This was a fight waiting to happen as Salma and Jenny were natural rivals both in and out of the arena. Both had had their success and failures, but recently it had tended to have been more of the latter. Both wanted the fight, but on their own terms which they stuck to. The various TV and promotion companies, salavating over the prospect of Salma's dark looks vs Jenny's paler countenance, constructed ever more complex and attractive deals, complete with undercards, only to be rebuffed. Allegedly Madonna even considered hosting the fight at her wedding in Scotland as a present for her new husband, but to no avail.

Eventually the money men grew bored and frustrated and moved on to find new fights with which to entertain the masses and line their pockets. This did not stop the wrangling between the two women, but no amount of bitchy comments and sly innuendo in interviews could excite the TV companies. Eventually, after a series of legal moves that Al Gore would have considered, a contract was drawn up and the two women flew to remote ranch in Arizona.

The warm sun beat down on Jenny as she sat astride a hay bale outside a barn lapping up the sun and psyching herself up as in the distance she could see a black 4x4 grow closer. The ex MTV woman wore sandy Cat Boots, rolled down white socks, tight cut off denim shorts and a red crop top that barely concealed her otherwise uncovered breasts and was straining every fiber and sinew to do this. Her long blonde locks were worn naturally. As the black 4x4 parked about 40 meters away she saw her Hispanic opponent get out, look in her direction through sun-glasses, throws the sun-glasses on the seat of the cat towards her. Miss Hayek was wearing black leather knee boots (because being superstitious she believed them lucky as she had never lost while wearing them and figured that any bit of help would come in useful today), tight black cotton shorts and a dark sleeveless cropped t-shirt revealing her honed midriff. Her long raven black hair was worn in a pony tail. As she strutted closer to Jenny, the blonde woman stood up and walked across the dusty ground her very gait exuding confidence that there was only one top bitch in town today.

Salma stopped and prepared to let loose a barrage of carefully thought up vitriol, innuendo and slur towards Jenny with her hands on her hips. But Jenny had other ideas about how the fight was going to progress and charged forward her hands outstretched. This took Salma totally by surprise and she was caught between moving out of the way and defending herself and ended up doing neither. As she brought her own hands up ready, Jenny had grabbed her shoulders and was pushing her backwards before she realized what was going on. She stumbled and with a shout of "Stupid Mexican cunt!", Jenny pushed her opponent backwards and Salma fell over on her back, amidst a cloud of sandy dust. Jenny followed her opponent down, in doing so trying to get a hasty knee in the crotch, but as she was concentrating on grabbing hold of the raven black hair of her opponent, missed hitting a toned thigh. Miss Hayek grunted with the blow and then again as she felt Jenny sink her claws in her lustrous hair on top of her head and her pony tail.

"So you thought you could take me on did you , you stupid fucking Mexican slag!" snarled Jenny as she began to pull hard on her opponents hair while trying to adjust her posture so that she could sit astride her olive skinned enemy. Salma had recovered sufficient of her wits to be able to reach up and take a firm hold of Jenny's blonde hair and returning the tugging.

"You stupid blonde whore," she hissed "you'll be eating dirt when I have finished with you!" Salma was able to bring down her left hand and wrap it round the ex-MTV presenters waist so that she could pull her down and the two stars began to roll around in the dirt. Their hands were drawn to the others hair like metal to a magnet as they began roll back and forth, but neither was able to gain a decisive advantage. Booted feet lashed out with no apparent success or impact and their sweaty clothes and exposed skin attracted the dust and sand. Salma let go of Jenny's once clean hair long enough to grab a handful of dirt and at close range throw it into her face. Jenny didn't have the chance to take advantage of the reduced pressure on her scalp before she was coughing and spluttering like old man clearing her tubes. As the blonde hacked away and convulsed, the Mexican woman was able to assume a dominant upper position. While the blonde began to recover and struggle to break free, Salma emphasized her ascendancy by driving her left hand, now balled as a fist, once, twice and a third time in to her opponents exposed flank. Jenny groaned and then grunted with the pain of the blows but continued to battle, her hands clinging to dark strands of hair, just reminding Salma that the fight wasn't over.

This didn't stop Salma from dragging her knees up alongside Jenny's body so that she was sitting astride her with her shorts resting on Miss Mccarthyism rougher denim shorts. This did enable Jenny to increase the intensity of her hair pulling causing the air to turn blue with Spanish expletives. This only served to antagonize Jenny further and she hissed, "Speak English like an American you stupid whore!".

This only served to crank up the intensity of the battle and her vitriol soon turn to squeals of surprise and pain. Miss Hayek let go of Jenny's blonde hair and instead clamped both hands across on her breasts. The thin and by now grubby red crop top offered no protection to the pressure exerted by Salma's fingers. Jenny retaliated in kind reaching up and sinking her own fingers like talons into the Hispanic woman's breasts whose own top offered no more protection. But being on top at least gave Salma the ability to raise and slam her butt down against Jenny's crotch and move her upper body so that the blonde had to concentrate on keeping her grip. This made Jenny struggle and fight harder still and she attempted to bring a knee up and into Salma's back, but no contact was made.

The sounds of battle now escalated from moans and groans to squeals and shrieks, interspersed with vitriolic slurs and insults. Jenny started to pull on Salma's skimpy top intent on trying to pull her down. But the top was not up to this pressure and instead began rip and shred exposing olive coloured breast flesh. Salma retaliated in kind on Jenny's far less substantial top which also began to disintegrate which allowed her to get to directly attack the pale but firm breast flesh.

Just as Salma was getting accustomed to being on top, Jenny put her strength, borne of pain and frustration, into tipping her over so that she was now on her back with the blonde between her legs. Now it was Jenny's turn to gloat at being in charge and she let go of the tattered remnants of the actresses black top long enough to plant a fist squarely on her belly button. Salma let out a loud shriek at the blow for which she was completely unprepared, physically or mentally. Having temporarily, at least, subdued her opponent, Miss McArthy now turned her attention (which was not quiet as short as some critics suggested) back to Miss Hayek's top. Grasping firmly in both hands she pulled hard and the article disintegrated leaving Jenny clutching a sweaty and dirty rag, and the Hispanic woman with her breasts exposed (for like Jenny she was contractually obliged not to wear a bra!). Just as the blonde woman was about to gleefully sink her fingers into the breast flesh before her eyes, she felt her waist and stomach under pressure; a pressure that was becoming uncomfortable and really rather painful.

Jenny McCarthy looked down and realized that being between Salma's legs had allowed the movie actress to scissors her, which is what she was now doing and was already attempting to lock her booted ankles. Jenny let out a shriek of frustration interspersed with a minor torrent of abuse as she attempted to break free. But she was unable to do so and started to rain her fists down on Salma's thighs in growing intensity. Realizing that she could not keep up this attack for ever, Salma raised her upper body so that she could reach and grab hold of what was left of Jenny's top. Having secured a firm grip she then proceeded to pull the blonde down to the ground with her. Sadly Jenny's top, designer that it may have once been, simply couldn't stand the strain any more and fell apart, with the consequence that gravity finished the job that the actress started. By a quirk of physics, Jenny landed breast to breast with her opponent who was now trying to straighten herself out. As two pairs of much lusted after nipples collided and jostled both women sunk their hands in one another's hair and began to pull furiously. This soon developed so that they were both rolling in the sand seeking and advantage by applying pressure on the others scalp. As their bodies battled for dominance from the soles of their boots to the hair on their heads, insults were traded.

"Stupid blonde slut!"

"Mexican whore!"

"Daintiness bitch!"

"Filthy mouthed cow!"

All of which continued for several minutes whilst the two women inflicted pain and suffered it, but achieved nothing except to get dirtier and sweatier. Salma was able to achieve a marginal advantage by rubbing the edge of her boots against the skin of Jenny's legs. But this was not a fight winning tactic and it was Salma who broke off the rolling in the dirt so she could catch her breath, her breasts heaving as she did so.

"Had enough then bitch!" snapped Jenny getting to her knees.

"Fuck you!" was Salma's succinct response at which the two topless wildcats threw themselves at one another, initially taking fistful of one another's hair. But in a surprise move Jenny, lowered her attack so that with her left hand she grabbed the waist of Salma's shorts and pulled upwards. The material bit into Salma's womanhood with a growing feeling of discomfort to the Mexican woman. Salma arched her back as the pain started to grow, spitting out vengeful slurs against her opponent. But this did not lessen the pain nor did shaking Jenny's head by the roots of her hair seem to be having any affect. As Salma's suffering increased, Jenny let go of her shorts and instead clasped her hands round the back of the Hispanic woman's throat and started to squeeze. This was another unpleasant surprise to the dark skinned actress who squealed, but this was cut off as Jenny pushed her down onto her back. Salma's lost her hold on the blonde's hair and instead struggled to free herself as her breath was cut off, allowing Miss McArthy to straddle across her stomach. She then let go of the dark haired woman's throat so that she could grab hold of her opponent's hair. Salma was barely able to catch her breath before her head was pulled by the hair and her face slammed into the crotch of Jenny's shorts, and the smell that assailed her nose was unmistakable. As she felt her face rubbed back and forth she began to flounder in desperation. As the rubbing grew more intense and her nose bashed against the metal buttons, so the scent of Jenny's excitement grew and so did her moaning. By chance Salma grabbed hold of Jenny's denim shorts and began to rain slaps and punches across her butt, but this only appeared to excite the blonde more. Miss Hayek felt her head yanked backed so that she was looking up at her opponent whose face was an evil looking grin.

"So honey, you want me to take off my shorts?" inquired Jenny. As intended this put the fear of God into Salma who began to struggle more intently in an effort to break free and began to use her hold on the denim shorts to return the wedgie. Jenny let go of Salma's hair so she could put an end to what she thought was the final attacks of a beaten woman. Only for Salma to surprise her by slamming her forehead firmly into Jenny's crotch, driving the metal buttons back into her pussy. This stopped Jenny dead in her tracks as she came to terms with the blow. Despite the pain that she had suffered in the attack, Salma repeated the attack, only harder this time, causing Jenny McArthy to roll off clutching her groin.

Sensing an opening, and ignoring her own suffering Salma quickly got to her knees so she was kneeling between the legs of the writhing blonde. The smell of her opponent's excitement still in her nostrils, Salma ripped aside Jenny's hands which were cupped protectively over her crotch and began to pull at the buttons. At the second or third good hard tug more and more white flesh. Inevitably this alerted Jenny to Salma's intentions and she pushed aside the pain and raised herself to plunge both hands into Salma's black hair in the hope of dragging her away. But Salma ignored this pain and continued to pull open and down Jenny's denim shorts, exposing a minimalist white thong that showed patches of darkness. When Jenny's hair pulling started to detach dark strands of hair Salma shouted out in pain and paused in her assault on Salma's crotch to reach up and deliver a stinging slap to her breasts. The squeal of pain from Miss McArthy was as nothing to that when Salma used her dark fingers to cruelly pull aside the damp thong and plunged it into the blonde triangle before her. Jenny screamed and tried to kick out but, was in no real position to do so, indeed Miss Hayek turned her attention from tit slapping to driving a fist into Jenny's upper thigh.

As Jenny was wracked with pain she screamed and spat invective and insults, but the words brought no relief. Instead she let go of Salma's hair and turned her attention to her breasts, sinking her fingers into the delicate flesh around the brown and prominent nipples. Now Salma wailed with pain as her breasts were brutally assaulted, so much so that she was sure that she would start to bleed. As Jenny began to pull the pert brown breasts in opposite directions by the nipple, Salma tried to concentrate on the task at hand and pushed a finger inside her blonde opponent. Jenny gasped as a wave of pleasure rapidly followed more pain swept her body. She wanted to cry out in pain, but she bit her lip and then slammed her opponent's breasts together.

This was just too much for Salma who broke off her assault on Jenny's crotch and fell backwards wailing and sobbing at the pain that wracked her chest. Miss McArthy was swept with relief and began to drag herself away from her opponent seeking relief. Having dragged herself through the dirt Jenny looked down and realised her denim shorts were beyond hope and with a good tug ripped them off, then pulled off the thong which was also beyond a useful role in the fight. Meanwhile Salma had recovered her composure, but the pain had only subsided not gone away. She looked up and saw that the now nearly naked blonde had risen to her knees, but her blonde pussy was still showing signs of Salma's attention. The Hispanic woman also got up onto her knees and began to move gingerly towards the ex MTV VJ.

They stayed at arms length gulping down air, the fuel for the forthcoming struggle, before locking their fingers in a test of strength. Their perspiring bodies strained and bulged as they battled for supremacy. Jenny now spat a mouthful of saliva straight into her opponent's face. Salma recoiled in disgust and as she moved a hand to wipe her face, Jenny now used her free hand to grip Salma by the jaw and push her backwards. Salma began to topple backwards and down, and started wave her hands to keep her balance. Jenny followed up by planting her free hand, balled as a fist, into the Hispanic woman's stomach. Salma let out a strangled scream as she collapsed onto her back in a cloud of dust. Jenny then positioned herself across her opponents thighs, pinning then. Whilst Salma groaned and tried to absorb this turn of events, Miss McArthy grabbed the waist band of her dark shorts and pulled with all her strength. The skimpy article, damp and dirty, gave way with a loud rip that jogged the actresses mind back to reality, as she realised that her lush black minge was singularly ill protected by a white thong. This was soon exploited by Jenny who thrust her right hand into the short raven black hair, whilst she lent forward and grabbed hold of breast flesh with her right hand. Salma screamed anew and her body jerked about as if attached to the mains.

Salma did her best to raise her self and defend herself simultaneously as Jenny's fingers expertly inflicted both pleasure and pain upon her. Jenny was enjoying this payback as she let her fingers do the talking building up then pulling down her opponents senses. It was this preoccupation that allowed Salma to both free her breast and take hold of Jenny's blonde hair.

"Fucking slut!" she shouted as she fell back to the ground, pulling the blonde down with her. Jenny was able to disengage her hand from Salma's pussy in time for her breasts to collide nipple to nipple on top of her opponent. The sensation of this landing washed over both women making them pause for a few moments and squeal with pain. This did not last long though before they adjusted themselves so that they were breast to breast and crotch to crotch and them engaged in two handed hair pulling. They started to roll back and forth in the dirt, dark skin pressed against white skin, hurling insult and pulling hard. As they rolled around the upper woman would try and spread herself to maintain the position, only to fail and be rolled over. Both women were by now tired from their exertions and the pain they had suffered.

It was Jenny who moved the fight into its final phase. Having gained the upper slot yet again, she then raised her crotch and slammed it down against Salma's. Both women experienced a wave of ecstasy and groaned, but Jenny recovered first to repeat the attack. Fearful of losing in this manner, Salma rolled the pair of them over and slammed her crotch down, only to the find herself looking up at her opponent. This time rather than attack with her crotch she got herself astride Salma, digging her knees into the side of her dark skinned opponent. Salma thrashed like a fish out of water and lashed out with her hands. Jenny bounced up and down on the prone Hispanic woman's body bringing forth fresh screams of anguish. Then Miss McArthy drove her fist into Salma's midriff, causing new waves of pain to wash across her body. It was when Jenny lent forward and grabbed hold of Salma's breasts, using her fingers and thumbs fully to inflict the maximum level of pain on her opponent. Salma reached up and grabbed hold of Jenny's breasts, but her grip was no where near as fierce as that of the blonde, and this soon began to tell as her grip weakened. It was when Jenny began to increase her attacks by spitting on the lower woman's face that Salma's will finally began to collapse. Within seconds the Hispanic woman was crying out her surrender, fearing the worst from Jenny's inevitable celebration of victory.

Salma was overjoyed when Jenny got up off of her leaving Miss Hayek to contemplate her lose as she lay in the dust the sun beating down on her sweaty body. This elation at having gotten off relatively easily, was soon washed away when the sun was blotted out. Barely had she realized what was happening than Jenny had stuffed a sock inside the actresses mouth and lowered her sopping and aroused pussy onto Salma's face. Her eyes grew bigger as the full horror of what was about to happen swept over her as fast as the shadow of Jenny's body.

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