Born: October 10th, 1979 Height: 5'4" Weight: 115lbs Eyes: Brown Orientation: Bisexual Measurements: 34A-24-36 Years Catfighting: 11
Previous League: BZL (defunct), V1, The BBA (Black Beauties of America)
Previous Belts: V1 TV-Champ 2x’s
Finishing Moves: Mıa-sault! (Nothing more than a top-rope moonsault!), Super Mıa-sault! (Stolen Finisher move from WWF Legend Kurt Angle, which is a HIGH ARCHING MOONSAULT!), 1-2-3 KICK! (Literally starts with a cunt-kick and then she hits a right-handed snap-jab to the heart-tit, followed by a left-handed BITCH-SLAP! FINISHED WITH A FULL-EXTENSION FRONT-KICK TO THE BITCHES, TITS!)
Strengths: Veteran experience, lightning fast, great body attacks and charging moves, great speed moves, able to take an ass-whipping, Mistress of Corner turnbuckle Techniques, Mistress of the Dropkick and Frontkick, good high-flying moves, will cheat to win if necessary, mindless minion of  Christina Aguilera, Mistress of the Ambush, sneaky, treacherous, good bodyguard/enforcer, skilled in BDSM, good at using chairs and Dirty Tactics, willing to toady to power, loyal lapdog, is nowhere near her full potential as a catfighter
Weaknesses: Mya is DUMB and a BLIND FOLLOWER, I really see no need to put anything more beyond that, BUT due to her years in The BBA, Mıa also has the following known weaknesses, cannot endure momentum runs from opponents, constantly hammering and pressing her causes her to crack under the pressure and fuck-up big time, rarely actually uses any of her finishing moves/relying more on blatant fisticuffs and ambushes instead of actual skill, low psyche, although skilled in BDSM she is a submissive bitch that can be easily overpowered by anyone with a brain and a semblance of will higher than an idiot, although skilled in ambushes/she extremely vulnerable to them and can actually be Sudden KO’d if caught right while being Ambushed, takes damage like a bitch and can be beat the fuck down relatively quickly if not allowed any room to breath, often overestimates herself and underestimates others leading to some bad results for her, Princess Complex, disingenuous nature is actually evident from the door and can be used to ensnare her by a skilled person, hitting her with back-to-back finishers usually KO’s her instantly, can be KO’d early in a match by a skilled catfighter, tits, mouth, takes abnormal damage from bitch-slaps and low-blows which stun her enough for her to be hit again if the opponent pays attention, she can be easily chain-hit and chain-stunned, rarely wins long matches and rarely LAST as matches drag out and drag on

Mıa has been faithful to a fault and loyal to an obsession to Christina Aguilera. Maybe it was the fact that X-Tina gave her the chance to break into the BZL or maybe it is because she and her go back a ways, but whatever the reason was or is? If you tangle with Christina, then you must get past or go through or get a visit from, Mıa! Because of Mya’s almost non-existent personality since entering the BZL, nobody really knows anything about her except for the obvious and evident. She is a multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning, R&B singer who rose to the top in the mid-to-late 90’s and has pretty much flat-lined since she became a member of the Cult of Christina after betraying the Britney Spears incarnation of Generation Next. Never mind that prior to that she failed to survive the Audition to join Christina’s new, Gen Prime!. Much of her career revolves around her mini-successes near the turn of the century into the Y2K Era, but the reality is that Mıa has kept her motivations almost entirely to herself. One thing she did become fully immersed in after working with Christina on the Lady Marmalade track for Moulin Rouge, is burlesque. Many speculate that this is actually where whatever Mıa was, was lost to Christina somehow, as many of Mya’s friends have stated that she started dabbling in “weird shit” like bondage and S&M and started acting freakier than normal.

One could guess by her current behavior that she started dabbling in BDSM and more likely than not, got turned out by it, or by someone else involved in it as well. It goes without saying that Christina Aguilera was the root cause for J-Lo’s departure from Stone Rage’s, Fab-4, as she supposedly cast some sort of hex on Lopez that caused her to lose her confidence. Hey… I just write it buddy, I don’t argue over the information I find. Needless to say, since Mıa rarely speaks to the public anymore. Sources have confirmed that her time doing the track and then the massive influx of publicity, never mind the other ladies involved in the song themselves, Pink and Lil Kim. Are all extremely aggressive, if not overly ‘roided up on estrogen and fuck-me-right now or you’ll regret it-JUICE! That Mıa may have simply gotten caught-up in all of the hoopla and experimentation that she frankly, just got turned the fuck out by it, or them, or Christina! Either way, Mıa has been at the beck-and-call of Christina ever since she got into Gen Prime! and she rarely utters an independent word.

The most that she has done without being directly ordered to by Christina, was her very brief feud with Jennifer Aniston, the last BZL Hardcore Champ. She initially got into a fight with Aniston in Italy, whipped her ass, proceeded to swear up-and-down that Aniston would be an easy target to take. Challenged for a BZL belt for the first time in her career there, and then promptly got her ass handed to her! Mıa has since gone back to simply drinking Christina’s, Jim Jones type-juice and no not the rapper, but the crazy dude who killed his own followers! And Mıa hasn’t said a word ever since. The real question becomes is this an act, is there a point, and when and if will Christina finally tire of her toadying…