• Full Name -Barocca
  • Birthdate -August 24, 1972
  • Birthplace -Bethesda, Maryland, USA
  • Relatives -Father Brazilian, Mother American;
  • Marital Status -Single
  • Astrological Sign - Virgo
  • Height -5'10"

  • It only takes an instant to make an impression. That statement is nevermore true than when it comes to Barocca. The Brazilian Bombshell did not have a long career like the other Hall of Fame members. Actually, it was very short. She only worked for one company, Napali video. However she reminds me of a Gayle Sayers or Bo Jackson, who's NFL careers were cut short due to injury, but still brilliant. Barocca is that kind of performer and persona. The Brazilian Bombshell is a very appropriate name for her. She exploded on the scene then made her exit, but left a deep impression.

    My first encounter of Barocca, I was thumbing through an issue of a pro wrestling magazine. I happen to come across a full page, color advertisement for Napali Video. My eyes fixated on a picture of Barocca wrestling Devin DeRay. I stopped and was mesmerized. I could not take my eyes off that page. Even when I stopped, I often picked up that issue to gaze at Barocca. I thought she was the damn near perfect woman. Simply unreal; humongous breasts, with a streamline super thin waist, flaring out to a plump tight ass. Also there was an attitude and personality that leaped off the page. I think about purchasing a lot of videos, but that is one of the very few that I immediately purchased. Then when I got the video, Baraocca was even more amazing. Her body was even more perfect that I suspected. She had a supremely confident and dominating yet seductive personality. She was bigger than life. She was like a super heroine, or Wonder Woman that fears nothing, and never can be defeated. It was obvious that Napali was looking for a replacement for Ebony Ayes as their star attraction, but she grew into something much more.

    To highlight Barocca's best videos. I think the best is her first video against Devin DeRay. The video is appropriately named, A New Queen is Crowned First Devin is an exotic beauty that nearly rivals Barocca. The two of them had an instant chemistry. They sold their sexual attraction to each other and a competitive spirit to win the fight. Napali videos are not known for their technical wrestling prowess. There is no Joan Wise mat skills on display, but Barocca and Devin did better than most of Napali's competitors. Barocca and Devin compete in a totaly nude, best of five falls wrestling contest. Barocca proves incredibly hard to force to submit. In the two falls she loss, she stayed in the holds for an extended period, even though she had no chance of escaping. The second fall is truly memorable. After losing the first fall, Devin captures Barocca in a modified camel clutch. Barocca is pinned on her stomach with Devin sitting on her back, pulling her back with both arms pinned behind her back. The hold looks pretty stiff, and Devin demands a submission. Despite wearing a pained expression, Barocca refuses to submit several times. Finally Barocca agrees saying "Okay, For now," Devin demands for a straight out submission, saying "Just say I quit." Barocca just keep repeating, "For now." Devin finally had to settle for that. Barocca shows her dominant personality and uniqueness from the beginning. The final fall is a thing of beauty. Barocca has Devin caught in a reverse matchbook pin. Barocca has Devin folded so far up that literally her entire midsection disappears. Thanks to (the soft cushion they compete on) Devinís amazing flexibility, all you see is Devin's pussy pushed up into her tits, and her tits pushed into her chin. The sight is simply in describable.

    Her video with Sana Fay is the best example of the next Barocca videos. After her back and forth tightly competitive match with Devin, Barocca simply dominated the competition from then on. Most of the matches were very one sided. Her match against beautiful red head Sana Fey was no exception. Sana Fay suffered a humbling defeat. The fiesty red head tried, but the Brazilian Bombshell was too strong and skilled to be anything more than an annoyance. Kimberly Kupps was not even able to provide that much. Barocca dominated the submissive blonde in an entertaining manner. Barocca tried to carry the gorgeous blonde Carolyn Monroe to an interesting match. She destroyed Napali's favorite jobber, Joi Reno in a breast duel then boxing match. Barocca had more one-sided destructions of Chloe and Raylene. Unlike the previous queen, that she replaced. Barocca specialized in the one-sided squash. After turning her opponent into a pathetic wimps, she toyed with them.

    Barocca always found herself matched against the top Porn Diva's Napali had to offer. She took down catfight and porn legend Venus DeLight in A Test of Wills.One colossal match up was with Korean massive busted, Minka. The match had a spy storyline, where Barocca was the heroine and was already captured at the beginning. Minka has Barocca's hands tied behind her back and is left alone with her. Then she proceeds to beat and demolish the helpless heroine at her pleasure. Finally she breast smothers Barocca out several times. Barocca eventually gets her hands unbound then dominated Minka in another one-sided squash. It was a tough match for Barocca because Minka was very ridged and stiff. Honestly she did not look happy to upset and unwilling to sell the role of the helpless villain for Barocca's benefit. However Barocca as always found a way. The second superstar was Blonde super busty, Lisa Lipps. In the video appropriately named, Collision of the Superbabes Lisa makes her catfight debut against Barocca. It appeared the blonde's ego would not allow her accept defeat at Barocca's hands. She barely tried to sell the moves, making for a very awkward match. It was not until the last half of the match that turns into a sex fight, that Barocca's natural dominance takes control, and starts to turn Lisa into a more submissive figure.

    Like every great Queen, Barocca had one archrival that could compete and test her in every way. For Barocca, that one was veteran catfighter and porn queen, Lacy Legends. Barocca and Lacy competed in two hard fought contest. In Grinding Out a Victory Barocca and Lacy battle in a titanic encounter. Lacey and Barocca caress, grind, and "wrestle" each other to see who will dominate. It really turns into a sex fight. (Correct me if I'm wrong) The actual number of falls won was even, but since Lacy won the final fall, many consider Lacy to be the winner. The second encounter, Clothes Make the Woman, is a nude catfight starting in a variety of different wardrobes. This battle of the hugely breasted is a fierce one, a lot of nipple twisting, and loads of breast rubbing. Barocca wins, but her fans will remember the stunningly exotic look of Barocca in her platinum blonde wig.

    This page would be incomplete without words from the man who's work has immortalized Barocca on this site, Sherlock -
    "The first time I laid eyes on Barocca was in the April 1997 issue of Score magazine. Among all the other busty babes who had graced the pages of that publication, the Brazilian Bombshell caught and held my attention-and still does to this day. Barocca is the Total Package: statuesque, slim and stacked, the face of an angel with the sly hint of the devil. Later that same year she began appearing in other big-bust magazines and-much to my delight-in femme fight videos for Napali and a few other companies. Seeing her catfight with some of the best from Napaliís roster still gives me a thrill.

    After a few short years Barocca vanished. Then recently she just as mysteriously re-emerged on her own web sites. Yes, Barocca, weíve missed you, but your loyal fans are delighted about your return. Each of us thinks he is your most devoted follower, but that only confirms the strong attraction you exert over all of us. We wish you long-lasting success with your Internet ventures.

    Iím proud that my Barocca-based femme fight stories appear here on the Stone Rage site and that so many readers are pleased with them. I began writing them to fulfill my own wishes for additional femme fights pitting Barocca against opponents she never had a chance to confront. You canít go wrong when you have such inspiration as Barocca the Brazilian Bombshell. May she live long and prosper."

    Outside of her work in Napali Video, Barocca has appearances in Playboy's "Voluptuous Vixens II", Penthouse's "Amazing Amazons", "Jenny Jones Show" and, numerous Adult Mags/Videos. Baroccca became a priemier nude model during the day. Then Barocca disappeared for a number of years. Thankfully she has returned. In Barocca new career she is the web designer and web master of two web sites. Barocca' Web and Barocca Baby. Also, she is engaging in a music and acting career in Los Angeles. Barocca certainly knows we have much love for her at this site.
    Lust and Luv Always

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