Jessica Alba vs Jessica Biel 2

The Rematch

Two weeks ago in Christina Applegate’s office the match was set. Jessica Alba finally agreed to Jessica Biel’s proposal for a rematch. It would be a regular one fall match, but with one exception. Loser gets a spanking. That was Alba’s contribution. Biel agreed instantly and added, “No time limit. I’m going to spank your ass till I get sleepy.”

Alba countered with, “I’m gonna spank you all the way back to the Fab Four locker room. Tell the Fab Cunts not to interfere or you won’t be the only one getting a paddling. Better yet, tell Dawson she can come get some. I love taking you Fab girls two at a time.”

Match day, Alba strutted down the ramp to the ring first with Cameron Diaz and Eva Mendes in tow. She walked with an attitude, seeming unconcerned that she would be facing a vengeful Biel. Though knowing that Biel had one thing on her mind, battering a tanned booty bloody, Alba seemed more like she was annoyed to be wasting her time. In her right hand was a wooden paddle with Biel’s name written on one side and slut written on the other. Diaz and Mendes raised their arms often as they approached the ring encouraging the crowd to cheer Jessica on. Alba entered the ring gracefully stepping between the top and middle rope. She paused to give a good look at her ass. It was a ‘get a look while you can’ move because she new she would not be the one getting spanked that night. As Jessica entered the ring Cameron and Eva made their way over to her corner outside the ring.

As the cheering was dying down, it surged again as Jessica Biel accompanied by Rosario Dawson & Halle Berry appeared at the top of the ramp. All three made their way down the ramp towards the ring. Biel got up on the apron, put both hands on the top rope, and catapulted over it into the ring with an impressive show of strength and agility. Halle and Rosario took their places as Cameron and Mendes had, in Biel’s corner outside the ring.

Alba and Biel cautiously approached each other searching for weakness, neither waiting for the ref to start the match. There were no words, just criminal intent. It led to a lock up in the center of the ring. A lock up that Biel muscled into a headlock. Alba grimaced as she was reacquainted with Biel’s greater physical strength. Unable to muscle out she hit the mat with a slam after Biel hip tossed her to the mat maintaining the headlock and landing with all her weight on Alba’s chest. Alba brought her legs up and locked them around Biel’s head forcing Biel to break the hold to contend with her own predicament. Quickly Biel kicks out of Alba’s leg scissors and both girls are up quickly. Alba sends a punch into Biel’s tight abs that is all but completely ignored as Biel sinks another headlock. Again she whips Alba over her hip to the mat. Again she maintains the headlock and again she lands her body into Alba’s breasts. And again Alba moans in agony. Finally again Alba breaks free with a leg lock around Biel’s head. Biel struggles to kick out, but Alba has a better hold this time. She puts pressure on Biel’s neck by turning into Biel until she is in a push up position. Alba was now on her hands, her legs supported in the air a little by her toes and mostly by the pressure she put on Biel’s neck. Alba jiggled her ass a little to torque more pressure onto Biel’s neck before falling back to the mat. Worry crossed Biel’s mind as the pressure on her neck reminded her of how her last match with Alba ended. This time in more desperation than skill she kicks out of the leg scissors again.

Both girls shot up. Biel suffering from a too familiar pain in the neck is a little skittish; a fault Alba makes use of moving into her rival unchecked. A quick and gruesome snap mare plants Biel on her beautifully plump yet firm ass. Biel is sitting up her legs spread wide, her back to Alba, caressing her neck. Rosario and Halle cheer her on trying to get her mind off her pain and back on the match. Alba now in smiles runs from Biel into the ropes. Rebounding off them to gain momentum, she soars into Biel driving both knees into Biel’s shoulder blades. Biel is driven face first into the mat between her own legs. Alba bounces off Biel’s back adding another level of pain to the move before she is returned to her feet. Biel’s upper body rebounds back flattening the battered blonde out on the mat. With Biel slow to rise, Alba makes use of the brief moment to taunt Halle and Rosario. She points at them as if to say you’re next and then turns her gestures into a double middle finger salute. Turning back to a rising Biel, Alba catches her rival in a payback headlock. She tries to whip Biel to the mat for payback, but Biel again shows her greater strength countering the move by keeping Alba off balance controlling her legs. She lifts Alba into the air thinking suplex, but Alba manages to distribute her weight enough to unbalance Biel and takes them both down to the mat. Alba as she falls maintains the headlock and makes use of her falling momentum to whip Biel over her and painfully back to the mat. Alba still with the headlock now rests on Biel’s chest. She takes a moment to snake her headlock deeper into Biel’s neck.

Biel’s response is to whip her right leg up driving the knee into the back of Alba’s head. It breaks the hold and gives Alba some stars to view. Biel stands, a new woman. She was furious, feeling more hate for Alba than she’d ever known. As Alba rises struggling to clear her head, Biel boots her in the left temple. Alba collapses to the mat caressing her head. Biel then swiftly hair hauls her prey to her feet and uses the two fistfuls of hair to whip Alba across the ring. Alba soars through the air and to the mat in a moaning lump. Her hands seek to comfort her scalp but to no avail. Biel again sinks both claws into Alba’s brown mane and hair tosses her with an anger filled grunt back across the ring. Out comes Alba’s first real scream of the night. She screams again as Biel drives a quick knee into her back and lifts her upper body off the mat by just her hair. Biel stands retaining the scalp wrenching hold, keeping Alba on her knees, and slams the dark angel face first back into the mat. Alba, struggling to compose herself, screams again as a fire in her scalp forces her back to her feet. Biel turns her body and Alba’s around till they are back to back. Still with two fistfuls of brown hair, Biel’s leans forward forcing Alba onto her back and into the air by her hair. Alba howls in agony, her legs kicking in the air in a panic.

Alba on survival instincts regains her composure and lifts her legs up to roll over Biel and land on her feet facing her tormentor. Quickly Alba explodes into action punting Biel between the thighs. As the fight drains from Biel’s face and she stoops over hands in her crotch, Alba delivers a right cross. She follows with a left and another right. There’s no real technique, just Wild West cowboy style haymakers driving Biel into a corner. The punishment takes its toll staggering Biel and Alba makes use of Biel’s wobbly legs to scoot in behind her into the corner. Alba hops up to the top rope facing the back of Biel and wraps her legs around Biel’s neck. Once she secures her leg scissors as tight as possible, Alba leaned back over the rope out of the ring. With all her weight over the ropes and out of the ring Alba’s leg scissors applied a punishing neck stretch to Biel and no clear way to break free. Biel was stuck in the web. If she’d been facing anyone else she would have tapped just to keep from serious injury, but not against Alba. She’d never submit to Alba again, she told herself many times as she recovered from their last match.

Another smile appears on Alba’s face as she takes a moment to high five Cameron and Eva while hanging upside down. After a 5 count from the ref Alba releases the hold using a hand stand on the apron to drop to the floor outside the mat. She then reaches into the ring and takes a still stunned Biel off her feet dropping her face down onto the mat. Alba then pulls Biel by her legs over to the corner post and forces Biel to straddle it. Then with as much force as she can muster Alba yanks on Biel’s ankles pulling back and punishing Biel’s pussy into the corner post. Biel’s juicy ass jiggles on impact. Alba allows the moaning Biel to move slightly away before applying another cunt buster into the post. That one brought tears to Biel’s eyes and a scream from her lips. “Yep, we just getting started baby,” Alba taunted as she crushed Biel’s scantily clad pussy lips again into the post. She then rewarded Biel’s constant ass jiggles with a quick two slaps to the juicy meat that peaked out of Biel’s slightly wedged short shorts. Alba, still all smiles, helps Biel out of the corner pulling on the right leg until she forces the blonde out of the ring. It was a gruesome move forcing Biel’s left leg out into a split as she was dragged pass the corner post.

Alba had pulled Biel all they out of the ring. Biel luckily recovered enough to cover her head, but suffered horribly as her body bounced off the concrete floor. Alba took a moment to rest while Biel struggled to get to her feet. As Biel turned to face Alba she was rushed by the Invisible Woman. Alba turned the tables on the raging Biel, sinking both hands into Biel’s mane and uses her own charging momentum to throw her face first into the announcers table. Biel’s upper body flattened on the table, her legs turning to jelly. Soon she was sliding off the table helplessly. She managed to fall to her hands and knees with her right side facing Alba. She balanced on her left hand as she raised her right to comfort her head, and then her breasts and ribs. As she licked her wounds, Alba ran in and punted her head with a sickening thud into the side of the black wooden front of the announcers table. Biel bounced off the table and collapsed completely, her arms falling lifeless to her sides and her legs spreading out, again lifeless. Biel was conscious, but just barely. Soon though she shot back to life as terrible pains from her groin and skull broke through her haze. Alba had a deep fistful of her now wild mane and a twisting fistful of her short shorts. Biel was forced to her feet by the wedgie and hair pull and soon found herself thrown back into the ring. Biel rolled a little before coming to rest face down on the mat.

Alba entered the ring and mounted Biel facing her feet. Both hands gripped Biel’s short shorts and drug them deeper into her ass. Maintaining the wedgie with one hand Alba spoke, “Just a little taste of what’s to come bubble butt,” before she used her free hand to spank Biel’s plump ass cheeks. Biel kicked frantically with each rump reddening swat bucking like a bull. Eleven good whacks were all Alba could get in before being muscled off. Biel in agony, but driven more by anger was the first to her feet. She was snarling through the tears caused by her panties and short shorts still wedged in her crotch. As Alba reached her knees, Biel moved in and drove a knee into her skull. Alba sprawled out on the mat for a moment. With a quick tug, Biel relieved the pressure on her cunt. Returning focus to her prey, Biel kicked Alba’s legs apart a little more and then knee dropped into Alba’s kitty. Alba’s upper body shot up and for the first time she was tearing up. She screamed in agony at Biel who hadn’t moved, still grinded her knee into Alba’s clitty.

Biel then stands and hair hauls Alba to her feet. She then reaches down and pulls Alba’s feet out from under her forcing her to slam back first back to the mat. Still in control of Alba’s legs, Biel splits them enough for another knee drop. Again Alba howls. She is putty as Biel’s assists the brown haired girl to her feet by her now wild mane. Soon Alba is sent into the ropes. On the rebound she finds Biel waiting for her, catching her in a two fisted chokehold. Biel also made use of Alba’s momentum to lift her rival into the air. Biel’s rage enhanced muscles were like steel locking Alba into the worst choke of her life. Alba was in hell, her own weight from being near two feet off the ground adding to the pressure of Biel’s vice like grip of her neck. Alba thought of tapping. She couldn’t believe how strong Biel was. Alba dangled like a rag doll, for the first time feeling fear. Would Biel take it too far, she wondered. Oh god, she thought. And then a slight reprieve. Biel choke slammed her to the mat. “Bitch,” Biel yelled down to Alba. The impact was terrible, but at least Alba could breathe again. Given a moment she was sure she could turn the tables on Biel again too.

However, Biel didn’t seem to be willing to give her that moment dropping down upon her for the pin. Warrior spirit was all that got Alba the kick out. She was in no condition to do anything else, not even dismount Biel. She even doubted her ability to kick out again if Biel chose to go for immediately for another pin which she feared because Biel hadn’t gotten off her yet. Biel easily spread Alba’s legs still on her rival’s tummy. Biel then rolled down towards Alba’s split legs pinning the left under her right arm and scissoring the right between her thighs. Now facing Alba, Biel burrowed her free hand into Alba’s bottoms for a crotch claw. The ref’s protests were all that made Biel release the hold, eventually. Biel milked every second of the ref’s count before releasing Alba. She then stood and hair hauled Alba back to her feet and into the nearest corner. Alba ate buckle as Biel slammed her into the corner ten times. Biel then turned back to back with Alba and lifted her again onto Biel’s back by Alba’s brown roots. “Aiieeeeeee,” screamed Alba at the end of her rope. Biel didn’t give her a chance to roll out this time and just dropped her rival to the mat. Alba lay face down unmoving.

Biel locks Alba in a single leg boston crab trapping the right leg. Biel intensifies the move by planting her own right leg into Alba’s back and then bent as far back towards Alba’s head as she could. Alba screamed in horror as the full scope of the hold sunk in. The only thing keeping Biel from falling flat to the mat was Alba’s twisted limb. Biel grunted as she put all of her hatred for Alba into maintaining the hold. Alba instantly thought to tap out, but through strength of will fought back the urge. She did her best to signal her partners at ringside and waited. Soon Diaz and Mendes were in the ring and were headed off by the ref. They didn’t do anything, but their presence was all that was needed. Biel was too engrossed in punishing Alba to notice them and they made sure to stay out of her view. Halle and Rosario saw them though and were about to jump up to the ring apron till they realized the ref was effectively keeping the Resistance girls at bay. Alba finally tapped her submission.

Biel released the hold and rested on her hands and knees still oblivious to the two intruders who by now were exiting the ring. She stood with a huff and puff and walked to the ref expecting him to hold her hand up in victory, but as she approached him he gave her a confused look. Just then she felt something brush past her thighs up into her crotch. It was Alba’s right arm. Biel soon found herself flung to the mat rolled up into a pin. She was so surprised; Alba was able to lock the hold solid preventing Biel from kicking out until just after the ref’s three count.

Biel stood and questioned Alba, “What the fuck? What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“Winning,” replied Alba.

“Stupid cunt, you quit,” Biel spit back. Biel then looked in horror as the ref raised Alba’s hand in victory. “What the fuck? She tapped. I beat that bitch. What’s wrong with you,” Biel questioned as she pushed the Ref away from Alba. “She tapped!”

“No she didn’t,” replied the Ref as he walked away towards the ropes.


“You loss Ms. Biel. Sorry, but you got pinned,” the Ref said as he ducked under the ropes exiting the ring. He was met by Rosario and Halle and got an earful of curses. He pushes pass them but is turned around by Halle for some more curses from her and Rosario.

“Wait one fucking minute,” Biel commanded as she still protested from the ring leaning over the ropes. Then her train of thought was interrupted by a call.

“Oh Jesse-poo… you forget something.” It was Alba standing in her corner holding her wooden paddle. “Loser gets a spanking, remember?” Her smugness was disgusting considering the details of her win. This is the second time Biel proved she was the better wrestler and the second time Alba stole the win. The first was outlasting Biel in the I-Quit match. Biel had her pinned and had knocked her out, both wins in a normal match. However the only way to win was by a form of submission. This time a little preplanning with her fellow Resistance girls made all the difference. No body knows as much as Alba how dangerous Biel can be. She’s amazingly fit and strong, not to mention trained pretty well. All she lacks is experience, and that’s where Alba beats her down. Alba knows that being better statistically is not necessarily being a winner.

“Fuck you bitch,” Biel replied turning to face Alba. “You know you tapped. You’re the one getting spanked if I got to beat your ass again.”

Just then Diaz and Mendes entered the ring. Biel was too furious to notice until it was too late. Both Resistance girls grabbed an arm and muscled Biel over to the ropes. Placing her arms over the top rope made it easier to hold the struggling blonde in place. Biel felt her short shorts and panties being pulled down to her knees. Alba then moved in and turning the paddle sideways slid it between Biel’s thighs. Biel moaned slightly out of surprise at the pressure on her vulnerable lips. She then got a little scared. Was Alba about to torture her kitty? She struggled furiously to get free and tried kicking back, but her own shorts and panties restricted her. Alba pressed against her pinning Biel’s left leg forcing Biel to balance on the right lessening any force Biel could muster with any kicks. Alba then leaned in on Biel and licked her ear. Getting some of Biel’s sweaty hair in her mouth, Alba cleared it by spitting at the back of Biel’s neck.

“Bitch,” cursed Biel.

“Don’t be a sore loser J. Have fun with it. You know you like getting your plump ass spanked. A little slut like you… Who knows how many men have been in my position? Probably too many to count huh,” Alba taunted as she rubbed Biel’s kitty back and forth with the paddle’s edge.

“Fuck you,” Biel replied.

Alba dropped the paddle down and then jerked it up into Biel’s crotch with a sickening thud watering the blonde’s legs and twisting her face in agony. Alba then warned, “Better cool it, slut. This is a spanking match. I can paddle your ass and let that be the end of it or I can pick other parts like your titties or even better, your pussy. Would you like that? I bet a slut like you gets regular cunt spankings so I would have to be a little rougher on you than usual.”

Rosario turns her attention to the ring and taps Halle to do the same, but Halle is too engrossed in dealing with the ref. Rosario runs back into the ring sliding under the ropes. Mendes sees her coming and catches her at the ropes with stomps to the back, ass, and back of the head.

Halle, “I know men think with their dicks but your brains are up your ass.” The ref tells Halle that maybe she should stop worrying about him and turn her attention back to the ring. “Limp dick…,” is all Halle gets out before turning to the ring to see the new brawl. “Move,” Halle orders the nearest fan forcing him out of his seat. She then folds the metal chair and charges into the ring. First it’s Mendes, then Cameron and finally Alba who eat hard steel.

Cameron, Alba, and Mendes beat it out of the ring in retreat. Halle helps Rosario to her feet and they soon aid Biel. “Shit,” Biel said pulled up her panties and short shorts. “That fucking cunt… She knows she tapped.”

Halle comforted her, “Don’t worry about that now. You were amazing. Everyone knows you beat her.”

Rosario agreed with a nod of the head. Then, “At least you got some payback. I’m still waiting to get that bitch.” Rosario remembered her last encounter with Alba and regretted not getting a shot at her. Though she’d understood Biel’s desire to get first crack, she still wished for a few rounds with the bitch that beat her down with brass knucks. She then froze in her tracks near the ropes with her fellow Fab Corp members as it looked like she was about to get her wish.

There was Jessica, Cameron, and Eva standing outside the ring blocking the path up the ramp and to freedom. With her, surrounding the ring, was most of her Resistance allies; Jada Pinkett Smith, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, Nikki Cox, Kelly Hu, Gwen Stefani, Jeri Ryan, Ashlee Simpson, and Christina Milian. “You want me bitch,” Alba questioned as she eyed Rosario. “Sorry but Jada here has dibs on those sagging udders of yours.” Alba then focused back on Biel, “And remember Biel-ly, you still got that spanking coming.”

Biel, “Fuck you.”

Alba taunted, “Oh, Jess you should be nicer if you expect to be able to walk after this. I mean anyone with a bubble butt like yours shouldn’t antagonize the lady with the paddle.”

The Corp girls backed back into the center of the ring as the Resistance entered from all sides. Halle then spoke confidently, “The Corp’s going to have to teach you Resistance girls a lesson. The only ones getting spanked tonight are you.” The Resistance girls laughed as they stalked the three Corp girls. Then Halle pointed outside the ring towards the ramp. Down it, came the rest of the Corp girls; Jennifer Lopez, Tia Carrere, Pam Anderson, Roselyn Sanchez, Kimora Lee Simmons, Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, Zoe Saldana, Coco, and Eva Longoria. Halle, “We heard about your plan for this little ambush, and decided it was as good a time as any to show you bitches who you’ve been fucking with.”

The Resistance was outnumbered by one. The Corp was full force, but the Resistance was missing their Avenger, Xtasty. She couldn’t get free. The Corp new the advantage was theirs, but still planned not to dally or show off. Put these Resistance bitches down hard and fast was the basic battle plan. The Corp girls outside the ring circled it and prepare to storm in. Some picked old rivals. Some picked new rivals, and then came the final random pairings. There is a mass battle at the ropes as the Resistance struggles to prevent the Fab girl’s entrance into the ring. As for the three Fab girls inside the ring, they took the first blows. Jeri Ryan ran up behind Halle and kicked her legs out from under her. Halle was bracing Biel and her sudden lost of footing caused her to instinctively grab for Biel. Biel managed to stand still partially braced by Rosario, but was off balanced enough to offer no resistance to Alba’s charge at her. Dawson lost her hold of Biel when Alba speared Ms Biel to the mat, the force of the attack causing Rosario to spin around. Before she could get her bearings and devastating pain erupted from her puss. She looked down in teary eyes to see a boney forearm and fist embedded between her thighs. It was Jada Pinkett-Smith with a severe balls bursting or cunt bursting low blow that dropped Dawson to her knees.

The Resistance girls are unable to keep any of the Fab girls out. The Fab Corp was just too motivated. It is soon a clothes ripping screaming catfight gang war in the ring. There is little to no wrestling, just a savage brawl. In the midst of it Tia Carrere gets a hold of Alba. She forces Alba off of Biel and into the ropes for a brutalizing haymaker assault on her belly. Alba groaned agonizingly with each battering ram to her tummy, soon held up by nothing but Tia’s hold of her. Biel, still a little woozy from Alba spearing her to the mat and then slamming her head repeatedly into the mat, slowly made it to the two. She pushes Tia away saying, “This bitch is mine.” Tia steps back in agreement. As Biel turns back to Alba she is just in time for a round the world haymaker. Alba who had sunk a little when Tia released her, managed to stand and pull a left cross almost from the floor.

“I’m nobody’s,” Alba yells as she damn near breaks Biel’s jaw. Biel tumbles back into the fight between Zoe Saldana and Cameron. Cameron makes use of the distraction to grab Zoe by the hair and throw her out of the ring. Cameron then targeted Biel who is almost lights out. Cameron dragged her by the hair into one corner and started stomping Biel’s super abs. When Biel moved her hands to defend her tummy, Cameron stomped on Jessica’s sports bra covered melons. Jessica screamed horribly as she covered her aching tits. Cameron wasn’t having it. She grabs each of Biel’s hands interlocking fingers. It was a test of strength. Normally in a test of strength, Biel would have beaten Cameron down and made her cry auntie, but this time the odds were against Biel. She was on her back, beaten from the match, brutalized by Cameron’s assault and Cameron had all the leverage. Cameron forced Biel’s hands against the middle rope so she could use her weight to keep them pinned. Now Cameron was free to target Biel’s battered breast and tummy with more vicious stomps. Biel was just about done for when Cameron started grinding her high heels into Biel’s tits. That finished Jessica off for good. A little longer on the grind to make sure Biel was out and Cameron kicked the broken woman out of the ring. Hitting the concrete did cause a stir in Biel, but only enough to make her curl up in the fetal position.

Closest to Cameron was fellow Resistance Gwen Stefani rolling around on the mat with Zoe. Zoe hadn’t long reentered the ring. When she was thrown out by Cameron earlier she was ambush outside the ring. She had just hit the concrete and was slow to rise. While still on one knee and facing the ring searching for the bitch that had sent her for her ride out of the ring, her face turned from anger to agony as her back exploded in pain. Standing behind her with a smile on her face was “The Skipper” Christina Applegate. Zoe now on both knees and one hand, the other seeking to comfort her back, looked back to catch a glimpse of her assailant before Applegate sent a second boot to her back. Zoe went splat on the floor flattening out. Applegate then planted her boot on the back of Zoe’s neck pinning her to the floor. The odds are even in the ring for a little at 12 each; however a late arrival soon puts the odds in the Resistance’s favor. Vida Guerra emerges from the crowd as Applegate had and she stalks her prey Jennifer Lopez who is battling Stefani. With the loss of Longoria, the Resistance had reached out to fallen Fab girl Vida as a possible replacement. Though Vida hadn’t given them a yes or no she still eagerly agreed to take the opportunity to avenge her self on Lopez. When Vida takes hold of Lopez, Stefani is freed up. Applegate picks Zoe up by her clothes and tosses her back into the ring nearest Stefani who is quick to assault the girl before she can even think of getting off her back. Gwen with a two fisted hold of Zoe’s hair pounds the sexy black girl’s head into the mat. Zoe reciprocates with hair pulling. As they struggle Cameron Diaz joins the fray lifting and spreading Zoe’s legs. Then like she’s keeping time for a band, Cameron starts a steady rhythm of stomps to Zoe’s cunt. Zoe releases her hair hold of Stefani to try and guard her kitty, but Stefani easily pins Zoe’s arms under her thighs fully mounting Zoe to resume slamming her skull to the mat. It would not be long before Zoe was out of the fight.

Alba’s “I’m nobody’s” didn’t impress Tia as much as the haymaker Alba used to floor Biel. Unfortunately for Alba her second wild punch was blocked. Tia saw it coming a mile away and made sure Alba suffered for it. “You’re mine ‘now’ bitch,” Tia said as she hammered several unanswered punches into Alba’s gut. When Alba doubled over, Tia lifted and held her head up by the hair and continued hammering her tummy. When released for a moment, Alba dropped to her knees coughing and crying.

“Stop… please,” Alba begged in agony. Tia ignored her and lifted her back to her feet by her hair. Tia then drove a knee into Alba’s tummy to encourage Alba to bend again. This time Tia used Alba’s natural reaction to the shot to the gut to place Alba’s head between Carrere’s thighs. Tia then bent over and wrapped her arms around Alba’s lower body. After quickly lifting Alba’s body completely off the ground, now holding Alba upside down head still thigh locked, Tia dropped to the mat in a seating position piledriving Alba into the mat. Alba was out for the count.

Jada wailed on Dawson pummeling her all the way down to the mat. Dawson crawled for the ropes in an attempt to escape, but Jada followed her and started choking her on the bottom rope by standing on the back of her neck. Jada used the ropes for support. It was a struggle since Kimora Lee Simmons had Jessica Simpson hung up in the ropes nearby, but Jada managed well enough. She could have helped her teammate escape Kimora but it would have meant freeing Rosario. There was no real thought. She would keep up the pressure till she took the fight out of Dawson. Simpson would just have to be on her own.

Mendes is a little slow to react at the start of the brawl. Her original plan was to get some payback on Halle for her use of that metal folding chair. She was looking for it when Ryan jumped Halle. Her attention soon focused on the infiltrating Fab girls. Nearest her was that traitor whore Longoria pulling herself up to the ring apron. Mendes charged Longoria planning to spear her through the ropes and knock her back down to the concrete slab. However, Longoria saw her coming and prepared. She held on to the top rope at a distance and arched her back taking her tummy out of the kill zone. Mendes drove her shoulder through the ropes and barely tapped Longoria’s tummy. Seeking to not totally fly through the ring and end up on the concrete with Longoria, Mendes had held back a little to make sure she stopped at the ropes. This put her in a bad position. As she pulled back from between the ropes, Longoria embedded her claws in Mendes’ hair and dropped off the ring apron using all her weight and force of gravity to send Mendes’ neck into the middle rope. The force was enough to cause Mendes to spring back up hitting the back of her neck on the bottom of the top rope. The most excruciating part of the move was that Longoria hadn’t released her and still had clumps of Mendes’ hair that were ripped out by the roots when Mendes was torn from her. Mendes screaming all the way fell back down from the top rope to the middle straddling the ropes with her sexy thick lips. Her mouth parted for a second as the rope gagged her, and then she slipped off of it painfully to the mat. She tried to ball up, her hands moving frantically from throat to the back of the neck to hair to her mouth, desperately seeking to ease the multiple pains. Mendes’ screams worsened as Longoria reached back into her hair and pulled her upper body to the ropes. Getting the head out of the ring, Longoria locked onto it with a sleeper hold. Mendes struggled to break free but she had no leverage with most of her body still in the ring. Plus Longoria had the hold solid. Mendes didn’t have much time left.

Aniston and Pam get into a hairpulling catfight at the ropes. Punches fly bruising melons, Pam taking the worst of it because of her larger then life tits. However, Pam soon wins the hairpulling contest muscling Aniston into the adjacent corner to Cameron, the side where Tia had finished Alba. Pam slams Aniston’s head into the turnbuckle until Aniston’s hold of Anderson’s hair softens. Pam then drives a knee between Aniston’s thighs. Aniston tries to sink but Pam presses her body into Jennifer’s, breasts to mammoth breasts, to keep Jen on her feet. Pam then throws Aniston’s weakened arms over the top ropes and forced Jen’s left leg out of the ring over the middle rope for easy pussy access. Pam slid her right hand into Jen’s shorts and panties and locked a sharp nailed crotch claw on her rival. Jen screams drowned out all others at the moment. Pam’s other hand gripped Jen’s throat. “Shut up cunt,” Pam ordered as she choked and clawed away. Cameron heard the commotion as Zoe was nearing dreamland. She removed Zoe’s spandex shorts and panties and made the frilly lace garment into a garrote. She snuck up behind Pam and with a quick snap over the head had Pam in a strangle hold. The hold was solid, Pam being caught totally unaware, and damaging. Cameron made the hold worse by kicking the back of Pam’s knee driving her to her knees. Anderson’s gagging struggles gave Jennifer enough time to free herself. Still not fully recovered enough to face Pam on her own, with Pam now helpless as a baby, Jen was able to punish the Cock Fight Queen. Pam wore a lycra top, or she use to. Jen tore it to the sides forcing free Pam’s jumbo juggs. Grabbing hold of Pam’s wrists so there would be no resistance, Jennifer kneed Pam’s monstrous orbs repeatedly. Pam couldn’t scream thanks to Cameron’s strangle hold, so Jennifer had to settle for Pam’s pain filled eyes as a reward for how viciously she pounded away into Pam’s most prized possessions. Then she stopped and dropped to the mat still holding Pam’s wrist, her force causing Pam to jerk more into Cameron’s hold. Aniston, now on her back, raised her boots and drove them into Pam’s tits causing a look of utter terror and agony in Pam’s eyes.

“You can go now Cameron, sweetie. I got Ms Silicon from here on out,” Jennifer said as she kicked her heals into Pam’s already battered melons like she was riding a bicycle. When Cameron released the choke, Pam coughed and gagged for a little, but soon as air filled her lungs she let out a scream that dwarfed Jennifer’s earlier hell scream.

Ryan elbow drops across Halle’s tits. Encouraged by Halle’s moans of torment, she jumps up and quickly punts Halle in the ribs. Jeri then grabs hold and lifts one of Halle’s arms up to get a clear punt to her bikini clad chocolate treats. Ryan’s boot to Halle’s chest pancaked Berry’s melons violently against her ribs eliciting a horrible sounding thud and terrible scream. Jeri easily maneuvers Halle onto her back and straddles the award winning actress, pinning her arms under Ryan’s thighs. Halle’s bikini top a pulled open freeing her large melons, swollen nipples poking proudly skyward. Following, was a brutal mauling as cream colored fingers with red nails sunk into brown titflesh. Halle fought through the torment of her jugs to get her hands free and immediately freed Jeri’s equally impressive large creamy danglers to sink her nails in. Both girls howled in agony. Both squeezed harder and harder, Jeri for the win and Halle for the rescue. Halle would win out, forcing Jeri to dismount. Berry swiftly mounted Jeri and continued to give her a taste of how she out battled Salma Hayek’s legendary tits. Both girls screamed in utter or udder agony and in defiance of the other. Their teary eyes shut tight in concentration on their battle left them clueless as to what happened next. Halle’s torture hold of Jeri’s mams softened to a baby’s grip and the black girl collapsed on top of Ryan. Ryan forced the unconscious girl onto her back by her battered berries and took the mount. Squeeze as she might Jeri found her tit torture didn’t stir Halle. Jeri figured Halle just couldn’t take it till she realized Halle’s nose was bleeding.

Kimora was working over Jessica Simpson and was ecstatic about it. She had the former Songbird Champ rocking back in forth like a punching bag. Simmons had scored a couple of lucky shots on Jessica in the beginning of their match-up and was smart enough not to give Jess a chance to recover. She wailed on Jessica with everything she had, sinking her fist deep into Jessica’s cheeks, deeper into her titflesh, and deeper still into her tummy. An uppercut rocked Simpson so bad she threw her own arms over the top rope accidentally locking herself in place for more abuse. Kimora peppered Jessica’s pubic mound with five rapid knuckle to puss blows and then another uppercut. That was the last punch. Now Kimora held Jessica one handed by the hair forcing Jess’ head down to her right shoulder exposing her left cheek. Kimora took her free hand, licked the palm, and hoe slapped the shit out Jessica. The second slap erased any defiance from Jessica and the third had her crying. Kimora licked her palm with each shot. The fourth slap would have had Jessica pleading, but aid finally came. Jennifer Aniston joined the fray tackling Kimora. Unfortunately Kimora was unwilling to release Jessica and three fell to the mat in a mass. It was an incoherent scramble, legs kicking arms flailing about, until Aniston took control driving her elbow into Kimora’s throat for the choke. Fear surfaced on Kimora’s face as she gagged and was easily mounted by Jen. Jennifer bought time for Simpson to recover, just enough too. Kimora was starting to muscle Jen off of her. Simpson maneuvered around to Kimora’s head for some payback. She slapped the spit out of Kimora, weakening Kimora in her test of strength with Jennifer. Jennifer was able to sink her elbow back into Kimora’s neck, but opted to use both hands instead for the choke. It’d allow her to keep the choke and stay out of Jessica’s way, which Jennifer was sure wasn’t done with the slaps. She was right. Simpson wailed on Kimora till Kimora stopped resisting and the choke finally put her in lala land.

As JLO wrestled with Stefani, Vida slipped in and pulled Lopez to the ropes by her roots. Once there Vida slipped back out of the ring and yanked Lopez further out till Lopez’s head cleared the bottom rope resting on the ring apron. Vida then climbed up onto the ring apron and facing the ring dropped onto Lopez’s face with a split. It was a right split, causing Vida to use her left arm to brace on the ropes. Lopez’s face was lost in Vida’s huge ass cheeks. Vida with the assist of Stefani made the move inescapable by pinning Jennifer’s flailing legs up under the bottom rope which lifted Lopez’s own magnificent ass into the air. Jennifer’s pussy jutted into the air begging for some attention. Vida decided she could brace herself just as easily with a hold of Jennifer’s crotch as she could by holding onto the ropes. Vida reached out into Jennifer’s skirt and embedded four talons into a moist snatch and the thumbnail into an engorged clit. Spirited muffled moans tickled Vida’s ass a little bringing a smile to her face. Stefani left Vida to do her work.

Cameron was easily to MVP of this gang war. She’d finished Biel, Zoe, and Pam though with several assists, and now she had a new target. Once done with Pam and Aniston, Cameron surveyed the ring. At that point it was too early to call it a win for the Resistance, but it was looking good. Then she spotted the Resistance girl who was getting the worst of it. Across the ring near the opposite corner, Mendes was in Longoria’s clutches with no hope of defending herself. Cameron made her way over there swiftly pausing just briefly, long enough to punt Halle Berry in the face as she struggled with Jeri bloodying her nose. Halle and Jeri both with clinched eyes didn’t see Cameron’s drive-by. Cameron continued on to help her other ally. Once by Mendes, Cameron reached out of the ring and lifted Longoria from her feet by the hair. Longoria was forced to assist, releasing Mendes to help pull herself up the ropes to protect her scalp. Once Cameron had Longoria’s head over the top rope she pulled down on the hair forcing Eva’s head over the top rope looking up towards the lights. Cameron then kicked at Eva’s feet forcing her off them so that all her weight would be on her hair. Cameron yelled down for Mendes to move but Mendes was out of it. Cameron decided to give her ally some space and moved to the center of the ropes, just about four feet. She drug Longoria with her by the hair, body dangling on the other side of the ropes. Longoria was screaming and kicking in a panic all the way. Every time she got her feet back on the apron, Cameron would kick them back out causing worse screams. Now in desperation, Eva seized the top rope with both hands and raised her legs trying to flip into the ring. Cameron saw it coming and released Eva before she could succeed. Eva lost grip of the rope and fell awkwardly to the concrete slab first slamming the small of her back into the ring apron. Eva rolled around briefly till the pain became too much. As Cameron looked over the ropes she found Eva coming to rest spread eagle on the slab below face down.

The Resistance had won the day. All that remained was the mop up. With most of the Fab girls down for the count, four of the remaining five Roselyn Sanchez, Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, and Coco found themselves double teamed. Coco who had been manhandling Ashlee Simpson found herself in trouble when the other Simpson jumped in. The Simpsons finished her off with a good old Texan beat down of punches and kicks. Megan was already getting the worst of it from Christina Milian when Stefani stepped in. They took the fight out of her with a double groin pull, the Spread Eagle. Each takes a wrist and a leg by the ankle, plant a foot into Megan’s ribs and then drop to the floor forcing Megan’s legs into a terrifying crotch wrenching leg split. With her arms stretched out and held as well, she can offer no defense. Kim and Nikki Cox battled back and forth till Aniston interfered. Kim was on top taunting Nikki, “I think I’ll smother you with my tits this time. You don’t deserve another taste of my ass.” Just as Kim lowered the boom on Nikki, Jennifer dug a knee into her back. Kim grunted as Jennifer pinned her down on top of Nikki and barely struggled to resist Jen seizing her wrist. Jennifer forces Kim’s arms fully extended behind her back, pulling her upper body up. Nikki had but to wiggle from underneath Kim’s straddle to gain her freedom. Jennifer was on one foot, the other jammed up in Kim’s back forcing Kardashian to stay put for what ever Cox had planned.

Nikki laughed as she lowered her tits into place engulfing Kim’s face. “Nighty night Kim,” Nikki said as she wrapped her arms around Kim’s head to make sure she couldn’t escape the breast smother. As Kim drifted away so was Roselyn sinking fast. She had contained the rampaging Kelly Hu longer than most would have expected considering the rage in Kelly’s assault. Roselyn was truly living up to her nickname “Rock.” However when Jeri came up from behind and pinned her arms around her back, Kelly’s furious blows found homes in Roselyn’s hard body. The courageous Rock was turned into a punching bag, a bloody blubbering bruised punching bag.

At the top of the ramp and at the fighter’s entrance to the arena, were the combined might of the ABA. They had been watching the carnage since it turned into a gang rumble. They had come to an arrangement with the Fab Four. If this match turned into a rumble the ABA would assist and together both teams would put down the Resistance for good. However as the rumble proceeded the ABA seemed content to just watch. When it finally became evident that the Fab girls were going down, a few of the ABA were getting a little restless. Lucy Liu anxious to claim some tail was the first to ask, “So we gonna do this or not?” She didn’t get an answer. Lucy insisted, “Hello?”

Jenny McCarthy finally responded, “Not.”

“Huh,” Liu questioned in more disappointment than shock.

Jenny, “We’re not getting involved.” Demi Moore stood like a proud cock. She’d been against aiding the Fabulous from the beginning, but the others were so keen on revenge against the Resistance. The other bosses Jenny, Lucy, and Denise were chomping at the bit to get at the Resistance. Demi knew she would be out voted so she confined her concerns to Jenny. Moore was more cunning than her teammates and was willing to play them just as she would any other. She knew better than to attempt to order the others around. That wouldn’t work in the state they were in, an almost murderous desire for vengeance. However if she could subtly convince one to come over to her side, she’d have something to work with. With that in mind she played Jenny. Jenny was the perfect choice to Demi. Denise Richards was a little too hot headed, still a little too eager to prove herself. Lucy Liu actually scared Demi a tiny bit. Like Jada Pinkett-Smith and Salma Hayek she can hold her own against bigger girls and she’s got a sadistic streak that Demi is sure is more dangerous than most realize. Plus her creation of the Liu-Tang Clan was genius in that it near ensured Liu wouldn’t be getting a Milano. No, Jenny was perfect. Despite her fighting ability, to Demi she was still just another dumb blonde. She believed that if she whispered in Jenny’s ear long enough she could sway the ex-Warqueen to her way of thinking. As the only remaining founding member and a one time title holder, she carried a lot of weight with the others. With Jenny on her side Richards would follow and Liu would have to concede. Then as they all watched the rumble turn against the Fab Corp, something cheerfully unsuspected happened. When Jenny changed her mind she took charge of the group, an action Demi refrained from earlier to prevent backfire into a Milano. Jenny continued with Liu and the others, “We’re not getting involved.”

Lucy questioned, “But why? We’ll crush them.”

Jenny responded, “Because I said so. We’ll take the Resistance with out the Fab bitches. Let them have their fun… for now.”

Richards then chimed in, “But what about our deal with the Fab Four?”

Jenny responded quickly, “Fuck the Fab Four and their little Corp. Their time is coming just like the Resistance.”

Lucy, “Well, if it’s fuck the Fab Corp, I guess we can let the Resistance have these.” Lucy motioned to Minka to bring over Liu’s case of toys. Minka wheeled over a suitcase as Lucy continued, “I’d brought them to celebrate. Might as well see them put to good use. Lucy unzipped the suit case to show off her toys, enough dildos, strapons, whips, chains, and other toys for a lesbian S&M orgy.

Vivica jumped in, “Shit girl! You come to fight or fuck?

Lucy answered sincerely with another question, “What’s the difference?”

Vivica, “I’ll be happy to deliver this… Hey what are these, golf balls on a string?” Vivica pulled the strung together fist sized ball out of the case.

Lui responded, “Those are the largest anal beads I could find.”

“Anal beads,” Vivica blurted out as she dropped the beads back into the case. “Shit Liu,” Vivica remarked a she wiped her hands on her outfit to the collected laughter of the group. Vivica then zipped the case back up. “Anyway time to make a delivery.”

Demi felt the need to warn Vivica, “Remember, don’t get involved.” Vivica nodded in agreement as she approached the ring. She avoided the closest girls and approached Jeri Ryan who had been battling with Halle Berry for most of the fight.

Vivica interrupted Jeri’s nasty nipple pinching, her last efforts to verify Halle’s defeat, “This is a gift from the ABA on one condition.” Jeri still clutching dark nipples between her fingers stared at Vivica waiting for the condition or the double cross, whichever. Vivica continued, “The anal beads are from me to Halle. Make sure she gets them.” With that Vivica backed out of the ring and returned to her girls. The combined might of the ABA just sat on the sidelines content to watch the outcome of the match.

The final match up, the one that started after Applegate pulled Carrere out of the ring by her ankles, was coming to a conclusion. Tia had just finished Alba with a piledriver and in seconds found herself eating the concrete slab with her back. Having hit the back of her head on the concrete floor too, Tia was too dazed to feel the pain that surged through her body, much less take a look at her attacker. Applegate soon introduced herself however by spreading Tia’s legs and stomping her kitty. Tia’s upper body shot up as she screamed and she finally caught the gaze of Christina Applegate. Still in a confused state she barely recognized her old rival. She dropped back to the floor clutching her aching skull. Applegate lifted her boot and again pounded Tia’s pussy, this time maintaining a grinding hold of Tia’s clit. Tia’s body spasms as the pain took over causing her to scream like a banshee. Her hands shot down to try and lift Christina’s foot off her clitty, but Applegate wasn’t having any of that. She drove all of her weight into the assault turning Tia into an incoherent mess. Convinced Tia would offer her no trouble, Christina finally released the grinding hold. She would help Tia to her feet, but not before dropping to one knee into Tia’s crotch for another high pitched scream. Finally satisfied, Christina grabbed Tia’s wrists and stood lifting Tia’s arms with her. She then encouraged Tia to get up. Tia’s legs were wobbly pieces of straw and Applegate was impatient. She’d wanted to finish Tia off in a punch out, but it looked like Carrere was already beaten. The assault to her puss and the slamming of her back was bad enough, but bouncing her head off the concrete floor after her awkward fall put Tia in risk of a concussion. She couldn’t fight anymore so Christina just let her drop back to the floor.

“Goddamn!!” Jeri said as she looked into Lucy Liu’s case and spotted the fist size anal beads Vivica had mentioned. Also catching her eye was varying sized strap-ons and dildos from large to monster. Then the whips, chains and… “Oooooo …a riding crop,” caught Ryan’s attention. “Mine,” Ryan thinks to herself. She then places the riding crop and anal beads aside before dishing out the other goodies to her girls.

Cox, Milian, Mendes, and Hu abstained from the use of any toys. They preferred the hands on more personal approach. Cox had Kardashian thrashing about due to a suffocation breast smother. Milian forced Fox to eat her pussy till she came, squirting all over the place bathing Fox and much of the floor. Milian still twitching from the effects of her orgasm jumps to her knees and forces Fox’s head into her feminine spunk. “Clean it, bitch,” Milian orders. “Get it all.” Fox stuck her tongue out to lap up Christina’s juices but her tormentor wasn’t at all patient. Milian roughly shoved Megan’s head into the clear goo and wiped the floor with her face. Megan’s hair acted like a mop cleaning the floor as Milian requested. Mendes happily settled for sticking Longoria pretty features up her ass for a nasty smother. Mendes made sure to remove her panties, sliding them to her ankles, before introducing Longoria to her butt. Finally Kelly Hu was the worst of these four. She forced Roselyn onto her back, hands above her head. Then Kelly rolled Roselyn’s legs up and over her upper body till her ankles straddled her own head. Kelly then sat on Sanchez’s legs pinning Roselyn in a most vulnerable position, her pussy aimed at the sky. At least she could breath. Kelly didn’t want to risk Roselyn’s freedom by a poor center of gravity, which she was sure she’d cause if she tried for a smother as well. She focused on the pin to ensure that no matter how badly Roselyn bucked from what was to come Kelly would maintain the hold. Kelly then spread Roselyn’s bikini bottoms and panties and inserted her fingers roughly into Roselyn’s tight snatch. As Roselyn groaned in a mixture of ecstasy and agony, Kelly repositioned her arm so as to insert her thumb as well. And soon to the amazement of the crowd, the remainder of Kelly’s fist went in. Roselyn’s screams were horrible. Kelly took the screams as motivation to start pumping her fist in and out of Sanchez’s twat till a thunderous orgasm dethroned Kelly, ripping her hand from Roselyn’s gusher like squirting puss. Sanchez’s body convulsed violently as she rolled away, still suffering the effects of her intense orgasm.

Cameron, Aniston, Vida, Applegate, and Alba each grabbed a strap-on. Alba took the biggest one she could find, straight out of Applegate’s hands. She reminds Applegate that it is her match after all. Unlike the others, who show a little kindness in giving their prey a chance to lube up the infiltrators, Alba goes in dry and starts fucking Biel’s pussy raw with her oversized member. Applegate spends all her time on deep throating Carrere to near vomiting. Christina pulls out just before each time and makes use of Tia’s gagging time to slap her all over the face with the damp cock. Tia is bathe in her on saliva, smearing her make up. Then it’s back in for some more face fucking. Cameron and Aniston double throated Pam just enough to get their cocks good and moist. Then they maneuvered for some double penetration, Aniston on her back in Pam’s pussy with Cameron doggy styling Pam’s asshole. Vida too forced JLO to suck it just long enough to get it wet. She then plowed her phallus into Lopez’s ass cavity. Getting a good twenty pumps in, Vida pulled out to force Lopez to clean the cock before returning to the backdoor. Over and over she ass-to-mouthed Lopez for easily Lopez’s most humiliating moment in the ring. Once JLO was more than finished, Vida untied the strap on and left the dildo deep in Lopez’s ass. Vida then made her way out of the ring and up the ramp. Sure she had no current rivals amongst the ABA she made her way past them and left the auditorium.

The remaining Resistance girls Ryan, the Simpsons, Gwen and Pinkett made use of the other non-phallic toys. Jada had kept a choke on Dawson. From the ropes she moved to using Dawson’s own bra. And now after leading Dawson around the ring by the bra like it was a leash and collar, Jada finds herself in possession of a cat o’nine tails. With one hand on the bra leash she forces Dawson to walk on her hands and knees and with the other hand on the tails she punishes Rosario’s plump rump for not moving fast enough. And once she proved she could turn Rosario’s brown cheeks red, Jada stuffs the handle into Rosario’s ass turning the cat o’nine tails into a makeshift tail for Dawson. Jessica Simpson opted for the combination nipple clit chain. Getting the painful clamps on a howling Kimora’s nipples were easy enough, but she had to get a little help from her sister to keep Kimora’s legs pinned long enough to get a good hold with the clit clamp. Although once complete it was well worth the trouble. Jessica was now able to walk Kimora around the ring on her knees by just a tug here or there. Ashlee was going to make use of Alba’s paddle till she noticed a mush more vicious looking one from Lui’s case. The studs on it made for a rougher sting as Coco could attest from Ashley’s wild spanking. Gwen took the whip and cuffs. After cuffing Zoe’s wrists to the ropes, Gwen whipped her several times with the whip. Saldana collapsed to her knees with several small welts on her back not knowing how thankful she should be that Gwen held back, seeking only to seriously harm her dignity. Halle took the worse of it. Ryan wasn’t so nice with the riding crop. Large welts appeared on Halle’s thighs and ass from Jeri’s punishment. Jeri then positioned Halle to receive Vivica’s gift. Halle bucked around terribly as the first golf ball sized beads went in. By the fourth Halle was in a puddle of tears begging and pleading with Ryan to stop. Jeri didn’t stop until the fourth and final bead was in place. Then she released Halle who in turn did nothing but roll around on the mat massaging her still gaping asshole.

Alba pumped hard until Biel’s body spasms signaled an orgasm. She then pulls out to find a thoroughly juiced cock. She stands and takes hold of Biel’s hair pulling her up straight so she was just on her knees. Alba then cocked Biel’s head towards her and stuffed the feminine cum dripping dildo into Biel’s mouth. “Clean it, bitch,” Alba ordered. “Get your little whore juice off of it.”

“Bitch,” is all Biel engulfed in tears can mutter when Alba pulls out briefly to slap the damp cock rapidly several times in Biel’s face.

“Shut up street whore,” Alba orders as she throats Biel again. Alba then yells to Diaz, “Hey Cameron, bring that cock over here and stick it up this bubble butt.” Cameron complied leaving near unconscious cum drained Pamela in the grips of Aniston’s breast mauling fuck session. Cameron penetrates Biel’s anus hard and starts working her like a jackhammer, so hard it forces multiple deep throating of Alba’s cock. Biel’s muffled moans of pain thrilled Alba, “That’s right. Give it to her hard Cameron. Dry fuck this bitch’s ass.”

Cameron, “It’s not dry I’m afraid. I think I still got some of Pammy’s juices on it.”

Alba says, “Can’t have everything. Besides, I bet a little whore like this keeps her ass lubed up and ready for business.” Alba and Cameron both laughed.

Cameron, “Ooooh, she’s so tight.”

Alba, “Really?” Alba then turned her attention to Biel, “How does an anal slut like you keep her backdoor so tight?” Then back to Cameron, “I’d have thought this little slut’s hole would be gaping considering all the dongs that have been up it.” Jessica and Cameron laughed again at Biel’s humiliation.

By the time the Resistance gathered to leave all of the Fab girls had been thoroughly humiliated. There wasn’t a stitch of clothing left on the tormented, the Resistance girls having taken plenty of souvenirs. “Ah shit,” Alba said as her girls gathered around to leave. “I forgot to paddle J-Biel,” Alba said in earshot of Biel. The comment made Biel shudder and meagerly try to drag herself away. Alba smiled as she saw how broken Biel was. She then continued to add a little more torment, “Come to think of it, where is my paddle.”

Cameron, “You want some more time with her? She did insist on no time limit.”

Alba let Biel sweat a little before she answered, “No. I’ll get my licks next time. The stupid hoe is to dumb to realize she’s not in my league.” With that the Resistance girls finally exit full of giggles as they shared estimates of how long each thought it would take Halle to get those huge beads out her ass.

The End.