Storyman's Quickshot
Vanessa Williams vs Tyra Banks & Toni Braxton vs Traci Bingham

Vanessa WilliamsVSTyra Banks&Toni BraxtonVSTraci Bingham


"Aieeeeee. Noooo-Uhhhhhh," Tyra Banks screamed, then groaned as she went down, tumbling to the floor as long fingers ripped and tore at her hair, her fashionable blouse and skirt. She slapped, scratched and clawed returning the unwelcome favors but she was definitely losing the battle.

"Gonna work you over real good. Then have some fun," Vanessa Williams said as she scored two quick slaps to Tyra's face, then ripped her shredded blouse off. Vanessa's legs were winning their part of the battle as well. Both women's short skirts were riding high, almost clean up to their waists. Their torn and ripped pantyhose were but erotic signs or scars of their heated battle.

"I hope Toni wins," one thought. He could swear that he was hearing her rival's screams above all the other noise. He was right.

"Yaieeeeeee. Leggo. Stop. Please. No more," Traci Bingham was almost but not quite begging as Toni Braxton drilled her lovely upper body with hard and fast jabs. "My boobs-please nor more," Traci moaned as she tried unsuccessfully to stop the now stinging open handed slaps to her beautiful full breasts. Toni had switched tactics. After all slapping, pulling hair, head banging, punching and stripping your rival to her underwear only could take you so far. "Uhhhhh-Unggggggh," the busty Ex-baywatch babe groaned as a Toni flipped her onto a soft plush sofa and continued the highly erotic exciting one way workover. She applied a faceclaw to Traci's gorgeous grimacing face and forced her head back pushing her down onto and partially over the big arm of the sofa.

"Okay-if you must, but you'd better not hurt me. Got it girl?" Toni warned her almost defeated rival but she felt a bit of pleasure as Traci who was now on her last leg so to speak reached up and latched onto her opponent's exposed right breast. Toni hadn't suffered much in the bout; the front of her torn evening gown, (right breast exposed),slightly mussed up hair and but a few insignficant scratches were all the damage report contained.

"That's it; just play with and tease it," Toni chirped her voice a bit raspy. She intended to let Traci have just a bit of fun before she took her down for the grand finale. She licked her luscious lips, her mind racing, seeing herself mount Traci's face and give her -well, it would be FUN.

"You really shouldn't have accepted my invitation to wrestle," she whispered in Traci's ear. Both had a bit too much to drink. A couple of rude remarks. A few threats. And the fact that the loud spat between Tyra and Vanessa had instantly given the two lovelies the "idea."

"Shut your mouth. Or I'll shut it for you. And slap you silly and take your new, SOOOOO delightful overstuffed bra." Vanessa's words or rather threats seemed to fit the supermodel almost too perfectly. Just like that new and latest bra. Maybe. Maybe not. Such is the price of being a supermodel. And perhaps having a little too much bubbly???

"Wanna step outside or rather to the side?" The waiter knew his stuff. And he knew just how hot it would be to watch a couple of gorgeous babes go at it. Of course they didn't know they'd be observed.

"Guess you're losin' huh hot stuff? Want it to go slow or fast?"

No answer except angry grunts and groans as Vanessa exercised her options with skill and precision. She now had Tyra by the hair and was jerking her around the room slamming her lovely body into chairs, tables and a couple of walls. She had ripped Tyra's gown open and it hung loosely at her waist. Two expensive stillettos were on both sides of the room. Vanessa's were both neatly parked at the doorway. The locked doorway. Locked so nobody could get in or out. At least for the exciting action filled moment.

Whaaack! Whaaack! Whaaaacck! Vanessa seemed delighted to slap Tyra senseless.

"And now for that lovely bra. It really is quite classy. Does a nice job on those lovely jugs Miss Tyra or should I say Miss Oh sooo HOTTTTT Tyra?" More than a bit of sarcasm. A quick flash of sharp talons. One bra strap expertly broken.

"Why you bitch!" Tyra swung angrily. The wild haymaker failed to make hay. Vanessa grabbed her rival's hair, jerked her off balance, slapped her so hard she sent the supermodel reeling. She waited for Tyra to recover-well almost. A quick dart inside, another lightning fast swipe. Bra strap number two bites the dust.

Vanessa WilliamsWhaaaacccck! Whumppppph!

"Arggggggggh!" Another stinging backhand. This time not quite so hard. More frustrating than hurting. A quick uppercut to the underside of one luscious breast.

"Oh my dear girl. You're hangin' loose," Vanessa chided as she watched her rival's lovely breast find instant but quite painful freedom. "Such an expensive classy bra-and yet somewhat useless. How tragic," Vanessa was getting downright sassy. Almost a bit mean. A sexy kind of sassy. A sexy kind of mean. She snickered as she grabbed the loose bra, ripped it clean off and treated a stiff nipple to a good hard pinch all in one quick catfight moment. "You're amazingly quite easy. I'm gettin' a bit bored," Vanessa cackled as she zipped in once more, grabbed Tyra in a reverse headlock and marched her across the room.

"Uhhhhhh! Ooooohhhh! Yessss-Umnnnnnn!"

"Ohhhhh sooo sorry to interrupt," Vanessa said as she realized that Traci was already giving Toni a victory party of sorts.

"Ya know Miss Tyra, that kind of gives me an idea. You game?"

"You wouldn't. You wouldn't dare!" Tyra snarled. Vanessa started to laugh but the hard fist sinking deep into her unprepared stomach gave her an almost instant second thought. A long lovely leg hooked around Vanessa's and she heard herself scream. Toes. Lovely bare toes can seem so hard. Vanessa gasped as her ribs burst into agony. She felt herself rolling, struggling to get up. She heard the loud RIPPPPPPP-

"No bra huh bitch? Ya oughta invest-but then maybe after tonight you won't need to!"

"Yieeeeeeeee!" The sudden pain in Vanessa's chest gave her a bit of a reason that the demeaning previous sentence could be relevant. Vanessa hit a high note as fingers clamped hard onto her erect, hard sensitive nipples. She felt a hard pull; she screamed again as she moved rapidly upward.

"I can fight too honey. And I can be mean." Incredibly strong arms wrapped around Vanessa's chest and squeezed. She felt like a python was attacking her. Pressure. Breathless. She reached upward frantically. Her fingers found lustrous hair.

Tyra Banks"Aieeeee. Uhhhhh. Ooooooh. Arggggh. Legggoooo!" The struggle seemed long, hard, desperate. Hairpulling, Squeezing. Crushing. A rather sensuous struggle for survival. Not victory. Survival.

"Huhhhhh? Ooooooooh! Arggggggh! Aiieeeeee!" Thunk.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh." The move was productive. Desperation? Skill? Strength? Timing?

Who knows. Tyra's lovely long lithe body seemed to do a heels over head loop-D-loop. Her long legs spread out, her lovely derriere slammed hard into the floor. Three solid punches. Jabs not uppercuts or hooks. Vanessa whispered rather unpleasant remarks in Tyra's ear as she wrapped her long legs around her. "Let's resume our discussion. Slow or fast? What were your thoughts again?"

"Uhhhhhhhh. Ungggggggh." Tyra's lovely body squirmed, struggled. The room seemed to spin. She clawed weakly, futilely at Vanessa's strong calf and thigh muscles.

"You really should work out more. You're quite out of shape," Vanessa taunted as she felt Tyra begin to breathe heavily. She could have sworn she heard a faint wheeze. The statement stung even though it was hardly truth. Both were in excellent shape. It's just a given in the catfight world. One wins. One loses. Slow or fast?

"Such a pretty face. Nice, beautiful hair. Ever thought about being a model? And these boobs-nice. Big. Firm. What kind of bras do you like? Huh? I hear they make some really nice ones now a days. Did you know that?" Vanessa nipped at Tyra's ear as she tightened her breath stealing legscissors. She cupped a breast, catching the stiff nipple between her fingers. "Nice. So very very pretty and nice."

"By the way? Do you wear makeup? What's your favorite skin care? My friend Toni-she's just across the room over there. Well tonight she's having a special kind of facial done. Kind of pricey I think. But since you're familiar with really pricey quality type stuff-Well, I think you deserve this kind of special facial. Wanna try one?"

"Nooooooo! Umpppppfffh! Noooooooo!"

"Ummmmmmmmm. Oooooooooh."

Mr. Skin