ABA Hunt
Tyra Banks versus Jenny McCarthy

"Stone Rage, you are sooo pig headed!" Christina Applegate yells into her cell phone. "Our lawyers are kicking your butt in court. It's only a matter of time before we prove you're showing bias in the work place, and we force you out as commissioner of the league." Christina says, trying to get her point across. "It doesn't matter. After we hunt down and capture your prize Fab Four cows here in Vegas, you'll have nothing left, and no one's dumb enough to stand on your side against us." After a pause Christina adds, "I thought you cared about them?"

"I do" Rage answered, "and if it were up to me, I would make a deal but....."

"Perfect" Christina interrupts. "Lets make a deal right now. You step down, and give us control, and we will go easy on you and the Fab Four!" Christina continues, "We won't take every dime you have and we'll won't destroy those cows as long as they stay away from us!"

"Like I was saying before I was rudely interrupted" Rage starts again, "If it was up to me, I would make a deal." Rage pauses, "But it's not completely up to me. The Fab Four wouldn't hear of me making a deal with you. They're sure they can kick your ass, and made me promise not to give up, or make any concessions with you without their approval. I can't go back on a promise."

"The Fab Four can handle us?" Christina shouts, almost bursting out laughing. "We've kick their ass all over the ring for a year now." Christina adds. "I thought you had some balls Rage, but now I see your balls are in the Fab Four's pocket, or maybe their mouths, knowing them."

"My girls say they can kick your ass, and I trust them." Rage says calmly. "But you are wrong about one thing." Rage pauses. "The Fab Four aren't the only ones who'll stand with me against you. In fact, I sent a few friends to help even things in Vegas. Rage smiles and says, "Just a word of advice, I'd avoid Tyra Banks, Jamie Pressly, Roselyn Sanchez, or Kelly Hu if I were you." Rage says and starts chuckling. "See Christina, how can you say I don't love you... I just gave you some great advice." Rage say while laughing.

"Fucking bastard" Christina says as she slams her cell phone shut. "If that's the way you want to play, we'll destroy your little 'Not so Fab Four' as an appetizer, before moving on to the main course of, Tia, Halle, Pam and Jennifer."

"Ladies" Jenny McCarthy starts, "Let's go hunting."

That hunt starts in the lobby of the Fabulous Flamingo Hotel and Casino. Tyra Banks is there getting her room keycard. Tyra had just arrived and is eager to search out anybody and everybody to beat up to help the Fab Four. Unfortunately, she did not pay any of the locals, to hide her tracks. The Fab Four have been dropping butt loads of cash all over Vegas, to hide their whereabouts. Jenny McCarthy was able to drop a few bucks to a few limo drivers, and easily followed Tyra's every move.

As the tall, elegant super model glides across the marble lobby floor, she has no clue of what's happening behind her. Jenny has commandeered a bell clerk cart full of luggage and is pushing the cart as fast as she could towards Tyra. Jenny builds up tremendous speed and steam as she starts from the front doors, and locomotives toward an unsuspecting Tyra. Instinctively Tyra turns around at the last moment, but it is far too late. SLAM!! Jenny steam rolls Tyra with the cart and knocks her to the ground. The momentum of the cart sends it tumbling on top of Tyra burying her under countless bags of luggage.

Jenny smiles approvingly at the train wreck she has caused. Tyra is crushed under the runaway cart, and is moving very slowly. Slowly her long arms start moving trying to knock the heavy suitcases off of her. Jenny hears many grunts and "Oww's" as Tyra attempts to free herself from the wreckage. Tyra felt like she had been hit by a runaway car.

"Ooooohhhhhhhhh that had to hurt", Jenny says trying to get a laugh out of the guest and staff in the lobby. Jenny appears to be helping Tyra by moving the cart and luggage off of the squashed super model, but appearances can be deceiving. After Jenny cleared the mountain of baggage off of Tyra, she picks up a heavy suitcase, and throws it down onto Tyra's back with all her might. Tyra is again squashed like a bug. Tyra howls in new agony. She can barely catch her breath from the heavy suitcase crashed down on prone body.

Jenny picks up another heavy suitcase and slams it down on Tyra. Tyra screams again fearing broken ribs or internal injuries. She is lying face down, covering her head with her arms. Slowly the super model starts trying to crawl away. She barely gets six inches before another suitcase comes crashing down on her. Then another one rains down followed by another then another. Tyra finds herself buried alive again under luggage. Underneath she can be heard whimpering and groaning in pain.

Jenny surprisingly backs off for a moment. Tyra again slowly starts to rise from underneath the baggage. She is constantly grunting, moaning and wincing at every slow movement. Her entire body aches from the battering crush of the luggage. Eventually the tall model does clear herself of the luggage and rises onto very shaky, and wobbly legs.

Several feet away, Jenny has picked up an overnight bag with two long handles. Jenny starts swinging the bag around gaining momentum. Jenny looks like an Olympic hammer thrower as she swings the bag around, making sweeping circles. Once Tyra has finally regained her feet, she looks around to see where is Jenny. When Tyra turns Jenny releases the bag and sends it hurtling towards Tyra. Tyra's eyes get as big as saucers, her mouth drops open, her brain commands her body to move, or at least raise her arms to protect her face, but she does not have time to do any of that. The bag hits her flush in the face. Her head snaps back. Her feet goes flying in the air, and she lands very hard on her back.

Tyra lies flat on her back stretched out spread-eagle on the cold marble floor. Her eyes are still open, but she is oblivious of the current events of the world. So, figuratively speaking, the lights are still on, but nobody's home. Jenny starts taking bows to the guest and staff that are watching the battle in the lobby. Although this began with a vicious sneak attack, everyone present had to be impressed at how she has demolished the taller athletic model. So, Jenny receives a few admiring handclaps for her performance thus far.

Jenny takes advantage of Tyra's catatonic state to slowly and seductively peel Tyra's shirt off her bronze body. The former Playboy Playmate utilizes skills gained at Hugh Hefner's mansion to remove Trya's top and jeans to not only entertain the crowd, but drive them into a state of sexual arousal. In a rarity for the ABA, the audience is behind Jenny to finish stripping Tyra, and for a climatic ending.

Jenny does not disappoint anyone watching her strip the gorgeous super model. Since Tyra has not regained her senses once being reduced to bra and panties, Jenny pushes further. Just as seductively as Jenny made Tyra's shirt and jeans disappear, she does the same to Tyra's bra and panties. Jenny is bubbling from the attention and encouragement she is receiving from the crowd. She never stopped to think that Tyra's perfectly sexy body deserves more credit than any alliance to Jenny from the audience.

Jenny takes a nice seat on Tyra's flat stomach and starts fondling those big juicy titties. Men and women alike mouths water as the firm bouncy flesh reacts to Jenny's touch. Tyra starts coming around as she instinctively purrs and moans in satisfaction. Her nipples stiffen and stand up tall and proud. Seeing that Tyra is finally becoming aware of her surroundings, Jenny shifts around on Tyra's body to face Tyra's feet. Jenny positions herself with one leg wedged in between Tyra's legs to keep them spread open, and Jenny's other leg across Tyra's body to keep it pinned down.

Jenny draws her fist back and fires it into Tyra's exposed pussy. A jolt of life fires through Tyra's body. Jenny keeps hammering away, with punch after punch. Suddenly Tyra's jolts to life with a loud piercing scream. She tries to move, but is pinned down. Jenny keeps firing away. The sound of the Jenny's fist colliding with Tyra's cunt switches from a thump to a smack as Tyra's snatch wets and opens up. Tyra's pussy lips open up like they are inviting Jenny's fist to some inside. Soon afterward, Tyra's vaginal doors yield to Jenny's knocking and allows her knuckles inside. Once Jenny realizes what is happening she puts more strength behind her punches sending each fist deeper and deeper inside Tyra.

Almost lost in the eroticism of the pussy pounding, is the range of emotions that Tyra goes through during this torture. First Tyra is screaming with pain and shock. Then she develops a steely resolve to endure this torture and optimistically to either fight back or escape. Finally as the pain increases hopelessness sets in, and Tyra starts crying out again as Jenny penetrates her pussy. Once Tyra feels she can take no more punishment, she moans and whimpers with tears rolling down her face.

Once Jenny feels she has done all the damage she could do to Tyra's cunt, she turns around to once again face Tyra. The blonde smiles realizing she has defeated the sobbing, pain wrecked distraught super model. But that is not enough. Jenny wanted to send a message to any would be Stone Rage supporter, and to discourage Tyra herself about aligning with Rage. Jenny regains her seat on Tyra's stomach and easily pins Tyra's arm down under her knees. Tyra looks up at her conqueror dreading what ever torture is forthcoming.

Jenny quickly starts the next phase of Tyra's destruction. She starts punching the same big tits she fondled earlier with the same frequency and intensity she pounded Tyra's cunt. Tyra starts screaming and exclaiming with renewed intensity.

The piston punches rain down on Tyra for several minutes. Poor Tyra is helplessly balling like a baby, as she has no other choice but to accept this punishment. She maintains a small amount of her pride by refusing to begging for mercy like a little wimp, although the word "stop" did escape from her lips a couple of times. Tyra was proud of herself for not begging for mercy, but she doubted that begging would have done any good anyway.

Jenny is drunk with accomplishment at her destruction of the great Tyra Banks. She punches Tyra's tits till all resistance is long gone. Then she punishes the sobbing woman some more for good measures. When she finally decides to stop, the tortured model can only curl into a ball and continue sobbing in agony on the floor.

Jenny does not allow the defeated woman to lie long, as she hair hauls to her feet and lifts her up into bodyslam position. Jenny proudly carries her conquest around in her arms whooping and hollering to anyone who is listening. "Yeah! That's how you kick a bitch's ass!" Jenny yells as she carries Tyra's compliant body past the bellhop.

"Dumb bitch" silently thinks the bellhop as Jenny passes by. "I doubt you'd be celebrating now if you hadn't stolen by luggage cart." The man thinks. This is a sentiment that is echoed by most of the people in the lobby, but is oblivious to Jenny. "Sneaky, back jumping bitch" the bell hop says under his breath.

Tyra on the other hand takes no solace in the fact her defeat was largely due to a sneak attack. What is important right now is that her pussy has been totally pulverized, and her boobs have been smashed to mush. Her body aches all over from the storm of baggage that rained down on her. Her head is still ringing from the bag that was launched into her face. The feisty firecracker of a business woman that simutaneously created two top TV shows, America's Next Top Model and the Tyra Banks Show is totally beaten. At this moment she is a submissive and nonresistant trophy for this dominating bitch. She would later describe the experience as being, "Jenny's bitch, the submissive property of the conquering blonde".

After parading her prey around, Jenny returns to the middle of the floor and bodyslams Tyra to the cold hard marble. Tyra's body makes a loud splat like a large lump of clay. Tyra lies spread-eagle on the floor only occasionally quivering and spasming as Jenny places a foot on Tyra's chest and accepts the victory.

Jenny raises her arms again searching for applause, which she receives a few claps. Most of the claps were because they hoped they would satisfy the dastardly blonde's appetite for destruction, and leave Tyra alone. Although she was defeated, Tyra easily remains the crowd's favorite.

"Hey bell boy" Jenny energetically says. "Don't just stand there, pick up my.. uh... old bag here and lets go."

The bellhop nods to another bellhop and they move towards Tyra. One grabs her ankles, and the other grabs her under her shoulder and they pick Tyra up. Jenny prances ahead, as the guys carry the helpless model behind her. Jenny walks out the front door, to the taxi line outside the front of the casino. Jenny motions to the taxi driver to open the taxi's trunk which he quickly does.

Jenny instructs the bellhops to place Tyra into the trunk, which they do. Jenny pushes Tyra's long limbs inside the trunk while Tyra screams her protest. Jenny did not realize how hard it would be to fit even the terribly beaten Tyra inside. Apparently taxicab trunks were not designed to fit near six-foot tall lanky models inside. With some effort Jenny is finally able to get all of Tyra's long limbs inside long enough to slam the trunk shut. Jenny is delighted to hear Tyra yell, curse and scream, demanding her release before breaking back down into uncontrollable crying. Jenny laughs as she further torments the already emotionally traumatized super model.

Jenny slaps the back of the trunk to let the driver know she has secured her property in the trunk. "To the OG" the Playmate yells. Jenny happily leaves the scene after watching the taxi spins away carrying its contents.

After twenty minutes, which felt like hours to Tyra, the cab stops and the trunk pops open. Tyra squints, while her eyes adjust to the fiery Vegas sun, and crawls out of the trunk. She looks up and reads "Olympic Garden Topless Cabaret" across the large white building. Tyra immediately knows where she is. She has frequented the club during trips to Vegas viewing the male strippers, "The Men of Olympus"

A mammoth breasted red head wearing white lingerie approaches Tyra. "Don't just stand there. Get your ass inside and get to work." Says the red head. The red head is a porn star/stripper named Sana Fey who continues. "I said move bitch, I ain't got all day!"

"Excuse me? What the hell are you talking about?" returns Tyra, trying to regain a small portion of her usual attitude..

"Jenny didn't tell you?" Sana Fey replies. "You're strippin' here at the OG until Jenny says otherwise, so get your sweet buns inside!"

"Me... a stripper? I don't think so, I'm Tyra Banks, you must be out of your fuckin' mind" says Tyra in disbelief of the gall of this woman. "There's no way I'm going in there and taking my clothes off." Tyra states with her arms folded across her sexy chest.

"Don't give me no fucking lip bitch, either you get your ass inside in 3 seconds, or I'm going to use your fucking face to sweep up the sidewalk, THEN drag your ass inside for fucking work! DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND ME?" Sana Fey threatens very forcefully while putting her hands on her broad hips.

Tyra realizes her bluff has been called. She looks the red head over, taking careful assessment of her adversary. Sana Fey is a lot shorter, only 5'7", although she is very solidly built. But Tyra knew she was only fooling herself. She had no chance of beating this red head devil after the beating Jenny put on her. This woman would beat the wheels off of her and the final result would be the same. Tyra drops her shoulders with a sigh and starts walking inside the OG to begin her new career as an exotic dancer.