It is a fact that 6 media giants control 90% of all media in the USA. Basically fewer than 250 media executives determine what tv and movies we see, what music we hear, what news is reported and what newspapers are read. Stone Rage's league has always been a minor nuisance to this power structure. The league is a huge source of promotional and branding issues, but nothing that could not be overcome. Executives discouraged celebrities from participating in the league, but the huge paydays for the talent secured the league's position.

This was unitl an unforseen byproduct of the leage now has the Giant's attention. Celebrity super groups became a consequence of the league. Groups of 4 major celebrities were inconsequential, however groups of 16 or more banded together individuals by trial of combat is different. Even worst, these groups are uniting their funds and now are determined to take greater control over their own destinies. Now there are dangerous rumors of celebrities making their own movies tv shows and music, free of studio control. With the number of superstars available, it could succeed.

These independent thoughts must be crushed. It will cost the giants money, but more impotantly it will cost them some control. This type of threat must be stopped lest others will follow. Groups like the Fabs, the ABA and Stone Rage for encouraging them must be stopped.

The giants conspired and sued Stone Rage over contractual conflicts. Stone Rage knew he would win the frivolous case, but the powerful giants got a court injunction that stopped Stone Rage from promoting in the meantime. Finally he settled out of court, making a marketing deal with the giants, providing their representative is involved with matchmaking. Stone Rage took the huge money deal, thinking that he would have ridiculous themed arenas and girls dressed as Superman vs Batman to promote movies, allowing "dem rich mutha fuckas" (as he calls them, others call them the illuminate or Secret Society) to make some money. What he did not know is he allowed their special 'problem solver', Quatro Calderon in the door who's job is to destroy the foundation of the league.

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