Born: December 2nd, 1968 Height: 5’6” Weight: 118lbs Eyes: Hazel Orientation/for both: Bisexual, reow! Measurements for both: 36D-23-34 Years Catfighting: 19
Previous League/both: The BBA (Black Beauties of America), V1, 3XL
Previous Belts/both: BBA Tag Champions 2x’s, 3XL Tag Champions 1x
Finishing Moves for Both: T&A-2! (Tit-smother submission and/or facesitting submission), MK-Conquest Kick! (Unloads a HOOK-KICK! TO THE HEAD!), MK-Conquest D! (Cunt-kick to stun and stoop bitch, followed by a Standing Spin-Kick to the FACE!) Finishing Moves for Reneé: Super Headscissor Takedown! (Cunt-kick to stun and then rebounds off ropes and hits a Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors than flings opponent onto the back of their head and NECK!), P-MOY-PIN! (Cunt-kick to stun opponent and then hits them with a Fisherman’s SUPLEX-PIN!) Finishing Moves for Rosie: Gracefully-Elegant Beautiful, SUPER-PUNCH! (Usually uses it as a surprise move, but it really is very graceful and beautiful in its appearance when she executes it. She ABRUPTLY throws her whole bodyweight into a JUMPING LUNGE-PUNCH STRAIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES OR RIGHT TO THE MOUTH!), P-MOY-PIN! (Cunt-kick to stun opponent and then moves behind them so she can hit them with a GERMAN-SUPLEX PIN!)
Strengths/both: Veteran catfighters, great followers and lackeys, loyal and trustworthy lapdogs that follow orders to the letter when dealing with a worthy master/mistress/manager or leader, great speed moves, Mistresses of the Fists and Foot, punches and kicks do even more damage with momentum, able to take an ass-whipping, great showmanship, ultra-aggressive, Mistresses of the Ambush, their abilities increase as they feed off of each others momentum and successes, great stablemates and teammates, good at cutting a promo, good technical moves, good at turnbuckle-corner techniques, can brawl when necessary, some power moves, some high-flying and top-rope moves, can sometimes withstand opponents momentum runs, they understand and use BDSM from time-to-time, rarely submit, they know their limits and stay within them
Weaknesses/both: The Tenison Twins are basically cannon-fodder in the grand scheme of catfighting and have been unable to break free of that reputation (no matter how cool their finishing moves may look), generally do not last in long matches, low psyche, they take damage like the beautiful Black bitches they are when they are pressured and it generally tends to leave them laid out and lewd, some of their finishing moves if missed leave them wide-open, hitting them hard and fast EARLY will Sudden KO them, slamming them into each other fucks them up badly, hitting them with back-to-back finishers always KO’s them, slamming them onto their tits tends to stun them for abnormally long periods of time, although normally very nice they have a very severe bitchy-streak when someone gets on their badside, because of the fact that they can be Sudden KO’d easily they generally are not a part of successful stables out of fear that they won’t hold up during matches/brawls/etc, they take abnormal damage from choking and can Sudden KO from it, neck, tits, mauling their tits does abnormal damage and wears them out, they cannot recover when worn out in any way, mouthes, bitch-slaps do abnormal damage, repeated bitch-slaps can Sudden KO them, repeated hits to the mouth will stun them which then makes them able to be Sudden KO’d with the right kind of shot to the mouth, vulnerable to BDSM

Reneé Tenison & Rosie Tenison have had a rather lackluster catfighting career to go along with their rather lackluster acting career. While Reneé has been PMOY for playboy and even posed with her sister, they’re known for THAT… And that’s really about fuckin-it. Unlike other Playmates these two have only garnered slight success, although to be fair, Reneé did get a recurring role on the cult hit Mortal Combat Conquest! Where Rosie would also fill-in from time-to-time. Bottom line is, that much like their playmate pal Jaime Pressly, who also was on Conquest with them. They have not reaped the kinds of rewards that they would have hoped, mind you?! That has not made them anywhere near as bitter as their teammate and sometimey friend, Traci Bingham. But all things considered the Tenison Twins have not risen past D-List duds. It is this FACT, that prompted them to accept the invitation to the Sisterhood, that was sent out by Vivica Fox. Vivica was about to return to celebrity catfighting after a rather lengthy retirement from the ring. Vivica’s partner in crime and Sisterhood 2nd Lieutenant was none other than Lisa Raye and the Tenison Twins had to admit that Vivica was still able to get projects done regardless of whether they went straight-to-DVD or not.

A heart-to-heart sit down with Vivica revealed to the Twins that she had been steering her own ship and making her own way by intentionally doing more and more direct to DVD movies and, quiet-as-kept? She was really making a fist full of dollars! Here production company was also constantly at work on these projects, so? They signed up and signed-on to become Sisterhood members. Lisa Raye was of course bringing the full support of Turks and Cacos as the Queen of the Island nation and so the Tenison Twins swore that things would continue on the path to victory. But by the time the group got formally together, Vivica had literally disappeared. GONE! VANISHED! So Lisa took over and Lisa… wasn’t exactly too happy with Vivica’s sudden disappearance. Under Lisa’s leadership the Sisterhood quickly became The Dictatorship of Lisa Raye. They began doing matches in the BBA and quickly became a force to be reckoned with, but Lisa still could not find out where the fuck Vivica had disappeared to!?!? In the meantime Lisa began bullying and badgering the various members of the Sisterhood including and especially Stacey Dash and Traci Bingham, and ultimately the Tenison Twins themselves.

The Sisterhood would travel to Sin City on a lead that Vivica had been here for some time fighting back-and-forth, feuding! With Halle Berry. It was then that many of the pro-Lisa Raye members voiced their dislike for Halle, especially because of her role in Monster’s Ball and then Swordfish. Renee and Rosie realized that Lisa Raye, Kellita Smith, Denyce Lawton and others! Felt as though Halle had sold out to White Hollywood in order to finally be accepted by them as a “good actress”. Stacey, Traci and the Tenison Twins attempted to defend Halle’s decisions and found themselves quickly on the short-list to be Milano’d! SOOOOOH, they shut-up. It was the Sisterhood that had gotten Stacey back in good with the Black community after Stacey had long since said some rather damning statements which effectively ended her career in Black Hollywood, and then re-affiremed the fact that she was not considered good enough for White Hollywood. Traci Bingham was already an outcast in ANY HOLLYWOOD. But Renee and Rosie decided that they’d had enough of Queen Lisa Raye and opted to split from the Sisterhood along with Stacey and Traci. Like Stacey and Traci they were extremely UPSET with Vivica because they only joined because SHE RECRUITED THEM! THEY DIDN’T SIGN-UP TO TAKE SHIT FROM LISA RAYE!!!! So they wanted to take their pound of FLESH, outta Vivica’s, BUTT! But as usual for this collection of cute but ragged cunts. Their decision couldn’t have come at a worst time in Sin City. Their Last Command from Queen Raye to find, detain and destroy Vivica, would land them right in the path of the hard-charging Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz! Who were chasing after the Shadow of Sin City… who just happened to know EXACTLY where Vivica Fox was at…