Born: February 11th, 1979 Height: 5' 7" Weight: 119lbs Eyes: Brown Orientation: Bisexual, it’s NOT MAH FAULT! It was Halle’s, BERRY! Blame her… Years Catfighting: 8
Previous League: BZL (defunct), Video-1 (V1), SoCo, ATL Previous Belts: V1-TV Champ 2x’s
Finishing Moves: A Shot of Brandy (cunt-kick followed by a straight shot to the jaw then the heart-tit if target still up!), Royal Command! (Over the shoulder hip-toss where she holds arm and drags target up and delivers 2 more, then hits armbar on the held arm she’s been tossing the bitch by), Mississippi Masala (Trifecta of arm drags where she does not let go after each one, but drags target to her feet and after third arm drag she locks on a cross-armbreaker on the arm she’s been holding)
Strengths: Experienced catfighter, ultra-aggressive, tenacious, has not reached her full potential as a catfighter, good showmanship, devious, evil, Princess Complex, manipulative, treacherous, exploits exposed or perceived weaknesses immediately, solid tag wrestler, eager to learn, can take an ass-whipping, developing technical catfighter, fast, height and reach, developing fighter/brawler, learning submission skills, willing to toady to power, DESPERATE to toady to power, Lynn Whitfield
Weaknesses: Perennial loser, weight and size can easily be used against her, does not hold up against momentum changes, bitter, paranoid and petty, lacks solid power moves and is vulnerable to them as well, can be easily chain-hit, can be easily worn out, low psyche, vulnerable to sudden KO’s, many of her finishing moves can be countered or escaped if the target isn’t worn down enough, overaggressive, overextends, can lose focus and ring awareness as match goes against her, somewhat delusional due to bad history in the catfighting circuit, has developed a number of fetishes and issues that can cost her matches, cannot stand other singers unless they are underneath her control or under her IRON HEEL, hates Kim Kardashian, hates too many people actually

Brandy Rayana Norwood has hit rock bottom finally, but has found an unexpected avenue to return to prominence and glory, maybe! As the former reigning Pop Princess of the 90’s she could do no wrong. By the age of 15 she was already a platinum selling singer and by 18 she was a TV star with her own show without having to have a famous father to blast her a path to fame and fortune! Bitter… is probably not a strong enough word to describe the now Exiled Pop Princess. She entered the V1 league after she began extensive training for the CCC (celebrity catfighting circuit) when she was 16. She saw it as a means to an end and didn’t really attack celebrity catfighting at all, why should she!?!? Was always her thought, ‘specially since everything was coming up roses in her career. Only the desperate celebrities became “catfighters”.

She would dabble in the SoCo League with some degree of success, but Brandy’s star was bright and seemingly everlasting. But the difference between a metaphoric star and the real thing was that a real star, UP IN THE SKY!?!? That thing was gonna be there for far longer than any human beings life span, while being a “star” in entertainment, especially as a singer? Well, the expiration date on that could be far closer than you think, kinda like that whole thing with the side mirrors on your car “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” Well for the Mississippi Matron, meltdown was closer than she realized and it all really started when she opted to become a part of her foster mother, Whitney Houston’s, Team Whitney! In Stone Rage’s, Battle Zone League. Up to this point Brandy was rulin-and-schoolin, UNCHALLENGED and SUPREME POP PRINCESS OF THE FREE WORLD!!!!! Or known universe, whichever one meant that tons of people were sniffin her crotch on a daily basis because she was “the Woman”! However this Similak Child of Black Sheep fame and origin, hit a buzzsaw called the BZL and Team Whitney was utterly DESTROYED! Her record sales began falling off, personal decisions started to blow up in her face! Kobe Bryant was running his mouth about their so-called relationship! And worse than that her mother, Whitney, was hitting the wall of life thanks to an ill-advised marriage with bad boy Bobby Brown.

By 2001 Brandy was in very rough waters for a woman who had once held the entire world in the palm of her hand. The end came in a series of beatdowns that she took in the BZL! Team Whitney flew apart and Brandy summarily left from the BZL without a word to anyone. She would return to V1 and get her ass handed to her there too! She left there after 2 years of butt-whippings and joined the ATL, only to continue to do subpar slop work both in the ring and outside of it. Things would continue in this downward spiral of stagnation where she hopped from league to league, usually between V1, SoCo and ATL, making no headway whatsoever! Her musical career would implode and so would her personal life! The last straw would be an accident on the 405 Freeway which resulted in the unintentional death of a woman due to Brandy’s negligence at the wheel. Devastated by the accident, Brandy soon found herself fighting to stay out of jail for vehicular manslaughter! Right on the heels of this was the family of the deceased looking to make her pay for her irresponsible behavior with a multi-million dollar lawsuit!

Brandy’s fate would hang by a thread and she would try to use the ring as a means of venting her frustrations, to no avail. By mid-2007, Brandy had managed to avoid jail and pay-off the civil suit, leaving her destitute. She spent the rest of 07 in seclusion trying to get her life back in order. She would come out of seclusion in 08 due to an invitation by former Team Whitney member, Angela Bassett. With nothing left to lose the Exiled Princess returned to the beginning of the end, the old Team Whitney Training Hall in the outskirts of Beverly Hills…