Born: July 11th, 1973 Height: 5' 10" Weight: 125lbs Eyes: Brown Orientation: Bisexual Measurements: 41DD-23-38 Years Catfighting: 16 years
Previous League: Southwest-CFL, 3XL, The BBA (Black Beauties of America), Azure Noir (defunct), FF (Fetish and Fantasies)-CF, BDSM America, various other indie CCC
Previous Belts: Southwest-CFL Champ 3x’s, FF (Fetish and Fantasies)-CF Champion 5x’s, FF-CF Jr. Champ 3x’s, FF-CF Corset Queen 6x’s, BDSM Mistress of America (Champion) 3x’s, various minor belts and awards from active and inactive companies
Finishing Moves: Madness (uses top rope missile dropkick to send opponent to the mat while she immediately runs to another corner, scales it, and then hits top rope splash on the tits of the downed opponent), Barebacking a Bitch! (cunt-kick into a standing Frankensteiner where she makes sure to keep them underneath her as she sits forward on her hands ands gets her legs free so she can then bring her full weight back down with both knees to the bitches TITS! She then sits forward AGAIN! And then brings her full weight down to SIT on the bitches TITS! She then repeats this in a rapid fashion which makes it look like she’s either riding a horse or fucking, either way, not good for the bitch underneath her), Hogtie and Takedown (cunt-kick and then belly-to-belly driver immediately followed by breast smother as she sits on her tits bearing down on her for submission/KO).
Strengths: Veteran experience, complete package, great fuck-fighter, ultra-aggressive, high endurance and stamina, can take an ass-whipping, attacks perceived and exposed weaknesses immediately, intuitive catfighter, skilled in BDSM and knows how to employ it against others, great tag wrestler, great stablemate & teammate, leadership qualities, great showmanship, devious, knows how to use size to her advantage, fast, able to win long matches, good ring awareness, abilities increase when managed or following orders from Geese, abilities increase when working with Devon Michaels and/or Sandee Westgate, abilities increase dramatically when working with ranked Maid Enforcers and/or Geese
Weaknesses: Has reached her full-potential as a catfighter, suffers from rare brain disorder which can cause random mood swings or impulsive behavior, takes abnormally high damage from high flying attacks, can be chain-hit easily by skilled opponent, suffers from BDSM fetishes and they can cause her to lose matches, tits, vulnerable to sudden KO’s from repeated attacks to tits, vulnerable to power moves the longer the match goes, actually has low psyche but is good at masking it, constant pressure by opponents decreases her resolve and awareness, long doses of momentum by opponent while taking punishment weakens her severely, vulnerable to sudden KO’s from losing her sub-assistants (Devon and Sandee) in a match, repeated submission moves wears her out mentally allowing for easy KO, attacking her WITH other Maid Enforcers causes abnormal damage and affects, overaggressive as a fuck-fighter which allows her to be worn down or wear herself out

Devin DeRay is 3rd-in-command of all of Geese’s Maid Enforcers. Devin’s history is an interesting one that has taken her from the rural country of Indiana, to the bright lights and big cities of LA, Hollywood, NYC and even Philadelphia! No seriously, Philadelphia! All jokes aside Devin has been invaluable to her master since day one, but to reach that point required her to have to go head on through some rough waters where she had to find out that there were no different angles, no clever solutions, no trickety-trick that was gonna remove the roadblocks! And that sentence is a paraphrase that I always wanted to use! No trickety-trick? Priceless, ahem, ANYWAY! Devin DeRay was adopted by a rural family in Indiana and grew up on a farm. She became and still is an accomplished equestrian and animal lover, she has her own section on Geese’s Estate where she often times disappears to so that she can commune with nature and the animals that she loves. It is the addition of Devin that is actually the reason why Geese’s Estate is located tucked away from Sin City, yet able to reach it in a hurry if necessary by copter or by the infamous Black Fleet of Dodge Chargers.

Growing up in the country makes Devin one big ole Country Girl! But Devin also suffers from a rare chemical imbalance that at times affects her moods. Ironically most of her life in the countryside offset this rare disease which borders on a number of personality disorders when unattended to. The main reason why Devin generally stays within the tranquil and controlled settings of the Estate, is because it helps her avoid having to take the prescription medications necessary for alleviating her condition. Indeed, as some of the local populace of Sin City have found out. If Devin is at your doorstep and she tells you to do something? Its best you do as she says, least you set-off one of her more impulsive urges and wind up hurt or worse. The fact of the matter is that it was actually never a problem when she was growing up, it wasn’t till she decided that she wanted to finally step away from the countryside and not only see the big city!? But be BIG TIME in the big city! It her size, shape and sultry looks, it was only natural that she gravitated towards the front of a camera and at first she only did modeling, but after awhile the lure of nude modeling called, and so she answered. It’s still unknown how much of this was Devin’s thinking and desires or subtle shades of her illness influencing her. Either way, she quickly became a hot-commodity in the modeling world and the nude glamour modeling world.

The attention, the lights, THE PEOPLE, THE MEN!!?! Ohhhh boy did the men come a runnin! And she thoroughly enjoyed the attention. One of the running men was an agent from 3XL. Devin was already a bit of a rough and tumble tomboy, so she went to the open house and that really was where she got into porn. Watching the women fight it out and wrestle and touch each other and vie for dominance!?!! The power to control another woman, the same way she loved to reign in a new horse… The struggle to earn its trust… The various test’s of wills that the especially stubborn ones can put up? As she watched these bikini and wrestling clad beauties battle it out she knew that the thrill of breaking one of them in, or maybe even being broken in herself… It made her eager to see if all of those years of working on her parents farm and raising all those animals, driving cattle and busting broncos on her uncle’s ranch!? Could she do the same thing to a woman? It made her horny to see if she would win the day or be the win of the day for somebody else…

She wasted no time training and she worked her ass off! She was already in marvelous shape! She also began doing porn and she threw herself into both with reckless abandon! It wasn’t long before she was in heavy demand and also getting attention from the high-profile stars of Hollywood and professional sports. Everything was moving at a whirlwind-breakneck pace! She stayed with the 3XL for a few years but found that what she really enjoyed was fetish work! So she skipped out on the 3XL, much to their dismay, and joined the Azure Noir League. It is here that she met Anna Amore, another fetish fashionista! The two collided like fire and water and they put on memorable matches much to the delight of the fans and management. When Devin decided to move on, she had become good friends with Anna. Devin then decided to move on to BDSM America and further hone her skills in both catfighting and fuck-fighting. She continued to turn out blazing hot porn while all the while she was burning the candles at both ends. She became BDSM Mistress of America and ruled with an iron fist! Her matches became prized by outsiders and BDSM America quickly surpassed Azure Noir as the dominant brand in fetish fighting! Then abruptly, Devin QUIT! She wanted more and she wanted more NOW! She joined Fetish and Fantasies, the FF-CF and quickly dominated the bitches there and made her way to the top of their rankings! She also got engaged to a noted LA Lakers basketball star of the time and the two were posed for marriage. But she couldn’t draw herself away from the limelight of porn and kinky catfighting! Then the jet-setting nightlife and THE MONEY!?!?

Things spun out of control in more ways than one. She began suffering massive headaches as she continued to catfight and fuck-fuck and porn movies and modeling and hitting the clubs and stepping out on the red-carpet events with her soon-to-be-husband and taking more and more painkillers to stop her migraines and sleepless nights spun into sleepless days or days of sleep! But a funny thing happened on the way to totally meltdown… Her sense of judgment became worse and worse, and her headaches became more and more severe, but… Her memory… her ability to remember even the slightest of things… began to increase dramatically, exponentially, as her need for more and more painkillers increased. She couldn’t function anymore… but she was fully aware… of everything that went on around her. On the verge of total collapse, she finally got some answers from her doctors and the news was not what she or her boyfriend wanted to here. Her condition and the means of treating it would most definitely draw both of them aware from the glitz and glamour of the bright lights big city lifestyle that they lived if they didn’t want Devin to be pumped up on prescription medication… He wasn’t ready to move away from the city and she wasn’t prepared for his sudden ending of the relationship. She went on a binge and he went on with his life, eventually? Devin had no choice but to retreat back to the countryside and give up everything if she wanted a shot at life, before her condition surpassed any chance of righting itself BY ITSELF.

She used her money to buy her own farm, buy her own livestock and animals, far away from the big city. She disappeared from any kind of public life for years and probably would have stayed gone if not for missing the limelight, missing the action in and out of the ring. It would be this return to porn and the Southwest CFL that would bring her into the sights of Geese Howard…