Born: February 17th, 1981 Height: 5'8" Weight: 100lbs Orientation: Trisexual  Measurements: 34B-25-35 Years Catfighting: ???
Paris HiltonPrevious League: None?
Previous Belts: None?
Finishing Moves: Unknown…
Strengths: Unknown…
Weaknesses: Unknown…

Paris Hilton has been watching from afar the celebrity catfight circuits of America. Whether it was the Goldengate Girls Club (G3L) or the Video-1 League created by the big mass media corporations and conglomerates. Paris has always wanted to have her name up in bigger and brighter lights! But this last fiasco has finally cost her! When you have as much money as she does, you can lose your grip on the ground of reality as if you were up orbiting the earth in the gravity free, international space station. Why the long-winded and weird analogy? Because quite frankly Paris’ thirst for attention at times has bordered on Beyond Space Cadet! While most rich-bitches posh and party it up in private, secluded VIP parties! This Sexy Blond Bitch is boisterous, BRAZEN! AND A LITTLE TOO OPEN! With her spoiled shenanigans! And that’s why too many have forgotten something that Paris herself, has never forgotten!

She is NOT actually rich at all. Her money is actually from her name, not her own hard work. And so for all of her stupidity, she has embarked on a Bizarre Ride, to the Far Side, in an attempt to create her own space and her own place! Within this world. Something that Geese has been occasionally, and carefully, monitoring. Having risen to wealth and power from nothing, certain things do not go unnoticed by the recluse, however? He also knows that there is a thin line between creating an image and becoming a coon. Paris, in her attempts to quietly build her own “Hilton name”, has mortgaged public respect for personal fame and fortune. Something that Geese himself has also known may be “doable” for First Generation Founders of wealth, power and prestige… But it’s a fuckin deathwish for those coming from established Family Lines of wealth, power and prestige. Imagine a Kennedy daughter acting out the way that Paris has? Hmmm, not pretty and not exactly an easy to envision sight? How about a DuPont? Yeah I know one of them got amped up on crazy stalker man-love, but aside from him?! What exactly do you hear and know about that “interesting family”? And why don’t you know anything about them, because they don’t give the public information on them, unless it is neatly packaged, homegrown and hamstrung, media spun.

Paris, in her haste has continually pushed and pushed and pushed the name of the Hilton Family, further and further into the Ten Cent Tramp BIN! Her antics have made it crystal clear what the general public has always mumbled, whispered or suspected that “Rich people? They’re disconnected from reality the longer their line has been swimming in money and able to avoid normal public interaction.” So families like the Kennedy’s, who swim in political, PUBLIC, waters. Can stay fairly grounded, unless you’re talking about that Kennedy that kept showing up for rape trials damn near every 2 to 3 years back in the 90’s, remember that guy, huh!? Remember him?! Notice how him and his behavior has just… faded into the background noise, even though he was up for rape at least 2x’s! Something that the Kennedy’s would rather have everyone forget about! Well!? That’s something that Paris has made impossible for the Hilton Family. From her ProAm Porn tape, A Night in Paris!, which won her an AVN award! To her “Simple Life” stupidity! Paris has been milking the masses in a collective attempt to compile enough “street-cred” with working people, so she can escape the confined corner of control that her mother had over her! And the only real means of “father authority” her father had over her. Her inheritance.

Paris finally pushed the envelope too far when she got her hands on the Dark Wolf and proceeded to use it on an already beaten and broken Britney Spears, and Melissa Joan Hart. She’d already sent in a few applications to Stone Rage’s, Battle Zone League. Only to be “put on the waiting list” of cleared catfighter credentials. Something that the spoiled and sneaky little tramp was none too pleased about! A far better planner when it comes to her own selfish purposes, Paris already knew that she stood little chance of getting into the BZL when she was told that they’d have to check her credentials to see whether or not she could even compete with their catfighters. Leery of having her long-range goals discovered, she withdrew to playing the total ditz that she actually is, but? After a lengthy talk with her gal-pal crony, Lindsay Lohan. She decided that they’d be better served to use another person as a sort of… chaperone! To get them through the door. Since Tara Reid had all but fallen off the radar, Paris decided to seek out another old friend to use and abuse for her latest engineered publicity stunt, Britney Spears!

Paris wasted no time making the calls, setting things up and finding out just what was going on with her friend, Britney. Once she found out about the entire situation with Vegas being on fire and Britney and her Blond Ambition trying to stop the Fab-4 from escaping Vegas? Paris and Lindsay flew via Paris’ private jet! Straight to Sin City! However Paris’ instincts had kept telling her that there was something that some of her friends and even family members had told her, about Sin City…? Something that really did keep whatever happened in Vegas, in Vegas! Unable to recall or really, not giving a fuck at that point. Paris proceeded to meet up with one of her father’s warehouse contacts named Drake. Drake was actually a merchandise broker who dealt in all sorts of goods, but especially in the black market. This too would be another nail in Paris’ coffin with her family as Drake would end up loosing his life after doing this deal with Paris that he knew he had no business doing, but the money was good… while it lasted. Paris, pissed off at Stone Rage’s snub, had Drake find for her a cursed artifact called the Dark Wolf. She then took it and proceeded to hunt down Britney for the sole purpose of using her as a token victory or cheap mind-controlled pawn! To browbeat Stone Rage into letting Paris and Lindsay join the BZL. What was really at stake here, was the fact that Paris didn’t want to lose the image she’d created in order to win over the attention she was getting from the public.

If Stone Rage and his staff discovered the fact that Paris, along with Lindsay, Tara Reid and Nicole Richie. Were actually not only trained, but experienced catfighters who had been training from the likes of Britney Spears who was one of the most dominate celebrity catfighters in Stone Rage’s, BZL! Paris had also forked over huge sums of money to do private matches in SAF, which is an underground South African catfight league. A number of Moroccan exclusive catfight clubs! As well as training from Japanese and North American catfight instructors!? Paris liked the fact that because she could merge her own innate bitcy-brattiness! With the ungodly low expectations of not only the American public, but pretty much that of the world! She didn’t want to give away her cover and have people start seeing the fact that she knew not only what she was doing and how to play it dumb and dumber, while literally milking the wallets of damn near any sucker who assumed she was shoeless and clueless! Losing that cover, considering her background? Would be a disaster! She’d basically look like yet another “rich bitch” that manipulated the public for her own personal gains! She’d lose the love, the out and out worship that she was getting from being “one of them”, whatever the hell that means!? Most importantly, SERIOUSLY!?!? She’d lose her one shot and being something that her mother never was… her own woman. She’d have to kowtow to the masses of pre-arranged dorky sons of crappy well-to-do families that wanted to “marry in and marry up”! Oooo, look! Paris is a Hilton and you’re our totally lame son with no fuckin social skills and a dry wall sense of every-fucking thing! I’ll talk to her whore of a mother who married up for money! And arrange it so you can “date her” and act like you’ve actually dated a woman that wasn’t a blow-up doll! Once her mother sees our families pedigree, then finally you’ll have a woman that you can basically neglect and treat like shit! And our first term on the contract will be that this bitch gets knocked up ASAP and stay at home in the Hampton’s taking care of your ugly looking KIDS! While you fuck you personal secretary all hours of the day and night!

NO, FUCKIN, THANKS! And that, is the primary motivation behind Paris’ “Rebellion”. A life of misery mirroring her mothers?! NEVER! And so… having a good motivation, but no home training on how to actually tell the truth! Paris embarks on her journey to freedom by blissfully destroying all in her path, while having a cause that most people can at least sympathize with. This leads her on a collision course with Britney and Melissa where in the end, it draws the Shadow of Sin City’s 3rd-in-Command of all Maid Enforcers, Devin DeRay! Straight to Paris’ villa! But only after DeRay visits Drake, who had a history of “bad choices” for bringing illegal and illicit items into the Sin City area. Thanks to Drake’s own greed he ends up getting killed by DeRay who tortures him first about the whereabouts of the Dark Wolf. Drake gives up Paris in a vain attempt to save his life, but his mouth!? Gets him killed anyway! Paris, enjoying the humiliation that she and Lindsay heap onto not only their one-time friend!? But ACTUAL MASTER AND INSTRUCTOR IN CATFIGHTING!!!! Proving that you just can’t empathize with some people, they just don’t have the wheels to keep their hamster-like brain on the tracks! But the party is ended when DeRay and her Maid Enforcers crash the villa and seize Paris and Lindsay as well as their brainwashed victims! In the end?

Paris ends up loosing her inheritance once her family comes to the Estate to try to bail her out of this mess! At the same time Paris is forced to either take a Devin DeRay structured “deal”. Or go directly to jail for a number of reasons! For a LONNNNG time, and we all know rich spoiled, manipulative bitches, don’t find jail, hot. And this… is how Paris lands in the W3W…