"I'm glad you two were able to join me on this short notice. I already and ordered your favorite dish Halle, grilled salmon and garlic potatoes. Jessica, this place has the best burgers. I ordered one for us, I hope you don't mind."

"Are you kidding? Of course not, I feel honored just being at lunch with you Ms Jolie! I am such a fan!"

With that resounding compliment, Jessica Biel and Halle Berry join Angelina Jolie at a table is a secluded restaurant simply named Kyryptos. It is a non descript building that hundreds of people drive by every day, but never notices. Even if it is noted, nobody would ever think that it is a restaurant. That is the concept. Celebrities can drive around back, park in a covered garage and visit this hidden secret free of the adoring public, paparazzi, and gossip blogs. It is a place where the most famous people in the world can be ordinary Joes for an evening.

"You're in the Fab Family now." Angelina answers Jessica's compliment. "Just think of me as your crazy Aunt Ang that only comes in town once in a blue moon." Angelina sees the confusion in Jessica's face by that comment, then turns to Halle and asks, "Halle, you never told her?"

Halle looks up at Angelina's prompting like she would rather not comment, then says. "When Stone Rage first came up with starting a super group to combat the ABA, the first four women he called together were Me, Pam (Anderson), Angelina (Jolie) and Salma Hayek." Jessica's mouth drops at that revelation. "Early on we learned that Angelina is not great in a team setting. She's a bit of a maverick. So we mutually agreed to part ways and entered Tia (Carrere), a consummate team player. Then we realized that Salma is only good in a team when she is the leader, so we parted ways and brought in Jennifer (Lopez). Angelina and Salma always supported us from afar though." Jessica's mind swirls with possibilities of Angelina and Salma in the Fab Four. Soon she is distracted by the arrival of their food.

Halle asks as she dines in, "So Angelina let's talk business. What's the problem? I want to start drinking, and I always need a clear mind to deal with you."

"Christina Applegate." Angelina sedately answers. "My contract in the league is nearly up. Christina refuses to renew it if I don't fight Jennifer Aniston at STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH! I just got over the chicken pox! I missed my directorial debut premier party, there is no way I can contend with Jennifer right now. You know she's got Jennifer prepared and peaked to beat my ass. I got a doctors statement proves that I can't compete, but Christina still insists that the only way I get another contract is to find a replacement for the New Year Bash. Can you help me?"

"Absolutely" Halle responds as she pauses to carefully consider the entire situation. "Yeah forty year old, toned, and subconsciously bitter Jennifer Aniston is certainly a lot tougher than thirty year old, push over Jennifer Aniston. It's got to be a champion type fighter." Halle says thinking out loud. "I've got the perfect person to help you, Megan Fox."

"Megan?" Angelina questions. "Megan's great I've been in the ring with her, but I was thinking about someone more accomplished in the ring. I really wanted Jessica."

Halle doesn't even raise her head from her plate, but answers, "No I need Jessica to help train me for my next fight, so its Megan. I'm glad you've been in the ring with her, that'll help you a lot, because you're going to have to train her too." The debate continued, but Halle was stead fast in her decision. Angelina did not have any better option, so she agrees to Halle's terms.

"Okay Halle I will take Megan, although I have some serious doubts." Angelina concedes. "I'm literally putting my ass on the line on your recommendation. What I haven't told you yet is that if Megan loses this match, I have to strip down to bra and panties and get in the ring with Jennifer. She'll be there waiting with a big ass leather strap. By contract she gets to whip the shit out of me until the stroke of midnight. You better believe that Jennifer has a lot of pent up aggression to get out against me. I'm sure the fans will be on her side and will enjoy seeing Jezebel getting her just reward. Not to mention, it is never good for a marriage for a husband see his ex-wife beat the shit out of his current wife."

Angelina starts working with Megan. First, Angelina was surprised how star struck, and truly honored that the younger starlet was to work with the legendary former Academy award winner. Angelina could tell that Megan was on her best behavior, and trying hard to please one of her role models. Angelina could see why Megan is constantly being compared to her, and she is often touted as the 'Next Angelina Jolie'. Then Angelina realized many of Megan's flaws. How she gets in the way of her own success and the reason Angelina beat the piss out of Megan in their match years ago, prompting Megan's detractors to dubbed her 'Budget Jolie'. Angelina likes Halle's decision less and less.

Angelina finds herself yelling the same things over and over as she trains Megan. "Technique!" seems to be Angelina's favorite. "Focus! Pay attention to the little things. They make the biggest difference." Another is "Footwork watch your footwork!" Later Angelina repeats "Stop being lazy finish the combination off."

Finally Angelina clearly sees all the potential to easily be a perennial champion in the league. However she does not have the mentality of a champion. It is definitely not the physical, but the mental that Angelina has to fix. She does not understand why Megan is getting into her own way. She cannot figure if Megan lacks focus, lazy, does not have the passion for greatness, if she just does not care, or a combination of everything. Utilizing her newfound experience of being a director, Angelina decides to have a conversation, and get into Megan's head.

After a training session, Angelina starts a casual conversation with Megan. "I'm curious Megan, how did you end up on Halle's team?"

Megan giggles then answers, "Honestly, I think she's the only one who would take me. I kind of frustrated Pam when she tried to train me."

"I can see that." Angelina comments. "All of the Fab Four girls are extremely driven, and aggressive in things that they do. Halle may be the biggest work-a-holic of the bunch. And you have a 'I don't give a fuck, I work hard when I feel like it' attitude. You are incredibly frustrating. You have a match against Jennifer Aniston. Never mind me, this is a big opportunity for you. Jennifer is one of the top celebrities in the league. A victory over her catapults you into the elite of the league. If you win, you are in contention for any title you want. Besides that, Jennifer is the vice president of the Resistance. You should want some revenge after what they did to you during the Massacre. Christina Milian made a fool of you that night. She literally mopped the mat with your face and hair. Show some pride girl! I would be busting my ass to get back at the Resistance. I would want to prove everybody wrong. Vegas have you as a huge underdog. You can move into title contention over night. Isn't that worth fighting for? Halle is an idiot to have so much faith in you. I called Halle again last night and begged her to reconsider and put Jessica Biel in this match." Angelina exhales on Megan as she blurts out her frustrations.

Megan stands quietly, absorbing the harsh criticism from one of her role models. Her displeasure is evident on her face but she says nothing. Finally Megan utters "Hmp! You wanted Jessica? Well the joke is on you. Jessica was a huge Jennifer Aniston fan as a young actress. There's no way that she can beat Jennifer. Either consciously or subconsciously, she would be taking it easy on her hero and end up getting her ass beat all over the place. Like it or not you're stuck with me." Megan answers with a smug smile.

"You know, deep down, you're a huge bitch." Angelina returns. "Me too, but I know how to control my bitch. I know when to shut up and silence my bitch, when it's good for me. I know how to unleash her and let her go bat shit crazy when itís to my benefit. You have no clue how and when to control yours."

Angelina and Megan finish their training. Angelina did her best, but felt like she failed to bring out the best in Megan. She thought her blunt talk would light a fire under Megan, but did the opposite. Finally Angelina started to understand why Megan has so much difficulty living up to her potential. It is her confidence. Angelina's criticism wrecked what little confidence the insecure Megan had. Angelina had mentally prepared herself to get whipped raw at the end of the match.

Fight night quickly arrives. STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH! is an unique event. The arena is decorated appropriately for a New Year's eve party. It is a Hollywood black tie affair. Unlike a normal event, the arena floor is filled with round tables and chairs instead of ringside seating. The league's A-listers are seated and partying. In the middle of the room is the ring. Stone Rage's favorite DJ, DJ Lady Tribe is rocking the house. The ticket buying audience is seated in the seats above. The champagne flows freely for the commoners up top, and the VIP's on the floor. All are having the time of their lives. Its the Stone Rage party of the year.

An hour before the ball dropped, it is time for the match. After Jennifer Aniston and Megan Fox with Angelina Jolie, make their entrance and stand in their respective corners, the booking committee chairman, Christina Applegate, takes the microphone in the center of the ring to greet the audience. "I want to officially welcome everybody to the STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH!" The announcement is received by raucous applauses. "I am so excited for the league in 2015. I have had deep conversations with Stone Rage and the board of directors and we all agree with the path we will take in the upcoming year. In 2015 we will separate the winners from the losers. In 2015 we will strive for more decisive finishes. No more lingering feuds between The Fabs, The ABA, The Resistance, Gen Next, Gen Prime, and whoever else. We're going to have one on one matches, tag matches, triangle matches. I'm talking about locking teams of four women in a cage until four women walk out and four losers are carried out. We are going to have matches where winners win and make losers their sniveling bitches. We're going to keep making matches like this until losers can't take it no more and quit, or until me, you, and everybody know who the definite winner is."

"With that thought in mind I originally wanted this match to be Angelina Jolie versus Jennifer Aniston, in a match to end their long feud." Christina continues addressing the audience. "However Angelina came up with this bullshit doctor's excuse on why she can't compete. So I've come up with a surprise for her. Most of you do not know that Angelina's contract in the league expires at midnight tonight. Her new contract is being lowered above my head right now." Everyone sees a briefcase being lowered above the ring and hangs there by a hook and chain. "This match will now be a ladder match!" Christina strongly announces. "The winner will be the one who is able to climb the ladder and get the contract." Stagehands now bring four ladders and set them up on each of the four sides of the ring. "If Megan wins the contract, I assume she will give it Angelina to sign. If Jennifer gets it, she can do what she wants with it. That includes ripping it up in Angelina's face or burning it and end Angelina's career in this league. Maybe she keeps it and let Angelina come crawling on her hands and knees, begging for her career. I don't know, but we are about to find out." After a pause Christina brings the microphone back to her lips and says, "By the way", looking directly at Angelina, "If Megan lose, you still have to get in this ring and get whipped like a dog, or I'll sue you for 25 million dollars. At least until midnight, you are still under contract with the league!"

Angelina goes ballistic at the announcement. She realizes that Christina has tricked her, and her arch enemy is about to eliminate her from the league. Angelina storms over to Christina and grabs her by her designer dress and jacks Christina up to her tip toes. "You dirty cheating cunt, you're not going to get away with this! I'm going to..."

"You're going to watch Jennifer totally annihilate your little mini me." Christina interrupts, "then Jennifer is going to whip you raw. At midnight, I'm going to scoop up whatever is left of you and personally throw your scrawny ass out of the arena door!" fiery Christina says. "If you don't unhand me right now, I will disqualify you and commence the whipping right now!" Christina threatens.

Angelina reluctantly takes her hands off of Christina, realizing again that she has no choice. "You're a big woman now. Remember I'm a very powerful woman in the industry. Regardless of the outcome of this match, I will find a way to end your reign as booking committee chairman. That is not a threat that is a promise." Angelina purposely says as she turns and walks away.

Christina's eyes burn with animosity. She knows that she has made a powerful enemy that could find a way to make good on her words. Unable to contain her contempt for that woman, Christina rushes behind Angelina and grabs her by the hair on the back of her head and her dress' waistband and bum rushes Angelina, and then tosses her over the top ropes and out of the ring. "Ring the bell!" Christina immediately shouts.

Before the bell sounds, Jennifer is already charging across the ring at Megan. Poor Megan's head has been spinning. She was feeling stressed at fighting to protect one of her idol's hide, and now she is feeling totally overwhelmed about fighting for Angelina's career. She has a 'deer in headlights' expression the whole time as things breakdown before her eyes. Megan sees Jennifer charging at her. She steps up to answer the challenge, but is woefully unprepared. Jennifer blasts Megan in the nose with a haymaker, sending Megan reeling back into the corner. From there Jennifer traps Megan in the corner and unloads a flurry of mega shots. Megan tries to cover up and weather the storm, but the bruising blows are taking a heavy toll. It is the worst way for Megan to start the match. Megan is in the ring with a bigger, stronger, fitter woman and despite a large age advantage, it is physically a mismatch. Megan's fragile confidence shatters with each shot.

Feeling in total control, Jennifer grabs two handfuls of Megan's raven colored hair and flings her out of the corner and across the ring. Megan lands with an uncoordinated wham. Wearing a painful wince, Megan immediately rises to her feet. At that moment Jennifer charges across the ring and blasts Megan in the face with her forearm. Megan is knocked to the canvas with another boom. Totally dazed and disoriented Megan rolls across the canvas and slips out of the ring.

Megan begins a casual stroll to clear her head, but feels the presence of somebody coming behind her. Megan twirls around and finds Jennifer there. She immediately lashes out and gouges Jennifer's eyes. The Fab Girls are known for following the rules, but ever the maverick, Megan has no problems with bending them at will. Halle supports her rule breaking. She encourages her to be herself. The gouge interrupts Jennifer's attack. Megan grabs Jennifer by the hair and ushers her to a nearby table. One unusual thing about the STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH! is that it is more of a party than a fight. There is no barrier around the ring, separating it from the audience. There are several open feet, then there are round party tables surrounding ringside.

Megan forcibly pulls Jennifer to the nearest table by her hair. Carmen Electra is seated a foot away for an up close view as Megan rears Jennifer's head back to smash it into the table. However Jennifer gets her hands on the table to block it, and quickly turn the tables on an off balance Megan and slams her face into Generation Prime's table. Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson and Mya cheer for more carnage, as Jennifer slams Megan's gorgeous face into the table again and again.

Megan swings her arms back and with a violent move, and breaks free from Jennifer's grasp. Megan is even more dazed and confused, as she tries to stagger away. By the time Megan has walked to the next table, Jennifer is on her prey again. Jennifer spins Megan around, scoops her up and body slams Megan on top of the next table. Elle McPherson leaps to her feet to avoid her turned over glass of wine from ruining her designer dress. Jennifer grabs two handfuls of hair, and starts banging the back of Megan's head into the table. Megan thrashes around screaming as Jennifer continues her bashing assault. Megan feels like she is getting mugged in a back alley. Megan thrashes around in desperation until she is able to get a foot between her and Jennifer and kick Jennifer away.

Megan scrambles off the table and tries to get as far away from Jennifer Aniston despite her dazed mind. In barely an instant Jennifer is on her addle foe. Jennifer spins Megan around to face her then blasts Megan with a high kick that explodes on her chin. Megan's head snaps back, Then she crumbles in slow motion to the floor.

Jennifer takes a seat on Megan's belly. Jennifer lands two hard fists that awakens Megan from the dream world and brings her back to planet Earth. Megan brings her arms up and tries to block Jennifer's assault, and swat some of the punches and slaps away. Megan has modest success but is undeniably taking a flat out beating. Confident and in total control, Jennifer ridicules her victim. "I was pleasantly surprised when Angie chose you to fight for her, Megan." Jennifer tells Megan. "You are the exact same dirty, punk bimbo that Angie is! I'm having so much fun beating your ass." Jennifer gloats as she continues raining down shots on the red faced young woman underneath her.

"You don't have to worry about me going for that contract quickly." Jennifer continues. "You have two options of how itís going to go down tonight. One, I beat your ass until you just quit. Then you can walk out of here with the shame, humiliation and public ridicule of quitting on Angie and showing the world that you are the punk bitch that we both know you are. Two, I beat your ass, win the match, and I don't let you leave the ring. I'll get the leather strap and whip your ass just as bad as I whip Angie's. I'll whip you both till you're two naked beaten sniveling punk bitches cuddling on the mat and begging for mercy. The choice is yours."

Jennifer rises off of Megan and grabs two handfuls of hair to haul Megan to her feet with her. The addle young lady easily complied. With the two handfuls of hair, Jennifer slings, half tosses Megan, launching her into one of the aluminum ladders set up around ringside. It sounds like a clash of cymbals as Megan collides into the ladder, knocking it over and falling harshly on top of it.

Jennifer reaches down and grabs Meagan by her arm and yoga pants. Jennifer pulls Megan off the ladder then rolls her under the ropes, into the ring. Jennifer scoots into the ring after Megan. Jennifer gets of her feet, and approaches her prey. Megan has her hands up, begging off, pleading for mercy, scooting back on her butt. Jennifer relishes the power from seeing her opponent cower. She comes closer, as Megan stands, but still begging for leniency. As Jennifer closes two of Megan's fingers flick out and poke Jennifer in her gray eyes. "Hmtt, who says I can't act." the Raspberry award winning actress, Megan says to her critics. She is pretty proud of herself for the ruse. Jennifer covers her eyes as Megan forces Jennifer to bend over with a handful of hair then blasts her with a knee rocketing up to Jennifer's face.

Angelina jumps up and down, clapping at ringside, encouraging Megan's resurgence. Only people close could hear her words, because the entire arena was saturated with boo's. It is a sudden change from the raucous cheering that began at the opening bell. Jennifer is the overwhelming crowd favorite, and Megan has done nothing to change her perception of being a villain. Jennifer is the All-American girl next door that had her heart broken when this gorgeous vamp notoriously stole her prize husband. In truth no one could fault Brad Pitt from making the change from beautiful Jennifer Aniston to amazing Angelina Jolie. Jennifer is great and all, but the other option is Angelina Jolie. However that does not stop the public from feeling sympathy for Jennifer, and hope that she gets some justice for her loss and public humiliation.

Megan forces Jennifer to bend over again, then drops an elbow down across the base of Jennifer's neck, sending numbing pain down her spine. Megan holds Jennifer firmly for another hard knee lift to Jennifer's nose. Jennifer snaps upright and grabs her nose, reeling back a couple of steps. Before she gets far, Megan grabs Jennifer's arm, then whips her into the ropes. Megan bends over for a back drop to further injure Jennifer's back. However the veteran catfighter exploits the youth's inexperience. Jennifer punts Megan in the face as she rebounds off the ropes. Meagan vaults upright looking dazed. Jennifer steps back then launches a high kick to Megan's face. The audience collectively shouts out a collective "OOooohhhhh!" as they thought Megan's head would go flying off her shoulders and land in the fifth row. Megan is vaulted off her feet and crashes to the mat. A moment later, Megan slowly rolls to the ropes and out of the ring. The fans roar in triumph. It certainly appears that their fan favorite is simply too much women for the young vamp to handle.

Angelina darts over picks Megan to her feet. She vigorously rubs her shoulders to rouse the young woman. She is absolutely not surprised to see Jennifer approaching quickly. Angelina immediately backs off, feeling confident that Christina has told the referee to disqualify Angelina with minimal cause. But, not before whispering in Megan's ear, "Ladder, use the ladder."

Although terribly groggy, Megan heeds the advice of her coach and role model. She staggers over to one of the four ladders placed at all sides of the ring. Megan grabs the ladder by the rungs and wields it as a weapon as Jennifer closes. Megan thrusts the top of the ladder at Jennifer's face. Jennifer dodges to the side and easily avoids the ladder. Then she grabs the ladder by the rungs also. After a brief tug of war, Jennifer rips the ladder out of Megan's hands. Addle Megan is off balance after having the ladder taken from her, and an easy target for Jennifer to smash the ladder into Megan's face. Megan drops to the ground. Her eyes are open, but stares vacantly up as she lays spread eagle on the ground. Jennifer drops the ladder, wearing a smile of satisfaction. Jennifer glances at Angelina's worried face. Revenge is indeed sweet.

Jennifer drops the ladder and reaches down and grabs a handful of Meagan's hair. Jennifer pulls Megan to her feet. Megan's body complies. The lights are on but Megan is away. Megan has been knocked senseless, but her body continues to operate. Jennifer leads Megan by the hair up the steps and back into the ring. The dazed woman mindlessly follows like a hunched over zombie. Jennifer slings Megan into the corner. The beaten girl slumps there, vacantly staring at the canvas. Some fans are yelling at Jennifer to go for the ladder and the contract, but that is not her goal at the moment. Achievement number one is to destroy the Fab Four's maverick. Unselfish and put the group's goals first. To beat the holy hell out of her. Make her quit, leave the Fab Girls, or send her back to te Fabs a beaten shattered fighter. Then Achievement two, getting the contract and end Angelina's career. Rid Angelina from the league and eliminate the Fabs of a valuable ally. 2015 is the year where The Resistance take the war with the Fab's to the next level, and overthrow their enemy. Finally, Achievement three, the selfish vengeful whipping of Angelina. Jennifer will publically execute her arch enemy and whip her like the dog Jennifer knows her to be. The world and especially Brad Pitt will see Jennifer finally get the last laugh of their long, long feud.

Jennifer pulls Megan's sports bra off and casts it out of the ring. It eventually becomes Elisha Cuthbert's souvenir for the evening. Jennifer mocks as she drapes Megan's arms over the top ropes to keep her upright, "Now this is going to hurt a little." Then Jennifer lands a hard giant chop across Megan's bare tits. Megan's mouth drops and she tries to scream as her tits are splattered across her chest. Jennifer keeps the chops coming fast and furious. Megan's brain wakes up quickly. She tries to run, or at least cover up, but her body will not comply. The battered hottie can barely move her limbs. Jennifer starts punching Megan's tits like plump bouncy punching bags. Smack! Smack! Smack! The peppering fists echo through the arena.

Far away, in the Fab Four section, Pam Anderson caudles her breasts as they twitch watching the punishment that Megan is receiving. Jennifer demolished Pam's tits the faithful night of the Massacre. Seeing this brings back the nightmares that broke Pam that night.

In the ring, Megan brings her arms up to cover her breasts a few times, but Jennifer knocked them away and continues to lay waste to Megan's beautiful breasts. Jennifer starts to fantasize about what she is going to do to Angelina's tits in the extra period. Eventually Megan regains more motor skills and is able to effectively cover her breasts.

Jennifer just jerks Megan out of the corner, then scoops Megan up in body slam position. Taller and fit Jennifer easily hoists and carries the slim, smaller woman. After reaching the middle of the ring, Jennifer slams Meagan back first across her knee for a backbreaker. Megan lets out a agonizing scream, then Jennifer hoist Megan back up and stands up again. Jennifer slams Megan down again across her knee for another back breaker. Megan lets out a louder scream as she lies draped across Jennifer's knee. Jennifer clasps her hands together and hammers down across Megan's exposed belly several times. Jennifer then shoves Megan off her knee and attaches two claw holds on each of Megan's tits.

If Megan thought her tit hell was over, she is sadly mistaken. It is just beginning. Jennifer is able to bear down, use her body weight to crush and squeeze and destroy Megan's boobs. Megan turns into a screaming machine as she screams and shouts constantly as she struggles to escape this tit hell. Jennifer grunts and growls as she laid waste to Megan's prized melons. Megan thrashes around, she claws at Jennifer's cleavage, and she pulls Jennifer's hair, and scratches at Jennifer's eyes, but cannot get her to relent on her breast in the least bit. "After what I did to Pam Anderson, the girls in the Resistance started calling me the Fab Titty Thrasher. I think I like it." Jennifer tells Megan. Jennifer noticed how titty thrashing really demoralizes and takes her victim's spirit. She cannot wait to get her hands on Angelina, Halle or Tia Carrere.

While Jennifer is daydreaming, Megan finds a way to throw Jennifer off and escape. Megan scrambles away with one are tightly wrapped around her aching chest, with an expression on her face like she has just escaped a monster. She turns around and sees Jennifer with a peaceful smile on her face slowly approaching. Jennifer raises on arm above her head challenging Megan to a test of strength. Megan is stunned. She thinks, 'doesnít this idiot know I'm just going to knee her in the stomach and take control of this match?' Megan raises her hand above her head and locks with Jennifer's, then the second hands clasp, and the test of strength starts. Megan's master plan quickly goes out the window. Megan under estimated how strong Jennifer was. As soon as they clasp hands, Megan is quickly sinking to her knees before she can do anything. Within mini seconds Megan is on her knees with her hands and wrist bent backwards at a ridiculous angle and looking up at Jennifer like she is worshiping a goddess.

Megan is trapped and cannot escape. Jennifer is far too strong for her. The pain in her wrist is clear on Megan's face. Worst, there is nothing that she can do to stop it. Jennifer toys with her victim, kneeing the kneeling woman in the chest and face from time to time. Megan also hears the fans for the first time. They are definitely against her. She hears laughs jeers and encouragement for Jennifer to hurt her far worst. Her waning confidence crumbles quicker.

Are you ready to give up Megan?" Jennifer asks. "I wouldn't take all this punishment for Angie. She's not worth it. She damned sure wouldn't do it for you."

"She's more woman than you'll ever be!" Megan defiantly spits back. "She kicked your ass, took your man, and made him forget about your ass!"

Jennifer's eyes burned with anger. "You stupid little shithead! I'm going to make you pay for that!" Jennifer rotates her hand hands 180 degrees and changed the pressure on Megan's wrist. Now Megan is forced to her feet to alleviate the pain. Jennifer tears one hand free of their grip and hauls back and pimp smacks the taste out of Megan's mouth. The force makes Megan turn a semi circle. Jennifer grabs Megan's shoulders and twists her all the way around so her back is to Jennifer. Then Jennifer reaches around under Megan's arms and grabs as seizes Megan's tits again and goes back to work on them.

Jennifer squeezes and scratches them with a vengeance that was even worse than before. Megan wonders why she opened her big mouth again. Jennifer squeezes Megan's melons so hard she thought they might explode. Jennifer rakes her nails across them, trying to carve them open. Jennifer took Megan's nipples between her thumb and forefinger and pinched and ground them furiously. After several minutes of the boob bashing, pitiful Megan looks out on her feet. Megan looks limp and Jennifer's trapping embrace is either partially or fully holding her upright. Megan's head is bowed and occasionally lets out haunting screams and shouts. Mostly she just does a lot of loud whimpering and whining. It appeared she is close to start balling like a baby. Some fans at ringside jokes calling her a crybaby or to go ahead and cry. Others could not say anything. They were mesmerized by Megan's sexy slender body in the black yoga pants and her huge gap and camel toe that looked like it wanted to step out of the pants.

Jennifer walks Megan to the ropes near Angelina. "Looks like your sidekick is done for." Jennifer tells Angelina. "I like hurting her. She reminds me a lot of you. I'm going to have fun beating her ass once you're gone."

"You're still a loser, Jen. You were a loser when Brad dumped you, and you're still a loser. It doesn't matter. Somehow some way, at the end I'm still going to be on top and you'll be the loser." Angelina calmly lectures.

Angelina's words certainly strike a nerve in Jennifer. That anger is apparent on Jennifer's face. "You're still an uncool bitch Angie!" Jennifer shouts. She releases Megan, then grabs her by her long black hair and angrily tosses Megan over the top rope and out of the ring, right at Angelina. As she does, Jennifer tells Megan, "Tell Angie to kiss her career goodbye". Jennifer then turns and walks to the other side of the ring. Jennifer hops out of the ring to retrieve a ladder.

Meanwhile Angelina is busy picking Megan up and getting her to her feet. Megan is babbling. "Sorry Ang, She's too much for me. Jennifer's right, I'm just a little shithead from Tennessee with self esteem issues."

Megan is standing and Angelina suddenly smacks the shit out of Megan's face. "I'm tired of this bull shit! You're Megan Fucking Fox! One of the hottest women walking the face of the Earth! Women like us don't have esteem issues. We give other women self esteem issues. Now get in there and give that woman some self esteem issues!" With that said Angelina grabs Megan by the neck and waistbands and rolls her back in the ring.

Megan's mind is totally bewildered. Through it all she heard one thing loud and clear. Angelina said 'women like us'. Angelina considered her in the same league as her. Megan was not sure if she deserved such praise, but it is enough to inspire Megan. She decides that she is not going to let Angelina, Halle Berry and the others in her 'league' down, and prove her doubters wrong for a change. Megan looks up and sees that Jennifer has set up the ladder, and looking at Megan so she can finish the little tart off and claim her victory.

Megan decides to channel her inner Angelina Jolie bitch, and ask what she would do. Megan gets to her feet slowly, looks Jennifer dead in the eye and says, "You know what? Angelina is right You really are nothing but a big fucking pussy."

Jennifer is steaming from Megan and Angelina's insults and almost on tilt, but maintains her composure as best she could. However she was surprised by the comment. "Really? You're talking trash after the beating I've been giving you? I'm starting to really not like you, shithead."

"Eat a dick bitch!" Megan spits back. "I mean really eat a dick, maybe you won't keep get dumped every month." Jennifer is furious. So much so she is frozen as Megan charges toward her as she completed her last statement. Megan charges into Jennifer with bombs blazing. She winds up throwing fist and rocks Jennifer. She has Jennifer on her heels until Jennifer quickly regains her poise, dodges and blocking some punches. Megan rears way back for a haymaker. Jennifer prepares to block the impact. Only Megan drops to one knee during the swing and drives her forearm between Jennifer's legs for a clean pussy shot. Jennifer howls hunches over with both hands clutching her crotch. Megan calmly stands walks behind Jennifer, then hoists her up and drops Jennifer pussy first on her bended knee for an Atomic drop. Jennifer howls again, and drops to the canvas, while flopping around like a fish out of water.

The place is going nuts. The crowd is booing and shouting at Megan's tactics. Angelina is jumping up and down yelling "That's it Megan! That's it, unleash the bitch!" Megan ignores the impulse of old Megan and flip off the crowd and stays focused. She circles Jennifer, waiting for her to get up. When she tries to get to her feet, Megan darts into place and kicks Jennifer in the cunt again from behind. Jennifer nose dives face first back to the mat.

Megan quickly grabbed Jennifer's ankle and starts dragging her toward the corner. By the time Jennifer realized what was happening, Megan is already in motion, and Jennifer's clawing at the mat is not nearly enough to stop. Megan slides under the ropes and out of the ring. With a grip on Jennifer's ankles she pulls her in place. Jennifer looks down her body to see her legs straddling the ring post as she lies on her back. A split second later her crotch violently impacts the ring post. Megan keeps going, jerking Jennifer back and forth posting Jennifer's pussy on the iron pole.

When Megan is done, Jennifer scoots back in the ring, bringing her legs from between the ringpost. Jennifer cannot believe the pain between her legs now. The pain seemed to take all the strength from her shapely legs. She uses the ring ropes help get to her feet. She raises her head, and Megan is right there. Megan traps Jennifer if the corner. Megan then pulls at both hands covering Jennifer's cunt, and fires a punch as low as possible. The hand game goes on for a little while, with Jennifer trying to cover up and Megan scoring several shots to Jennifer's pussy. Megan scored enough to grasp a full claw hold on Jennifer's pussy between Jennifer's defenses.

Jennifer screams loudly. She is having a hard time dealing with Megan's cunt busting. Jennifer puts her feet up on the bottom rope and steps up on the turnbuckle to escape the pain. When that does not give her enough relief, Jennifer climbs higher to the middle ropes to change the leverage and relieve the pain. Megan bears in tightly sending paralyzing pain up Jennifer's cunt. Jennifer pushes up higher, using the top rope like a gymnast using the parallel bars. Quickly Jennifer raises her legs up and clamps them around Megan's head before she realized what was happening. Megan squeals and releases her claw hold and starts trying to pull Jennifer's thighs from around her legs. Jennifer uses her strong arms pushing on the ropes to keep high with her legs locked around a standing Megan's head. Fans could hear Megan's muffled exclamations of pain while she tries to pry Jennifer's vice like lock from around her head.

Suddenly a concerned look comes across Jennifer's face. She says, ďNo! No! Don't you dare!" Then she repeats more threatenly and slower through gritted teeth, "Don't... you... dare!" Soon after Jennifer shrieks, "Stop biting my pussy, you little freak!" as her legs spring open, and she kicks Megan away.

Megan has a super smug smile as she walks back toward Jennifer. "What's the matter?" Megan says giggling don't like..." then the smug insult is halted as Jennifer lashes out with a quick palm strike to Megan's tit. Megan's face is stricken with agony and turning white. Megan stands frozen in pain from one little shot to her pulverized boob.

Jennifer says, "Shithead!" and delivers a wicked uppercut to Megan's chin. Megan is lifted up and crashes down to the mat, flat on her back. Same as during much of the beginning of the match Megan is staring vacantly up at the arena lights. Jennifer cruelly wakes Megan up by putting her foot on Megan's tit and grinding her heel into it.

Megan lakes a moment to give Angelina a mean stare at ringside. "It's over Angie!" Angelina says nothing, maybe accepting her and Megan's defeat. She just meets Jennifer's eyes with equal hatred and venom, giving Jennifer an evil look reminiscent of her vengeful title character in Malificent. Their hateful stare down is interrupted, as Megan's fist shoots up from the mat and fires up between Jennifer's legs for another pussy shot. Jennifer shrieks again and grabs her busted up cunt, and tries to walk away.

Megan springs to her feet muttering, "Pussy.... Pussy Aniston!" Megan lands a chick kick to Jennifer's chin before she gets very far. Jennifer is dropped in her tracks. Megan quickly grabs Jennifer's ankles while she lies on her back. Megan picks Jennifer's legs off the mat and pushes them apart, and starts stomping down on Jennifer's pussy. Jennifer screams like crazy, flopping on the mat like she is being tortured. Megan keeps stomping until Jennifer quiets down. Then Megan jumps up and comes down with her fist leading the way for a fist drop straight to Jennifer's pussy. Jennifer shrieks like she has been harpooned. Megan stands and repeats, "Pussy Aniston."

Megan peels Jennifer off the mat and picks her up. She carries Jennifer in body slam style to the ropes. Then Megan drapes Jenifer over the top rope, upside down. Megan hangs Jennifer by the crooks of her knees over the top rope, then Megan locks her in place by tucking Jennifer's toes under the middle rope. With Jennifer tied upside down in the ropes, Megan immediately goes for another pussy claw. Jennifer screams and gyrates, but Megan's other arm keeps her legs tied in place around the ropes, not allowing Jennifer to escape. After a couple of minutes in this predicament, Jennifer gave up hope of escaping and just pitifully hung there, whimpering almost as bad as Megan had before during her tittie torture. Finally Megan felt Jennifer was done. She walks away allowing Jennifer to untangle herself from the ropes and drop to the mat.

Megan steps back and observes, to analyze exactly how much damage she has done. Jennifer looks up at Megan while grimacing as she sits on the mat and massaging her pussy. "Are done Pussy Aniston?" Megan mocks. Jennifer goes to stand, but a sharp pain hits her pussy, shooting up from her inner thigh and groin muscles. Jennifer growls and collapses back to the mat. After taking a pause and a deep breath, Jennifer tries to rise again, but has the same result. "Hmpt... like I thought." Megan talks out loud. "Come on Pussy, I'll meet you at the ladder." Megan says as she walks away, heading for the ladder, still in the middle of the ring. "Here Pussy, Pussy, Pussy!" Megan mockingly sings.

As soon as Megan said ladder, Jennifer's eyes widen greatly. She remembered the main goal has always been revenge against Angelina. After ten years of public humiliation and ridicule after Angelina's infamous theft of Jennifer's husband, Jennifer can have a crushing and lasting defeat of her arch rival. After touching off a series of ten years of failed and embarrassing bumbling relationships, Jennifer can finally end as the stronger and better woman by out smarting and whipping her adversary. After more tears shed than can be counted, the world will see Angelina crying and begging for mercy as Jennifer whips the gutter rat. Even after it is over, she will have the satisfaction of Angelina humbled and begging for her career back. Jennifer suddenly finds the strength to stand and she labors toward the ladder. All she can think about is after ten years vengeance is finally hers. Victory is finally hers. Nobody or anything is going to stop her.

"Heerreeee Pussy! Pussy! Pussy!" Megan taunts as she waits for Jennifer on the ladder instead of going for the briefcase and victory. When Jennifer slowly climbs up and gets to the top to confront Megan, Jennifer has a crazed look in her eyes. Jennifer just hauls off and clobbers the smiling Megan over the head. With a serious face, Megan fires back. There at the top of the ladder, two of Hollywood's finest trade blows. It is a classic test of wills. Neither woman can even conceive losing. They just hit each other harder and harder.

The fans got in on the action. A group of Aniston fans started yelling a WWE superstar Daniel Bryant inspired, 'YES' at every punch Jennifer landed. Soon all Aniston fans joined in. The grossly out numbered Fox fans join on the fun answering a Daniel Bryant inspired 'NO!' at Megan's blows. The Aniston fans add the two fingers up to their chant and the Fox fans add the crossing of their arms to theirs. The house is rocking with 'YES!' 'NO!' 'YES!' 'NO!' 'YES!'' NO!'

Quickly Megan noticed that Jennifer is in a crazed possessed state, with no soul behind her eyes. No matter how hard Megan hit Jennifer, she appeared to feel no pain in this crazed state. Then Megan gets rocked by one of Jennifer's hard shots. Megan falters and swoons. The world gets fuzzy for a moment. This allows Jennifer to score two blows to one. 'YES! YES!' 'NO!' 'YES!' NO!' 'YES! YES! YES!' 'NO!' Fox fan started to accept the fact that Megan is flat out taking a beating. Jennifer is slowly and viciously and taking Megan apart one hammering blow at a time. 'YES!' 'NO!' 'YES!' 'NO!' 'YES! YES! YES! 'NO!' 'YES! YES! YES!'.

As Megan slows down, the outer world Jennifer strangely shouts at Megan, "Come on Angie Come on!" Soon Megan is too beaten, too battered, too dazed to answer the assault back. 'YES! YES! YES!' She held onto the ladder with a death grip because she knew if she fell, the match is over, Angelina's career is over, her chance to be elite is over. 'YES! YES! YES!'

Jennifer shouts "Fight back Angie! Fight back!" But both women are in another world. Jennifer is lost in a war world of vengeance, and has lost touch with reality. Megan is in a dream world, having her brains beaten out of her. Most of the arena is on their feet shouting 'YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!' The wait eagerly for Megan to tumble of the ladder, just like the monster, King Kong falling off the Empire State Building and give their sweet, pure heroine ultimate revenge.

Jennifer climbs up another rung or two on the ladder for better position. From there Jennifer is able to pluck Megan up off her perch and hoist Megan across her shoulders in a fireman's carry. After taking a moment to gather herself, Jennifer tosses Megan up and flips her off her shoulders from the top of the ladder. However, Megan has the presence of mind as she is twisting and turning to grab Jennifer by the neck and bring her down off the ladder too. The two starlets crash from top of the ladder to the mat with a thunderous boom. Megan lands very hard on her back, but Jennifer is driven face first to the mat. Neither moves for a moment, then Megan sits up. "By the way, my name's not Angie, it's Megan." Megan says as she gets to her feet. Jennifer lies face down at the foot of the ladder and has not moved one single solitary bit since falling. "Angie was right. Women like you always lose to women like us." Megan adds as she steps on Jennifer's back and starts climbing the ladder. It is a simple task for Megan to scale the ladder and unhook the briefcase to get the victory.

The bell rings to end the match. Overall there is a stunned wtf silence in the arena, eerily similar to The WWE's Undertaker's legendary loss to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30. Angelina jumps into the ring shouting and celebrating as Megan climbs down the ladder. Megan once again disrespectfully walks across Jennifer's inert body and hands the briefcase to Angelina. Angelina is so overjoyed, she puckers her lips and gives Megan a big kiss on the lips, then picks Megan up in her arms, shouting and singing Megan's praises, with Jennifer's still body in the background. Then the boos start and come loud and heavy. Angelina wisely decides to take this celebration out of the ring and not incite the crowd.

Angelina exits the ring and starts walking through the party tables to the back where the Fab Four are seated. Meanwhile, a terrible disappointed, Christina Applegate enters the ring to help wake up her dear friend, Jennifer Aniston. Halle Berry runs up as Megan and Angelina are three quarters of the way to the Fab's section. She grabs Megan is a big motherly hug and says, "I knew you could do it." When Halle is finished she goes to Angelina. Behind Halle, Megan is greeted by Rosario Dawson and Jessica Biel who are laughing and giggling like two big sisters. The congratulate Megan and excitedly escort her to party with the rest of the group.

"You were right about Megan. Your lil' girl is growing up." Angelina tells Halle as they walk to their section. "Your belief in her is what put her over."

"Hmpt, I doubt it." Halle answers, "I've been telling her how great she can be since I met her. It was not wanting to let you down that made the difference, or hell, knowing Megan, your disbelief in her and wanting to prove you wrong made the difference. Who the hell knows or cares. It worked!"

The Fab Four section became party central. Megan did not bother to change after her fight. She kept on the same black yoga pants, but taped two ice bags to her bare tortured breasts. Megan's new 'Aunt Ang' was always close, checking on her new bestie. Momma Halle was getting drunk and Rosario and Jessica were always cutting an eye, checking on lil sis. Just maybe she does belong in such lofty company. It became a night that the renegade, maverick Megan didn't feel so different. It is a night she will never forget.

It was a night that Jennifer will never forget either. Jennifer was disappointed and depressed. She wiped away a few tears for her failure. Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, Jada Pinkett, and Eva Mendez and all of the Resistance were near to console Jennifer. Jennifer is a favorite in the group and all were upset that their angel was so sad. The raucous partying coming from the Fab's section made things worst. Many of the Resistance girls wanted to go over and beat the hell out of the Fab Girls. It would be so easy for them to take out the drunk bitches, strip them, humiliate them and send them into 2015 naked and flat on their back like the dirty whores they accuse them of being. Christina forbids them from taking action. She knows that Stone Rage would not hesitate to suspend and fine the entire group for messing up his party.

Christina gathered the Resistance around for a toast. "Ladies for 2015 our New Year's resolution is to beat the shit out of the Fab Four and the Fab Corp!" Christinas preaches. "I'm not saying this as a wrestling quiche; I'm not saying this for business and the substantial financial benefit we get with them out of the way. This is personal. Yes I'm talking about the robbery they just pulled off on Jennifer, but I'm also talking about other shit. The things that Rosario has done to Jada were personal. The attack of Jessica Alba was personal. It's personal between Vida Guerra and Jennifer Lopez. It's time we start taking this personally and dedicate ourselves to eliminate them for being a personal threat. In 2015 we're going to crush them, and I mean physically and emotionally. We're going to humiliate them, sexually, mentally spiritually, it doesn't matter. Then we're going to take whatever we want. I mean money, cars, homes, dignity, championships, boyfriends, husbands, I mean anything!" Christina looks at eyes of her team, making sure that they were with her. "I know in my heart that we are the better team, the better fighters, and the better women. Ladies raise your glass and toast if you are with me!!!" the Resistance women roar their approval and raised their glass and in unison toasted "to 2015!"


Losing Captain is Fucked Fisted and humiliated!