Breath Of A Renegade


Catherine Bell is well-aware of Tia Carrere's combination of catfighting prowess and tendency for dirty tricks - a reputation born out when Tia opens the fight and she repeatedly jabs Cat in her hulking jugs. Cat's face turns red as she momentarily holds her stimulated tits. Setting her jaw, Bell decides to fight fire with fire, as she jukes left and quickly fires a root right up into Tia's crotch. Carrere sinks to her knees, her face turns white and her hands are hopelessly rubbing her throbbing pussy.

From there, it's an easy resolution for Cat. Bell pushes Tia onto her back. Bell strips off her top and cups her championship tits. Sinking down on to her knees to straddle the defenseless Tia, Bell slowwwwwwwly lowers her tits onto her opponent's face. Tia can only watch in horror as these beautiful jugs descend. Cat feels Tia's hot breath panting helplessly on her titflesh as she presses down. Tia writhes for a moment and then stills, becoming only the latest in a long line of fighters that Bell has smothered out. As is her trademark, Bell steals a long kiss from the lips of her unconscious foe before rising in victory.

Catherine wakes up in a start! She is lying in her bed and her victory over Tia was only a dream. However it is a dream that may likely come true in the near future. During her forced association with the ABA, Catherine has developed a burning contempt for the Fabs and Tia especially. Her admiration for her former leader has spoiled into loathing. She wants nothing more than to break Tia and burn the Fab's house down.

Catherine originally entered the league as a member of Tia's Fab team. Against Tia's advice, Catherine took a match with the ABA's Demi Moore with Catherine's league contract in the balance. Catherine loss the match, and Demi took ownership of her contract. Demi turned Catherine from a valiant fighter to Demi's personal step and fetch. Catherine suffered doing demeaning tasks for a long time, with Tia unable to help her. Finally Madonna purchased Catherine's contract from Demi and turned her into an equal and valued member of her faction of the ABA. Finally freed, Catherine swore revenge on Tia for abandoning her.

With the total support of Madonna, Demi Moore and the ABA, they have forced Quatro Calderon and the studios to mandate Tia into a match at the earliest date. Poor Tia complained that she was still beat up from RAGE! 3. Also she is currently singing on a jazz concert tour, and not training at all. Poor Tia can continue and cry a river about how unfair she is being treated, Catherine could care less. It actually makes everything sweeter. Catherine knows that Tia is at a disadvantage and is likely to get destroyed. Catherine and the ABA have worked very hard to put Tia at that disadvantage. Catherine finds it all immensely amusing.

From Tia's perspective, she is tired of explaining and apologizing over and over again. No matter what she says or does, it is not good enough to make peace with Catherine. Maybe it is time to beat some sense into Catherine. It is time to squash this beef between them by squashing Catherine in the ring. Like so many times before, Tia has got to go shut a stupid bitch's mouth, against the odds. Maybe smacking Catherine around will break Madonna's spell and brain washing over her.


"Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Cole Hunter and I along with my broadcast partner, Jam Rodriguez, would like to welcome you to the very first DELICIOUS PLE!" Following a huge roar from the audience, Cole continues. "Following the success of last season, Stone Rage's studio partner's have met all their goals. Therefore The Studios have exercised their contractual options to become more involved and more influential in the league. With the new voice and spirit in the league, the Studio partners have launched the new DELICIOUS PLE to replace the old BATTLELINES series, and carve a new era in the league."

"Admittedly this is a colorful and spectacular event." Jam begins. "A corporate footprint has taken tonight to a grander level than before. We have Hooters wings everywhere! Patron is flowing like water. Wolfang Puck pizza over there, and more things than I can describe. We will have thrilling catfight action following these words from our sponsors and these exciting trailers to the upcoming movies Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé and Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour"

The scene turns to the ring announcer after the ads were done. "Tonight's contest will be one fall to a finish with no time limit. This is our first ever Fuck You! match. The loser has to fuck everybody and anybody that the winner chooses tonight!"

"Our first fighter, hailing from Los Angeles, California, the star of JAG, Army Wives, and The Good Witch. She represents the Madonna Mafia of the American Bad Ass Syndicate. She is CATHERINE BELL!" Catherine comes from of the backstage of the small yet extravagant arena. The crowd pops and show their appreciation. Catherine has a sexy, stylish and sassy short hair cut. However her outfit and body takes the cake. Catherine wears a white sports bra, that is laced up down the middle allowing a sweet peak at Catherine's heavenly hooters in the front. The bra is backless to add to the seduction. White leggings are also laced up at the belt line. The announcer adds, "The outfit is by Fashion Nova!" as Catherine enters the ring.

"Her opponent is originally out of Honolulu, Hawaii, and now from Los Angeles California. She is a legitimate walking cult classic and action movie Hall Of Famer. Welcome a founder of the Fab Fifty Organization, TIA CARRERE!" The ring announcer finishes with flair. Tia comes to the stage with the gracious smile of royalty. As Tia makes a procession to the ring, it is noted that she wears a black two piece active wear outfit. The announcer adds "Tia's outfit is from her teammate, Kim Kardashian's Skims fashion line." Kim's Skim's line is known for catering to curvy figures. With the abbreviated if not absent training, Tia's body benefits from the outfits' advantages. But do not get the visual twisted, Tia is still extremely sexy and seductive looking, and draws an ire of envy, even from Catherine Bell.

As Tia climbs through the ropes, Catherine darts over and fiercely attacks. Catherine hammers with both fists as hard as she could. She caught Tia in the vulnerable moment when she can not defend herself in between the ropes, and takes maximum advantage of it, like she has been planning this for some time. Tia was taken by surprised and is getting whooped. Tia tumbles through the ropes to the mat trying to get away from the hammer fists. From being a former pupil of Tia's, Catherine anticipated this tactic. Catherine systematically follows Tia to the mat and continues pounding Tia while using one hand to choke Tia around the neck and hold her into place.

The referee is screaming and hurling hollow threats. Catherine and every fan watching knows this official better not disqualify Catherine or call this match. There surely will be a riot on their hands. Being an amazing professional, the referee forces himself between the brawlers, while avoiding putting his hands on the women. He takes shots until the cursing Catherine could no longer dish punishment to Tia. She is not foolish enough to waste energy hitting the referee for too long. Eventually she backs off while screaming at the referee to get out of the way and for Tia to get up and fight.

"Quit hiding behind the referee Tia and get up and fight me!" screeches Catherine. "Nobody is saving you from me, you manipulative bitch!"

Tia sits up off the mat and shouts back, "Really?? You're jumping me like a little pussy! Is that how you're rolling there days?"

Catherine looks at the referee and says "She's stalling ref! I know her tricks! Start the match! She's just using you and playing for sympathy!"

The referee huffs loudly, but could not help but question if Catherine is telling the truth. He shoots to his feet and points at Catherine while ordering, "Back off Bell, and get on your feet Carrere! I'm ready to start this match. I'm going to let you two settle your grievances in the ring, but you're going to follow the rules and respect my authority. Any more foolishness by either of you will get disqualified and turned into a fuck toy!" He clearly finishes, "Have I made myself clear?"

Wisely both women did not open their mouths and only readied themselves for the opening bell. Then a couple of seconds later that bell rings. Cat pounces at Tia swinging and hits her former leader as maliciously and hard as possible. Only Tia steps up and answered Catherine with blows just as vicious, malicious and hard. It was a total tough girl slugfest with absolutely no defense being offered. Typically Tia wins such a battle with the slender Catherine every time. However Catherine is boiling hot and driven by total disdain for Tia. She is getting the better of her former mentor.

Catherine grabs Tia by her long black hair and whips Tia's head from side to side and takes control over the fight. Tia keeps swinging, but the hair whipping disorients her a bit. Besides Tia's eyes are watering as globs of hair is getting snatched out of her head. Large tucks of Tia's hair is being deposited all over the mat, making things look worst for Tia than they really were, or perhaps things were getting that dire for the veteran.

Tia rips off an incredibly hard two fisted combo to either side of Catherine's ribs. Instantly Catherine withdraws her arms with a loud gasp. Catherine immediately goes back to Tia's hair, and Tia nails Cat in the belly with another hard shot in retaliation. Cat's hands shifts to Tia's eyes and her thumbs dig into Tia's eye sockets. Tia screams at the top of her lungs in terror that Catherine is trying to permanently disable her. Tia grabs Catherine's hands and tries to pull them away but Catherine is dug in too deep. The referee reprimands Catherine that he will disqualify her and begins to count. Catherine waits to the last moment to break her illegal hold before disqualification.

Tia wobbles back vastly lost in a world of blurriness. After settling the referee's requirements Catherine goes back after Tia. As soon as Catherine puts her hands on Tia, he cagey veteran leans forward into a clench with Catherine. Tia's head finds a soft landing on Catherine's big soft breasts. Blinded but still dangerous, Tia turns her head and bites Catherine's exulted tits. Catherine screams and she instinctively tries to jerk away, but Tia held her with two arms around Catherine's slender waist, and teeth locked in like lock jaw. The referee begins a count to disqualify, but made sure that he gives Tia equal time that Catherine had to perpetrate her choke hold.

Once Tia is forced to stop her biting or get disqualified, Catherine quickly takes a couple of steps back and fires a swift kick between Tia's legs. Tia shrieks and immediately collapse to one knee while holding her crotch. Catherine giggles at her obviously hurting foe, while the referee reprimands Catherine for a low blow. The heavenly hootered goddess shouts back, "You can't save her Ref! I'm going to destroy her!" Catherine pauses for a moment before adding, "You might get to fuck her though!"

Like a linebacker exploding out of the blocks, Tia springs forward and pounces on Catherine. Tia tackles Catherine to the mat and starts whuppin' on the girl. Tia sits on Catherine's belly and starts pounding her with fists, forearms and elbows. Tia slams and dribbles Catherine's head on the mat. Tia relishes the close battling since her vision is still blurry. Tia seizes two big handfuls of Catherine's wonderful breasts and squeezes. Catherine instinctively brings her right fist up for a looping hook to the side of Tia's jaw. Tia's vision is still compromised and does not see it coming out of her peripheral vision. Then another looping bomb explodes on the other side of her jaw that escaped Tia's sight also. Tia is dazed, hurt and stunned. Catherine grabs Tia around the neck with both hands and throws her former teacher off top of her.

Catherine keeps her hands clenched around Tia's throat making sure no wind is coming through Tia's windpipe. Catherine continues to her feet and hauls Tia along with her with her two handed choke. Once standing, Catherine next hoists Tia in the air with her two handed choke hold and holds her there momentarily. Finally Catherine tosses Tia to the mat with a two handed choke slam. The big boobed Good Witch fantasy woman looks down at the hurting action heroine lying in pain spread eagle on the mat. With a wicked smile, Catherine immediately and maliciously stomps down on Tia's pussy and then mischievously grinds her foot down for a good bit. Catherine has fun seeing Tia's eyes squint and cross as she struggles to escape Catherine's foot.

Tia squirms out from under Catherine's foot. Catherine is thrilled to see her high and mighty former leader slithering on the mat like a slug. Catherine pursues and punts Tia in the twat again. Catherine tries to kick again, but Tia entangles their legs and takes Catherine off her feet with a leg sweep. The next instant Catherine finds herself locked in a textbook ankle lock. Catherine flops around and kicks and bucks like a live wire, but it does no good. She might as well been caught in the hold by a master like Kurt Angel or Gene LeBell. Tia is so far more technically advanced than Catherine that all Catherine can do is scream at the top of her lungs as she feels like Tia is about to tear her foot off and shove it up Catherine's ass.

Catherine knows that she has to tap or reach the ropes, and there is no way in hell that she is going to tap to Tia. Catherine tries to crawl over to the ropes with her one free leg. Tia is strong enough to turn this effort into a real tug of war. Catherine would get close to the ropes only for Tia to pull Catherine back. The duress Cat is roaring like a rabid beast determined to get to the ropes. Luckily for Catherine, the struggle to keep her from the ropes has caused Tia to lessen her pressure on the ankle. Tia was sweating profusely trying to keep Catherine from the ropes. Tia gathers her strength and drags Catherine back to the middle of the ring and re-applies the pressure on the ankle. Tia's fans pop thinking that the match could be over. Then with her face covered in determination, Catherine starts crawling steadily to the ropes, pulling a weakening and tiring Tia helplessly behind her. Catherine reaches the ropes and clutches the bottom rope with both hands. Tia breaks the hold without a lot of protesting.

Catherine quickly scoots out of the ring to ringside to tend to her ankle. Tia backs away with her arms and upper thighs burning from the intense tug of war. Catherine thought her wrestling skill was on par with Tia's, but apparently, her old coach, Tia, still has a lot to teach her about wrestling. Although Catherine's new coach, Madonna, has aught her a lot about being a fighter. Madonna said Catherine should unleash all of her fury and rage against Tia. The more Catherine looses herself in the rage and fury, the more destructive and indestructible that she will become. Tia will be blown away like a shack in a tornado. Tia will be uprooted and tossed like a mighty tree in a hurricane. The match will be a brutal, one-sided beating.

In an instant Catherine gives into the fury and rage. As she stands precariously will all her weight on her good ankle, Catherine acknowledges Tia's success with the ankle lock. With a disgusted expression the actress dares Tia, "So what are you waiting for, you fucking idiot? Come and get me." Tia hesitated for half of a second, and suspects a trap. But, she realizes that it is incredibly stupid and a colossal blunder to allow Catherine time to recover. Tia leaves the ring after Catherine with a sneer. Catherine allows the red hot fury to wash over her. She no longer felt the pain in her ankle.

Tia hops out of the ring and squares off with Catherine. Instantly both start wailing on each other again. Tia is a legendary fighter. She brawls with the best of league and betters them many times. Not this time however. Catherine is jacked up on fury to an inhuman lever. Her arms are swinging faster and blasting harder bombs than imaginable. Tia obviously tries to raise her already Hall of Fame game to this inhuman level, but it is too late and too far to travel when Tia sees where she needs to be. Catherine is in full out beserker rage and already wobbled Tia with devastating blows. Tia is shook and getting marched back slowly. Catherine finally stuns Tia for an instant. That brief moment allows Catherine to snatch Tia by the hair and slams Tia's face into the ring apron twice. This allows Catherine to finish the brawl like practically no one else could against the mighty Tia. After getting her face slammed into the apron a total of four times Tia raises her head and looks toward Catherine. Instantly she is blasted away by an uppercut that ends this exchange and leaves Tia struggling to still stand. Catherine easily scoops up the dazed Tia and slams Tia's back against the edge of the ring apron. Catherine keeps Tia in her arms and places her on the ring apron and shoves her back into the ring. Catherine quickly re-enters too to avoid a count out.

Catherine crawls on top of Tia and decides to have a little fun. She pins Tia down then slams her massive tits down on Tia's face repeatedly like weapons. Catherine slams her breasts and swings them back and forth to slap Tia across the face to belittle and humiliate her former leader. A proud woman, Tia exerts precious fleeting energy to push the bigger brunette off top of her. At this point, the commentators remind the viewers that Tia took this match on very short notice. Also they bring up the grueling marathon match that Tia recently endured. "This might not be Tia's night", Cole comments.

Tia keeps the fight on the mat and grapples with Catherine on the canvas. Tia enjoys a lot off success doing so. She out wrestles and rides Catherine like a pony most of the time. Tia drives bruising pointy elbows and knees into Catherine's body discretely. Suddenly Catherine explodes in a burst of fury to throw Tia off of her. Catherine mounts Tia and grabs her luxurious silky black hair with two fists. Then Catherine starts slamming Tia's head against the mat over and over again. Tia is grunting, barking and screaming with every slam. However Catherine is not relenting or showing any mercy on the relentless ultimate warrior. It looked like Catherine was not trying to defeat her despised foe, but give Tia permanent brain damage. When Catherine stops and gets off Tia, Catherine is pumped. She leaps to the feet an is eager to tell the audience what she just done to her legendary former leader. Meanwhile Tia is shell shocked, and lies on the canvas looking totally devastated.

After her period of self indulgent, Catherine returns to Tia and seizes her with one hand around Tia's throat and starts hauling Tia to her feet. Tia has experienced Catherine's choke slam before and knows that it is coming again. Tia starts punching Catherine's big tits making her pause. Tia's hand turns ino a tiger claw and rakes down the front of the top where the laces are holding the two parts of the fashionable top together. Catherine roars in pain before powering through and hoisting Tia up and and choke slamming Tia back down with all her might. Tia's body hits the mat with a thunderous boom. Jam makes his famous call, "Boom Shakalaka!" and the crowd is going wild. Tia's eyes are rolling around in her head. Then instinctively she starts rolling out of the ring. Catherine feels something a miss and looks down to see that Tia's assault on her breasts was successful enough to loosen her top. No serious damage was done. Everything was still covered up, but another assault could finish her top. Catherine's boobs bounce around a lot more now.

However it pissed Catherine off even more. She tore out of the ring after Tia. Catherine jerks Tia up and scoops her in the air for a body slam her to the hard cement floor. Tia's body is obviously flooded with pain as her mouth opens for a silent scream. Catherine jerks Tia to a seated position then starts jerking and pulling Tia's tight black Skims by Kim Kardashian, sports bra off over her head. Tia puts up some resistance, but it really hurts. Catherine aggressively jerks and throws Tia around until she could rend the top off of her. As soon as Catherine gets the top off, she wraps the top around Tia's neck and jerks her up to her feet by it. Next Catherine dog walks Tia around with Tia's arms flailing around as she is getting choked by her top. Catherine stops Tia close to the announcers with Tia struggling and her sexy titties flying everywhere. Catherine brings Tia under control by the garrote around her neck and twisting one of Tia's arms behind her in a hammer lock. Catherine asks the ringside fans "Do you guys want a feel?" The fans certainly do. Catherine hears Jam and Cole babbling about being good friends with Tia and not liking her treatment. Then she catches the referee count and has to rush Tia back into the ring before getting counted out.

Tia is breathless, embarrassed and worn out when she gets back in the ring, but she still is not going down without a fight. Tia struggles to her feet and strikes with a knife edge chop across Catherine's breasts. Tia slaps another one across Catherine's heavenly hooters that drives the boob queen backwards. However when the tired warrior advances, Tia walks into a solid right hand punch to the jaw. The strike dazes Tia. Catherine sneers as the fury once again washes over her. Catherine is actually happy that Tia continues to be the fabled relentless ultimate warrior of legend. Catherine is determined to make this her night as she snaps another jab into Tia's jaw. This night has been carefully crafted to be Catherine's greatest night in the league. It can only be that way by destroying the legendary ultimate warrior and not a tired out of shape woman. Catherine kicks Tia in the gut to double her over. Catherine pulls Tia's head between her thighs for a power bomb. In an instant, Tia is hoisted into the air and slammed to the mat with a mighty power bomb. Then while the ring is still shaking Catherine rolls Tia like a ball and has her back in position for another power bomb before the audience finished their first gasp. Catherine lifts Tia up and tosses her down for another bone shaking power bomb.

Tia lies devastated on the mat. Much of the audience have broken into the 'Holy Shit!' chant. Catherine stands in the ring and her eyes have an evil glow. The dragon inside of her has risen. Like Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, Catherine Bell has turned to the dark side. Catherine reaches down and peels Tia off of the mat. Then with one hand clutching a handful of hair and the other holding the waist band of Tia's Skim's bottoms, Catherine tosses Tia over the top rope to the ringside floor like a bag of garbage.

Tia's body flies over the top rope like a crash test dummy and her landing is the same. Catherine follows Tia out of the ring. With a cold hearted expression, Catherine reaches down and clutches Tia around the neck and pulls her up to her feet. Tia can only follow with bulging eyes. Catherine hoists Tia in the air and tosses her back into the ring apron which is the hardest part of the ring. Tia lands with her spine bending around the ring's edge. The screaming Tia bounces off the unforgiving edge and collapses to the floor.

Catherine does not stop to drink in her bitter rival's pain and plight before moving to the next chapter of the beautiful Tia's downfall. Catherine is clearing space on the announcer's table by tossing TV monitors and microphones carelessly everywhere. Jam and Cole scatter away. Everyone knows what is coming including Tia. The legend struggles to get away and stand to fight, but her body barely responds to her commands. Catherine snatches Tia by the neck with one hand again causing Tia to cringe and gurgle. Catherine hoists Tia up off the ground basically with her one handed choke hold and carries Tia to the announcers table. Catherine holds Tia in the air for a moment allowing the audiences near and far to drink in Catherine's power and Tia's helplessness. Finally Catherine choke slams Tia through the announcer's table. The wood loudly cracks and splinters as Tia goes crashing through.

Immediately the referee starts calling for the bell and says, "That's it!"

Catherine spins to look at the referee with shock, terror and dismay written across her face. "You... you can't disqualify me!" Catherine begs the referee. "Especially not after all that Tia has done to me!" Catherine pleads.

"I'm not disqualifying you!" the referee answers. "I'm stopping the match and awarding you the victory! Tia has not been able to defend herself for some time now."

Catherine explodes in joy and happiness. She starts running around ringside and celebrating like she has just won a championship. She soaks in the cheers of the audience and celebrates with them with tears coming to her eyes. Catherine changed the hearts of the crowd by showing how much this match and beating Tia means to her. It became a feel good moment between Catherine and the audience. The fact that the referee stopped the match to save Tia, proves to Catherine that she really destroyed her enemy.

Meanwhile Tia lies on the announcer's table rubble and is just thankful that the beating is over. She tests her body slowly moving her limbs. Tia is determined to make the walk of shame back to the dressing room in defeat rather than give Catherine the satisfaction of seeing her carried out. Tia lies waiting for Catherine to leave, when she sees Catherine standing over her again. "Yeah! Fuck you bitch! This is a Fuck You Match!" Catherine reminds everybody. Tia's heart and spirits falls as she remembers that her torment has just begun. Catherine reaches down and pulls Tia's black skin tight shorts and her underwear off her body with one fluid motion. Catherine tosses the shorts at Jam and the g-string at Cole. Catherine asks sassily "Are you going to fuck this bitch? Or is she too much of a friend and I have to get somebody else to do it"

Jam and Cole's eyes look down at the sexy ass, naked Tia lying forlorn on the ground. Then they turn back and look at each other. Like a couple of addicts both of them know that they cannot resist that temptation, and neither of them wanted to either. Jam utters, "It's for the show". They accept Catherine's challenge with a simultaneous smile. Then they move toward Tia.

Tia cringes realizing that her good friends were really going to fuck her. Catherine smiles relishing that she is testing their relationship. Catherine pulls Tia up to her hands and knees while Cole and Jam drop their pants. Cole approaches from behind Tia as Catherine spreads Tia's ass to show him all that is available on the smorgasbord. Cole did not have the heart to fuck Tia up the ass, so he drops to his knees and slides his rod slowly into Tia's pussy. Tia squeals. She was hoping that Cole would come to his senses and not go through with it, but that fantasy is gone. Cole strokes her pussy that lubricates almost immediately. Catherine lifts Tia's head by her hair and says, "Jam, come over and get some of this!" Catherine squeezes Tia's mouth together making her lips open up. Jam did not need to be told twice he drops to his knees in front of Tia's mouth with his hard on at her lips. Catherine directs Tia's mouth at Jam's dick. Tia knows what she has to do by contract of losing this match. Tia opens her mouth and starts sucking Jam's dick.

The fans erupt in excitement and amazement of seeing Tia getting fuck at both ends. The fan's energy and encouragement gets Cole really excited. He starts slamming Tia's pussy from behind harder. His thrusts drive Tia's mouth balls deep into Jam. Tia is barking and gagging at the same time. Catherine is thrilled at the sight, but Cole is the most excited person in the room. He grabs both of Tia's elbows for handles to ram into Tia harder and further. He's riding Tia extremely hard like a porn star. Meanwhile Tia is forced to gobble Jam's dick. Cole could not survive long under these conditions but was gentleman enough to pull out the instant before he blew his wad.

Tia drops her head face down, and ass up. She was feeling a mixture of defeat, shame and arousal at the same time. She wanted to hide her face. Catherine was not having that. She tells Jam to lie down on his back, and then directs Tia to get on top of him. Contractually, Tia climbs on top of Jam and slides his dick inside her twat. After that deep head, Jam knows that he does not have much left, but he was going to get every pump that he could out of this. He starts pounding Tia like a hydraulics. Tia's body pumps up and down like she is in the rodeo. Her tits are jumping so wildly that they might hit Tia's face. Tia is making fuck noises until Catherine grabs Tia's hair and beckons Cole with a curling finger. Normally Cole needs more time to reload but there is nothing normal about this. He comes over with a hard dick. Catherine directs it into Tia's welcoming mouth. Tia knows that she is looking extremely slutty right now, but she is a loser. This is hat happens to the loser.

Catherine encourages the fans to start a 'SLUT' chant while the announce team finishes Tia off. Jam shoots his cum inside Tia. She immediately starts jerking too in an orgasm. The crowd goes bananas Tia falls off top of Jam in exhaustion, and defeat, but sexual satisfaction replaces her feelings of shame. The 'SLUT' chant gets louder, but she does not care. Jam, Cole and Tia then get a standing ovation for the show.

Lying on the ground and panting, Tia blurts, "Jam, Cole, how could you? I thought we were friends."

"Tia we are friends." Cole answers with a smile. "But we're guys...." he pauses and continues, "and you're fucking Tia Carerre. You can't expect any guy to be able to resist a chance with you."

Sweaty Tia struggles to hide a sly smile for the compliment for a brief moment. Being over fifty she learns to accepts compliments like that when she can get them. Tia starts to stir. She slowly gets to her feet, hoping that the crowd and Catherine was satisfied with the show. She was hoping to take her naked, whipped ass to the locker room and hide for a while. This hope is abruptly ended when Catherine snatches Tia by the hair again. "Where do you think you're going, whore?" Catherine grumbles. "You're not done. You have to fuck who ever I say until the end of the event!" Catherine starts roughly escorting Tia to the ring by her hair. "You're going to keep going until people lose all respect for you like they did me when you left me in servitude to Demi Moore."

Catherine rolls Tia back into the ring under the ropes. Catherine enters and sweetly sings to the referee, "Mister Referee! It's your turn!" The referee looks around incredulous. "Don't be bashful. I've seen the way you've looked at her all night. You've been protecting her all night." Catherine grabs both of Tia's legs as she lies on her back. She raises Tia's legs and spreads them apart. "Come on you deserve this!" Catherine encourages. "I know she's probably one of your fantasy girls, and you didn't picture having her like this." Catherine continues to bend Tia's legs back until she has her folded up like a match book with her ankles by her head and her pussy wide open. "But this is the real Tia Carrere. She is a dirty slut who want you to fuck her brains out. I know her!"

Tia, helpless and folded up with like a match book and her twat wide open, was way more than he could stand. The referee starts jerking his pants down and jumps on top of Tia with a passion. He starts fucking Tia like a jack rabbit. Normally this would not be fulfilling to Tia, but with her manipulated in this position, his quick thrust are going deeper than Tia ever imagined. Tia felt like there is a human vibrator penetrating her body. Tia's eyes squint and she moans on par with the quick vibrations. This time Tia could not last long under this pressure. She convulses and rips off a huge screaming orgasm. The referee holds on then finishes off Tia's pussy with several long hard deep thrusts that get loud grunts from Tia. Finally he busts a nut in Tia. and rolls off his dream girl.

Christina lets Tia's legs go and allow her to unfold and lie flat on her back breathing very heavily. Catherine sings, Hey Mister Referee, I think you've got a new girl friend!. I know when a woman is satisfied and she is very satisfied." Catherine laughs. The 'SLUT' chant reaches new heights.

Catherine is happy that she has exposed Tia as a true whore to the fans. She is thinking about leaving, then she sees a fan in the front row. He's holding a big sign that reads, "PAID BIG $ FOR A CHANCE AT TIA'. The sign catches her eye and it makes her giggle. She knows that the sign is true. That guy had to pay upwards of 10K for a front row ticket. The guy realizes that he has caught Catherine's eye and starts pleading his case. Catherine sighs and says, "What the hell! Come on up!"

Security allows the guy to hop over the barricade. Meanwhile Catherine pulls a flaccid Tia off the canvas. Catherine leans Tia against the ropes, where Tia drapes her arms over the top ropes to remain upright and just hangs there. Tia faces the ringside fans with her back to Catherine and the lucky fan that has just entered the ring. The fan is unzipping and dropping his trousers as he admires Tia's view from the backside. Tia is in la la land as she looks distantly at the crowd. The fan grabs Tia by the hips and gives her ass a hard smack. He steadies her before forcing his rod into Tia's twat. The gorgeous Hawaiian shouts "Yeow!"

The fan starts making long deep strokes into Tia. The fan is obviously enjoying the experience. Tia grunts erotically with each stroke. It is hard to tell if it is a pleasurable grunt or not. Tia's face is a myriad of emotions. She suffered crushing defeat at the hands of a former friend turned bitter rival. Exhaustion from the fight and explosive orgasms are evident. There is the public disgrace and thrill of being fucked in front of a live audience!" Tia is draped against the ropes going through all of this with her head bobbing at each thrust. The fan spanks Tia's ass as he picks up the pace. "You like this?" asks the fan. "Yeah!" Getting his money's worth, the fan grabs Tia's by her long hair and rides her harder. Like so many feeling the heat off of the smoking hot Tia Carrera, the fan does not last very long. He pulls out of Tia and she quickly falls to her knees. Then Tia feels the fan's hot jizz squirting across her back making her body quiver.

Catherine steps up celebrating another disrespectful ending to her disposed leader. The fan is pretty excited about it too. It is an experience that he will never forget. Catherine squeals "That was awesome!" Tia rolls around to see the pair celebrating like it's 1999 with disgust on her face.

Catherine sees Tia slumped and seated against the ropes. Catherine approaches Tia for a gloating insult or to offer her body to another fan if Tia still has a shred of dignity left. Catherine bends over in front of Tia's face and opens her mouth to speak. Before Catherine could utter a word, Tia spews the mystical pro wrestling green mist right in Catherine's face. With shades of The Great Kabuki, Kendo Nagasaki, The Great Muta to the modern day Asuka, Tia spits the mystical poison mist into Catherine's face and eyes. Catherine screams at the top of her lungs and rockets to the mat with her face covered in green.

Catherine is flopping around on the mat like a fish out of water with the poison mist burning her eyes and screaming madly. The audience is in chaos. The fan and referee stand frozen in the ring not knowing what to do. Tia loudly proclaims, "Fuck this shit! I've had enough!" Tia rolls out of the ring and climbs over the barricade to take an alternate route to the locker room through the fans. In that one green breath a renegade movement is born.

For decades the Fab Four has stood for Truth, Justice and Fairness in the league. They were designed to be an all-star team to stand against the tyranny of the vicious American Bad Asses who were running wild in the league. The battle was fierce and grueling. It took facing all the major threats in the league to Escape From Las Vegas for the Fab Four to rise to the top. The American Bad Asses were not finished and returned with Backlash! , but the Fab Four were able to vanquish them. Success gave rise to a new enemy. The envy driven Resistance demanded their piece of the pie. It took an Uncivil War to bring peace to the galaxy. Through it all, the Fab Four lead the way and guided the league and stood for the best in all of us. It took an uprising from the system itself to finally overtake the Fab Four. The curators of the system, the Studio Lords decided they wanted heads that they could control instead of the unyielding patriots of justice. A Studio Specter was dispersed by the system to correct the anomaly in the system, the Fab Four.

The Fab Four were too much a part of the system to ever beat the system. The system ate the Fab Four alive and removed them from the landscape leaving the Fab Fifty in it's place. However the Fab Fifty are a by-product of the system and not part of it. Philosopher, Audre Lorde, said "The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house." When corruption has become normal, rebels and renegades always rise. Renegades will face corruption and leave open the option of using all available tactics, strategies or methods for attaining radical change, including any degree of violence as well as other methods typically considered unethical. Simply put the Fab Fifty are saying, "By any means necessary."


Tia chose to go through the crowd because she knew the normal ramp was going have Madonna, Buffie the Body and Aria Giovanni rushing to save their teammate, and she was right. However the alternate route is perilous for the exhausted, buck naked, warrior. Tia has to fight through groping hands that are copping feels and pinching and slapping her ass regularly. Although Tia is fighting and knocking hands away continuously, her pace is slowing. Bolder fans are now able to grab a breasts or try to touch her pussy (usually reciprocated with a harsh slap). Tia was almost through the fans, when one skilled fellow stuck his finger up Tia's ass. Instantly, Tia's legs turned to jelly and she stopped moving. Many more hands groped her. Tia thought that all was loss and her body was about to become property of the crowd.

Right on time the Calvary comes to save Tia. Her team of Scarlett Johansson and Zoe Saldana are piercing through the fans like a locomotive. They reach Tia and escort her way through the remaining crowd. They zestfully slap hands and fans away to reach a side door to backstage.

Tia has one arm draped over either shoulder of Zoe and Scarlett and is practically being carried back. Total exhaustion has set upon Tia. Waiting for them is the new controversial backstage reporter, Angie Everhart. She was implanted by Quatro Calderon and the studio and has a microphone and a camera man. Soon as The Fab's walk through the door Angie is there putting the microphone in their faces. Angie boldly asks, "Tia, a rough night out there for you. Cat Bell kicked your ass with a passion, and then you got fucked like a cheap whore. Any comments for tonight?"

"Don't start Angie!" Scarlett threatens as she rudely brushes by the instigating interviewer.

"Back off Angie, or I'll kick your ass myself!" Zoe adds. Afterward they see, Kat Dennings comes storming down the hall towards them. Zoe shouts "Kat No! Get out of here!"

Scarlett, Tia nor Zoe were surprised appear surprised to see Kat Dennings. A layer on intrigue covers the scene. "Just don't do anything too stupid." Scarlett advises while shaking her head. Scarlett and Zoe continue taking Tia away to the dressing room.

Kat storms up to Angie and begins speaking before the red head had a chance to ask a question. "Tia and the girls are going to be mad at me for coming out here. It's not smart or tactical for me to do this. But,I'm the new Kat around and I'm the newest member of Team Tia in the Fab Corp and replacing
Roselyn Sanchez!" Kat reveals. "Cat Bell you're not going to get away with that bull shit you just did to Tia!" Kat loudly begins. "I want to challenge you to a fight anytime or anywhere. I'm going to make you pay dearly for what you just did! Yeah, please make it another Fuck You Match! I'm going to beat you woman to woman and boob to boob! I'm starting in the group by handling Tia's cheap change. Catherine Bell is about as cheap as you can get. Catch me outside Cat! Yeah!" Kat finishes and storms away.

Angie watches the spitfire walk away before turning back to the camera. "Jam.. Cole... that was an interesting development. Looks like Stone Rage and the Fab Fifty have pulled another fast one. Kat Dennings apparently is now a new addition to the league and a new member of the Fab Corp. She just issued a bold or stupid challenge considering what she just done to Tia, to Catherine Bell. Stay tuned, I'm going to try and get a response from the other side." Angie reflects.

Later that night, Angie Everhart is standing in the ABA dressing room with Catherine Bell beside her. "First, I want to congratulate you on a dominant performance tonight Cat." Angie compliments. "You totally destroyed Tia Carrere then publicly humiliated her to the highest degree. You made her look like a total dumb slut! However the breaking news is that Kat Denning is part of the Fabs on Tia's team. More baffling she just challenged you to a fight anytime and anywhere." Angie says while shaking her head. "What is your response to that? The mic is yours!" Angie finishes and takes a step back.

Catherine starts laughing prominently out loud. "Kat Dennings?" Catherine utters and continues laughing. "You've got to be fucking kidding me." Cat continues laughing. Catherine then quells her laughter before saying, "Tell that little girl with the push up bra that I will crush her with my left tit!" Madonna, Buffie and Aria loudly agree and encourage Cat in the background. "It's hard to accept your challenge when you aren't a challenge. But if you want me to beat the fuck out of you and humiliate you, I can do that. You probably should step to my face before I really do catch you outside." Catherine shakes her head and laughs again at the stupid cliche. "Get some sun, Stupid bitch. Your tits look like giant marshmallows."

Mic drop....

TO FAB FIFTY: The Renegagde Run

Ariel X vs Lotus Lain