The McCarthy Mob vs Spontaneous Xtasy

Introducing The McCarthy Mob

It is a really strange place to find three beautiful celebrities. Three blondes stand in a shipping warehouse in the industrial zone of Sherman Oaks California. The three women do not talk to each other. They know why they are there and none of them expect it being a pleasant situation. The only good thing about this visit to the warehouse is that is is so obscure that nobody would ever follow them there, even though paparazzi are a part of their daily lives.

The peace is disturbed by the loud noise of someone pulling the metal doors back and the moonlight flooding through the door way, only to be interrupted by the forms of three figures walking through the entrance. All three blonde's head rise seeing the arrival of the new people. There were three curvy, voluptuous sexy feminine figures entering. Once inside, the tallest closes the large delivery door behind them while shortest goes and turns on more lights in the warehouse.

"I can't believe you fuck ups." One of the new women that has just entered says with her voice full of anger. "I've put a lot of time, money and effort in you three, and what do I have to show for it? Nothing!"

The other two women who entered with the other who is lamenting the three blondes who were originally there stand behind the shouting woman. "Do you know who the fuck I am?" the new woman yells. "I am Jenny McCarthy, the don of the ABA, the Godmother of the American Bad Asses, and I was grooming you fuck ups to be in my McCarthy Mob. I've paid Rena Mero, you know WWE's former ladies' wrestling champion Sable, the wife of the Baddest Man on Planet Brock Lesnar, to train you. She reports that you are generally, late, sloppy and lazy! Especially considering the amount of talent that I've assembled, it is downright disgraceful!"

"First I got the rebellious kick ass, hellcat singer." Jenny address as she looks dead in the eyes of the first blonde that she recruited to become a member of her McCarthy mob. "Raise Your Glass, Fucking Perfect.... Pink, just get it fucking done in the ring! You're always bitching about Barbie doll singers like, Christina Aguilera, Britney, and Beyonce. Well, I'm giving you the opportunity to do something about it. Then again, maybe all you are is just talk. Time will tell."

"Then you", Jenny begins looking at the next blonde to catch her ire, "the spoiled Disney brat gone naughty. I had such high hopes for you. Lindsay, Lohan, you have all you need to dispose Denise Richards or Demi Moore to be a boss in the ABA. You're mean, ruthless and sneaky. One thing though, can you wait till after practice to start boozing?" Jenny shakes her head in dismay. "Damn it LiLo! You can't really be that stupid! Wait, don't answer that question."

"Finally. my greatest failure of all." Jenny says looking at the third blonde that was waiting on her arrival. "My old Playboy friend, Jenna Jameson. I had you in perfect position to become the fourth boss in the ABA, but you fucked that up! You let Denise Richards tombstone pile drive you out of the competition. Then I set you up to be my underboss. You would have run the mob and answered only to me. All you had to do was beat Coco, and you fucked that up. This is your last chance Jenna. This is all of your last chance." Jenny threatens looking at all three blondes.

"With Demi being a basket case since Ashton dumper her and Denise being the same underachieving pain in the ass that she's always been, I've got to build a solid organization. In case you missed RAGE!, things are not going our way right now. If you three can't give me a strong group I'm....." Jenny's voice trails off as new thought enters her blonde head. "I'm ready to cut bait with you right now. If you guys can't deliver a hit, I mean a serious beat down and make a very public statement in two days, I'm done and you're out! We'll meet here the night before I leave for the BATTLELINES 2 card. If you haven't completed your mission, me and my two members of my mob, Daisy Fuentes and Aria Giovanni are going to give you a Milano beat down and be done with you." The other two women that entered with Jenny, Daisy and Aria, give threatening looks to the three blondes. "Make sure you show up for your beat down and don't make us hunt you down, it'll be a lot worst if we do. I'll even give you an incentive. If any of you beat our ass, you're still in the group and I'll make you made women in the ABA." Jenny turns and starts to exits the warehouse followed by Daisy and Aria.

As soon as Jenny left there was obvious worry and concern on the three blonde's faces. "Aw fuck man", Pink curses, "We're going to get our asses kicked. You know how hard it is to pull off a hit. Everybody is on alert now. Two days is too short to plan one."

"I'm leaving. I'm getting out of the city." Lindsay nervously confesses.

"Everybody just calm down." The eldest blonde, Jenna implores. "We can do this. Nobody knows about us, not even the rest of the ABA. Especially you two, Pink and Lindsay, nobody knows you have any affiliation with Jenny or the ABA. Most people don't even realize you have a contract in the league, since you've hardly ever competed. I've got an idea. We can use this to our advantage."


"Yeah Cameron can you believe it?" Spontaneous Xtasy excitedly says into her cell phone. "Pink just heard one of my raps and wants to use me in one of her songs!" Xtasy explains "She is only going to be in town for tomorrow so I'm going to meet her in the studio tomorrow early, so there will be plenty of time for me to make my flight afterward."

"That's wonderful." responds the voice on the other end of the line. "Please make sure you make that flight. we really need all hands available for the BATTLELINES 2 card." Cameron Diaz explains as the leader of the Resistance. "Christina Applegate has humongous plans for the night. She is setting a trap for the Fab Four and their Fab Corp. They're going to pay dearly for stealing Eva Longoria from us. It's going to be an even worst massacre than what we did to the ABA in the first BATTLELINES card. We need everyone there, especially you. You're the Avenger of the group. You are our big gun, our muscle. You've got to be there for Christina's plan to work."

"Don't worry" Xtasy soothes. "I'm meeting Pink at three. My flight doesn't leave until eleven at night. I will be there. My loyalty is 100% with the Resistance. I probably would not even have the opportunity with Pink without the Resistance. I will be there." Xtasy reassures.

The next morning Xtasy show up at the studio, excited and anxious to get to work. She finds Pink extremely nice and exceptionally professional. It was all part of Pink's plan to get the bosom stripper/porn queen turned rapper of late, to get comfortable. There was a couple camera men there filming their work. Pink explained she wanted to use the footage in the music video possibly. Xtasy had no problems and overall enjoyed the day working with a big pop superstar.

Near the end of the evening, Xtasy and Pink are in the control room, seated at an enormous sound board with hundreds of dials and switches putting the final adjustments on the track. During the girl's casual conversation Pink turns the conversation to Stone Rage's celebrity catfight league. Pink asks. "Weren't you in the ABA a while back?"

"Oh yeah, they were bad news." Xtasy explains. "All Jenny, Lucy and Demi care about is themselves. They just use people and throw them away. I'm glad I dumped them, beat their asses and went to the Resistance, where they respect me."

"Damned girl, you whipped them?" Pink asks sounding like Xtasy's homegirl. "I thought they beat you down when you leave the ABA. What do they call it... A Milano?"

"Oh noooo. Me and Kelly Hu turned the tables on the ABA." Xtasy boasts. "We defected and went to the Resistance. We got them before they got us, and they never saw it coming. We straight took Jenny and Lucy out, and sent them out in an ambulance."

"So you escaped your Milano?" Pink asks.

"Hell yeah." Xtasy proudly answer.

"Not anymore!" Pink says as she leans over and nails Xtasy with a right cross to Xtasy's lips. Xtasy swoons while still seated in her chair. Pink leaps out of her chair and stands over Xtasy, pelting her with her fists.

Xtasy never expected this attack, or saw it coming, but it's not the first time this sort of thing has happened to the veteran strip club hopping porn star. Xtasy shakes off Pink's blows and rises to her feet. Xtasy grabs Pink and throws her back against the sound board. The much larger and heavier 55FF breasted fighter had no problem subduing the smaller blonde pop star. In an instant, Xtasy has Pink bent over backwards across the sound board and two hands wrapped around the blonde's throat. "Who put you up it this? Who?" Xtasy demands. "Was it McCarthy? No I bet it was that sneaky little bitch Lucy."

Just then the control room's door bursts open and Lindsay and Jenna charges through it. Jenna wisely locks the door behind her then joins Lindsay as they start pelting fists across Xtasy's broad back. Xtasy whirls around angrily and swinging her beefy arm, swatting the blondes away with a wide swipe and a roar.

Xtasy goes after a fearful looking Lindsay first. Xtasy clobbers the freckled little blonde over the head with a clubbing fist. Next a sweeping slap knocks the taste out of Lindsay's mouth. Xtasy is starting to enjoy herself beating the snot out of the 25 year old brat, when Jenna comes up behind and kicks Xtasy in her kidney. Xtasy howls and angrily whirls around to face Jenna. "Yooouuu!" Xtasy growls.

Xtasy is stepping to Jenna when Lindsay reaches out and grabs a double handful of Xtasy's curly mass of black hair. Lindsay jerks Xtasy back, making the aspiring rapper's head crane backwards, vulnerably exposing her. Suddenly Pink comes swooping from nowhere and blasts Xtasy with a flurry of fists to the gut. Pink completes the assault with another sizzling right cross. Xtasy swoons. Lindsay wrenches back on Xtasy's hair hard and drives her knee into the small of Xtasy's back. Jenna steps up and fires a kick into Xtasy's pussy.

Xtasy legs turn weak, and she starts sinking to the floor with a low moan. "Of no you don't. Stand your fat ass back up." Lindsay says as she quickly readjusts her grip on the porn legend and grabs her under Xtasy's arms and pin them backwards, and hauls Xtasy back upright. When Lindsay stands Xtasy up, Jenna and Pink attack, using each of Xtasy's over sized breasts as their punching bags.

Xtasy twist and turns trying to avoid the loud meaty smacks that Jenna and Pink's fist are making on Xtasy's boobs. Xtasy even uses her legs, kicking trying to ward off her attackers, but it does her little good. "Fuck you little bitches!" Xtasy cries out as her tits become sorer and softer. Xtasy wore a flimsy flowered covered sun dress to the studio session. With her tits jumping and jiggling from the beating, Xtasy's boobs leap out of her dress in no time. That gives Pink and Lindsay two deep brown areola and nipples as targets. When Xtasy felt like she could not take anymore, she shouts "Damned it! Lay off my tits!"

"Fine" Jenna answers and changes her target to Xtasy's jaw. Pink joins in battering Xtasy's face. The blondes have Xtasy's head bobbing back and forth. Moments later, Xtasy is sinking fast, and becoming too heavy for Lindsay to hold up. Finally Lindsay releases Xtasy, and allows her to fall to the studio floor.

Xtasy is groaning on the floor. "Punk bitches!" she spits "You don't have the nerve to fight me one on one."

"I will" Jenna accepts the so called challenge much to Xtasy's surprise. "Get your fat ass up, I'll fight you." Jenna finishes.

Xtasy's breasts were hurting and so sore, that each rise and fall of breath caused her pain. She was dazed and rocked. Xtasy never expected that response from her comment. She is in no condition to fight much of anyone right now. Xtasy had little to no chance against Jenna, but her chances were exponentially greater than against all three blonde at once. So, Xtasy forces her pained body to her feet.

Xtasy lunges at Jenna. The blonde flicks out a stiff straight punch that flattens Xtasy's nose. That halts Xtasy just long enough for Jenna to follow with an uppercut that blasts Xtasy away. Xtasy wobbles backwards dizzily. Jenna opens another flurry of fist on Xtasy's tits. Xtasy's dark brown areolas were Jenna's targets, and she punched them with pin point accuracy. Xtasy releases a long ghastly howl, as Jenna's assault marches the aspiring rapper backwards until her back is against the wall. Jenna again targets Xtasy's jaw. The blonde's fist knocks Xtasy's head left and right with reckless abandon. Xtasy tries to escape by taking a big step forward, but only falls flat on her face at Jenna's feet.

Jenna smiles, being pretty proud of herself that she conquered the Resistance's mighty Avenger, even under these conditions. Jenna reaches down and starts pulling Xtasy's flowered sun dress off over Xtasy's head. Xtasy offer no resistance or complaints. She just lie on the carpet moaning allowing Jenna to strip the dress off of her. After taking the dress Jenna throws it to the side with disregard. She stares down again at Xtasy, curled in a ball wearing only Carolina blue panties.

"My turn" Lindsay announces as she reaches down and grabs two handfuls of Xtasy's curly abundance of hair. "Get up! Get your fat ass up!" Lindsay demands as she hauls the beaten woman to her feet by her hair.

Xtasy could not believe the blondes had more in store. She had no choice but to rise and face this spiteful little brat. Out of desperation and courage, Xtasy is able to rattle off a hard combination of punches to Lindsay's slender stomach while she was half way up. Lindsay grunts loudly, and releases Xtasy and backs up. Xtasy falls back to her knees. She looks up and sees a mean Lindsay glaring down before Lindsay's foot launches and kicks Xtasy in the face. Xtasy falls over and back down to the floor.

"Fucking bitch!" Lindsays shouts as she starts stomping down on Xtasy's soft gut. There is an anger in Lindsay's assault, like she is offended that Xtasy tried to fight back, instead of allowing Lindsay to demolish her unopposed. Lindsay stops and reaches down, grabbing another handful of Xtasy's hair. Lindsay pulls Xtasy up to her knees, then guides Xtasy's head in-between Lindsay's thighs and clamps them shut on Xtasy's head, for a standing head scissors.

"Ungh!" Xtasy moans. The thought "damned, for a skinny little crack head, she sure packs a good punch", goes through Xtasy's head. "Shit! These skinny legs are pretty strong too."

Lindsay reaches down and grabs a tuck of Xtsaty's hair and jerks it out by the roots. That is enough to break Xtasy's shattered resolve. "Ohhh I quit! I've had enough! You girls win..." Xtasy sniffles like she is holding back tears.

"You quit?" Lindsay repeats in disbelief. "This is a Milano stupid. You can't decide when you've had enough, we do." Lindsay shakes her head. "This is embarrassing. You're folding much too easy. Can't you put on a good show for the camera?" Lindsay asks pointing at the camera that has been filming the studio session and attack, supposedly for the music video.

With a huff of disgust, Lindsay opens her legs and allows Xtasy to tumble out. Lindsay stomps her foot down on Xtasy's broad back to flatten her out face down on the carpet. Lindsay keeps her foot there then reaches down for Xtasy's very long hair again, and jerks and pulls up. Xtasy's neck cranes up while her body is anchored to the ground, for a painful variation of a surf board.

Xtasy finds herself in a world of hurt again. She really did not expect her submission earlier to gain her real mercy. After all, Xtasy is a former henchwoman for the ABA also. She knows full well that Lindsay, Jenna and Pink will not stop this assault until they have thoroughly impressed whomever is holding their leash. But she thought it would be a good idea to at least plant the idea, that their job is already completed.

Growing bored from Xtasy's lack of resistance, Lindsay releases Xtasy and steps away from her victim saying, "Pink, itís your turn."

Xtasy rises up to her hands and knees. Pink walks over and wraps her arms around Xtasy's waist, and pulls the former stripper up to her feet. Next Pink ratchets up the pressure and turns her grasp into a full bear hug. Xtasy definitely is not enjoying this. Pink is a strong young woman. Xtasy groans as her ribs become constricted to the point she can barely breathe. The porn queen cannot find the breath to groan any more.

Xtasy hears Jenna and Lindsay offer cheers and encouragement to Pink to crush her. Pink experiences an exhilarating feeling as she crushes the mighty Avenger with her bare hands. She starts to wonder why she has not been more involved in catfighting before. Pink feels like she is squeezing a gigantic tube of toothpaste, and something is about to come oozing out of the top of Xtasy any moment now. Actually it is a mutual feeling between Pink and Xtasy.

Pink's arms cannot hold up forever. Pink releases Xtasy. As Xtasy starts crumbling to the ground. Pink dips her shoulder into her victim and hoists the larger woman up on her shoulders in a fireman's carry. Pink walks a few feet, then tosses the big gang bang queen off her shoulders. Xtasy lands on her back on top of the huge sound board that extends from wall to wall. The dials and switches poke into Xtasy's meaty flesh. The whole room seems to shake from the impact.

Pink does not wait a moment. Immediately she plunges her nails into Xtasy's water melon sized tits and squeezes away. Xtasy howls as new agony is being inflicted on her precious breasts. At this point Xtasy has truly had enough. However she is physically unable to do anything to stop her torture. She has to find another method.

"Stop it! Please! I've had enough." Xtasy pleads. "I have information... I'll tell you about Christina Applegate's plans if you'll let me go."

The three blondes look at each other happily. They are about to get an unexpected bonus that they never expected to please Jenny. "Start talking and itíd better be good." Jenna says. "If it's not, we'll really punish your fucking ass."

"Christina is planning a trap at BATTLELINES 2." Xtasy confesses. "She's planning to take down the entire Fab Four and the Fab Corp to get revenge for them stealing Eva Longoria from the Resistance....."


Several hours later Jenna, Lindsay and Pink are back at the silent warehouse in the industrial district in Sherman Oaks. Once again the door makes a tremendous racket as it rolls away, and Jenny McCarthy flanked by Daisy Fuentes and Aria Giovanna walks in. "So what have you got, and it better be good, or you're going to get it." Jenny warns.

Jenna hits the remote on a tv set up with a dvd player. The scenes of the three of them triple teaming Xtasy starts playing. Each of them all offers souvenirs from the event. They have clumps of Xtasy's curly hair, broken pieces of Xtasy's trademark long finger nails, a sun dress and a pair of Carolina blue panties. Finally they tell all about Christina's plan to take down all the Fab girls.

Jenny is smiling from ear to ear like a proud mother bird. "Excellent" Jenny commends. "So where's Xtasy? She'll tip of Cameron that she talked?"

"Already taken care of boss." Jenna proudly reports. "First we made Xtasy text Cameron that she could not make BATTLELINES 2. Then we made a deal that if she tells someone that we know about the trap, then we'll release the video where she tells everything. Even Cameron and the Resistance will not abide with that. They will put her out the Resistance and get revenge on her. Xtasy has too much to lose. She won't tell anyone."

"I must say I'm impressed." Jenny confesses. "Welcome to the ABA and the McCarthy Mob. You are now officially Made women. We'll have your introduction ceremony as soon as we get back from BATTLELINES 2."

So what are you going to do with this information?" Pink asks.

"We'll put it to good use." Jenny says. "We will be there and make sure that the Fab girls go down and go down hard. It will be the worst day of their existence." Jenny says thoughtfully. "Now I have a plane to catch, and you have to get this video to our editing guys at ABA productions. Looks like we've got a new DVD to release. The Destruction of Xtasy featuring the McCarthy Mob." Jenny adds "Congratulations, you've made me proud", as she leaves the warehouse.

A hour and a half later Jenny is seated on a jet heading for BATTLELINES 2. First she is contemplating how to use this new information. However quickly her thoughts turn to her new McCarthy Mob and her new three blonde additions. Yes, they can definitely be world class fuck ups at time, but when they are good, they are fucking awesome. With the steady and loyal Daisy Fuentes and Aria Giovanna with wild and wicked Jenna Jameson, Lindsay Lohan and Pink, Jenny is ready to set the league on fire.