Born: April 7th, 1969 Height: 5’6” Weight: 130lbs Eyes: Varies Orientation: Bisexual Measurements: 38DD-24-36 Years Catfighting: 20
Anna AmorePrevious League: 3XL, Scottsdale Diva’s, E3X (Main European Porn League), XCF (defunct), SF-CF, GNE (Great NW Apartment League Wrestling), ALCC (All Canadian Catfights, and no Anna is not Canadian), BCCF (British Columbia Catfighting Club), Texas Star (defunct), Azure Noir (defunct Fuck-Fighting League), various other defunct indie operations
Previous Belts: 3XL World Champ 1x, 3XL Champ 2x’s, 3XL FFC Champ (Fuck-Fighting, only pornstar to ever merge FFC Belt with the 3XL World Champ Belt, which allowed her to be one of the longest reigning 3XL World Champs ever) 10x’s, 3XL Tag Champ (with Kianna Dior) 2x’s, (with Chocolate, no seriously Chocolate) 3x’s, (with Mocha, noticing a pattern here?) 3x’s, Scottsdale Diva Queen 1x, Scottsdale Ethnic Queen (still has belt, which she retired) 2x’s, E3X World Champ 1x, E3X Anal Queen (Fuck-fighting) 6x’s, E3X Tag Champ (with Julia Channel) 4x’s, (with Charmaine Sinclair) 2x’s, (with Persia) 5x’s, XCF Champ 1x, XCF Porn Queen 4x’s, SF-CF Champ 2x’s, SF-CF Queen 1x, SF-CF Femme Fatale 7x’s, GNE Tag Champ (with Kianna Dior) 2x’s, ALCC Champ 1x, ALCC Tag Champ (with Kianna Dior) 2x’s, BCCF Champ 2x’s, BCCF Tag Champ (with Kianna Dior) 4x’s, Texas Star Champ (last champ, still has belt) 3x’s, Azure Noir All-World Champ (last champ, still has belt) 7x’s
Finishing Moves: AA-23 (variable submission smother of either tits, crotch or ass, pending on targets position), Texas Star (Belly-to-belly Driver followed by AA-23 submission smother), All Around the World (Whirling belly-to-belly Driver), Evil Anna (Sleeper-hold where she jumps on opponents back and rides her to the ground, then applies Body-scissors while continuing sleeper-hold) Super Texas Star (sits opponent on top rope, softens them with punches, then belly-to-belly driver from the top rope!)
Strengths: Veteran catfighter, MILF, great fighter, great brawler, Mistress of the Fists and Foot, abilities increase as her momentum increases, ultra-aggressive, vicious and spiteful, Mistress of Dirty Tactics, can actually take an ass-whipping, good speed moves, some technical moves, does not submit, great stablemate and teammate
Weaknesses: Multitude of bizarre fetishes that can cost her matches, psychotic streak can cost her matches, ultra-aggressive, vulnerable to certain mind games, constant hits to her tits, vulnerable to turnbuckle attacks, vulnerable when misses moves, takes abnormal damage from top-rope and high-flying moves, takes abnormal damage from charging attacks, can be worn out and KO/pinned by constant bulldogs, takes abnormal damage from DDT’s, abnormal damage from knife-edge chops (especially to the tits), can be rendered submissive if opponent can control tempo and momentum of match for 6 minutes or more, vulnerable to certain catfighters, when stunned takes abnormal damage

Anna Amore is 4th of all Maid Enforcers and by far, bar none, the most bizarre and eccentric of all of them. Her intensely erotic bedroom eyes have mesmerized many a man and woman, but her personality has sometimes led people to question her sanity. Her antics range from actually poisoning people that she feels deserves it, only to reveal that she was kidding (meanwhile they’ve spilled their guts about everything they’ve ever done wrong). To claiming that her pussy has superhuman powers that allow her to read minds and control people (some of you reading this have fallen under the control of some woman’s pussy at some point or another… DON’T LIE).

A fetish model born somewhere in the American South, because most don’t believe she was born in San Antonio, Texas, plus the fact that Anna enjoys her privacy to the point of paranoia. Only Geese knows where she actually comes from and that is all that matters to her. She was supposedly born in 1969, but even that is questionable. What is known is that she is one MILF that everyone really would LIKE to fuck… but the price of admission is a little… too high for most sane people. Over the years of her service to Geese, many believe that her behavior is actually an intentional act to keep people away so that she can devote her entire self to Geese and whatever orders he gives her. Amongst the Maid Enforcers she is beloved for her bizarre sense of humor and her ability to inspire their loyalty towards their mutual master to greater heights. She is sometimes referred to as the Queen of the Cult of Geese, which… she takes very serious. All of that aside, Anna is very well traveled and is personally responsible for recruiting two of the 13 Queen’s of Color, Kianna Dior and Miko Lee. Anna herself was recruited by former Third Empress of the 13 Queen’s of Color, Persia Venus.

Persia had encountered Anna when she had gone to Europe to do porn and at that time Anna was in the E3X. Anna and Persia had a series of intense fights and Persia decided to recruit Anna as a Queen of Color. Anna decided that since Persia had been unable to defeat her definitively, then she would not go under her since they were equals. Persia then unsuccessfully attempted to break Anna in a series of fuck-fights that only proved what Anna said. It was this that brought Geese to France with Julia and Charmaine. Anna, upon meeting Geese told him “Persia is strong, but it was obvious that she was serving a man and clearly one that had collared her so strongly that she simply refused to walk-away and leave me the fuck alone. So... I want to see this ‘strength’ of yours. If you defeat me, then I will serve you, but if you lose? Then YOU, will serve, me.”

Geese promptly refused with disgust and sent her away. Anna saw through his ploy the same way she loved the fact that he had seen through her ploy. She then went on about her business and so did Geese. However, Persia began avoiding matches with her, which pissed her off. Persia would eventually go on to become E3X Champ, but refused to give Anna any kind of shot at the belt. For months Persia avoided, ducked, dodged and HID! From Anna! Angered beyond belief Anna called out Persia and began tossing Persia’s affiliation about during a televised event! Something she figured would piss off Geese! Sure enough Persia came out along with Julia Channel. Julia, an icon in European porn and the very first Maid Enforcer of Geese, invited Anna to… step into the back. The camera’s followed as Anna was led to a VIP room where the trio went in and the last thing heard was the voice of Geese telling Anna to “Have a seat.”

The rest of the two hour show went on until about midway through, when the jumbotron showed the closed door… and the loud intense sounds of obvious fucking! The sounds of Anna’s cries made it sound like she was literally getting killed! The camera stayed at the door for a few minutes as it sounded more and more like a scuffle was going on, until the sounds of fucking were accompanied by bitter shrieks of anger and all kinds of odd noises! They would cut-away and continue the matches till they suddenly went back and heard a far more subdued sounding Anna along with the well-known wails of Julia and Persia. The E3X crowd broke out into an unruly mob of cheers and chants as the sounds of hard-fucking kept a steady pace through the door until E3X British Tag Champs Michelle Thorne and Adele Stephens came along and started gawking at the camera while thumbing over their shoulders about the fact that Geese was clearly in their fucking those “Black bitches in the arse!” The pair then immediately started banging on the door and demanding to join in or else they would file charges of reverse-discrimination in the workplace! After a moment of attacking the door, it was cracked open and the pair was told by a peeping, sweaty, and clearly naked Julia Channel “Enter at your own risk.” Michelle and Adele quickly slid in as they waved the camera off and closed the door!

At the very end of the broadcast, a freshly showered Geese Howard stood in the center of the ring decked out in a black three piece suit. To his left stood Julia, in her maid uniform and quite cleaned up. Directly to his right in front of him was E3X Champ, Persia Venus, with her belt slung over her shoulder and enjoying the moment. She too was quite cleaned up and looking as beautiful as ever. To his right, looking slightly worse for wear were the
beautifully big-titted Brit Bitches, Michelle Thorne and Adele Stephens. And kneeling in front of him? Was the still sweaty… still frazzled… freshly-fucked… Anna Amore. Wearing only a red-latex corset around her waist and thigh high red-latex dominatrix boots! The sound system of the arena started up the Drain STH song, Simon Says, as Anna began literally trying to give Geese a blowjob through his pants! After being allowed to lick at his crotch through his pants she sat back on her heels as Geese gave her the microphone and Anna breathlessly pledged her undying loyalty to him. The show went off the air with Geese leaving the ring with his entourage as Anna crawled on all fours next to him like an invisibly leashed lioness. As soon as he left the ring and Anna reached the edge of it… He motioned for her to crawl into his arms and Anna’s trademark-intense bedroom eyes, flickered and flashed bigger and brighter than they ever did before… with fanatical enthusiasm…

DOWNLOAD - Suicide vs. Sam Sexton (World Title Match)
DOWNLOAD - Suicide vs. Sam Sexton (World Title Match)