Jenny McCarthy (63%) beats Tia Carrere (37%) Tia winced in pain and pushed herself off the mat. Jenny McCarthy had body slammed her there yet again. Needless to say, Tia was not doing so well in this match up. She rolled near the ropes to distance herself from Jenny. She was getting back up to her feet when a sharp pain in her lower back caused her to yelp and fall back to one knee. She knew Anna Nicole Smith had just delivered another cheap shot kidney punch while referee, Julie Strain was distracted by Jenny.

Her mind went back to the moment where in a strategy meeting with her, Stone Rage, Julie Strain, and the other members of the Fab Four, she demanded a match with Jenny. Pam Anderson and Halle Berry could tell by the tone of her voice, she was determined to have her way.

"I don't know Tia," stammered Rage, "We've got to plan this carefully and besides, you had a pretty ruff time dealing with Jenny last time."*

"Are you saying you don't think I can whip that bitch!?!" Tia exclaimed obviously offended by the comment.

"No!" Rage quickly responded. "I know you can beat her, but...."

"But nothing!" Tia argued back. "I'm tired of people thinking she really won our first match. It was a draw... and I want another shot at her to prove, I can kick her sorry ass anyday!" Rage squirmed uncomfortably in his chair as Tia walked over and caressed his cheek with her hand, before planting a kiss on it. "So do I get my match or not?" Tia asks in a sweet sexy tone.

Julie StrainAnna Nicole SmithThose events lead Tia to where she is today. She is the midst of a title match against Jenny McCarthy. It was negotiated that the match will have two referees. Julie Strain as the in ring official, while Anna Nicole Smith serves outside the ring. To insure no outside interference, all the remaining members of the Fab Four were locked in a small cage at ringside. Another ringside cage corralled the other members of the ABA. Julie placed the only key to the ABA's cage down her black & white striped bikini bottom. Anna possessed the only key for the Fab Four's cage in her extra-large black & white striped halter-top. Tia was battling Jenny honorably, but Jenny and Anna had decided to take a lower route. Jenny would constantly distract and maneuver Julie out of position, allowing Anna to add cheap shot after cheap shot. Their plan was executed to perfection and Jenny and Anna were pummeling Tia, but after each dastardly blow, Tia gallantly rose to her feet and fought on.

Tia was still on one knee from Anna's kidney punch when Jenny approached. The blonde grabbed two handfuls of Tia's raven hair and pulled her to her feet. Jenny drives her knee into Tia's pelvis, doubling her over. Jenny then whips Tia across the ring. When the beauty rebounds, Jenny stoops over and sends Tia tumbling head over heels and splattering on the mat with a back flip.

Jenny again captures Tia by her hair and pulls her up to her knees. She walks her to the ropes and presses her throat against the middle rope. Jenny plants her knee at the base of Tia's neck and grabs the rope and pulls up pinning it tighter against Tia's windpipe. Tia flails from the blatant chokehold and Julie immediately calls for the break. When Jenny did not immediately break the choke, Julie impatiently pushes the blonde away and gets in her face and reprimands her for her illegal tactics. Anna instantly reaches up from outside the ring and grabs the back of Tia's head and pulls it down, reapplying the choke while Julie's back is turned. Julie talks a little longer thinking she is giving her friend time to recuperate, not knowing she is sealing Tia's doom. Anna releases one hand to pummel Tia's face while the other keeps her choking on the rope. Finally, she sees Julie about to turn around and releases her hold, but the damage has been done. Tia falls to the mat coughing & gagging.

Jenny hair hauls Tia back to her feet and pushes her back into the corner. Jenny follows her in and slams her with a chop across her chest. Tia cries out in pain and slumps back into the corner, she drapes her arms over the top rope to remain upright. Jenny grabs her sweaty green tank top and rips it down the front exposing her chest. Jenny then goes to town, chopping away at Tia's bra covered chest, turning it beet red. Tia howls in pain as each slap gets louder and louder. Her head falls back and her mouth hangs open as she bravely accepts her punishment. Jenny continued chopping until her own hand was throbbing, then she hoists Tia in the air and slams her to the mat.

Julie steps in trying to give Tia a respite, but as soon as her back was turned, Anna reaches in the ring and pulls Tia underneath the ropes. Anna positions Tia so her head hangs out of the ring, while the rest of her body is still inside. She then slams her forearm down onto Tia's exposed chest again & again. Once Julie is about to turn around again, she pushes Tia back within the confines of the ring.

Jenny walks back over to Tia who's moaning in pain. Jenny places Tia throat against the bottom rope then stands on the brunette's back, again choking her. Julie does not waste time with a count and steps in and throws her off Tia and to the mat. Julie glares down and warns Jenny that she will not tolerate those tactics. Unfortunately for Tia, as Julie's back was turned Anna steps up and pulls her throat back across the rope choking her again. The feisty Tia has had enough, and starts throwing wild punches. They sting and connect to Anna enough that the big blonde steps back away from Tia. Tia rises to her knees and lounges out of the ring with another wild punch. Anna dodges the blow by stepping back then steps in and catches Tia with a wicked right hook to her jaw. Tia collapses back to the mat. Julie hears the crack of the blow against Tia's chin and whirls around, but she is too late to see Anna's interference.

Jenny quickly rushes in before Julie can figure out what's happening and captures Tia by the waistband of her pants. The blonde yanks up on the garment, pulling Tia's almost limp body to her feet. Tia is clearly dazed. Her arms dangle lifelessly at her sides. Her mouth hangs open gulping oxygen. If not for Jenny's firm grip on a handful of hair, the brunette may have fallen back to the mat. Seeing Tia helpless, Jenny wanted to really demean and torture her rival. First, she felt she was cheated out of a victory in their first match. Second, one way of really hurting Stone Rage was to pound & punish one of his favorites of favorites, Tia.

"Bitch" Jenny spits as she delivers a paint brushing slap across Tia's face that spins her head around. Jenny then came back across with a backhand slap that sent Tia's head twisting in the opposite direction. "Don't..(SLAP!) Ever...(SLAP!) Think...(SLAP!) You...(SLAP!) Can...(SLAP!) Beat...(SLAP!) Me....(SLAP!) Again!.... (SLAP!)(SLAP!)" Each word was punctuated by a slap followed by a backhand return. Tia's head spins from left to right like it was on a swivel. Her lovely long black hair was flying with the momentum of each powerful blow, as sweat was flying and showering the front row. Jenny stopped and glared into Tia's eyes for a moment. The slaps had stung Tia, but more than that showed her rival the helpless position Jenny has placed her in. Tia's eyes showed pain and despair. Finally with Tia nearly out on her feet, Jenny shoves her hard in her chest, pushing her backwards through the ropes and out of the ring to the arena floor.

Julie steps in to prevent Jenny from following her quarry outside, and Anna steps forward to further punish Tia. The big blonde hoist Tia up in the air and drops her throat first on the iron barricade surrounding the ring. Tia falls to the concrete floor sputtering and gagging. Anna picks Tia up, and pushes her back into the ring under the ropes.

Jenny approaches Tia and finds her curled into a ball and moaning in pain. Jenny reaches down and pulls her foe to her feet, not satisfied that she has inflicted enough torment and agony on her hated enemy. Jenny whips Tia across the ring. Jenny runs the opposite direction to gain momentum for another devastating blow to her rival. As both bound off the ropes for an intending collision, Julie slips her foot in Jenny's path, tripping the beauty. Jenny stumbles forward and right into a spinning kung fu kick by Tia. Tia's foot collides squarely to Jenny's nose and drops her to the mat like a rag doll.

The audience delivers a loud simultaneous gasp of shock at this turn of events. Jenny laid dazed on the mat. Tia rushes back into the ropes and gets momentum to leap in the air for a slash and comes crashing down on the blonde with her full body weight. Tia needlessly hooks Jenny's leg and Julie drops to the mat instantly and starts the three count. Julie is at two and coming down with the third count when Anna dives into the ring on top of Julie to break the count. Instantly the two large centerfolds sink their hands in each other's hair and start grappling and rolling across the canvas. Tia keeps Jenny's shoulders pressed to the mat for over 20 seconds before the stunned blonde could kick Tia's body off of her. Tia was still exhausted from the tremendous beating Jenny and Anna had inflicted on her through out the evening. She just lay on the mat beside Jenny for a few moments breathing very heavily.

Outside the ring, Halle, J. Lo, and Pam cheer wildly for Tia to get up from their cage. Christina Applegate Alyssa Milano, and Nikki Cox cheer for Jenny to rise and root on Anna as she engages Julie. Tia is the first of the two combatants to rise to her feet. Jenny is still on the mat but digging in the pockets of black leather short-shorts. Tia reaches down and pulls the groggy blonde to her feet by a handful of hair. Jenny then rips Tia with a stunning uppercut. Tia's head rocks back, her body shuts down and Jenny steps to the side allowing the brunette to dive face first to the mat like a fallen tree. Jenny twists her wrist and the glare of a sparkling pair of brass knuckles recovered from her pocket glisten to the crowd. Jenny rolls Tia's stiff body over on her back. The brunette beauty's eyes are still open but as glassy and distant as they could be. The blonde had knocked the brunette out cold. Jenny pins Tia, but then looks around puzzled when no referee comes to administer the three count.

Jenny then sees Anna trapped in the corner with Julie perched on the middle rope, raining hammering blows down on Anna's face. She leaps off Tia and runs over to the battling referees. Jenny slides underneath Julie and lifts the big brunette off her perch and onto her shoulders. Julie is shocked to find herself suddenly seated on Jenny's shoulders with Jenny's face in her crotch and moving back away from Anna. Before the big girl had a chance to react against Jenny, the blonde falls forward, driving Julie to the mat with the force of a power bomb. Julie shrieks in pain as she lands with Jenny's face ramming into her crotch, her body takes tremendous impact against the mat, knocking the breath out of her, and the back of her head bounces off the mat like a basketball. Jenny rises off the stunned brunette and retreats to the opposite side of the ring.

Julie lies on the canvas moaning in pain. She realizes how vulnerable she is lying there so she struggles to her feet with the aid of the ropes. Julie slowly turns to find Jenny charging towards her. The blonde clotheslines Julie across the neck, sending the shrieking brunette tumbling head over heels over the top rope and to the hard arena floor. Jenny then rushes over to Anna and grabs her by the collar of her halter top and drags her down to the mat as she goes to again pin the still fallen Tia.

Although still groggy, Anna starts the three count. At two and a half, Tia rips her right shoulder off the mat to the roar and dismay of the crowd. "WHAT!" exclaims Jenny surprised the beaten brunette had the strength and better yet the audacity to lift her shoulder off the mat. Jenny pushes Tia's shoulders back to the mat and places a hand on each shoulder and impresses her weight down. "Kick out again bitch and the beating I've already given you look like a slap on the wrist." Jenny says as she glares down into Tia's face.

Tia simply turns her head trying to hide her pain and despair. She knew she did not have the strength to kick out with Jenny's weight pressing her to the mat. She could not bring her self to look up at the gloating conquering blonde who has just defeated her. "I'll be back bitch." Tia weakly mutters as Anna counts her out.

Upon hearing the final bell, Jenny leaps off Tia and bolts out the ring. Tia knows she had best flee the ring but when she commands her tired, battered body to rise, nothing happens. Tia was hurt and she knew it. Jenny goes to the timekeeper's table and grabs a metal chair. Then rushes over to Julie who is on one knee trying to clear the cobwebs out of her head. Jenny smashes Julie over the back of the skull with the chair. Julie drops to the floor, unconscious, never even knowing what just hit her. Jenny rolls Julie over onto her back and yanks her bikini briefs down to the brunette's knees. The key to the ABA's cage falls to the ground. Jenny retrieves the key and opens the cage to free her friends.

Christina darts out of the cage and beelines toward Tia. Nikki runs over to Julie, and Alyssa leaps into Jenny's arms and congratulates her on achieving a major victory for the ABA. The two beauties engage in a little light banter for a minute, oblivious of what is happening around them. When they finally turn their attention back to the action the go into the ring to find Christina sitting beside a nude Tia crushing, twisting and generally mauling her tits. Tia's frantic shrieks of agony shows that even she has reached and surpassed her extremely high pain thresholds.

Across the ring, Anna is humping her bare pussy on Julie's face. Once Anna about to climax, all the members of the ABA surround her and cheer her on to ecstasy. "Go Anna... Go Anna.... Go Anna.... they chant as the big blonde gyrates harder and more wildly. All the gyrations have awaken Julie who simply moans, grunts and whimpers as her greatest archenemy humiliates her in front of record attendance. Finally Anna reaches her climax and moans like a corner hooker. She grabs Julie's hair and presses her face as deep into her pussy as possible as her cum showers her sobbing humiliated victim. Once she had finished Anna closes her legs and presses her big ass down on Julie's face to smother her rival. Anna reaches back and clutches Julies huge breast in each hand and squeezes with all her might. Within seconds Sex Court's big whimpering, sobbing "Judge Julie" blacks out into unconsciousness.

The ABA took a few moments to celebrate their devastating victory over their to demolished rivals in the ring, before taunting the three remaining beauties of the Fab Four caged at ringside. Extremely satisfied with their dominance the ABA exit the arena, leaving Julie spread eagle in the ring, but Christina & Nikki lead Tia, whose hands are bound behind her back with her bra up the ramp with them. If not for Nikki's and Christina's firm grip on either arm, the battered beauty would not have been able to walk under her own power.

As soon as the ABA has left the arena, Stone Rage claps his hands to execute his back up plan. Four very large and heavily muscled security guards retrieve crow bars from under the ring and start to pry open the cage door of the Fab Four. As the four large men tug at the cage door, Rage and medical personnel check on the condition of the deputy commissioner, Julie.

Mean while The ABA leads Tia back stage. They are still hooting & hollering over their huge victory. They stop at a dressing room door and politely knock. Jessica Alba answers the door and greets them abruptly by asking, "What the Hell do you want?"

Jessica Alba"Hey calm down Jess," Alyssa says in her sweetest voice. "I felt real bad about how we beat you up a couple of months back, so we bought you a peace offering." ** Then Jenny shoves the battered Tia through the door. Jessica watches as the beaten, bound woman falls at her feet.

"Yeah, I know how it feels for Rage to cheat you out of a victory and call it a draw because he is in love with this bitch!", Jenny adds.

"Yeah, if you're not one of Rage's 'girls' things can be hard around here. Christina says with a sweet smile.

"Oh thanks," Jessica says thrilled with the ABA's good will gesture. "Now if you'll excuse us, me and Tia do have some unfinished business to take care of." Jessica says as she starts to drag Tia in the room "Let's see, when I left off, I was about to give you a new hair style, baldie!"^

As they close the door, they hear Tia shriek in a frantic plea, "Please No!...... Please don't cut my hair!" before bursting into tears. Through out the brutal beating they had given Tia, she refused to beg for mercy, but now the rock had finally cried out.

At ringside the guards had finally pried open the door to free the Fab Four. "Quick they took Tia to Jessica's room, and towards the parking bay. Pam & Halle reached down grabbed the crow bars and headed after the ABA while Jennifer darted towards Jessica's room.

Jessica had Tia bound in a chair saying, "You have too much hair for me you use the razor, but I can fix that!" when the door was kicked open. Jessica looked up to see Jennifer standing with a menacing look on her face. "You're not stopping me from my revenge!" Jessica says as she charges Jennifer. The lovely latina halts the rampaging beauty with one punch to her face, and drops her to the floor. Jessica did not dare rise until after Jennifer had untied Tia, and departed with her friend.

In the hall Jenny, Alyssa, Christina NIkki & Anna are toasting their success with a bottle of champagne. Suddenly, Jenny drops her glass in the midst of a sip and says, "Oh Shit!" The ABA looks up to see Halle & Pam charging their way wielding crowbars. The Bad Asses dropped their glasses and bottles and took of running like frightened mice. Luckily their limo was warming up in the parking bay, and they were able to beat their attackers to the car. The ABA dove into the back of the limo and yelled for the driver, who was nearby enjoying a cigarette to go.

The driver rushes to the car just as Halle & Pam catch up to the limo. Pam swings the crowbar and smashes the passenger's window of the car. Halle swings her crow bar and knocks out the back window. They hear the ABA inside squealing like frightened school girls as finally the car streaks off out of the arena.

Pam drops her crowbar and places her hands on her hips. "Punk ass bitches, they won't be able to run from us next month.

* Tia's & Jenny's first titanic clash
** ABA abuses Jessica Alba
^ Tia vs Jessica Alba

Jenny McCarthy, Christina Applegate

Nikki Cox, Alyssa Milano

The ABA versus The Fab Four!!!
Stay tuned... This is only the beginning

Tia Carrere, Jennifer Lopez

Pamela Anderson, Halle Berry