Born: September 4th, 1981 Height: 5' 7" Weight: 135lbs Eyes: Brown Orientation: Unknown Years Catfighting: 10
Previous League: BZL (defunct), Video-1, Lonestar League (defunct) Previous Belts: BZL Bootylicious Champ 1x, Video-1 TV Champ 2x’s, Video-1 Tag Champ (with Kelly Rowland) 2x’s, Video-1 Tag Champ (with LeToya Luckett) 2x’s, Lonestar League Lady Champ 1x
Finishing Moves: Beyonce Barrage! (Shoots target into the corner and then hits hard charging backside splash with ass and body, repeats 4x’s or until target falls out of corner on her own), Beyonce Buffalo! (Counter move if Barrage missed, springboards off of 2nd turnbuckle and launches back at target with ass and body!), Stairway to Heaven (Variable Submission Smother with her ass), Beyonce Flash! (Stolen Finisher move from WWE wrestler Billy Gunn’s, Fameasser! Variable finisher, but generally Beyonce delivers cunt or toe kick to target to stoop them over and then vaults up onto the back of their NECK! Bringing them down with her bodyweight and ass face-first to the mat!)
Strengths: Veteran experience, still has untapped potential, ultra-aggressive, attacks exposed weaknesses immediately, high endurance & stamina, built for the long haul and can win long matches, power moves, skilled with body attacks, fast & agile, potential for high flying and aerial moves, great untapped showmanship as a catfighter, some submission moves, some technical moves, can actually fight speed catfighters, willing to work her ass off to get better, leadership potential
Weaknesses: Too much untapped potential, passive aggressive streaks can cause her to lose focus and matches, extremely vulnerable to pressure catfighters who constantly keep on her, takes abnormal damage from speed attacks, previous lack of commitment to catfighting & training leaves her vulnerable to experienced catfighters as she re-trains, ring awareness is limited, weakens immensely as momentum swings against her, vulnerable to smother and submission moves, although high endurance & stamina she is vulnerable to chained-attacks of any kind, stuns too easily from chained attacks, resolve weakens as match goes against her which makes her vulnerable to sudden KO’s

Born in Houston, Texas, Beyonce has had an illustrious career in and out of the ring that has reached an unexpected crossroads in the world of celebrity catfighting. Beyoncé’s road to singing stardom is quite secure and many can say that she is perhaps the greatest R&B singer ever, but for Beyonce, pun intended. The issue has become the fact that she is not and never will be, used to being 2nd place or an average-also-ran. And with the sudden demise of Stone Rage’s Battle Zone League thanks to the ineptitude of the ABA, Beyonce is left looking back on her career in the BZL and seeing that she did not do nearly as much as she thought she did, or hoped she would have. Although cute and cuddly on the outside, Beyonce has no soft cream filling for failure, of ANY KIND!

She has outlasted, outlived, outwitted and overpowered any and all obstacles in her way to total world domination of the music industry! She has done music since she was little and been the dominant female of various incarnations of Destiny’s Child, no matter what the final outcome has been. She has defeated rivals in entertainment where it counts and gone on to be a model minority of diversity with her success in movies and modeling, YET!?!? Her catfighting career, which has really been more of a business move means-to-an-ends type deal. Has actually been a bust! Ten years as a CC and only a total of FIVE BELTS! Spanning over THREE DIFFERENT LEAGUES!?!? She’d never thought about it till well after the fact when Stone Rage stepped down due to the shenanigans of the idiotic ABA. At first she thought that this would just be another stupid situation where they would run amuck for a bit and then Stone Rage would unleash his Fab-4 and simply swat the little sluts like the stupid little flea-bitten bitches that they WERE!

But not this time… This time the ABA under Demi Moore’s leadership, would tank the BZL faster than anyone could save it! Their stock swiping scheme worked! But it worked a little TOO WELL! Under their management the collective list of B & C-Level slut’s slammed the company straight into the ground! Before she could even hope to help bail the BZL out, the doors were closing for the last time and everybody found themselves out on the street! But it was because of this sudden stoppage that Beyonce realized that she had not done a damn thing in the BZL to the level she COULD HAVE! She even had a belt named after her, yet she only won the damn thing ONE TIME. ONE FUCKIN TIME!?!? Faced with this reality, Beyonce decided to hit the gym and stock up on the best trainers possible to teach her some new wrestling moves! During her training she had to come to terms with the fact that her only real chance to shine was when Stone Rage enlisted her and another group of BZL catfighters, to go to Vegas and help the Fab-4 escape from Las Vegas in one piece.

It was a golden opportunity to show what they were made of and Beyonce along with her other three 2nd Generation Fab-4 members, knew it was time to put up or shut up. Well… they ended up shuttin up pretty damn quick! The ABA made short work of “The Rescue Rangers” and then proceeded to humiliate the crap out of all of them! It was a far cry from the old X-Men comic when a new team had to be created to go and save the old team. On the personal level, it gnawed at Beyonce badly that she’d went to Sin City and got her ass handed to her, HARD! Then the same bitches turn around again after getting their butts whipped on TV by the Fab-4! The same tramps turned around and came right back and swiped the rug right from underneath Stone Rage and stole the BZL, only to flat out FUCK IT UP!

The real issue became the constant frustration over never achieving her full potential in the BZL and being totally unaware of the fact that she was, in some ways, SLACKING! Slacking and Beyonce are two words that just don’t fuckin fit together! This only drove Beyoncé’s inner demons to do better as well as to question herself and her awareness of the situation that she had totally missed out on! Now, to you and I, this may seem a bit of a stretch, but for Beyonce these things are facts, not fiction. Being 2nd place is not who she is. Being content with the booby booty prize has never been a part of her MO and the fact that she’d sleepwalked her way through years and years and years of BZL activity only for the store to close and she never got any of the things she wanted from out of that BITCH!?!? Beyonce stands for excellence. Beyonce stands for, THE BEST! Not, the 2nd Best. Her Princess Azula-like attitude of perfection would have gone unfulfilled until she found out that some of the bitches that had beaten her in the BZL had returned to Sin City and were joining up with the newly formed W3W. Beyonce also got a rather unusual letter from the Queen of Creole’s, Lynn Whitfield. Beyonce has been more determined than ever since reading it, for you see… Beyonce herself is ½ Creole, her very name coming from her Creole heritage. Beyonce is slated to attack the W3W full force, summer of 08…