!! Lemme---goh!” But all that did was make Vanessa squeeze tighter! Fuckinnnn---hate u…! Always…!? Fuh-fuh-fuhkin meh too hard…! Mahster…! Mahster…!? Make’er stop…! Can’t fuhkin…!? Can’t fuhkin----breathe…! Wornnnn---out…! Wear-ing meh---out…! Breaking meh---fuHKiN bitch…! AlL WAys… breaKinG MEH!” Soleil struggled & struggled but she was tired as shit and sore all the fuck over! Parts of her black spandex catsuit were torn & ripped from Vanessa’s long-ass-fuckin, CLAWS! Fuck callin’em fingernails!? She hated that too! She fuckin hated Vanessa’s long ass fuckin nails! Her and Xtacy’s! Xtacy’s were even fuckin WORSE! But even as Soleil was self-destructing and melting down from being caught with her panties down around her ankles yet again by Vanessa! What always made fighting Vanessa worse, to Soleil, was the fact that she had a huge height advantage and it meant next to fuckin nothing! Soleil was a good 4 or 5 inches taller than Vanessa, but she just couldn’t make it work for her! She couldn’t back then, and she most certainly couldn’t right now! So as usual, once it reached this point? Soleil simply started whining “Ge-g-GET oFFAh---meh!” “Let, GOH-A- MEH!!!!”

Havana GingerBut all it did was make Vanessa wetter! Make her hotter! As she knew she’d finally gotten this big brute bitch down! Finally made her give up “I missed hearing…!?” Vanessa planted her feet as Soleil craned her neck and head upwards and kept whining, while Vanessa told her in a huff “I missed hearin that sweet fuckin whinin-a-yours, ya little weak, bitch!” She wanted to put the screws to this dumb cunt hard enough to make her roll over and cough-up why the fuck she’d been interfering in her fuckin operations down here! So she tightened her bearhug with all she had knowing that whenever she heard Soleil bitching like this, it meant she was actually already BROKEN AND BEATEN! Now it was just a matter of finishing off that raunchy-wet-worn and RAGGED CUNT OF HERS! In a manner where she wouldn’t even fuckin DREAM of getting the fuck back up!

All Soleil could do was whine harder as even with her eyes closed she could still see the hazy-glaze of swirling gray lights & shit! She struggled for a second, her fingers curled in a clawing twitch, trapped at her fuckin sides “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnohhhhhh, Gawd…!? Ican—Ican’t---Mahster…!? Failed…! I fuh---Gawf-Gawd, can’t getta---way…! Fuckinnnnn---!?” she coughed up cockspit as Vanessa literally squeezed the last ounce of fight out of her as she gave off a pathetically turned out whine at Vanessa “Cunt!?

But Vanessa had fought Soleil for years, especially in the fetish catfight leagues, she knew, Vanessa fuckin knew, that the only cunt!? That Soleil was talking about was her own, and she made sure to let her know, in a soft, whisper, now that the only sound that she could hear was Soleil’s own hard fuck-panting wheeze with that cock-&-cunt twirling tongue of hers hangin out! And the occasional sounds of Vanessa scuffling around across this loading dock floor, while Soleil’s boots were dragging across it in a doll like fashion, following wherever Vanessa dragged her to “I missed that mouth of yours, you weak little bitch…!”

Soleil’s eyes flinched and stayed closed! But she whimpered as she saw time after time of her fights in the fetish leagues across the United States!? Where she would end up getting worn the fuck out by Vanessa & then get put on her back or some other shit!? Where Vanessa could simply plop her pussy right down on her… FACE! And enjoy the sweet submission of having her cunt eaten out while simultaneously smothering Soleil right to fuckin sleep! Soleil flinched as Vanessa squeezed her again, but this time Soleil also begin creaming over uncontrollably at being put in her place for the untold how many umpteenth time by Vanessa! WoN’t tell!? I---she swallowed hard, I wON’t---talk! MuSN’t! TeLL…! MussNoT… Fuck! Too much…! Ridding MEH…!? TOOhARD…! Cunt…!? All Soleil wanted was to get her fingers into her flinching cunt and fuck herself senseless! She knew she was gonna squeal like a stuck pig about why she had been busting up Vanessa’s illegal operations here and at a few of her other “establishments”. Vanessa hadn’t been paying her operations fees for these latest slew of night-spots and Soleil was determined to bring this information back to Geese and finally be able to get back in good with him! But Vanessa had caught-on to the fact that somebody was shadowing her and spying on shit and she laid the perfect trap and Soleil waltzed right the fuck into it! Cunt soaked and scent raunchy, from her only thought being, I can use this to finally get back in good with my master! Then I can move back to the Estate and he’ll take care of me again! LIKE HE ALWAYS USED TO DO! And with that shit floating around on her mind, it was easy as all hell for Vanessa to simply slip in behind her, and run right up in both Soleil’s soaked sloppy holes!

A big-time talker! And a natural Super-Submissive, Soleil could only hold out for so long before her willpower withered away under the assault of her opponent! When she first started off, she had much more mental stamina, but after x-amount of years after her initial start of high promise and championship status outside the US in places like the Caribbean and South Africa, the competition shifted to a whole-‘nother gear and she just couldn’t keep pace fast enough! Fights with bitches like Anna Amore, Vanessa Blue, Devin DeRay, Asia Carrera, Jenna Jameson and so-on and so-forth!? Took their toll! Shortening her mental stamina to keep that super-sub side of hers in check, long enough to get the fuckin win in a fetish catfight match! And just like now, just like as she was actually still hiding behind a goddamn tree! In the dead early morning air of Sin City-Vegas!? Essentially arguing and ego-tripping, LITERALLY, with a figment of her own fuckin imagination, while simul-fuckin-taneously!? Reliving the times that the two bitches she MIGHT be about to confront!? Put her tits to the floor and ass in the air nude & lewd!? She just didn’t have that kind of fuckin resolve anymore and she knew that shit wasn’t enough anyway from when she started really competing in the bigger leagues with far more fuckin catfighters than in the Caribbean and in South Africa!

Vanessa could smell Soleil’s raunchy creamed over cunt and she whispered aloud “Still can’t fuckin keep your fuckin mind on the matters at hand, huh bitch…?!

Soleil immediately whined, a choked-off, pathetic whine “Uhhf!?” She drew her tongue back into her mouth and swallowed hard and went back to fuck-panting with her tongue hanging back out again and still soaked sloppy wet with cockspit! That pathetic whine of hers was one that confirmed what was just asked, and any fool could hear it and easily understand that all she was looking for now was to be fuckin FUCKED! Nice and hard and deep and put away randy and wet! Like the pathetic little weak bitch she is! Never mind that her cunt flinched when Vanessa asked her that and wouldn’t stop! Her clit was hard as hell and drowning in her cunt cream up underneath her ripped up catsuit! The flinching of her cunt, plus the hard throbbing of her clit and nipples!? Then another squeeze by Vanessa!? Her eyes flinched tighter and she felt her holes flinch tight too and then slack and loosen! She knew Vanessa was gonna ride her in all of her holes all fuckin night till she finally coughed up every little fuckin thing she could even think to tell her! Especially with how wet she always fuckin got! Soleil had creamed all up and down between her legs, but the force of Vanessa’s bearhug made her pathetically bitch-bark! She needed to, she had to!? Make sure! That Vanessa understood that, no! She couldn’t keep her mind on matters now that she’d had her ass handed to her! “Uhhff---!!!!! fuck---!!!!! Stah---stah---stop…! Can’t take anymoreMahster…!? Mahster make’er stop…!

Vanessa made sure to pour it on her as she looked for a spot to finish her off at “You ain’t shit without Geese, you know that, right…?” Now…? Technically, she was fishing. She knew that Soleil worked for him, but rumors had been circulating for awhile that this dumb bitch had gone and fucked herself right the fuck up outta a sweet deal! So Vanessa knew that whatever sound she gave off to answer her question, would tell her exactly where Soleil stood with Geese.

The minute the words hit home with Soleil she immediately groaned “Nnnnnn-noh, Mahster…!? Need…!?” then she nodded mindlessly and shivered as she added even more cunt cream to her already soaked sloppy panties! The feel of the thong up in between her asscheeks and all of that fuckin cunt cream drowning out her asshole!? She soh wanted to be crawling into bed with him right now, just like she always used to! To let him peel her up out of her clothes, and fuck her till she passed the fuck out! But now!? How long ago was it, the last time that he’d fucked her and fed her!? Her eyes showed whites while Vanessa was moving her into position to do something!? But her mind was only on the fact that the heat between her legs, the arms around her waist!? She’d be Vanessa’s bitch tonight and probably for a few nights!!!! Until hopefully, Anna realizes she hasn’t reported in, and comes and saves her ass! And that only made Soleil whine and whimper aloud “Need my Mahster… Need my Mahster…! Too weak…! Too fuckin weak…! I’m sorry, Vanessa… Pleaz…!? Pleaz lemme goh…!?

And Vanessa answered by quickly turning throwing all she had into springing up and backwards off of her FEET! Causing Soleil to bitch-bark LOUD AND HARD FUUUUUCKKKKKK!!!!!!” AS VANESSA SENT HER FLYING BACK INTO THE MOUNTAIN OF CARDBOARD BOXES WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX PIN! SOLEIL SHOT A HARD LOUD LOAD OF HER GIRL-CUM ALL OVER HERSELF! WHILE HER OUTSTRETCHED LEGS QUIVERED AND TREMBLED!!!!! AS VANESSA REMINDED HER OF HOW MERCILESS SHE FUCKIN WAS! PINNING SOLEIL SPREAD-EAGLED AND EXPOSED INTO THE CARDBOARD BOXES ON THE BACK OF HER NECK AND SHOULDERS!!!!! Soleil was more than ready to be Vanessa’s bitch for the next few days! She’d spill her fuckin guts like a good little naught girl that’d been broken in! After that….? Well…? Then she’d have to hope that Anna could find her before Vanessa broke her fuckin completely, turned her out completely! And had her lickin and eaten her cunt for the rest of her fuckin natural goddamn life…!


DOWNLOAD - ProStyle Battle USA (Mandy vs. Jagged) Pt.1
DOWNLOAD - ProStyle Battle USA (Mandy vs. Jagged) Pt.1