Nightmares of Erotic City II

Lucy vs. Vivica… Round 2 Reflections 1

Featuring Charmaine Sinclair, Julia Channel, Halle Berry, Salma Hayek, Kelly Hu and Mason Marconi

Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the Prom Queen.
-Sean Connery, from the movie the Rock-

“Well, well, well?! Look what the cat dragged in?” the low-light was perfect for this soon to be brutal back alley brawl between two bitter-ass rivals…

Even hearing that shit from this smug-ass, SKANK HO, is bullshit “You’d think you’d know better not to talk about a cat getting dragged anywhere, especially with your stank ass cooch.

“Funny… Realllly---funny.” She actually was annoyed by the bullshit, but her condescending smirk and fuck-off bitch look, made it crystal clear that she expected no quarter and intended to give no quarter either “You always were one for more mouth, than actual action.”

Oh u fuckin “Let’s not waste too much time talkin, oh-kay?

Vivica wanted to make it absolutely clear to Halle that she understood that the shit stopped, NOW! They’d come here, alone, and prepared. No ref, no friends! No entourage, just the two of them, just like ollllle times. Vivica was decked out in a red and black corset. The body of it was red with black trim around the bottom edges. A strapless corset, it was held up by clasps down the center of her back, hard to strip off and that was the point. The black lace wrist bangles were exactly that, nothing more than laced black material that doubled as a concealable form of wrist support. They didn’t set her back any real amount of money, not with her old contacts and costume designers from her BBA days happy as hell that she’d decided to come back to the squared circle of celebrity catfighting! As for Salma?

“How long r u going to stand there, Vivica?” Salma smiled as she savored Vivica’s blatant copy of her corset style of catfighting gear “Look, I know you’re still scared witless and shitless from our last fight, but come on?” Salma was sporting a black corset with gray inlaid flame-like patterns, around her TITS! She motioned quickly to the corner over Vivica’s right shoulder and told her “At least you’ve got Julia in your corner again, so?”

Even in the low-light of this wrestling ring, Vivica could clearly see everything. She quickly glanced over and saw the fact that Julia was hiked up over the turnbuckle corner! Ass hangin all out, as she too was sporting a latex red corset! But the thing that would catch anyone’s eye was the fact that Julia had two sloppy slick-and-thick, clear glass rods, dildoes! Stuffed in both of her already creamed over and cummed-up, GLORYHOLES! Vivica winced and gasped “JULIA!?” But then she felt the ring start to shake slightly and her instincts kicked in at the fact that Salma was coming right the fuck at her! FULL FUCKIN SPEED!

“She’s really all fucked up and cummed on because of you, you know?” Salma leaned across the coffee table and looked at Vivica accusingly “If you were a better leeeeeader?” she sipped her coffee “This kind of shit wouldn’t happen.” Vivica crossed her legs and tried to ignore Salma as she didn’t want to look directly over into the ring area, especially since they were enjoying a nice cup of coffee her in the Estate kitchen “You’re not even going to look at her?” Salma couldn’t be “So?” she set her cup down as her nipples pressed hard against the soft inside padding of her corset, then she softly told the clearly shying away Fox that “U talked allllllll of that shit? And now u aren’t even going to take any kind of responsibility?

Julia ChannelVivica huffed and sipped while her right-leg began to flitter up and down impatiently as she could smell the scent of Julia’s wet-sloppy pussy over in the other room. This bitch? Tryin ta get in my head, Vivica set her cup down slowly and glared over at Salma “I’m not playing this game witchu, Salma.

But Salma smirked hard and quickly nodded “I see,” she got her bearings, damn near choking on her coffee, but she got it down while almost laughing at Vivica’s audacity! Then she Mmmmhph!?!?!” Then she semi-nodded in agreement and quickly told Vivica as soon as she cleared her throat “I see your ghettoness! Comes out when you get angry. Or maybe my universal translator for Black trash isn’t working right now!?” Vivica’s eyes went wild as she turned back towards Salma, while they stood in the ring and Salma was nose-to-nose with her, or as best as her short-ass could pull it off! But either way, she was looking up at her and was quick to point out that “Last time we fuckin fought, you called me some racial shit, soh? I see you don’t care for that kinda crap. At least this proves you’re Black.” NOW!? Vivica was about to choke this bitch the fuck out, but Halle was slowly circling her and asking her “Why are you standing there like that? Even for you, this is odd.” Vivica backed up and her eyes shifted around as she tried to figure out…!? Just what the fuck was going on here!?!?! But then Julia whispered in her ear the fact that “You left meh to rot in dat fight wif Salma, how can I trust you to lead when you couldn’t even finish off a bitch I’d weakened for you?

Vivica quickly muttered back “Is now really the time to talk about this!?

But Julia was right in her ear with a sultry but soft “Yes. No better time than the present, no?” She then licked Vivica’s ear which caused Vivica to draw away from her and turn to see the fact that Julia was still ass-up over in the corner and QUITE OUT!?!?!

“Whut’s the matter, not quite as tough as you try to come off, trash!”

Vivica turned right around to the sound of Salma’s voice just to get speared by Halle and driven down into the pile of box cartons and plastic wrap back here behind the BBA Black Box Arena “YOU OUGHTA PAY ATTENTION, ANJI! I AIN’T WAITIN AROUND FOR YOU TO GET YOUR HEAD INTO THIS FIGHT!” The two of them wrestled around in these easily crushed cardboard boxes!

But Vivica was still trying to get her head on straight as she could tell that it was summertime!?!?! But she never recalled, FUCK IZ GOIN ON HERE!? GET “U fuckin!?” Vivica managed to get her black boot up into Halle’s corset covered GUT! And KICK OUT! Sending Halle yelping backwards and rolling end over end briefly! Fuck is this shit!? I thought I was at the Estate getting fucked senseless by that little Attention-whore, Lucy!?

“Who says you’re not?” Julia stood off to the side calmly watching with a red handled cat-a-nine tails in her hand “I know this much. Whether it’s real or not, if you don’t do something Halle and Salma are gonna kick your ass good, no?

Vivica glanced at Julia as she fought her way out of the heap of crushed crap around her “A little help here!?”

“Sure!” Salma hit Vivica with a standing CHEST-PRESS SPLASH! Bringing her corset covered tits crashing down on Vivica’s!

“AHGHK!” Vivica flinched hard as she could barely see the mat lights shining down on her while Salma was all on top of her trying to do SOMETHING!?!?! “DAMMIT!” she cursed, as if Salma cared! Fuck is GOIN ON HERE! But Julia crouched down next to her, no panties at all and said “Non? Why are you so surprised by all of this, Vivica?”

Vivica continued to struggle as Salma asked her the same question “I knew you were fashionably challenged! But I didn’t know that u were touched in the fuckin head too!” Vivica finally rolled Salma off of her, SORT OF! They were really still locked up with each other struggling to get a better fuckin position until Vivica rolled on top of Halle and mounted her! Tried to get her fuckin hands AROUND HER THROAT! Gonna make u pay for sellin meh out, BITCH! But Halle quickly REVERSED IT and got VIVICA flat onto her back and mounted HER! Another round of hard driving and jostling and then they were both back on their sides! A tangled mess of arms and hands fighting back and forth to get control of the situation! “You two aren’t very good.” Julia sighed “Can’t one of you at least pretend to know how to wrestle and establish some sort of order.” Vivica sucked her teeth and even Halle rolled her eyes at Julia, who simply sighed again and shrugged her shoulders “Two dogs fucking is more interesting than this dry-humping crap that you two beached whales call catfighting.”

Without warning Halle stopped fighting and swiftly moved into Vivica’s personal space and started kissing her! “That’s better,” Julia nodded in an almost childlike fashion “Make love, not war.”

Salma then abruptly spun Julia towards her and gut-punched the CRAP OUTTA HER “SHUT UP U FRENCH, FUCKER!” Julia clutched her midsection trying to figure out what the fuck was the purpose of a PVC corset if the fuckin thing FELT tough and durable on the outside!?!?! But would allow a border jumper like Salma to gut punch the piss outta her! She mindlessly mouthed the fact that her corset had to be… “Made in America, shit!

But Salma only got angrier as she then gave Julia a double-axe handle to the back of her fuckin neck as she told her “GO TA SLEEP, PORN POON!” Julia BITCH-BARKED and went down to the canvas in a heap while Salma looked around wild-eyed demanding to know “How the FUCK did I GET HERE!?” Vivica and Halle were still making out on the fur skin rug in front of the “Fireplace?” Salma muttered, then she “Did we just go from a fuckin wrestling mat to this cheesy-ass, clichéd assed fireplace log cabin like lounge setting!? What the fuck is this, a Bud Adams movie?!?!”

Halle then slowly parted lips with Vivica and spoke loud enough to make sure Salma could hear her “Stop spazzin out, Salma?

Without warning Julia rolled over and crawled over onto the bearskin rug and told Halle “The word spaz has a different meaning in Europe than your American colloquialism.”

Salma huffed and angrily approached the bearskin that all three of them were on as she told Julia the fact that “You’re getting on my nerves. This time…? I’m gonna make sure you go down and stay down.”

Julia rolled her eyes and sighed “As if I’ve never gone down and stayed down before? You’re such a fuckin amateurish brute bitch, Salma. It’s the same reason why I had you stricken from the list.” Now Salma stopped and Julia also had Halle and Vivica’s attention, so? She decided to put it to good use “You think u ken just barge into the Master’s business like some bull in ze China shop.”

But Vivica looked at Julia and almost laughed “Now you’re just fakin your own accent.”

“True.” Julia admitted, but then she heard the angry snorting breath of Salma and she quickly prattled out the fact that “You could have been invited to join, Salma! But your temper is just as bad as Vivica’s and Halle’s.” Now Halle looked surprised and she started to defend herself and ask why Julia said what she’d said, but Julia told her “Come now, other people think u are the innocent victim, but the Master expects me 2 do a thorough search, check and survey, along with an observation, so u can drop the pretense. I still remember how you hit that man and fled the scene, Halle.” Halle’s eyes widened in an unwanted reminder and she quickly kept quiet. But Julia could sense the fact that “Salma, sit down, please.” Salma glared at her, but Julia insisted “No, please. Right here, come and join us and take off your boots.” Salma looked at Julia, Halle and Vivica, and found that all three were already out of their boots. So she…? Slowly… got out of hers… Still looking at the others… carefully, she walked over and joined them, much to Julia’s delight “Good. Now you and Halle… will proceed to fuck Vivica’s brains out, right now.”

Now it was Vivica’s turn to recoil back while Salma… didn’t move an inch and Halle…? Thought about it… But didn’t respond. Sooooh… In response to their lack of cooperation… Julia sighed… and then slowly stripped off her clothes as she reluctantly said “Fine.” She came up out of her PVC cherry red corset. Left her matching red ankle boots on as well as the S&M style red PVC chainless-cuffs that she had on. Then she softly told them all “You can fuck my brains out then. It is soh unfair to be this sexy and beautiful and smart and irresistible, woe iz me. Such cruel fate, c’est la vie.” Each one of them, Halle, Salma and Vivica, was still trying to figure out what the fuck was really going on here!?!?! But Julia was determined to let the moment speak for itself and see which one of these dumb fucks could finally catch-on and carpe diem “Okay…? Who wants to go first?


Both ladies were dressed in black upper-body leotards… and black high ankle wrestling boots! The crowd had already been delighted by the back and forth from the clear animosity that these two have for each other. And their speed and skill? Made it that much better! Both of them were sporting fingerless gloves, one wore gold, the other wore mustard colored yellow, but neither wore anything but contempt on their face for the other. Both of their manes of hair were tied into a single long ponytail by a ribbon, that matched the color of their gloves and their leotards highlighted their nice Yellow American asses beautifully. Make no mistake about it that neither of these women had any kind of yellow streak going up their spines! Especially after that last exchange where one of them nearly got her teeth kicked in! The owner of the G3L actually came down from her skybox and was now trying to decide whether or not to end this fuckin match before one of these ladies got seriously hurt. She knew they had bad blood but she didn’t want it spilled all over her ring! But the match was hyped up and well deserved! The G3L Arena was packed to capacity to see Champion vs. Champion, ROUND TWWWWWWWWWO! But what started off as a great idea!? Had now become such a… seriously bad idea.

But while Gail Gardner continued to fret from ringside, the two battling beauties in the ring had studied each other long enough. They were close to the same height with the G3L Champ!? Wearing gold gloves and standing a few inches taller than the G3L Intercontinental Champ! In the yellow gloves. The capacity crowd of 7,000 was up on their feet as they finally darted back at each other again! A literal lunge punch by the Champ!? Where she actually left her feet and pushed off with her opposite leg! Barely sailed clear of the IC champ’s heart-tit! She managed to spin and went with a backhand to catch the Champ in the back of the neck! But found no one home as the Champ had rolled through when her attack missed! The IC Champ didn’t follow though, she simply righted herself and kept her fighting stance as the Champ was already back to her feet and facing her with about 15 feet! Between them “I see you didn’t bother to run in on me this time.” Dumb cunt.

“You would’ve loved that, wouldn’t you?stupid fucker.

Of course, of course. Let’s try again, shall we?bitch.


And so they did! They came straight at each other and matched each other punch for punch with a flurry of evasions and counters, as well as blocks and counterpunches! Then the IC Champ threw in a quick KNEE! Which was batted down with both hands by the Champ! But it allowed the IC Champ to sting her with a shot, a punch! From that very same side of her body that she’d throw the knee-kick from! The minute that her knee-kick had been blocked downward!? She used that to add to the power of her punch, literally carrying the momentum from her stomp straight up into a straight SHOT! That sent The Champ staggered hard as shit! The IC Champ didn’t waste any time in tossing out another shot from her other hand that tagged the Champ square in the mouth this time! It didn’t go unanswered because while she connected to The Champs mouth!?!?! She reeled from the fact that!? The Champ simply ate ANOTHER of her PUNCHES!?!?! Solely so she could unload a jumping sidekick straight to her WAIST! The IC Champ grit her teeth as she was knocked sideways! While The Champ regained her balance and came in with a standing kick that quickly connected to the already reeling IC Champs, BODY! Reeling again the IC Champ tried to put some distance between herself and the Champ, but the Champ wasn’t trying to let Lucy get away! But the last thing Lucy needed was another unwanted FOOT MASSAGE from Kelly Hu, of all people! Try as she might, Kelly matched her step-for-step and unloaded another kick! But Lucy ducked underneath her slightly taller opponent! And just BARRELLED INTO HER! Kelly CRIED OUT as Lucy took her to the mat! While she was still in the full-extension of her kick! Lucy folded her up like a 2-dollar bill! Loving every minute of it! She quickly gave Kelly some rabbit-punches to the gut and hip! While Kelly was still trying to get her fuckin bearings and crying out in anguish and anger at what the fuck’d just happened to her!

Lucy had the momentum back and she was determined to KEEP IT! She’d already lost the G3L title to Kelly once before, no way am I gonna lose twice to you, bitch! Lucy actually muscled Kelly up and gave her a shot to the gut! But she felt the fact that Kelly had once again gotten the palms of both her hands into position and met her force, with force! Blocking her again! I hate that shit! But if Lucy was mad about that!?!? She wasn’t wild about Kelly quickly exploding her hands outwards from a block to an attack! The side chops to her body weren’t meant to do anything but annoy and annoy they did! Lucy backed off a little as Kelly’s hands caught her in the mid-section, semi-startling her! Kelly brought her hands back in for a pair of open palm strikes but Lucy beat her to the punch, LITERALLY! CATCHING THE G3L CHAMP RIGHT IN HER HEART-TIT WITH THE VERY SAME FIST THAT SHE’D MANAGED TO BLOCK A SECOND AGO! Kelly winced and part of her body got turned which fucked up her stance, never mind that her palm shots had been countered! Lucy didn’t try for anything fancy! She wasn’t here for style-points! She was here to beat Kelly’s ass and get her fuckin belt back! So she unloaded with an open-hand strike of her own while stepping into an already off-balance Kelly! Who quickly regained her balance and turned her body hard, right at the left shoulder! As Lucy was trying to score another shot to her heart-tit! Lucy literally came up just short as Kelly’s right hand! Open palmed, caught her at the wrist and deflected her strike just wide of its target!

Lucy gasped and regained her composure remembering that it was this kinda bullshit that Kelly used last time to beat her! Quickly Lucy came with her left hand trying to catch Kelly as she was all twisted up with her own arm across her body! But Kelly brought her right hand back towards Lucy! As a BACKHAND! Not losing an ounce of speed! And Lucy was forced to grab Kelly’s wrist and stop her! Now it was Lucy’s turn to reign in her own deflected attack! Quickly bringing her right arm back in as Kelly took one step back while fighting against Lucy’s block and GRAB! Of her backhand! Within seconds Lucy’s attempted right-handed attack was GRABBED by Kelly! Which frustrated the fuck out of Lucy! The two of them groaned hard as hell and then Kelly got her foot up and into Lucy’s midsection causing Lucy to cry out as Kelly monkey-flipped her! The minute Lucy slammed onto her back she rolled over onto her stomach and DIDN’T GET UP! Instead she swiped with BOTH HER HANDS and sure enough!? She caught Kelly who had rolled over and almost gotten to her feet in order to stay on Lucy! She’d caught Kelly right at the ankles and quickly YANKED! Causing Kelly to bitch-bark and actually came down on Lucy, because she was practically on top of her in the first fuckin place! For all of the grace they’d just shown they now looked like two dogs fucking as they quickly tried to get the upper-hand on one another! But Lucy’s clever move had put Kelly on top of her and now it wasn’t so clever anymore as Kelly got a front-facelock on her!

Lucy tried to get out to no avail and Kelly was trying to float over and get onto Lucy’s back, to no avail! Then Lucy struck Kelly with a palm shot that made Kelly’s whole body shake and she QUICKLY let go! The moment she scurried backwards Lucy scrambled to her feet and then came at her with a quick running-dropkick that caught Kelly as she was trying to get to her feet! Kelly cried out again and was sent to the mat hard! Panting and visibly fucked up! She rolled and scrambled, TURNING HER BACK TO LUCY! As she hurried to her feet while Lucy came in on her from behind! Then without warning she went down onto her hands as if she was about to take a dive for the ropes!? But all she did was set-up a mule-kick that caught Lucy square in the TITS! Lucy cried out bitterly and was actually launched off of her fuckin feet and onto her back, HARD! She rolled over and clutched her chest as she tried to shake off the cobwebs! Then she gasped in shock as Kelly came at her with a running legdrop! Lucy rolled as if her life depended on it! And sure-enough!? She actually got fuckin clear! Causing Kelly to cry out bitterly as she ate all mat on her ass and legs! Lucy got to her feet as Kelly winced and struggled to her own feet, smarting from her missed move! The similarities were all too obvious between the two of them and both of them knew it! Kelly managed to duck Lucy’s short-running spinning heel kick! Which sent Lucy sailing over and past Kelly who went gasping to the canvas in shock at how close she’d come to getting her fuckin head kicked in! Lucy rolled through the miss and was thanking her lucky fuckin stars that she hadn’t just fucked herself by missing!

Kelly was already to her feet and racing towards the ropes, AGAIN with her back to Lucy! While Lucy was getting back to her own feet! By the time Kelly rebounded off the ropes Lucy was ready for her! They both were racing at each other when Kelly went with a flying crossbody! While Lucy was still uncurling herself to try to dropkick the bitch outta the air! Kelly’s crossbody took Lucy out of the air hard and fast! And Lucy cried out as Kelly smashed her to the mat! Instincts took over as Lucy kicked out! While Kelly had attempted a pin! The moment that Lucy got Kelly off of her the question became could Lucy break the preprogrammed advantage that Kelly now had on her once she got her down with her flying crossbody block! MIND YOU!? If Lucy would’ve caught Kelly!? That probably would’ve been it! But since she didn’t that shit didn’t matter now! What mattered was getting out of this loop of Kelly pressing her advantage with speed move on top of speed move in order to either get a quick surprise pin! Or hit her with one of her fucked-up kick finishers like she did last fuckin time! So here we go…

The moment that Lucy bridged out of the pin!? Kelly rolled up and over, off of Lucy’s body! And the mad scramble was on! Lucy rolled to her right, her first mistake. To her left put her a bit closer to the ropes! She tried to get her bearings to see what the fuck Kelly was doing so she’d know what to do, but since the bitches were equal in terms of speed!? No time! So she rolled to her right, as Kelly was already coming back towards her from off of the ropes! QUICKLY Lucy GOT UP! And then tried to DROP TOEHOLD KELLY DOWN! BUT KELLY ACTUALLY DOVE OVER HER ATTEMPT TO GO DOWN AND SCISSOR HER LEGS FOR THE DROP TOEHOLD! Neither of them said a word! They just did it! Neither of them could hear or care about the crowd! One of them!?!?? Was going to be a double champion when this match was over. And that was all that mattered as Kelly rolled through, while Lucy rolled TOWARDS THE ROPES KELLY HAD JUST USED! GOT TO HER OWN FEET!? And then rebounded off of them to pick up the advantage that she’d just forced Kelly to give up! Kelly on the other hand as soon as she’d rolled through? She got up and went straight into a side stance! While Lucy was already haulin ass at her! Kelly could feel it in her right leg! That was the one she intended to use to chop this whore down with! A well placed ROUNDHOUSE!

But Lucy wasn’t about to fuck up TWICE! She closed knowing that one wrong move and she could get knocked the fuck OUT! With what was CLEARRRRRLY going to be a kick! Because of Kelly’s stance, she knew it had to be her back foot! Her right leg! She got herself ready and so did Kelly! Both bitches knew what was about to happen! And as soon as Lucy got close enough! As soon as Kelly knew Lucy was CLOSE ENOUGH!? THEY BOTH MADE THEIR MOVE! AND LUCY DUCKED UNDER KELLY’S LETHAL KICK BY THE THINNEST OF FUCKIN MARGINS! KELLY CREAMED OVER AT MISSING AND LUCY DIDN’T TRY TO PUT ON THE BRAKES BECAUSE THE FUCKIN ROPES WERE WITHIN EASY FUCKIN REACH! KELLY TURNED AROUND FROM HER ROUNDHOUSE KICK! WHILE LUCY WAS COMING BACK AT HER FROM OFF THE ROPES! LUCY UNLOADED A HELLACIOUS YELP AS KELLY CAUGHT HER WITH AN ARM-DRAG COUNTER THAT CAUGHT HER BEFORE SHE COULD STRIKE! EVEN AS SHE SLAMMED INTO THE MAT SHE COULDN’T UNDERSTAND HOW THE FUCK KELLY HAD!?!?

But Kelly had hoped that since Lucy liked to come in close! She’d come in TOO FUCKIN CLOSE as she came out of her kick! Close enough for Kelly to LOOK like she couldn’t do shit to defend herself, UNLESS? She went straight from the kick… And that was the trick! It was a high standing roundhouse kick… No spin at all and Kelly had intentionally kicked high hoping, PRAYYYYINGGGG! That Lucy wouldn’t spear her right in the CROTCH! Like she did last time! Sure enough, Lucy DUCKED! And Kelly SOLD IT! But all she needed to do was get her leg back down, TURN! Look startled. Ohhh-Noes! I’m done 4! And then GRAB HER FUNKY ASS! It was an open and shut case of deliberate misdirection, something that Kelly had seen Lucy couldn’t help but bite the bait on. You take shit too personally, fool. I can make u dance for meh allll night long, Lucy. Kelly quickly got her ass in gear as Lucy was on her side, ass and back to her, struggling to get up! All out of sorts! And Kelly was determined to add to Lucy’s problems, like? NOW!

Lucy on the other hand, was? Phhhuh-phuh-FUCKWUZTHAT!?!?! Huh-huh-HOW THU PHUCK!?!?! She spasmed & FLINCHED! As she could feel her title slipping away from her, huh-huh-HOWTHUFUCK!?!?! FUCKIN! HNNNNNG!!!!

Kelly soh-enjoyed hearing Lucy’s ragged sounding scream as she hit a leg-drop RIGHT ON THE BACK OF LUCY’S NECK!

Lucy KICKED OUT! AND FLOPPED LIKE A DEAD FISH! U fucKiNNNNNNN... cuNT! I’ll getttt chuuuuuuuu*

Mason was staring straight-ahead wet with want! As her Mistress wrapped up how she knocked Lucy the fuck out! And won double-gold in the G3L “Yeah, soooh, uhhhh…? Lucy was…? Pretty loose then,” then Kelly quickly muttered under her breath “although I hear she’s like that with any guy-or-gal that’ll give’er the time-a-day.” Mason however was now starting to see that a fight between her Mistress & one of her Master’s favored bitches was pretty much inevitable. The question for Mason was; how can I get my Mistress into a more favorable position with the Master so that he doesn’t boot us up the bunghole for beatin down Lucy?

Kelly however was still talking while Kelly’s pampered little toy dog Mushu, was loving every minute of seeing his Mistress back in good spirits! Kelly smirked & finished her favorite story of how she beat the crap outta America’s #1 Chinese take-out TRAMP! “Then I simply rolled her over & got the pin.” Kelly was totally oblivious to the fact that Mason was actually still thinking about what to do when Kelly & Lucy fought this time, while Kelly went from smirking to down-right cheese grin as she looked at Mason & wrapped up her story about what had happened last time she fought with Lucy “It was kinda like that & somehow…?”

Kelly paused, but Mason sure didn’t as she aimlessly told Kelly that “I don’t think Lucy is gonna welcome you into the fold with open arms.

Kelly nodded & then abruptly sighed “Uhhh-yeah! I don’t quite think me & her are gonna be baking cakes & cookies together & kickin back cold ones,” she looked at Mason again while her little dog growled at the notion of Lucy, but Kelly asked Mason “Ya know?!?! The whole ‘beatin her ass’-thing, probably not good if she wasn’t payin for it & then didn’t get a role from it after all of that, ya think?

“Probably not. I’d have to say I think not.” Mason deadpanned “Probably… not.”

Kelly went back to tending to her little buddy, while Mason kept her sigh to herself. We’ll be at the airport soon enough, Mason said to herself. Then the real fun begins. I know that the Master already said that the minute my task was completed, whether by hook or by crook, when I returned I’d be tested… So then…? I wonder who is going to be waiting for us at the airport? No sooner did Mason ask, her black berry went off silently & she immediately pulled it from her belt attachment on her black denim jeans… And it gave her all the answers she needed & wanted… Hmmmm… so…? Some of Chiaki’s little friends will be there…? Three Count… Now it gets interesting, and…? Mason continued to page through the message while secretly making sure that Kelly wasn’t trying to cop-a-peep on the sneak-tip. Once she was sure that Kelly was only interested in her cute little dog… she went back to, Oh-ho…? Looks like 3-Count better learn to watch their backs! So the NNL sent Aya trailing after them… So we’ve got three Japanese pop-idols who can’t speak a lick of English. Disaster awaits there. Along with one uber-idol who CAN speak English. Kelly & I are to team up with… Bai Ling!??!?! Mason almost busted out laughing at not having the faintest idea what CRAZY ASS BAI LING!!??! Was gonna pull! SO!?!?! It’s me, Kelly, a toy dog! AND BAI-FUCKIN-LING, YEAH! VERSUS THREE COUNT! AND ULTIMATELY AYA UETO! Guess I better give Kelly the good news.

“Whut?” Kelly saw that same look before when they were in the house & Mason looked like she was going to eat her alive. It actually made Kelly nervous as well as horny as hell, especially over the fact that Mason had made her cum so hard when she ate her out like that! Kelly stammered in this sexy-sorta-way where she looked scared and brazenly bold at the same time “Whu-whu----!?!?! Whut is it, Mason?”

And allllll Mason could do was smile “The Master has sent us a nice little test for when we land…” Kelly sat up straight & even her dog was all ears as Mason told them both “Here’s the deal… And this is his command….

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