Born: February 2nd, 1977 Height: 5' 2" Weight: 121lbs Eyes: Brown Orientation: Bisexual Measurements: 34B-24-36 Years Catfighting: 13
Previous League: BZL (defunct), Video-1 League, CQC (Columbian Quartermasters Catfighters), CAU (Central American Underground), Barcelona Battlemaidens (of Spain), SAE (South American Expression/Based in Rio)
Previous Belts: BZL Bootylicious Champion 1x, V1-Champ 1x, V1 TV Champ 2x’s, CQC South American Champion 1x, SAE Jr. Champ 2x’s
Finishing Moves: Curse of Shakira! (Face-sitting smother!), B-Side Bomb! (Sit-out Senton where she literally SMASHES HER ASS DOWN ONTO THE BITCHES TITS! AND PIN’S HER THAT WAY!), Brazilian Blessings! (Sends bitch to the corner! Then hits her with a 10 Turnbuckle Blow-job! Which nothing more than slamming her face against the top corner-turnbuckle! Then she turns her to face her, propping her up in the corner! TRAPS HER THERE BY PINNING HER UP AGAINST HER BACK! Then hits her with a series of Backside GUT-SHOTS! Where she rams her ASS, up into the bitches, GUT! Till she finally feels the fact that the bitch is ready to fall the fuck out! Shakira then makes her fall onto her ass in a sitting position in the corner! Then she hits her with either a standing Smother-Submission using her ASS! Or she actually smashes her ASS AGAINST THE BITCHES HEAD AGAINST THE BOTTOM ROPE CORNER-TURNBUCKLE!), 180 SIDE-SLAM! (Shakira can use it as a counter against bitches running in on her, or as a normal finisher. Either way she takes the bitch in a bearhug and lifts her off her feet while exploding off of her feet with a 180 TWIST AND POWERING HER DOWN ONTO THE BACK OF HER HEAD, SHOULDERS AND NECK!)
Strengths: Veteran catfighter with Global Experience in various leagues, great power moves, great speed moves, lightning fast, great brawler, ultra-aggressive, attacks exposed weaknesses, able to take an ass-whipping, able to withstand opponents momentum runs, abilities increase as she builds momentum, abilities increase in title matches, leadership abilities, good corner-turnbuckle techniques, good fighter, good tag catfighter, some top-rope moves, some high-flying moves, abilities increase when working with Gen Next! teammates, Queen Complex, great stablemate and teammate, great showmanship, great at cutting a promo, does not submit, understands BDSM, skilled at ambushes, has good instincts as a leader
Weaknesses: Height, although Shakira can withstand opponents momentum runs she does not like to be pinned underneath them and can actually panic when constantly forced to endure, putting pressure on her can cause her to make fatal mistakes and cost her matches, Shakira is learning how to lead Gen Next! and as such she is prone to mistakes, Shakira is actually quite arrogant in the ring and can overestimate her own abilities too much, repeated gut-shots wind her and cause her to start taking abnormal damage till she either is KO’d/Pinned or wins the match, tends to lock-in on one thing which leaves her vulnerable to being blindsided, whenever she is blindsided she takes damage like a bitch, vulnerable to technical moves, she has no technical moves, hitting her with multiple finishers tends to KO her, keeping her grounded and on the mat stresses her and if kept up she wears out mentally and then will simply keep taking punishment till KO’d or pinned, she relies too much on her ability to simply battle her way out of everything, being womanhandled has a severe affect on her which wears her out mentally and allows her to be KO’d or pinned

Shakira has grown beyond the easily impressed student of Alyssa Milano to a confident catfighter ready to take on bigger and better things. And one of those things is the mantle of leadership of Gen Next! and if anything? Shakira is finally ready to make her own mark on the American C3 Circuit and where better than in the BZL, however!? With Vegas on Fire and the failure of Gen Next! to defeat the Fab-4 when they were trying to Escape from Las Vegas!? Shakira finds herself wanting more than being Alyssa Milano’s bitch and with the help of G-Man, Gen Next’s manager. Shakira has been edging the AWOL Milano out of her position as leader. The veteran experience in the BZL that G-Man has, not only has emboldened the Brazilian Bombshell, but she has since learned through G-Man’s hard work that Alyssa has been secretly meeting with the enigmatic Geese, the Shadow of Sin City! Shakira has authorized G-Man to try to cut a deal with Geese since she now knows about his soon to arise, W3W!

In the meantime she has been slowly but surely training and pushing her Gen Next! team to prepare for a war with Gen Prime! and even BIGGER!?!! The new takeover of the BZL by the Demi Moore ABA. But the difference between Shakira and Alyssa is obvious. Shakira is very-very, VERY CONCERNED about the stability of the BZL under the idiotic management of the ABA, so!?!? She has also ordered G-Man to see if he can set up a contract to work within the W3W just in case the ABA decide to try to muscle her and her girls into some ole bull-ka-ka matches! Then she can go on ahead and simply hand in their resignations and then quickly skip ship over to the W3W, repeating Alyssa’s XCF move of stealing the Bootylicious Belt and the Songbird Belt! Also unlike Alyssa, Shakira has been actually keeping her bitches Nelly and Kelly aware of just what the fuck she’s up to! Shakira wants the name Gen Next! to move BEYOND the petty crap of what Alyssa clearly wanted, which was some people under her thumb and a name that everyone knew meant “Alyssa Milano’s group”! Moreso than the group actually pushing everyone forward, it was to be all about pushing ALYSSA forward! No more of that shit. Shakira and Gen Next! will also be involved in the Countdown to Armageddon, even as they war with Gen Prime! and its collective group of ragged cunts….