Born: December 4th, 1973 Height: 5’11½” Weight: 147lbs Eyes: Brown Orientation: Bisexual Measurements: 35D-25-36 Years Catfighting: 15 BR> Previous League: BZL (defunct), The BBA (Black Beauties of America), Video-1 League
Previous Belts: BBA TVE (Television and Entertainment) Champ 2x’s, V1-TV Champ 2x’s
Finishing Moves: Warm Milk Massage (Tit-smother submission), Super-DDT! (Cunt-kick to stun and stoop the bitch and then she DDT’s them onto the CROWN OF THEIR FUCKIN HEAD!), Tyra Two-Step! (Overhand right to the jaw, followed immediately by a JUMPING SIDE-KICK TO THE NECK!), Two-Handed Chokeslam! (Self-explanatory!)
Strengths: Veteran Experience, great brawler, great power moves, quick, aggressive, Mistress of the Fists and Foot, good fighter, able to take an ass-whipping, good at body attacks and charging attacks, some technical moves, can sometimes withstand opponents momentum, good tag catfighter, will toady to power if possible, underdeveloped which actually means she has more that she can expand on as a catfighter, some top-rope moves, understands BDSM and even uses it from time-to-time, may attack opponents exposed weaknesses, can be methodical at times, mean-spirited when she has the advantage, can sometimes use her size and strength to overpower opponents, Queen Complex, willing to learn if she has someone honestly willing to teach her, wants to improve her skills and show she’s not a total loser as a catfighter
Weaknesses: Perennial loser who has not come close to amounting to what her talents and abilities should be, staying on her wears her out and once she gives mentally she cannot recover at all, shallow, can be duped and tricked by a semi-skilled person or small children, neck, chokeholds and neck-related submission holds do abnormal damage and can cause her to Sudden Submit, crotch, vulnerable to low-blows, can be easily chain-hit and chain-stunned, Tyra can actually be swept up and under by an opponents momentum allowing them to Sudden KO her, she also can be overwhelmed by sudden momentum shifts and momentum runs by her opponent to such an extent that she simply gives out and gives up, low psyche, arrogant and prideful but this seems to have been beaten out of her with her string of severe losses, when overwhelmed she takes damage like the bitch that she is, vulnerable to BDSM and strong-willed opponents

Fifteen years of catfighting has only produced 4 belts for the tall goddess. Back in her BBA days Tyra was sometimes called Tall Goddess, but nowadays she’s simply looked at like a waste of talent and potential. Tyra has not even come close to her 90’s icon status amongst supermodels, in the ring. Her BZL stint has been an abysmal BOMB! And she has not won, nor contended for a title, AT ALL! It is these facts that prompted her to sign-up and sign-on with Stone Rage’s hastily put together group that was sent roaring right into their own demise, the Rescue Rangers. Who were sent to Sin City to support the Fab-4 as they took on the rest of the Girl Gangs of the BZL, headed up by the ABA. Tyra had come out of the gate strong in her BZL debut, stumbled almost immediately after, and then just flat-out, straight-up! Fallen on her FACE! She had little to know demand or attention from the fans and quickly she disappeared into the background of the BZL no matter how many times Stone Rage tried to promote her. But this situation with the ABA and the Fab-4 trying to Escape from Las Vegas?

It was the perfect time to rekindle Tyra’s career in the BZL and Tyra jumped at the opportunity! She teamed up with Jaime Pressly, Roselyn Sanchez and Kelly Hu! To head off to Sin City and SAVE THE DAY! YAAAAAY!

They didn’t team up, as much as they all kind of got jammed together. Worse than this? A legal battle about discrimination was being waged by the ABA against Stone Rage, claiming that he was biased against them and favored, I’m not even gonna continue with that crap. That foolishness would also be another catalyst for the situation to come, the ABA’s attempt to drag Stone Rage to court with false allegations would become a huge key to their downfall… along with every-body-fuckin-else’s in the BZL. Good job selfish bitches… way to ruin an empire, good fuckin job. But let’s not jump ahead which was the exact same mistake that Tyra and the rest of the Rescue Rangers made. For each member of the Rescue Rangers, this was really there last chance to jump-start their careers in the BZL. Not a one of them honestly, or actually knew, that this was really a literal case too. For Tyra, it was all about trying to start living up to the goddamn hype! In the BBA and V1 League, Tyra was a force to be reckoned with! In her younger years it was always; Look to the Future! Tyra’s future is gold just like her modeling career!

But the future… is now the present… and the past didn’t exactly add-up to all of the potential. And so, Tyra joined on and immediately showed exactly why her ass had failed to ever achieve the success that her natural abilities screamed, should be! The Rescue Rangers, caught-up in their own personal pursuits. Left and went their separate ways almost as soon as they finished meeting with Stone Rage. Not one meeting amongst themselves. Not one plan. Not one word between themselves, nor, oddly? From Stone Rage, EXCEPT!?!! To Christina Applegate… Who had called Stone Rage to try to force him to reach a deal out of court, over their discrimination suit, AND!? To tell him that his Fab-4 were about to get their cunts-and-asses, KICKED! BADLY! Tyra, en route to reinforce the Fab-4… had no idea that Stone Rage decided to TELL CHRISTINA… that she and the rest of the Rescue Rangers… were on their way… Stone Rage also made it a point to NOT CALL… ANY of the Rescue Rangers… and tell them that he’d made the ABA AWARE… that they were now coming to Sin City. So TYRA… never prepared nor planned on having to cover her ass from being AMBUSHED! And ambush her ass, they did. She… along with the rest of the Rescue Rangers, thanks to the VERY MAN WHO SENT THEM! Were thrown to the fuckin wolves and BOY DID THEY EAT THEM THE FUCK UP!

Tyra suffered a devastating defeat and needed to be rescued her damn self! She thought she’d fucked up! She swore that once again she’d gone out there and gotten her cunt-kicked because she just didn’t have the STUFF, to cut it! But in the end, weeks after hiding her face in shame from the constantly hounding tabloids from her getting totally humiliated in Sin City! WEEKS LATER… she found out by accident that… It was Stone Rage that had alerted the ABA to their arrival. Something that ALLLL of the Rescue Rangers, regardless of how selfish each one of these catfighting cunts was in “volunteering for this shit”. As Jaime Pressly put it. Each one of these bitches was not exactly thrilled to learn that the man who sent them, also DIMED THEM OUT TO THE FUCKIN BITCHES THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO DEFEAT! Say what you want, but Tyra was none too pleased when she realized that… By Stone Rage alerting the ABA to their arrival? He created a distraction that allowed HIS FAB-4, to have one less group to worry about, AND IN TYPICAL FASHION, though it was close… They dispatched the other Girl Gangs… while the real threats, the Boss Bitches, the ABA? Well? They were out of the picture, divided up and scouring Sin City… Picking off each one of the Rescue Rangers, one-on-one, out-of-the-blue. Needless to say this shit didn’t sit well with Tyra, adding to the Countdown to Armageddon….