Born: May 27th, 1974 Height: 5’3” Weight: TMI Eyes: Brown! Orientation: FREAKY BITCH! Give in to me, NOW! Measurements: 36F-28-38 Years Catfighting: 14
Previous League: BDSM America, FF-CF (Fetish-Fantasy Catfighting Club), 3XL, The BBA (Black Beauties of America)
Previous Belts: BDSM Mistress of America (Champion) 5x’s, BDSM Queen of America 3x’s, BDSM Princess of America 3x’s, FF-CF Champ 3x’s, FF-CF Corset Queen 5x’s, 3XL World Champ 1x, 3XL Champ 1x, 3XL FFC (Fuck-Fighting) Champ 5x’s, 3XL Tag Champ (with Kitten) 3x’s
Finishing Moves: Black-and-Blue! (Variable tit or ass smothering move), Stark Reality! (Cunt-kick to stoop bitch and stun her! Then she hits them with a FALLING GUT-WRENCH POWERBOMB!)
Strengths: Veteran Experience, Mistress of BDSM, great power moves, great at body attacks, great at charging moves, able to take an ass-whipping, able to break opponents momentum, Evil Black Empress Complex, ultra-aggressive and not only attacks exposed or percieved weaknesses but works to CREATE weaknesses and exploit them, has actually fought overseas as 3XL World Champ in Japan and Europe, great leadership abilities, Mistress of Manipulation, Mistress of Dirty Tactics and Win-At-All Costs, great fuck-fighter, abilities increase in title matches, great showmanship, great at cutting a promo, able to counter moves, great brawler, great speed moves, lightning-fast, able to withstand multiple finishers, Blinding Rage ability at will, good technical moves, good submission moves, very skilled at smother submissions, can win long matches, Queen of the Clothesline, good corner-turnbuckle moves, some high-flying moves, a few top-rope moves, abilities increase when facing off against any of Geese’s Girls, merciless, abilities increase when working with her own bitches, does not submit
Weaknesses: Geese, staying on her and womanhandling can wear her out and once she is worn out she does not recover at all, single-minded to the point of being fanatical and easy to blindside, whenever she is stunned she takes damage like a bitch, tits, constantly attacking her tits ultimately wears her out on all levels, bitch-slaps do abnormal damage, repeated bitch-slaps stun her, once she starts getting stunned she becomes easier to chain-hit and chain-stun, low-blows do abnormal damage and stun her for a longer amount of time than usual, repeated low-blows will actually KO her, turnbuckle blowjobs inflict abnormal damage and stun her longer than they should, repeated turnbuckle blowjobs can actually KO her, keeping her off-balance and unable to control the fight wears her out mentally and then she simply takes damage till KO’d

Vanessa Blue, owner of the Sin City landmark burlesque BDSM Club Domina-X. Has been in a long running war for control of Sin City with Geese for a lonnnng time. She has made alliances with others within the Sin City Underworld only for them to be smashed without warning by Geese and his Maid Enforcers. Vanessa has made friends with those who hate Geese and still been unable to topple the bastard! She has fought against and held her own against Geese’s sub-boss bitches that monitor and control parts of Sin City on his behalf! But she’s never been able to get any of the fuckin political power to support or back her during the course of this turf war! If you can even call it a turf war, which you can’t. Vanessa has been left with the sad reality that Geese tolerates her being around, like he tolerates a number of other Sin City Boss Bitches like her that are NOT under his DIRECT control! Something that irks the hell out of a Vanessa! Over the last few years she has found that Geese doesn’t even take her seriously anymore, which also pisses her off to no end! She’s been waging a war with the Black Pagans and trying to fend off the White Pagans! While competeting with the other Boss Bitches of Sin City who seek to take her territory to enhance their own! In an attempt to try to shore up better support from outside the city, Vanessa started doing contract work. No stranger to fist fighting, the Army Brat was already a natural in or out of, the squared circle. Eventually Vanessa would get an offer to do work for the ABA. She initially refused it because they also had to of her rivals working for them already in the forms of Minka and Lisa Lipps. But her situation in Sin City was tenuious so she eventually caved and opted in.

She did a number of minor jobs for the American Bad Asses, till the entire Curse of Aguilera culminated in one of the Fab-4 members running off, to all places, Sin City! Vanessa, since she was NOT being paid by the ABA to intercept anybody, she simply let J-Lo go on about her business and disappear. In her infinite wisdom, Vanessa didn’t bother to inform the ABA about the fact that she could have gotten her hands on J-Lo the moment she flew-in to Sin City. She would eventually get the call to help deal with the Not-So-Fabulous Four, of Jaime Pressly, Tyra Banks, Kelly Hu and Roselyn Sanchez. The Fake Fab-4 would eventually all get beaten senseless and forced to work for Vanessa, Minka, Lisa Lipps and others, but Vanessa was more concerned about the fact that THE REAL FAB-4!?!! Had not only defeated all others in their quest to Escape from Las Vegas, but they’d gained a huge amount of momentum! Vanessa was worried about the fact that they’d built up too much confidence at this point while the ABA was kicking around a bunch of ragged cunts that couldn’t even put up a decent fight! Sure enough, the ABA ended up face-down, ass-up! Much to the dismay of Vanessa and the others. But since she had NO LOVE for any of the remaining mercenary bitches, much like the captured cunts that they each had in their possession. They did shit sloppy and STUPID! Vanessa, knowing that once the ABA and all of this BZL bullshit! Left town? She would still be in the midst of a turf war with these very same tramps! So she went for self, and so did they!

This made it easy as hell for the Fab-4 to roll through each one of them, freeing their captives and rescuing the Rescue Rangers! When it was over and done, Vanessa had taken a big fuckin hit to her rep as one of the most dominant Boss Bitches in the Sin City Underworld! But luck would definitely be a lady tonight, as only hours later after recovering from her own ass-whipping at the hands of the Fab-4! She would find out that something was going on near the Den of the Black Pagans!? Vanessa would decide… to GET IT FUCKIN RIGHT THIS TIME! She called up her fellow rival and ex-girlfriend, Kitten, who also controlled a sizable amount of turf in Sin Cities nightlife. Then she also made a call to Spontaneeus Xtacy, yet another Boss Bitch that held sway in Sin City. She then convinced them to join forces with her and pool their resources and find out just what the fuck was going on out here!?!! It was not long before word came back that the Den of the Black Pagans had been raided by outsiders! UNHEARD OF!?!! BUT SHIT HAD ALREADY BEEN CHAOTIC SINCE THE BZL CAME TO VEGAS! This meant that they DID NOT KNOW, that Geese controlled this region and was known for his violent temperment when outsiders started meddling in his meticulously laid out enviornment! Vanessa decided to use the smokescreen of the BZL to openly ATTACK the Black Pagans, but first she had to FIND THEM! Kitten’s spies informed her that the culprit in this instance was actually Jenna Jameson! PERFECT! As far as Vanessa was concerned… Her and her little Allaince could swoop in and finish off arrogant ass, slut-whore, Lori Alexia! Then JENNA!?!! That bitch would get all of the fuckin blame! As I type… Vanessa and crew have stumbled across an odd sight at a fuckin playground… Ayana Angel… in a swing… and a bunch of porn bitches laid the fuck out all around the park… With one of Jenna’s Lead Bitches… McKenzie Lee… all by her lonesome… and looking oh-so fuckin tired from fighting with Ayana… Things were starting to look up for Vanessa, in a biiiig way….