Born: April 4th, 1973 Height: 5’7” Weight: 120lbs Eyes: Brown Orientation: Bisexual Measurements: 34D-23-34 Years Catfighting: 7
Previous League: 3XL, Vegas Catfight Club
Previous Belts: 3XL FFC (Fuck-Fighting) Champ 2x’s, Vegas Catfight Club Queen 2x’s
Finishing Moves: California Dreamin (Tit-smother submission), California Romance (Facesitting or chest-sitting smother submission), California Country (Grabs bitch and backflips as far and as hard as she can, she uses this as a counter against charging opponents using their own momentum and strength against them), California Freedom (Again uses opponents charge or momentum against them and hits them with a Standing Hip-Toss, followed by an immediate Leg-Drop to their tits or throat once they hit the ground)
Strengths: Veteran Experience, great at smother submission moves, aggressive, great at body attacks and charging, great at using opponents momentum/speed against them, quick, great at scouting out opponents, abilities increase when under orders from Geese, solid ring awareness, great tag catfighter, Mistress of BDSM, able to take an ass-whipping, good fuck-fighter, good power moves that increase as she has momentum, some speed moves which also increase with her own momentum, able to withstand opponents momentum, knows her limits, does not submit, abilities increase when working with or for Kelly Hu, abilities increase when working with Maid Enforcers, Princess Complex
Weaknesses: Rusty as all hell from long-term undercover assignment/this will wear off now that Kelly Hu has been brought back to the Estate, robbing her of momentum actually stifles much of her ability to win matches, arrogant to the point of stupidity which flares up at odd times usually costing her matches among other things, tits, although a skilled Maid Enforcer her awareness drops dramatically when she is directly in combat herself, long boughts of taking punishment wears her out and then she can easily be Sudden KO’d, can be overpowered in fuck-fights

Mason Marconi has always lived in two-worlds and never found much of what she’s wanted in either. She came to Geese’s attention solely because she used to pose in the Black American porn magazine Pictorial, under the name of Ashley, during the early 90’s. A half-breed, Mason resented being stuck between the desertion of her Black American father, the bitterness of her White Italian mother, and the fact that they lived in a well-to-do California suburb where she was constantly picked-on because of it. To call her a woman with an axe-to-grind is too light and rightfully so. She turned to posing nude strictly for the attention that she never got in a good way from boys growing up. She stumbled upon Geese at a Players funtion, which was the parent company for Pictorial Magazine. Back then she was easy to spot and although she tried to keep up appearances she was not too comfortable with who she was and what she felt and it showed. Word had gotten out that she was a bit “difficult” at shoots and wanted the sun, moon and stars while she looked like she was from Mars.

The real issue was her attitude, moreso than her looks and after a few choice words with another guest, Mason decided to leave. It was at that time when Geese left nearly an hour later he was told by Julia that “Ashley” was “acting funny” near the garage of one of the villa’s on the grounds. They found her sitting in the garage debating whether or not she should turn the car on with the door closed and all the windows shut so that, you get the idea. She’d gotten so lost in talking to herself that she’d unwittingly already turned on the car, but hadn’t realized that she was sealed in and slowly choking herself out with the fumes from the exhaust. Not wanting to ruin the hosts function Geese and Julia quietly got Ashley out of her car and gave her a ride back to her home. During the ride home Ashley, at the end of her rope, stated quite frankly that that was the first time that someone honestly went out of their way for her without expecting something back from her. After a bit of conversation she eventually revealed that the desertion of her father wasn’t the only thing that bothered her, but it was the out-and-out cruelty of the kids she grew up with that pissed her off to no end. She made a lot of compromises growing up and they never were worth it in the end. Then once she started to learn more and more about life and the world and how her being half-Black was viewed…

She didn’t exactly make it a habit of telling anyone anything unless they asked, especially since some changed their opinions of her once they found out that she was actually half-White. She had decided that she was going to use the money she was making from posing for the Black magazines, to pay for the necessary surgeries to be able to get into the White magazines, something… that made Geese… laugh at her. Something she certainly didn’t appreciate, till he explained that all she was doing was “passing” as White, while trying to get back at her father by exploiting that side of her that was Black. Once he explained why some Whites walked away from her for passing, he made it crystal clear that regardless of what anyone else says, nobodies going to stay cool with someone who’s ashamed of who they are, nobody. And the ones that do, only do it for the sideshow circus feel of it. After a long and heated exchange Geese gave her his card, told her to give him a call when things finally fall down, BUT!? Don’t let things go TOO FAR! Perplexed… Ashley went on her way and sure enough she disappeared from Black magazines and reappeared as Mason Marconi in Penthouse, actually becoming Pet of the Month in October of 97. It was at this point that she decided to call Geese because quite frankly… she had no place left to go…

Geese came back to California and picked up Mason who had wrapped up her Penthouse obligations. He made it crystal clear that he could see her quite clearly, something that Mason made a point of stating that their conversation years ago had really affected her and her outlook on things. Long story short… she’d had a number of adventures since they’d last met and she’d even done some catfighting too. Since they’d met early under her attempts to pass, Geese taught her about the in’s-and-out’s of espionage work, something that she thoroughly enjoyed. Mason would go on to specialize in corporate raiding for Geese, by posing as the infamous secretary that high-powered pencil-dicked fools just couldn’t wait to hire for the sole purpose… of trying to fuck them. He acquired a number of companies and holdings solely because this until he called her back and sent her on a long-range assignment… She took the offer and set-off for California again, where she became a professional assistant to the stars. A little buffing up of the resume and her cover was perfect. She worked for a number of high-profile celebs and even did secretary showdowns for the “amusement” of some of her employers, where she fought against their assistants not only for bragging rights, but also other sidebar deals that sometimes led to indie-productions and the like. Eventually… her real target took interest in her when Kelly Hu’s publicist recommended Mason to Kelly, and the rest was all too easy for Mason…