ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2



NOTE - This match follows events of Jessica Alba vs Jessica Biel 2 BATTLELINES 2
Kim Kardsashian comes home, exhausted, sweaty and sore. This has been a frequent occurrence since The Massacre, the night when the Resistance destroyed and raped the entire Fab Four and Fab Corp. All the leaders, the Fab Four hyped up the training after that night. However Kim's mentor, Jennifer Lopez, turned her sessions from tough to insane.

Kim can understand Jennifer's frustration, pain and anguish. Jennifer was pounded into oblivion by her former friend, Vida Guerra. Making the beat down even more painful and personal, Vida has been regularly fucking Jennifer's ex-husband, Marc Anthony. Vida humiliated Jennifer by fucking the superstar up the ass, then slamming that same nasty dilo down Jennifer's throat, then repeated the process. Jennifer was too beaten and helpless but to accept the filthy treatment. Kim and all the Fab's were too decimated to do anything but resist their fucking and humiliation.

Kim understands why Jennifer is freaking out, and is obsessed with training and more training, but how long can she survive these torturous sessions. Kim just wished she could do something to appease Jennifer and make her let up on these torturous training session. Kim takes a deep, long sigh, and turns on the television. As luck would have it, the weekly show for the Battle Zone league, Stone Rage CATFIGHTS! just happened to be on TV.

One of the regular crew of hostess, Heidi Klum sits in a lounge chair interviewing, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Vida Guerra seated beside her.

"Jada is the whole world is buzzing about the Massacre." Heidi beams. "The league hasn't seen anything like that before. Please tell us more. Let's go behind the scenes and tell us about the planning. Tell us about what you were thinking, as you beat the Fab's into total submission and humiliated them in unimaginable ways."

"Ha, ha, ha" Jada sexily chuckles. "It was amazing! The Resistance had already destroyed the Fab's at **ONSLAUGHT** and we kicked their asses at RAGE!, but that was the first time I saw in their eyes that they realized that their era of domination is over. At long last, the old school class structure has fallen, and the hard working, girls are getting their chance at the main events." Jada proclaims, giving her and the Resistance's spin on the turn of events.

"But I'm not here to talk about old news." Jada continues. "I came here to announce the newest member of the Resistance. I'm happy to announce that Vida Guerra has officially joined the Resistance." The studio audience applauds their approval.

"That's wonderful news" Heidi says. "Vida really gave Jennifer Lopez a humbling beating. She was super impressive." Heidi pauses then continues. "I really hate asking this, but I've got to do my job. Both you and Vida have been linked to Jennifer's ex-husband, Marc Anthony. There are rumors floating that both of you have had relationships with Marc."

The crowd reacts with hoots and hollers at the steamy question. Vida wears a sly shit eating grin, while Jada's expression is more annoyed. "First, I'm a happily married woman. I would never have an affair with Marc. Besides, Marc and Jennifer and me and Will have been good friends for years. Even though we are on opposite sides in the ring, and I won't hesitate to put a foot up her ass if I have to, I still consider Jennifer to be a dear friend."

Vida adds, "Yeah, Marc and me became good friends from my time with the Fab Four. I know things got out of control during my match against Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey at RAGE! but rest assured, I didn't steal Jennifer's husband." Vida reframed from speaking aloud the tail end of that though. She was thinking that she did not have to steal Marc. He chose to leave with Vida on his own accord.

The interview continues a few more a few more minutes when Heidi interrupts. "Wow! Vida, Jada the director has just informed me of a tweet from Kim Kardashian, I want to get your response."

Jada and Vida look at a monitor and read a tweet that Kim just fired off a couple minutes earlier: "No Marc did not have an affair with Jada or Vida. Marc's no dummy. Jada and Vida are pretty, but would you cut out with them if smoking hot Jennifer Lopez is waiting at home for you?"

Jada shakes her head, even further annoyed, as the audience murmur and react to the comment individually. Many in the Resistance are happy and satisfied with the Massacre of the Fab's but Jada's blood lust wasn't satiated. She thought it was fun. It was a perfect solution to a stressfull life. Jada's life as a mother, wife, actress, producer, director, author, singer-songwriter, and businesswoman can be very stressfull at times.

"Really?" Jada begins. "I think it's time that I do America a favor and beat the living hell out of this dumb bitch and end this Kim Kardashian mess once and for all." Many studio fan voice their approval of the destruction of the polarizing reality star. "I'm challenging you Kim. I'm challenging you to a fight, just me and you. We don't need any Resistance or Fab's around. We don't need an audience. Hell we don't even need a referee. It'll be just me and you in an empty arena. Just you me and a camera crew to record what I do to your stupid ass. I'll teach you to never tweet about me ever again. We can air it for everybody on this show next week. We know you're watching, so tweet an answer, or are you afraid?"

Kim winces in her home and mutters, "Oh shit". She just wanted to send a witty tweet, get a little attention for herself and most importantly put Jennifer in a little better mood, so next training session would go a little easier. Now she has gotten Jada angry and a challenge. Kim's cell phone started ringing. She already expected whose name would be on the caller id. It said 'J. Lo'.

Kim reluctantly answered the call. Then she heard an angry Latina shouting, "You fucking idiot!" Jennifer reprimanded her soldier. "We just had a meeting about this! We just talked about this.!" The frustrated leader yelled. "The agreement was to let Tia's Special Forces team engage the Resistance and ABA first, so the rest of us can focus on our original plans. Our team is supposed to be going after Britney Spears' Bootylicious title. Tia Carrere's supposed to start the revenge operation with the match against Cameron Diaz on ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2 What about that did you not understand?"

"I'm sorry J. I just could stand hearing them talk about you like that..." Kim stammers, trying to justify herself.

"Whatever" Jennifer huffs back. "Jada and I have been friends for over ten years. Okay, me and Marc were almost over, and Jada and Marc got a little too close to each other while filming Hawthorne Am I totally cool with it? No, but nothing happened! Especially not with Jada still married with Will. Even if her and Will were having problems, nothing happened." Jennifer explains. "Jada and Vida are my problems, and I"ll take care of them in due time."

"So what do I do now?" a befuddled Kim asks.

"You end this shit." Jennifer unequivocally says. "After what happened were not backing down from them or showing fear. You're going to take the match, make it a personal dispute. Take my name, The Fab Four and Corp, and the Resistance. Make it between you and Jada settling personal differences. Hopefully you kick Jada's ass and quit running your mouth, and squash everything right there."

A few seconds later on the television show, Heidi Klum announces. "I have an update on Jada's challenge to Kim Kardashian. Kim just tweeted. 'I accept Shorty'. So next week, tune in to Stone Rage CATFIGHTS! we'll show this match in its entirety!" Heidi announces to thunderous applause of the studio audience.

Jada was pretty exited her challenge was accepted. Jada could not wait to get her hands on Kim. She found Kim and the whole Kardashian phenomenon very annoying. It is nothing personal really, Jada just thinks it would be fun to take reality tv's pampered princess behind the woodshed and beat some sense in Kim's huge juicy ass.

However when Jada got home, it got personal. Jada's young rock star daughter asked her, "Mommy, why are you fighting Miss Kim? She's so beautiful and super nice! She's always been really nice to me." Jada could see that her young daughter really liked and admired Kim, and that scared her.

Kim Kardashian is a polarizing figure. People either love her, or hate her. Some people take her at face value. They see a drop dead gorgeous woman who by whatever twist of fate gained fame and notoriety. Since then she has worked extremely hard to build her brand and cause a craze and a lasting career.

Others see her as annoying and disgusting. She sparked her career with a sex tape with Ray J. Since then Kim was given a tv show, and has executed a series of publicity stunts to increase her fame and bank account. She has gone through a long line of famous boyfriends. She made millions on a staged wedding. Some call her a cheap slut that does not deserve the attention, notoriety, fame and money she receives.

Jada sees Kim as a no talent hoe, who fucked her way to fame. The thought that her daughter likes and admires this woman scares the hell out of Jada. Jada vowed to herself to destroy Kim, and show her daughter that Kim Kardashian is no one to be admired. This had become very personal to Jada.

Going into the match, Jada's typical statement on Kim was "She's a stupid slut, and I'm going to beat her like she stold something for wasting the public's time with her silly ass for these years."

Kim's typical statement is, "Hater.... Jada's a hater, and I'm going to give her a real reason to hate me."

Just like Jada asked for, the ladies enter the empty arena. There were no pyros or fanfare like normal, it was just two women who came to fight. There were two camera men on either side of the ring to catch the action. Other cameras were set up top to capture other views. That was it. There is not even a referee to manage the action. Jada is in a white bikini and wearing an evil scowl. She wants to murder her opponent. Kim stands across the ring focused on the task at hand, putting down Jada Pinkett Smith once and for all.

Kim sees a camera taking a full body pan of her in the corner. It starts down at Kim's feet and slowly rises up to Kim's face. Kim could not resist ot flaunt, and pose for the camera. "I'm ready to kick some hater ass." Kim says as she caresses her body then grabs and seductively shakes her big tits hidden behind her camouflage bikini.

"It ends today" Jada says to the camera." Jada says as she stretches in her corner. "I'm putting an end to all this Kardashian bull shit today!" Jada has a very serious expression on her face, unlike Kim.

With a mutual glance, both vixens walk out of their corners and meet in the middle of the ring. Noticeably Kim is a couple inches taller and a lot thicker than the diminutive Jada. However Jada's body looks like it has been sculpted out of clay. Everything is in perfect proportion, with muscles rippling beneath silky smooth skin.

As the come together to lock up, Kim is the aggressor. She seizes Jaba by the neck. After holding Jada at bay momentarily, Kim transforms her hold by slipping behind Jada and into a headlock. Kim wrenches in, making Jada bend over a little and falling under Kim's control. Jada struggles for a little, then her right hand strikes and claws Kim's sensitive pussy. Then her left hand reaches around and seizes a big ole handful of Kim's big left titty. Kim squeals and struggles with Jada attacking her sensitive areas. However Kim does not panic, she rips out of Jada's clutches with a hard spin till she is facing Jada who is still stooped over. Immediately, Kim grabs Jada around the head, before she could straighten up, move or think about what Kim had just done or is doing. Kim seizes Jada around the head, and locks her into a front face lock.

Kim is standing straight while Jada is bent over at the waist looking down at the mat with her head in Kim's grasp. Kim grabs Jada's bikini bottom and pulls it toward her giving Jada a wedgie, as the fabric digs into Jada's cunt. Like a cobra, Jada's hand strikes and seizes Kim's cunt again. Kim squeals and her grip on her competitor slips. Jada breaks free and slithers around behind Kim, with Kim still struggling with Jada's hand squeezing her pussy. Moving behind Kim, Jada releases her pussy claw, and wraps both arms around Kim's body. Jada squeezes Kim in a bear hug, and actually lifts the bigger woman off her feet. "Stupid hoe!" Jada jives "If you wasn't fucking everybody in LA, your pussy wouldn't be so sensitive."

Kim is starting to get angry. She is definitely tired of this self righteous prick calling her a hoe over and over again. Kim reaches back and grabs Jada by the back of the head. Kim tugs real hard. Her feet lands back on the mat as Jada is off balanced. Two or three more hard tugs and Jada comes flipping over Kim's shoulder and goes tumbling across the mat.

Kim is on Jada instantly. Kim captures Jada's left leg between her legs and anchors her feet against Jada's right thigh. Kim spreads Jada's legs apart as far as she could stretch the older woman. Kim gets yelps and exclamations of pain from Jada fo the first time. Kim finds the sounds very satisfying "Let's see how limber you are, Old girl!. The words 'old girl' burned in Jada's brain. The crack on Jada's advancing age pissed Jada off significantly. She is really starting to not like Kim Kardashian. Jada is somehow able to dislodge Kim's foot that was based on the inside of her thigh, allowing Jada to slip free.

With the hold broken, both women scramble to their feet. Jada wears a very serious expression, while Kim's face is lighter, given her success. They lock up, with Jada purposely putting her hands on the base of Kim's neck, gaining control of the lockup. Jada's fist quickly winds up and booms into Kim's gut. Kim flinches over, then pops up. Kim goes to lock up again, but Kim knocks her arms away and strikes with another punch to Kim's belly. Kim barks, and leaves herself open for a third belly buster. This punch drops Kim to her knees. Kim tries to crawl away to catch her breath. "Where are you going?" Jada asks as she gets on Kim's back and wrestles her face down, flat on the mat. Jada bends one of Kim's legs backwards until Kim's heel is against her phenomenal ass. Jada sits on the awkwardly bent limb and seizes Kim under her chin and bends her upper body backwards. Kim ends up in a modified hold, somewhere between a modified STF leg lock, and a camel clutch.

Kim struggles in Jada's lock until she gain reaches back and grabs a hold of Jada by the back of the head. Again, Kim pulls Jada off balance and topples her to the canvas. They grapple on the mat briefly, but Kim is still the larger and stronger girl. The end results with Jada on her back, with Kim seated beside her, holding Jada down with two crushing handfuls of Jada's modest breasts. Kim sees Jada raise her hand, and suspecting that Jada is going for another pussy claw, Kim lets go fo Jada's boobs and starts pounding Jada's belly.

Jada is withering in pain. Kim grabs a handful of hair and hauls Jada up to her feet. Kim slings Jada into a nearby corner. The diminutive actress hits the turnbuckle chest and face first. Jada vibrates from the impact and turns to face her enemy. Kim has already closed in. Kim lifts her foot high until it is pressed against Jada's throat, choking Jada as she stands in the corner. Kim holds into the top rope for leverage top apply more force to her tormented captive as Kim stands with one foot on the ground, and the other split high pressed against Jada's throat. Jada looks like she is fading and Kim is pushing harder. Then Jada's foot launches up and kicks Kim in her unguarded pussy. Kim shouts and drops to the mat like she has been shot, and holding her pussy cat.

Jada dives down on Kim. She wrestles Kim onto her back and sits on Kim's face. Still intent on punishing Kim's cunt, Jada grabs Kim's bikini bottoms and yanks them, giving Kim another wedgie. Jada grunts and growls with aggression as she tugs Kim's bottoms up in Kim's pussy. Kim is flopping around under Jada. The veteran actress adds to Kim's torment by squeezing Kim's plump breast with her other hand.

Jada is loving hurting Kim, especially torturing some of Kim's sexual attractions that she uses to gain fame. It is poetic justice in Jada's opinion. However Jada is so intent on hurting Kim more, that she leans forward too far. It allows Kim to raise her legs and lock them around Jada's head, then pull Jada off top of her.

Kim rolls over so she is lying on top of Jada, with Jada's head caught between Kim's legs in close to a 69 position. Jada is being smothered by Kim's thick bootylicious body. But Kim is all too eager to inflict more pain on Jada and gain some revenge. Kim is really starting to detest Jada about now. She keeps her head scissors, but pushes off Jada to be able to claw Jada's pussy. Jada roars in pain. However it provided Jada the opportunity to reach the front of Kim's bikini bottom and give them a jerk. Kim squeals as her bottoms dig into her pussy. With her head captured between Kim's thighs and facing Kim's ass, Jada is in perfect position to see the bottom's crotch stretch to a thin line, and then disappear between Kim's pussy lips. Kim yelps again and decides this is not worth the effort. So she releases Jada and rolls away.

Kim is crawling away to stand safely, but Jada bolts up and dives on Kim's back. Next Jada is wrestling Kim down like a cowgirl bringing down a steer at the rodeo. Jada grapples behind Kim and brings her up to a seated position while securing Kim's left arm behind her back in a hammerlock. Then Jada wraps her arm around Kim's face from behind. Jada's arm covers Kim's nose and mouth and cranes her neck backwards. Eventually Jada joins her arm bending Kim's head back and the arm entwine and hoisting Kim's left arm up in a very unnatural manner. Jada clasps her hands together locking Kim in a painful and unique hold.

Kim's sexy body is contorted in an unfathomable manner. Her neck is bent backwards, making her thrust out her magnificent breasts. In this position it amplifies her hourglass figure, making her irresistibly sexy. At the same time, Kim's arm in bent up till it threatens to touch the back of her head. Kim is in excruciating pain. She pulls on Jada's arm that is across her face with her free hand, looking for relief. She finds none. Kim squirms and squeals louder. Kim considers submitting, but her pride would not allow it yet, especially after she hears Jada's sadistic laughter at her plight. Kim then thrusts her body backwards, knocking Jada over backwards and Kim lands on top of Jada, flattening her to the mat.

A flash of rage fires through Kim, before she knows it, She sits up and turns around to facing Jada, who is still laid on her back on the mat. An instant later, Kim has a foot between Jada's legs against her cunt, and pulling both of Jada's legs, pulling Jada's legs as far as they will go. "You fucking bitch!" Kim screams before she realized the words escaped her lips. Jada is wincing and grunting, but that is not enough for Kim. She lets Jada's legs go, moves her foots, then reaches out and claws Jada's pussy. Jada roars louder, but that still is not enough for Kim. So she grabs Jada's tit and squeezes it too. Thinking Jada's tit was too small to get a good drip, Kim abandons both clutches the send karate chops swiping down on Jada.

Quickly, Kim's flash of fury leaves her, and Kim finds herself suddenly out of breath. Now she understands why Jennifer Lopez has been driving them so hard in training. The emotion of the moment is killing her stamina. Kim breaks off her attack and gets to her feet.

Kim leisurely gets to feet, and turns to Jada, only to find that Jada had beat her to her feet. Jada launches a looping punch to Kim's belly before Kim could move another muscle. Kim bellows. Jada fires her knee up into Kim's gut. Kim yells louder and goes reeling back into the ropes. Jada pushes Kim into the corner. Jada steps to the side and launches a side kick into Kim's stomach. "Yeow!" Kim exclaims Jada fires another kick to Kim's stomach. Kim shouts, "Yeeeoow!" showing more distress than the first blow. Jada winds up and loops a rock hard fist into the pit of Kim's stomach. "UUuunnnnghh!" Kim wails, doubling over to clutch her belly. Jada grabs Kim's big tits and pushes her back upright and crushes Kim's tits while pressing Kim back in the corner. Kim is trapped suffering between a rock and a hard place as Jada squeezes tits and crushes them against her body, and her back is to the corner, not allowing her to move. Kim's cries and sounds of anguish tell everybody how she is suffering.

Jada releases Kim's tits to go back to her original target, Kim's pussy. Jada puts her foot on Kim's pussy and keeps her pinned in the corner and simply grinds her foot on Kim's twat. After boring of Kim's wails from that, Jada lowers her foot. Jada kick Kim's feet apart slightly so she can get her knee into position. Next Jada rockets her knee up right between Kim's thighs and drives her knee square in Kim's cunt. Kim screams again. Jada fires another knee. Now, only the corner keeps Kim still standing. Jada drives another fist into Kim's mid section. Kim doubles over, her legs turn to jelly and she is about to fall. Jada obliges by grabbing Kim's hair and tossing her Kim out of the corner. Kim is launched and completes a flip, then goes tumbling and rolling across the mat.

Jada is on Kim in seconds. Jada lays on Kim's stomach perpendicular and facing Kim's feet. She grapevines Kim's left leg between her legs and spreads it to the left. Jada grabs Kim's right legs with one hand and pulls it to the right. That leaves Kim completely open to claw Kim's pussy undeterred. Kim screams in total distress. Her poor pussy cannot take much more. It will already be several days before her boyfriend, Kanye West is able to dig into his favorite playhole. Kim is beside herself. She cannot take much more of this type of punishment. Out of desperation Kim just grabs Jada and pulls her off her pussy. Kim is able to break Jada's leg spread and the two again are grappling on the mat.

Kim is no longer the stronger woman. Jada comes out on top. Kim is wrestled to her back with Jada on top. Jada is lying linear to Kim, but facing the opposite direction. Jada's face is about above Kim's breast and she has Kim's head hooked under her armpit in a reverse head lock. The end result is that Kim is again having trouble breathing.

This match is going just as Jada had hoped. She had tortured Kim's pussy. It not only embarrassed this stinking slut, but physically robbing her of mobility and vitality, and emotionally breaking Kim's will. Meanwhile she has been constricting Kim's breathing, taking her strength and energy. Kim's body language resembles a worn out loser. "Now I'm going to punish this cheap hooker until she cries and begs for mercy." Jada thinks. "Let's see if she's anybody's role model then."

Kim is frantically trying to escape. She feels her stamina and training are failing her. She is grabbing and pushing Jada. She succeeds in knocking one of Jada's tit out of her bikini top. Jada retaliates by reaching out and clutches Kim's pussy while keeping her head secured with the other hand. Kim retaliates by reaching out and grabs Jada's bikini bottom, and pulls it, giving Jada a wedgie.

Anyway, Jada's lock on Kim's head is loosened, allowing Kim to break out and reverse positions. Kim rolls over so she is on top of Jada, and pins her down with a full body press. "Bitch you fucking bitch!" Kim says as her emotions against her foe intensify. Kim knows how to show Jada up and drops her big tits on Jada's face, smothering her. "Can't breathe can you A-cup?" Kim tauntingly asks. Kim raises off Jada's face and sits on her stomach. Kim pushes Jada's bikini cups aside, exposing Jada's breasts. Then Kim pinches Jada's nipples and starts squeezing and twisting both of them. Through all the wrestling around, one of Kim's nipples is halfway peaking out of her top as well. It was too inviting for Jada not to reach up and squeeze too. Both starlets squeeze each other’s boobs for a little while, before Jada scores a punch to Kim's stomach. Kim immediately breaks the breast pulling contest and rolls away.

Both women get to their feet. Jada's tits are out, while Kim has only one uncovered. Jada sees that Kim desperately needs a rest break. So Jada growls and immediately pounces at Kim. Seconds later the tiny predator has thrown Kim to the mat and is on her, scoring punches to Kim's belly. Jada goes for another double fistful of tits. Kim pushes Jada's arms away, knocking Jada off top of her. In the process, Kim's tits pop out of her bikini top.

Jada is surprised and impressed by Kim's resurgence. Jada knows Kim is in dire physical straights. Jada expected the pampered princess to fold into a blubbering mess. Now Kim has Jada down and bending both of Jada's arms behind her back, trying to pop both limbs out of socket. Jada is impressed, maybe there is more inside of Kim than she initially thought.

Jada is struggling to break free, and Kim doubts how long she can contain her. Kim releases Jada's arms and rolls her over and starts pounding Jada's stomach. Kim pounds Jada's tight belly many hard times. Then she pauses for a breather, and sits up to admire her handiwork. Suddenly Jada sits up like a rocket and blasts Kim in the stomach with a swift hard looping punch. Kim crumples over with a bark and moans of anguish. "Fucking little bitch!" Kim thinks. "She's like a miniature Terminator or something."

"That stank hoe nearly took me out with those punches." Jada thinks. "Mentally tough! Got to show I'm the dominator, show no pain." Jada recites to herself several times through every match that she has of late. "This is the toughest pampered princess I've ever met. I gotta cut off her breath again. Uhhhh...... dragon sleeper!" Jada says as she brings Kim to her knees, tuck her head under her arm, bows her body back and applies pressure. Jada bends Kim backwards. She cuts off her air supply with Kim's neck caught in the crick of her arm. In this position Kim's hourglass figure is really accentuated. Her tits are thrust out, and sitting proud on her chest. Kim's tapered waist seems smaller with her chest out. Her hips flair out amazingly. Even Jada thinks "I got to admit you are a sexy mutha fucka."

Jada could not resist. She grabs Kim's big, soft, round tittie and starts squeezing and molesting it. "You dirty filthy whore, you probably like this." Jada tells Kim. Kim's body does shudder and quiver but it is not out of pleasure. It is because of the nails digging into her breast while she paws at Jada's arm around her neck to get free. Next Jada leaves Kim's tit alone and snatches Kim's bikini bottom and jerks them up until it disappears in Kim's cunt. "You stanky slut, I know you like having something in this nasty pussy of yours." Jada insults. Jada gets overzealous giving Kim a wedgie and leans too far forward. Kim is able to snatch Jada by the head again and flip toss the off balanced half pint bully over her shoulder to escape the dreaded dragon sleeper hold. While Jada is down, Kim adds five vengeful punches to Jada's taunt gut. Then both women rise to their feet.

Kim is excessively tired of one thing, Jada's name calling. "What the fuck is your problem?" Kim asks breathlessly. "Did I date somebody you wanted to hook up with? Does Will have a crush on me, or gets a woody because of me?" Kim as asks she starts removing the uncomfortable top that no longer could contain her tits.

As Kim unties and is lifting the top over her head, Jada pounces and lounges. Jada seizes the top and wraps it around Kim's neck, then gets behind Kim and starts choking the bosom beauty with her own bikini top. "You're my fucking problem" Jada answers as she throttles Kim back and forth, and choking her. "I've been in school of the arts all my childhood. I moved to LA as a teenager, all to get where I am today. Then a slut like you comes around and gets fucked in a sex tape and gets fame overnight. Then you proceed to exploit yourself by fucking a litany of celebrity boyfriends, a fake marriage, and wear see through outfits and any other slutty thing to draw attention to yourself and that huge fucking ass. What respectable woman wouldn’t have a problem with a cheap whore like you setting an example for children?"

Kim feels like she is fighting for her life. She uses every ounce of strength left to break free. Jada grabs Kim by the arm and slings her into the nearby corner. Jada rips off a series of punches to Kim's gut. Each has devastating effects on the embattled reality celebrity. By the sixth one, Kim is slumped in the corner, only standing by her arms draped over the top rope. Jada's hand turns into a claw again and attaches to Kim's twat. Kim shouts out with long gutty moans of intense pain. Kim fires a short hard punch to Jada's belly that gets her to back off for a moment.

Jada backs off holding her stomach for a couple of seconds before jumping back at Kim. Jada seizes Kim's tits again and starts squashing them with her hands. Kim is struggling and in trouble. No enough for Jada. Jada drives her knee up into Kim's pussy. Kim swoons in the corner. Jada hits Kim with a right cross. Kim is crumpling over when Jada straightens her up and nails Kim with a right hook to the chin. Kim starts sinking to the mat. Jada lands a swift punch to Kim's gut as she is going down. Kim sinks to her phenomenal ass, and is seated, crumpled over in the corner. Jada grabs Kim by th hair, and hauls the punch drunk, out of it vixen to her feet. Jada gathers strength and tosses Kim out of the corner by her hair.

Kim lies on the canvas with her arms wrapped around her body and her face masked with a grimace like her entire body is in pain. Jada looks down proudly with her arms on her hips. Kim next rolls over and slowly pushes up to her hands and knees. Kim starts crawling the other direction. "Where are you going?" Jada playfully asks.

"Unghh" Kim starts with a pained grunt, "I'm getting up to kick your ass some more." Kim defiantly spits back.

Jada responds with a loud heckling laugh, saying, "I don't think so." Although secretly Jada admired Kim's spunk and defiance, she pounces on Kim as she tries to stand. Jada easily over powers Kim and pushes her flat face down on the mat. Jada wraps an arm around Kim's neck and chin for a rear chinlock and takes a seat on Kim's back so she can bend the pampered princess backwards. "How do you like this you fucking whore!" Jada adds as she applies really a modified camel clutch.

"Fuck you bitch! I ain't no fucking whore!" Kim finally shouts in defense of her character. "I don't care what you think! I'm proud of the woman that I am, and I try to be a better role model every day."

"You're a fat ass, annoying, whiney whore, and I'm going to expose you for the worthless piece of shit that you are!" Jada threatens.

"You're just a hater! You're putting me down so you can feel better about yourself." Kim answers while struggling in Jada's clutches. "You have no right to judge me! You say I fucked my way to a career? Well if you wasn't screwing Will Smith, would you still be relevant, or would you have the same career of every other Cosby Kid has right now, meaning none?"

Jada growls in anger with Kim's assertation, however, in her heart she could not deny that it was not entirely true. Jada releases Kim's head and brings her legs around either side of Kim's head and locks her legs together for a head scissors. Kim screams and groans in a new torture. Jada's legs and thighs are short, but rock hard with muscles and very, very strong. "I'm nothing like you!" Jada refutes. "I'm a hard working professional, you are nothing but one huge publicity stunt!"

"Fuck you... ungh!" Kim struggles to say. "You were naked in Jason's Lyric, but I guess you call that artistic. You're nude on Essence magazine cover, and you called it a bold celebration of your body. I do Playboy and you call me a slut? You're hating... " Kim continues. "You're probably hating that they offered me millions and they wouldn't think of asking you. You're hating that I'm on Maxim, FHM and's Hottest Women list and you're not. Ungh! Actually have you ever been on any of those list? I mean none of those magazines were around when you were considered one of the top 100 hottest women in the worl... ow!"

Kim realizes that her accusations are hurting Jada's pride and ego, and making her furious. Jada makes Kim suffer for every word by squeezing Kim's head, and finding ways to reposition her legs to maintain the pressure. Kim flops around and suffers while tugging at Jada's legs seeking some relief. Kim gets luck, she is able to get an arm between Jada's ankles and spring Jada's legs open. Kim immediately tries to scurry away, but before she gets anywhere, Jada reaches out and grabs Kim by the hair before she gets far. "Ung, huh, Unnhhh I don't think so." Jada sings as she pulls Kim's head back between her legs and slams them closed around Kim's head again. "You're not going anywhere slut."

"Slut!?! I'm not a slut, hater... unghhhhgh!" Kim croaks. "You're the hater that did some of the hottest and steamiest sex scenes every week with Marc Anthony on Hawthorne trying to get ratings to keep it on TV. I don't take my clothes off and Keeping Up With The Kardasians has been on TV for twice as long as Hawthorne. Haaa Haa!" Kim tries to laugh under her current durrest. "Don't hate the playa bitch, hate the game!"

Jada is furious. She was intent on exposing Kim as a whore, Kim is exposing more possible character flaws in Jada then Jada has in Kim. Jada cranks up the pressure, till Kim gets another hand between Jada's ankles and again forces them apart.

This time Kim is able to get away and gets to her feet. "This isn't over yet!" Kim defiantly shouts with her voice cracking as she turns and faces Jada who is up and waiting for Kim.

"Really?" Jada confidently and defiantly asks as she moves forward toward her adversary. "Really?" Kim just lunges at Jada unexpectedly. She gets her arms around Jada's head and pulls her into a head lock. It is obvious that Kim is struggling to subdue a stronger competitor at this point in the fight. Suddenly Jada explodes with an elbow in Kim's gut, and knocks her away. The wobbly reality star reels into the ropes. Kim is hunched over and holding her stomach. Jada rushes over and hits Kim on the back with her hands clasped together. Kim drops to her hands and knees. Jada kicks Kim in the ass, starting Kim to moving across the ring. Kim is crawling on her hands and knees yelping and grunting.

"What's the matter bitch, mad cause I wore the white Tom Ford better than you?" *** Kim huffs.

Jada kicks Kim repeatedly in her enormous ass, sometimes knocking Kim over, face first to the mat. "Keep talking. You're just making it harder on yourself, dumb whore." Jada responds. Jada kicks Kim in the ass and herds her like a cow in the corner.

After reaching the corner, Kim uses the ropes to pull herself to her feet. Jada follows in and turns Kim around to face her. Jada hold Kim in the corner with one hand and pounds Kim's gut with the other. Kim wails with her arms dangling at her sides, no longer able to defend herself. She allows Jada to bust her belly at will. Jada targets Kim's beltline, the vulnerable area below Kim's naval and just above the groin. After several blasts, Jada stops and chokes Kim with both hands. Jada wrings Kim back and forth, then bends her over backwards in the corner. Jada soon gets her fill and slings Kim out of the corner. Kim catches her balance and remains on her feet.

Jada walks over and grabs the wobbling, beleaguered woman by the arm. Jada spins Kim around in a circle a couple of times, then releases Kim into the ropes. Kim bounces off the ropes and rebounds back toward Jada. Jada launches herself at Kim and obliterates her with a flying clothesline. Kim is knocked horizontal, then plummets to the mat, landing spread eagle and flat on her back. Kim barely moves as she lies, just the rapid rise and falling of her chest. Jada looks down at her victim and laughs again.

Jada takes a seat on the mat by Kim's head, saying "I think I'm done playing with you." Jada lifts Kim's head off the mat, and wraps her legs around it again. This time in a figure four head scissors, where her calf crosses Kim's throat to choke her out.

Jada started this challenge thinking she was going to punish Kim for a tweet trying to draw attention to herself. Jada did not like or respect Kim at all. However she leaves the match with a totally different opinion. Now she realizes that Kim is mentally tough, strong, determined, independent woman. Those are the same qualities that Jada has worked hard to instill in her young budding pop star daughter. She could understand and accept how her daughter could look up to Kim, although Jada does not agree with it. She will leave that decision to her daughter. After all Kim has always been very nice and considerate to her daughter.

"I hope you don't stop being nice to my daughter because of what's happened between us today." Jada says sounding like a protective mother hen. "For some unexplainable reason, she thinks a lot of you."

"Course not" Kim struggles to say while gagging and weakly struggling. "She's a sweetheart. I love her... You're the bi.........." Jada instantly tightens her legs, cutting off Kim's last word.

"Shut up who....." Jada starts cuts off her last word and corrects herself voluntarily, "Kim... It's time to go to sleep." Jada tightens her legs around Kim's head and neck. About twenty seconds later, Kim stops moving. Before letting go, Jada lift's Kim's limp arm up and lets it drop back lifelessly to the mat. Jada repeats the gesture two more times before opening her legs and stands over a motionless quarry.

Jada intended to dish out a punishing beating to Kim and teach her a valuable lesson and expose her as being a waste of time. Jada succeeded in kicking Kim's mountainous ass, but proved that Kim is more woman than what meets the eye. Second, Jada could not honestly deny that she may harbor some professional jealousy against skyrocketing Kardashian phenomenon and Kim's success. Jada could not completely dispel Kim's hater accusations.

Now Jada has an opportunity to accomplish something of extreme importance to her personally, to dispel rumors of her affair with Marc Anthony and a split between her and her husband, Will Smith. Jada casually lies across Kim's chest, like she is leisurely lying on a soft pillow, and looks into Kim's sleeping face.

"Now that everything has calmed down, let's get something straight." Jada calmly says. "The reason nothing happened between Marc and me is not because Jennifer Lopez is so much hotter than me. Trust me, Marc was pretty excited during some of those steamy love scenes on Hawthorne. It is because I'm a respectable, happily married woman, and not a stank whore. Now you can keep my name out of your mouth from now on, or we can keep having these conversations where I put my foot up your fat ass! We can make this a weekly event if you want. Would you like that? It can be a new television series, Keeping a Foot Up the Kardashians. I can kick your and all your sisters silly ass."

"Oh here comes your ride." Jada comments as medical people roll a gurney to the ring. Jada starts rolling the unconscious Kardashian like a log to the edge of the ring. "Do me a favor and tell Rosario (Dawson) that she's next. Tell Jennifer to call me if she has any issues with me. We can handle things any way she wants and still be friends." Jada rolls Kim off the ring apron. She lands face down on top of the gurney, with her hair covering all of her face, and her moon sized ass standing out like a celestial body. Jada politely waves and smiles as they roll Kim away. All that is seen is a big ball of razzled black hair, Kim's limp arms dangle off either side of the gurney, and that enormous and very memorable ass.

Kim's huge ass disappearing backstage is the last vision the next week on the screen as Heidi Klum again hosts the next episode of Stone Rage CATFIGHTS! Heidi looks into the camera saying, "Kim Kardashian refused comment after the match. She has declined the invitation to appear on this week’s show, and has refused comment on the match throughout the week. However Jada Pinkett Smith reports that her daughter has received a gift package from Kim's dress boutique this week. I guess we can consider this matter closed.

TO ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2

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