Journey Into Mystery!

A Band of Bitches-VLK Production!

The Present…
Just try to stay calm, okay? No more," Jenn flailed her arms around "freaking out and psycho-shit, okay?!?!" but Jenn saw the look that Penelope was giving her and she quickly added "I'm just saying. I've been choked more times in the last 24 hours than a chicken! I mean I know that things are bad, but you only make it worse by spazzing out like that! Just don't attack me! That's all. I'm on your side here, doesn't help when you kill your own people too." Bitch has vice-grip! Last thing I need is to have my win streak derailed by my own teammate!

"Penelope frowned "Sorry, it’s just that... never mind." you wouldn't understand.

Jenn looked at Penelope and quietly asked her "What is it?"

Penelope simply looked back towards Salma and sighed "It’s nothing."

But Jenn didn’t buy "No, it is something? You really shouldn't keep things bottled up like this." Yes, listen to the Jenny. Listen to me, so you don’t go bat-shit crazy again and attack me.

Penelope shifted around a bit, clearly uncomfortable, then "It’s nothing."

Jenn tried to push the issue "Penelop"

But Penny put a stop to it in a hurry "I said," as she looked at Jenn with murderous intent "It’s nothing." Now drop it u little bitch before I drop you.

Jenn put her hands up as a cold chill ran down her spine "Ok, OK!? It’s nothing." fuckin psycho-bitch. You're just as bad as Chiaki and Lucy! I mean I know I haven't been the strongest fighter in the League, but? Then Jenn fell into her own personal hellhole as she recalled her brief fights and the fact that Stone Rage made it clear that no one was particularly interested in seeing her wrestle or fight at all. "That sucked..." she murmured.

Penelope heard her… and turned slowly... and saw? Penelope's nipples were already at full attention as it was after fighting two back to back fights with four of the most unexpected rabid Black bitches. She enjoyed fighting. She enjoyed it and loved it! Far more than she originally thought she ever would, but now? Now she was seeing what she and Salma used to sit around The Bar and drink till they were drunk about, talking about Stone Rage's motherfuckin Celebrity Catfight League! The Battle Zone and it damn sure IS! A battle zone... with a ton of walking wounded and walking dead... But to see it... hear it... CAUSE IT!? The exhilaration!? She could only guess that this was why men were so fuckin brutal at times! The chance to just beat the CRAP out of your opponent! She sucked on her lower lip as she watched Jenn, sitting there, clearly lost in thought... with this totally sexy, sleepy-eyed, fuck-me look on her face "Jenn?" Penelope whispered.

Nothing? Not a peep of a response. What could that fool be thinking this time? But then it kind of dawned on Penelope that? Maybe I’m being too hard on her? She did come through when we needed her. She was at the Mouth’s meeting and she used everything that Sal had said and she won back-to-back, just like Sal said it could be done! Then Penelope heard Jenn gave off the cutest little whimper and she said to herself, you are a total weak bitch. You've gotten your cunt kicked too while you've been trying to get into the League. Least Sal has had her share of title runs and ups-and-downs, but you've been nothing but down... till last night. Looks like I have two bitches to protect, but that's okay! Penelope looked at Salma. I'm up to the task. I'll do the job, and I'll be the fuckin heavy of this group. I'll crush anyone and anything that gets in our way, you watch!

Jenn was still remembering how she got laid out at the pool, when? She felt the softest of voices, almost a whisper... it sounded so far or was it because she'd fallen so deep into her thoughts that…? Weren't exactly doing wonders for her will power anyway. But then she heard it again, someone asking her something, or calling her name, softly. Who? She looked up, and then she felt the softest, sweetest of kisses and it made her moan, and she returned it easily, as she closed her eyes, and sat there and took it. She let them, slowly snake their tongue... into her mouth... and she tasted it, as she continued to taste their kiss and for the life of her it made her wet, it made her? She sat there, it made her sit there, and just enjoy it, enjoy taking... their kiss... she opened her eyes just enough... and she SAT BACK WITH A START AS SHE WHISPERED "Chiaki!?!?"


Oh. My. God!? Jenn couldn’t believe the fact that she was sitting her with Chiaki right in her face! KISSING HER!?

Jenn-chan… did u in-joy your-self?” Chiaki moaned at her.

But all Jenn could do was stammer back “I-I-I-I-I?”as it dawned on her that she’d just been? TONGUE KISSING HER!?

The hazy daylight glow around Chiaki’s stripped body as she looked at Jenn and asked her again, softly “Jenn-chan…? Did u in-joy your self?” Chiaki reached out and caressed Jenn’s face and stroked down her neck and over her exposed heart-tit.

It only then dawned on Jenn that? Wait!? Fuck are my clothes!?!?

Nani? Watash tachi wa…? Watash tachi no… clothes…?” Jenn stared in disbelief as Chiaki moved up on her gracefully… and embraced her, kissing her, telling her the fact that “We don’t need clothes.

Jenn started to, to…? Return the “Wwa-wa-wait! I-I-I-I need my clothes!?” I need my, oh my God is that her hand down my!? WTF!?!? HAVE I LOST MY FUCKIN MARBLES AND HOW DO I GET’EM THE FUCK BACK!?!?!?

Jenn-chan…? You’ve won, fair and square. U beat meh… I’m yours now.”


But Jenn’s eyes widened in shock… and she back peddled right into Chiaki’s grasp as Chiaki whispered in her ear “Look… It’s Lucy-chan…!

Jenn flinched as Chiaki cupped her bare naked breasts while Lucy’s eyes filled with even more crazed jealousy “U LITTLE PIECE A SHIT! FUCK ARE U DOING with MY WOMAN!?!?”

Lucy-chan is very sensitive.” Chiaki nodded blissfully smiling as she spoke in the most angelic voice, while Jenn was trying to get her the fuck offa her!

L-LOOK!?!? I never!?” But Lucy grabbed Jenn around her throat as Jenn couldn’t get the fuck away because Chiaki was holding her from behind GACKT! NOT WITHTHE-----CHOKINGGGGG---- AGAIN-----U SHOULD----SeEK-----anGER----MANAGEMENT!”

“I seek your fuckin HEAD ON A PIKE! U LITTLE NO GOOD FUCKER! THINK I’M GONNA LET U GET AWAY WITH FUCKIN CHIAKI AND ME OVER LIKE THAT!?!?! WE’RE NOT U!” Jenn struggled to get away! While Chiaki was humming some song in Jenn’s ear as her girlfriend Lucy was choking the fuckin bejesus outta Jenn! Till finally Lucy screamed as she savored the feel of her fingers around JLH’s THROAT! BITCH! I’LL FUCKIN KILL YOUR GHOST WHISPERIN-HORSE FUCKER ASS!

Jenn kicked and struggled as Chiaki whispered to her “Lucy-chan doesn’t like to share. At least not with you.” Chiaki then held onto Jenn nicccccce and tight, which only caused Lucy to choke the crap outta Jenn even harder as Chiaki whispered “Can’t u feel the love…?

NOH-----Can----feel----HER FUCKIN NAILS! PE---”

Chiaki quickly perked up “Pikachu?!?!

But even as Jenn let out a frustrated cry at Chiaki’s joke, Lucy quickly snapped back at Chiaki Gesundheit!

Jenn let out a frustrated cry and actually wasted air that she really needed as she screamed at Lucy and Chiaki “NOBODY SNEEZED U TWO DUMB CUNTS!”

Chiaki moaned “Ohhhh, gomennasai, Jenn-chan.”

But Lucy wasn’t so sorry “Yeah whatever bitch, die.”

Now Jenn was on her last leg as she moaned for “PEN!?!?”

Awww,” Chiaki began working over Jenn’s tits “I don’t have a pen, Jenn-chan. Gomennasai.

I think you see the pattern, but one more for the road won’t hurt. Lucy quickly added “U need to be happy she doesn’t have a pen because I’d STICK IT WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE! U FILTHY TEXAS TRAMP!” nobody makes a fool outta me. NOBODY!

Jenn couldn’t believe that!?!? How the---------fuck can she---SIT------THERE!?!? “PeNELOPEE-----U BITCH!?!? HELP MEH!

But Lucy only got redder as she too was sitting here ass-naked from getting stripped by Jenn and then paraded around “I’M GONNA KILL U ANNNNND YOUR LITTLE MEXICAN-SPANISH FRIENDS, TOO!!!!”

This time even Jenn couldn’t pass up this one… She croaked back as her eyes started to roll in the back of her head “Fuck is----- a bucket a water----WHEN U NEED IT!?!? PENNY HELP ME!?!? U LUV SICK LESBO XENA!” It then dawned on Jenn that if…. Penny was Xena? Then? Sal was… Gabrielle? That didn’t exactly work because Sal was just as Xena-like as…?!

Lucy stopped “Wait? How can Penelope be Xena?” It just doesn’t make sense.

Jenn then thought about it for a moment… “That’s a good question?” I wonder then… would I be the Gabrielle of this group? Yeesh, that’s not exactly… well long as I’m not the season 1 version… that bitch couldn’t fight for shit, but she sure could talk a lot!

Chiaki rubbed her chin “Salma wa motto Xena, demo Penelope…?” I think YOU’RE the Gabrielle my Cow-Tit-Cunt friend…. And I think u know that already…. Indeed, denial is not just a river in Egypt.

The three of them sat there… nakedand thinkingfor a moment… until Lucy took a deep breath…. And Chiaki took a deep breath… And then Jenn….? Took an unfortunately long stalling and procrastinating deep breath… AND TRIED TO RUN FOR IT BEFORE THEY COULD GRIP HER UP AGAIN!

She’d tried to ignore all of Jenn’s mindless fidgeting or whatever!?!? But now it was becoming noisy and annoying, two great tastes that sucked shit together! “What is that fool doing now?” Penelope said to herself, till she finally asked out loud "Hey? You all right?" Penelope actually heard Jenn scurry away from her and turned instantly to see Jenn looking like she was half-in-heat and half scared-outta-her- fuckin-mind!

Jenn's mouth dropped open "Uhhhh," but that wasn't what she INTENDED TO SAY, then she "YEAH!" she gave off a BIG-CHEESE GRIN "YUP! Heh-HEH! I'M FINE! Y wouldn't I b fine, everything is fine! I'm fine, you're fine! Salma'll be fine! FINE-FINE WEATHER WE'RE HAVING HERE, JEEZ! I'm so fine I blow my mind, HEY MICKEY! GOTTA GO NOW BUH-BYE!" GOD WTF FUCK WAS THAT!?!?!?Tell me I didn’t just dream of being butt-naked and attacked by the very two bitches that may have just put me on the catfighting map!?I need a minute to catch my fuckin breath! But regardless of how hard Jenn was panicking she knew she had to get the fuck outta here and get some space to think about why the fuck was she just daydreaming about tongue-kissing, Chiaki? WTF WUZ THAT!?!? And then being ATTACKED by Lucy at the same time as she was!?!? I’m losin my marbles! Just need a minute ta THINK!

Penelope started to say something, but Jenn was up off the floor and fast walking outta the bedroom like she'd seen a GHOST "Just don't leave the suite Jenn!" damn, sorry Salma! Didn’t mean to yell. But what the hell was that all about?! I knew Jenn was kinda out there at times, but?

But then Jenn yelled back "Okay, MOM!" I gotta get my head on straight! Jenn went into the beautifully ornate kitchen and grabbed a glass and quickly used the filtered water, why would I be thinking about…!? She tried to figure it out, wrap her head around it? But then she remembered one of her earlier matches during her time in Japan against a young Aya Sugimoto and it didn’t take her long to remember how she blew the match and ended up pancaked underneath the NNL star! After taking a top rope splash that drove any fight that Jenn had left!? Right the fuck outta her! The only thing I remember was the fact that the bitch had spun the fuck around with all those shots to the ropes and then dropkicks and toeholds and hip-tosses and shit like that! I was winning till I got too fuckin cute with it and the bitch recovered on me outta nowhere!?!!! All down-fuckin-hill from there! BUT WHY!?

“It’s because you’re such a fuckin loser, Jenn.”

Jenn shrunk back at the sound of Lucy’s voice as she turned to see not nary a soul standing there!? Quickly she started to down her water when she felt how close!? SOMEONE WAS RIGHT UP ON HER! The moment she spun around she saw “What are u doing here!?!?”

Vivica smiled and batted her eyelashes at her “You three stooges plus 2, honestly think you’ve got me licked, don’t you?” Jenn took in a deep breath as she could see the fact that she could understand having psycho-visions of Chiaki and Lucy, feeling guilty or some shit like that, but Vivica? And Vivica smiled at her and nodded as she was practically dripping smug-arrogance “Relax, Jenn. You and your two friends just play your part nice and right, just like Lucy and Chiaki are.” Jenn looked at Vivica in “Don’t look so surprised my Ghost Whispering accomplice. You done good gurl! Reeeeeallllll good. U an Salma and Penelope and Lucy and Chiaki can plot and scheme and connive and shit like that,” Vivica adjusted her black with white striped tie “But tell me, how do I look?”

Jenn stammered and said… “U look like either a business woman with a white pen-striped suit or… You kinda look like your Vernita character from KBV1?”

“Or?” Vivica smiled… waiting…?

But Jenn blurted out “OOOOOO!?!?!? U LOOK LIKE

“Exactly!” Vivica smirked “I got the inside track and I’ve had it since day one darlin, oh-kay!?” Vivica adjusted her black leather gloves “Salma’s just a pawn in my game honey, not the other way around, all right? I fucked up last two times, third times mine, all right?

“But you’re not real!? You’re just some figment of my imagination!?”

“So what does that mean, you’re the TV-expert that talks to dead people and figments and all that, so what does this mean?”

“You’re… You’re,” but it’s not possible, but? “I----I think… You’re, you’re using us?” somehow!? Somehow you’re actually using us!?

Vivica smiled like the cat that ate the canary “When your boss showed up at that gym…? I knew I could win either way, either way easy.” Vivica then pulled on the hem of her suit coat “You liked what you did to Chiaki and Lucy, didn’t u?” Jenn got a little nervous, but Vivica quickly told her “Don’t sweat it, like I said? U, Salma, Penny, Lucy and Chiaki…? You just keep on-keepin on with your hot mess moves. In the end, remember. I’m the one who’s been at Geese’s side from day one when the Fab-4 and all of that other mess came to town. I got my own little surprises in store for evvvvvvvvvery last one of u covetous bitches. U got that, girlfriend. I just need u to handle my help and straighten a few people out and then everything’ll be fine and dandy, okay?”

Jenn decided to indulge her own self “So then you’re saying, OR!?!? What I’m saying to myself is… That Vivica is actually more dangerous than she appears?”

Vivica smiled… “I dunno, you tell me, we’re in your head, right?”

Jenn just… stood there for a second and then… “Great… I win and then I go bonkers.”

But Vivica shook her head slowly “You’re fine, you just feel guilty, but then again I ain’t real so? Or am I? Maybe you’re actually in my mind and I’m the one goin crazy and shit, how about that?”

Now Jenn sucked her teeth and sipped some of her water “Great, my figment from my mind is playing a mind game from my own mind which is within itself a mind game of my own mind.”

Vivica laughed but then stopped abruptly “Don’t try to weasel outta of the fact that you actually like Chiaki and you know Lucy’s gonna kick your ass for it… Never mind that Chiaki’s gonna do that her damn self after what you did to her at the Diner.”

Jenn’s shoulders slumped and she whined “I KNOW!!?! I don’t understand where the attraction is coming from! It makes no fuckin sense after what just happened!”

But Vivica shrugged “I’m sure you’ll figure it all out, but look? I gotta get back, so? Just do me this solid and we’ll all be cool-in-the-gang when it’s over and done, oh-kay?”

“Wait a second?! So are you saying!?” then Jenn shook her head “Am I saying to myself that Vivica might be pretending to be weak!?!?”

But Vivica didn’t answer and that was because Penelope asked Jenn from the entryway to the kitchen from behind her “Who are you talking to?”

Jenn turned and faced and quickly spun back around in hopes of keeping, gone “Rats.”

“You’re talking 2 rats?” Penelope sighed.

“No. I just…!? I’m thinking out loud that we may not be seeing the big picture on everything going on with”

But Penelope cut Jenn off and told her “Now’s not the time talk about Geese or any of his concubine cunts. We never shoulda wasted time talking to Stacey and Tracey downstairs in the first fuckin place, but Salma thought that since Stacey was cool with Vivica they’d make good team members for our group.”

Jenn then deadpanned “Thought you said u didn’t wanna talk about Geese and his concubined cunts.”

Penelope made a sour face that quickly turned to a shut-the-fuck-up face, but Jenn made her way by Penelope and told her “I’m just saying. We shouldn’t underestimate them, especially not Vivica. I think she’s up to something.” Penelope started to say something, but Jenn sighed and added “I know, I know ‘Now’s not the time with Salma recovering’, fine. But we need to look out for the fact that they’ve got their own issues internally and I’m starting to think that Vivica might not be as wounded as she appears.”

Penelope… nodded slowly, but didn’t bother to turn around as she said “U could b right… U could be right… We’ll talk about it later, okay?” she turned in time to see Jenn nod, then she told Jenn “Good job, Dragonslayer. I hadn’t thought about the fact that the internal trappings of whatever is going on with them may cause one or two of them to do something out of the ordinary. Good job.” but as Jenn was trying to drown her dream and deal with her bizarre bout of woman’s intuition with another glass of water. Penelope patted her shoulder and then made her way back to the bedroom and within moments… was back to tending Salma. And speaking of Salma? Their leader was still skipping down the path of ancient history from her run through the Battle Zone League at the very beginning...

The Past….
My first title shot! I still can't believe it! The fans really like my matches, so Stone Rage is gonna give me a TITLE SHOT! A chance to pick-up the vacated War Queen Title!?!?! YES! I'm gonna win, I HAVE TO! Hmphf, looks like beating J-Lo was really the key to it. But? He said he was gonna randomly draw the other person since the belt was vacant. Errrrr, I don't like the sounds of that. It could be anybody. I hope he doesn't draw someone like Madonna or Dolly Parton, that would SUCK DONKEY-BALLS!!!! However, it'd be an easy win for me! GO MADONNA! YOU WASTED AWAY, WENCH!

Salma got herself dressed, this time in a silver version of her black outfit, but she still wore the black leg warmers and the black calf-high ankle boots! I can't let whoever this is get me into that shit that J-Lo did. Salma actually swiveled her neck as she remembered how J-Lo had her in that head-and-arm hold. It took me too long to fight my way outta that! They have to have seen the videotape of the match, so I gotta be careful and not give them an opening. Can't believe I charged in there like that and took all those shots to the head like an IDIOT! If she was dishing out real power behind those jabs I woulda been all fucked up. Salma looked herself over in the mirror and then smiled to herself. Then she quickly put together the rest of her outfit. She added a black headband, got her hair in order. The headband'll keep all this fuckin hair from getting in my way. I GOTTA WIN THIS MATCH! ME! War QUEEN! Makes me tingle all over! This is the big-time, BABY!

“You’ve done well, Salma.”

Salma smiled as she looked in the mirror and enjoyed the cold once over of “Geese!?” Quickly she turned around and embraced him as hard as she could “I DIDN’T THINK U’D MAKE IT!”

“I had some business to take care of, but I’ve been watching your matches.”

“I thought I saw Julia in the crowd the last few nights, but I wasn’t sure so I didn’t say anything.” She roved her hands up and down his back and loved the feel of “U look good in a suit.” She drew back so she could look up at him, she wanted to see “That’s better,” she wanted to see the warmth in his eyes “You gonna sit front row, right?” She gave him a look and he smirked and nodded and she was all smiles as she said “Good. I know some people think I’m climbing too fast.” She caressed his face and told him “I made the internet national you know?”

“Oh really?” he’d already read what the catfighting corners were babbling about on-line, Charmaine had made sure to drop the print-outs on his desk with the morning meal. But he knew that Sal wanted to tell him allllll about it and he wasn’t about to disappoint her “So? Don’t keep me in suspense, what’d they say?”

She smiled up at him and “Thank u.”

“For what?”

Now she smiled even harder “I know that either Julia or Charmaine already let you know, but thank you for indulging me.” She didn’t let instincts go to waste as she stood up slightly on her tippy-toes and kissed his lips “You’re always indulging me.”

Now it was his turn to smile as he told her back “I enjoy indulging you, my dear.”

Now she was taken back to the other night as she told him “Oh and how you indulge.”

She kissed him again only to hear the throat clearing sound of Charmaine and then “Now-now, you two can canoodle and shag later,” Salma looked at Charmaine in feigned shock with sinister smile, but Charmaine reminded them both that “You’ve got a match to win luv and it’s a mystery opponent on top of that.” Charmaine could see the look of concern on Salma’s face but “No need to get your panties in a bunch, Salma.” Salma gave Charmaine a wry smile as Charmaine set about putting her mind at ease “I made shore to set Julia on doing some digging and seeing what she could find.” now Salma was all smiles as Charmaine continued “We won’t let any major surprises spoil the pre-planned victory celebration dear. You can rest easy because she did find out that none of the previous daft-cunts you cut down are involved, that we know 4-sure, so?”

Geese picked up where his 2nd of All of his Maid Enforcers left off “I would suspect that the person you’re going to fight is someone who needs a big-push, someone outside the box who with a once and a lifetime shot like this one here? Will come out of the gate hard and fast, knowing that she’ll never get another go at this again,” Salma looked at him intently, clinging to every word as he told her “You’d best be prepared for someone that you’d not only least expect, but someone who in all honestly doesn’t actually deserve a shot at all. But will give it their all in order to make the most of this one-time cheat to the top.”

Salma perked up and her whole face lit up as she said “That’s the same shit that those bastards on the Catfight Corner put down on their stinky-site!”

Charmaine nodded and smiled “They think you’ve cheated your way to the top, but we all know betta. So like the Master said, whomever Stonerage has chosen they honestly will be someone who hasn’t actually fought their way to the top but will fight tooth and nail to show that they can carry the weight of being War Queen if they win.” Charmaine pressed the sides of her maid uniform as she hoped to high-hell that her and Julia would somehow be able to get in on the match! I’m dyin 4 sum action. Hopefully whomever this bitch is, she’ll have a coupla friends and this way me and the Misses can get in on the fun and raise a little ruckus too, otherwise? This’ll just be a dull-arsed assignment… Although I’m sure the after party will be absolutely awesome! But then it dawned on Charmaine as Salma decided to get a closer with her Master… Julia’s taking a little bit longer than I’d expected though, I wonder…? Then Charmaine came out and said it “Master?”

Salma turned to look at Charmaine as she enjoyed the feel of being held in Geese’s warm embrace, while Geese told Charmaine “Go ahead.”

“Yes, Master.” Charmaine paid her respects and then turned and walked out… looking to see where her wife had disappeared to and why she wasn’t back yet. Maybe I’ll get some action in after all…? The thought of it made Charmaine wet with want and she quickly gave orders as soon as she got outside of Salma’s dressing room “Wake up, ladies.”

Adele chimed in immediately with her own British accent “Stephens here, ready Mistress.”

And Michelle added also in her softer British accent “Thorne here, go ahead Mistress.”

However… the last person to check in wasn’t so sheepish and gung-ho ready to go like the two big-titted blond Brit Bitches, as she stated clear across their com-channel about the fact that “Clearly Julia hasn’t come back. I warned you two that roaming around during the event would lead to trouble eventually, now didn’t I Charmaine?” Anna said.

To which Charmaine immediately told Anna Amore “Take Brittney and go guard the Master, Anna.”

Anna was decked out in a black PVC French maid uniform along with one of her lieutenants, Brittney Skye “Don’t worry luv,” Anna mocked softly into her earpiece “I’m all over it.”

“I know u are, Anna.” Charmaine could see in her mind Anna’s vacant crazed-eyed look at being called from her post to having to tend to the Master directly “Anna?”

Charmaine?” Anna’s voice was an interestingly soft and sweet mixture of compliance and obvious mischief-maker madness.

“Don’t start any trouble with the locals, understand? This is Stonerage’s show and we’re guest here, do try not to ruffle feathers that don’t need to be ruffled up or roughed up unnecessarily, understood?

Anna smiled to herself while Brittney stood to her left with her tongue out slightly and smiling, knowing her mistress all too well, as Anna coolly told Charmaine “Don’t worry… I won’t do anything that would cause a commotion here. We are guests, after all, right?

“Right, Charmaine out.” That bitch is already up to no good. I’d better find Julia and get back to my post before Anna right brings the bloody place down with one of her insane schemes.

Aria was busy standing just a few feet away from their Master and Salma as she quietly responded “Go ahead, Anna?”

Perfect “Aria? You and the others stay with the Master. It appears that everything has gone straight to shit just like I knew it would.”

Aria immediately nodded and said “I’ll make sure that we’re ready for any trouble.”

“Good girl, Anna out.” And with that, Anna turned her attention to her subordinate bitch and told her “We’ll let Charmaine and her little troupe try to make the save and then we’ll crash the party at the last moment and finish up.” Brittney smiled and got ready to savor the look on Charmaine and Julia’s face for when the two of them and their subordinate bitches would have to come crawling to them once they got back to the Estate and properly thank them for pulling their fat out of the fire “This is going to be oh-soooooh-sweet, my dear.” Anna smirked and caressed Brittney’s face “Once we’re done here, then we’ll rejoin the Master and watch the match, but only after we’ve cleaned up CJ’s mess.”

“Let’s do it.” Brittney murmured.

Meanwhile Aria turned towards the sound of her Master’s voice as he asked her “I take it Anna is looking to steal some more glory, Giovanni?”

Aria immediately bowed as her French maid uniform was much more sheer than that of any of the other Command Maid Enforcers, sheer to the point of stupidity in all honesty as she told him “Yes Master, my SB’s and I have opted to assist Anna even though Anna had warned both Julia and Charmaine repeatedly that trying to gain any additional information once we arrived here would fail.” Aria’s French maid uniform was inverted with a sheer white blouse tip with the world’s deepest-plunging neckline, attached and tied to a black soft fabric corset that was more like a vest that left her stomach open only to be covered by a sheer frill-trimmed white waist apron. A pair of black garter belts connected and kept the waist apron where it was as well as the string-tie at the back, while she wore a two toned pair of rather obvious white sheer-frilled panties that didn’t leave much to the imagination! Aria sported a pair of thigh-high stockings, some white frilly bicep bands. Don’t ask, I just type it. And a white sheer-frilled-trimmed, bonnet!

Aria was feeling frisky today, so sue her.

Salma on the other-hand? Felt a wave of discontentment as she sneered “The Fab-4?” to which Aria nodded and Salma immediately looked up at Geese and told him that they are “Stone Rage’s little pathetic pack of pussies.”

Geese gripped Salma’s ass and held her even closer as he jokingly mocked her “I’m sensing some resentment here.”

Salma stared right into his eyes and told him about the fact that “I cannot stand those sorry sluts.” Now Geese was looking at Salma as if he were actually looking through her, as she told him flat out again that “They crawl around up underneath Stone Rage and he’s always finding excuses 2 throw those bitches a bone or two, literally.”

“Now-now,” Geese cautioned “you’ve got a title shot so clearly he’s not cheating or mistreating you, my dear.”

Aria smirked at Salma’s double-meaning about Stone Rage giving his Fab-4 a bone or two and she quickly added that “Mistress Hayek is right though Master. He only treats her fairly because he knows that you support her.”

Salma nodded emphatically “That’s right, Aria.” Aria nodded back but Salma was that quickly catching on that maybe!?!? Holy shit I hadn’t thought of that “What if the surprise challenger is one of them!?”

Aria telegraphed easily on her face the fact that she hadn’t thought of that either, but Geese reassured them both that “It isn’t one of the Fab-4, relax ladies. Right now? You are in his good graces my Impressive Mexican Matron, so he isn’t going to pit two of his favorites for the moment one-against-the-other.” At least… not yet….

Aria nodded while Salma mouthed back “Favorite for the moment…? That’s another thing that they posted on-line, that I was the Flavor of the Month or Flavor for the Moment, some shit like that.” Salma loved the sensation of feeling Geese’s embrace as she pressed the side of her face against his chest “Flavor of the Month my ass. I was multi-time champion in Mexico. I’ve fought internationally too, fuck do those dickheads know anyway. I’m nobodies moment, I’m going to take this belt from whomever it is that he put in the ring, but I have to admit that if it is one of his little lackey’s, den that will make it all the more better when I pin her ass to the mat.”

“I have no doubt that you’ll win.” Geese made sure to caress Salma’s face as he told her again “Don’t worry about anything other than winning the match, understand?”

Clearly.” Salma snapped back and loved every touch, every sensation of support and then?

She loved it even more as Aria said “We will be ready to head-off any outside interference whatsoever. It’ll be you and whomever it is that Stone Rage has selected, I can promise you that much Mistress.” Aria’s voice was so soft, but it held a hint of aggression and even some fanaticism to it to which….?

Salma? Smiled hard, Mistress… Yessss, it’s just like back home… Just the way that it should be… She looked up at Geese and touched his face “I promise you, I’ll win… Then we can celebrate all to ourselves tonight. Just me and you, I’ll even let you pin me.” she chuckled and kissed his lips softly at first and then as they stayed like this with more and more passion building up be, but enough about Salma and her dreams of how things could have been if she’d known about Geese early on. Let’s check in on what’s going on with….

JULIA!?” Charmaine knew that something was wrong! Nothin on the bloody com-channels!?!? Where r u LUV!?!? Nevah shoulda let u go out here without me! Charmaine’s heart was pounding in her chest as they continued to search the back sections of the concrete concourse! Gotta FIND’ER! I know she’s in TROUBLE! Quickly she took Adele and Michelle and hauled ass round the corner mindful of all the clutter and crap back here in the closed off sections of the arena! She glanced at Adele and Michelle who both reported negative on their attempts to raise Julia and her raiding party. Just hold on luv! I’m coming! Just hold on!

And all of Julia’s initial contingent of Maid Enforcers had already found that out the hard way! But Aniya was finding it out first hand again as she went back and forth with Pam Anderson of all people!? Who kept surprising the shit out of Aniya with her use of size and speed, BITCH “UHF!?!!” Another stiff shot to the tits sent the skinny-shapely French maid motifed Black-Thai bitch reeling! THIS ISN’T MY FAULT! THEY SHOULDA BEEN ABLE TO GET FUCKIN CLEAR WITHOUT GETTING CAUGHT! Aniya’s bitching to herself aside!? She’d been brought in along with Lisa Daniels to back up Lanny Barbie and her half-sister Kimberly Franklin, for the sole purpose of stealing some shitty secret ballot result to help Salma the fuck out in a match! STUPID WASTE OF TIME! WHY THE FUCK CAN’T THAT SLUT SIMPLY FIGHT FOR HER OWN FUCKIN SELF AND FACE WHOMEVER WAS DRAWN IN THE FIRST FUCKIN PLACE! WASTE OF OUR GODDAMN TIME “SHIT!”

In the midst of her bitching and moaning she made an easy fuckin target for Pam to chin-check with her FIST! And send Aniya spinning into and over a series of sound-boxes and stage propped cut-off curtains “AHGH!” Aniya was already punch-drunk anyway from Pam catching her time-and-again in the tits, on the chin and her cocksuckers! Fuckin bitch! Aniya struggled to get up and get untangled but that only caused the rest of the set to collapse down on her! She was already upside fuckin down to begin with after getting spun the fuck out by that last punch from Pam! Havin her ass hangin out to the enemy wasn’t exactly helpin her and then with the other shit crashing down on her that was enough to finish her off! Thankfully most of the set was made of hollow aluminum pipes so it didn’t fuckin kill her ass, but a couple curtain covered pipes did find the mark as she wailed like the weak broken bitch she’d been reduced to! Kicking out and crying out for her Master till one of the pipes caught her right on the back of the neck and took her the fuck out for the night “AHHH!” She pissed herself hard as hell while the fight wound down around her!

“One down, too many more to go!” Pam backed away as Crissy Moran immediately picked up where Aniya went down at “I knew it was a bad idea to invite that guy here!” Pam cried out as Crissy connected to her jaw and cursed her for what she’d just done to Aniya! But Pam fired back “Maybe if you guys hadn’t been snoopin around like a buncha rejected GI Jane’s, then she wouldn’t be all fucked up right now! OW!”

“SHUT UP!” All this for some damn catfight CRAP! Crissy wasn’t doing too fuckin good either! She’d gotten blindsided earlier when Tia and Halle showed up and gotten knocked the fuck out for it! But when Julia and Katsuni arrived and the fight heated up, it gave Chrissy the chance to recover and come back around and look for some fuckin PAYBACK!”

But while Pam reeled back from Crissy’s shot to HER tits! Halle was trying to wrap things up with one of the original French maid motif thieves “Haven’t had enough!?” bitch is determined! To get awayJust yet, huh!?Finally got a HOLDA this LITTLE----BITCH! Sure enough the two-toned black-and-pink French maid fucker was trying hard to get out from Halle’s grip! To no avail, but Halle however had heard Charmaine’s cry from up and around the corner of the concourse! I KNOW I heard someone calling out to this pack of Mardi Gras rejects! WE GOTTA WRAP THIS UP!

“UHNF!” FUCK! Lanny struggled with Halle and tried to get her the fuck offa her! But she was exhausted from fighting with Pam and J-Lo when her and her sister stole the lottery result in the first place! Much like the rest of these worn and ragged Maid Enforcer cunts for this mission! Lanny was now regretting wasting the time and effort to even bother with something so petty and stupid! JUST HAVETA---GET BACK! GET OUTTA HERE!

But Halle wasn’t trying to give the Canadian cunt any room to breathe, ay? She kept a tight grip of the front of her two-toned French maid top! While Lanny struggled desperately to break free! She was exhausted! Took too much earlier from J-Lo and Pam! Barely GOT OUT! Just need 2!?!? Lanny gripped Halle’s wrists and grit her teeth as she felt her holes tightening up from the effort while her legs were starting to burn right along with her tits and lungs from exhaustion! She managed to knee Halle in her HIP! Which caused Halle to wince, but the next time she tried it she bitch-barked as she found herself drawn in ABRUPTLY “NOH!?!!” And then summarily hip-tossed and taken down to the fuckin cold hard concrete! FUCK! It was the absolute last thing that Lanny wanted or needed and she tried to get up, but then she yelped hard as Halle didn’t let go and didn’t let up! She creamed her panties and kicked out with her two-toned high-heels at the fact that she knew she wasn’t gonna be able to get the fuck out of this! All she could do was holdout and hope that her sister and the others could finish up before she got finished the fuck off. Speaking of which….?

Standing about ten feet away from them was Lanny’s sister, Kimberly! Like Lanny, she’s sporting a two-toned black-and-pink French maid uniform too, what made her different was the fact that her uniform had more black than pink, while her slutty sister sported more pink than black in her uniform, BUT ALSO!? And unfortunately, Lanny was caught-up in a side-headlock too! She was hard stumble-switching in her high-heels, bitching! Struggling! With her pink-and-black panties showing as she was getting led around struggling and fighting to get free from Tia Carrere’s clutches to no avail! Like her sister Lanny she was totally fuckin exhausted and worn-out from fighting with the initial intrusion to their operation, J-Lo and Pam. Two members of the cornerstone to Stone Rage’s Battle Zone League, the Fab-4. It was an intense exchange between the two sisters and the somewhat sworn sisters that the Fab-4 had become. Kimberly took on J-Lo and Lanny took on Pam. It was filled with back-and-forth’s of all kinds till J-Lo landed some decisive shots to Kimberly’s tits and then her NECK! While Pam caught Lanny in a series of trips and charges till she could start hammering her with her fists! Pam then took Lanny and charged her into Kimberly who’d just taken a wicked set of shots to her exposed mid-riffed midsection! Ribs! Tits! And NECK! The two then managed to BOLT! And actually tore down parts of the soundstage where they’d been caught creeping away from in the first place! Both these bitches, both Lanny and Kimberly were at the heart of this fuck-up and they’d pretty much dragged the entire operation straight into the fuckin crapper with their shitty-ass inability to steal a goddamn lottery result right!

FUCKIN-BITCH!? GET OFFA MEH!” Kimberly started to pick Tia up in order to actually backdrop this bitch on this fuckin concourse concrete!?! But Tia quickly countered Kim’s counter with a counter of her own! Kimberly immediately huffed and cried out as her attempt was BLOCKED! Tia squirmed hard and kept Kim from getting the leverage she needed to and that only made the Canadian cunt expose her cockspit covered tongue as Tia choked the cockspit right the fuck out of her mouth by tightening her side-headlock at the same time that she was resisting Kim’s attempt to pick her up by her legs! Tia heard Kimberly gag and felt her hands paw at her legs while Kim’s body bucked and she threw her hips and ass out in a vain attempt to back out of the headlock! After a few moments it was yet another failed attempt at escape and Kimberly felt that all too familiar sensation as she creamed her pink-and-black panties and let out a mournfully-exhausted outcry at failing to break free! AND at having her counter successfully countered AND!?!? Having the initial headlock slapped on her even fuckin harder by the bitch that had trapped her like this in the first fuckin place! U fuckin washed-up…!?!? C-lisssted----CUNT! But bitch all she wanted, Kimberly knew she wasn’t going anywhere and she started mindlessly grinding her ass-and-hips against the air in acknowledgment that Tia had her and that her cunt and ass were hers for the taking or continued kicking for that matter.

Tia…? Felt Kim’s hard fuck-panting and the fact that she was holding onto her more than actually fighting against her, FINALLY! Tia gasped to herself again, FINALLY! She could feel Kim occasionally BUCKING her hips and ass, while the right-side of her body bumped against Tia every-so-often aimlessly “Had enuff now, I take it?!!?” Tia cranked her headlock harder, but Kimberly heard every emphasized word and whined in response and rode her ass in the air to each emphasis of Tia’s words while she clutched Tia’s forearms around the side of her head and neck! She stomped her heels and shifted as she gagged and gurgled with her tongue out! Tightening her cunt and ass as Tia was slowly choking her out, but Tia? Imitating Halle’s very same move that Halle had used on Lanny! Tia took down Kimberly with a hard hip-toss takedown! And just like her sister did, Kimberly wailed NnnnoooOH!?!?” and ate all of it on the back of her neck and upper-back! Mind you Tia was still sporting her black spaghetti-strapped one-piece mini! The last thing any of them expected was coming back to close down the backroom area to find Lanny and Kimberly skulking away! And it was J-Lo and Pam who stumbled onto the robbery in progress, but it quickly turned into a catfight that spilled out into a chase through the concourse till these other bitches joined Kimberly and Lanny! Even while Tia kept Kim in this side-headlock and grinded down on her! Kimberly kicked out and glared up for a brief moment before she lost all cohesive thought in her eyes again and clutched at Tia’s arms while she clenched her eyes tight and opened her mouth slowly in a vain attempt to get more air into her lungs! The only thing going through Kim’s mind was to hold on and just take it! She’d botched the whole fuckin thing up and now she was getting what she deserved for it! She creamed her panties hard as the sensation of being powerless began to drag her the fuck under! To her!? This C-listed bitch was definitely an A-list catfighter and she’d loused it up by underestimating her but on a more intimate and inappropriate level Tia was unintentionally tripping submission switches that all Maid Enforcers had, if someone could push the right buttons and get inside their heads. To Kimberly, Tia was fucking her up mentally just as much as physically! Just have-2---hold on---hold out!


*DOWNLOAD - Daffney vs. Desire VOD
*DOWNLOAD - Daffney vs. Desire VOD
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DOWNLOAD - SoCal vs. Amy Love (SleeperGirls Custom)