Vivica Fox and Julia Chanel vs. Salma Hayek


As soon as Vivica drove off leaving her manager and Lucy Liu to fly to Tokyo, she quickly got on her cell phone talking to Alyssa Milano. She needed to find out where to meet up with her and the rest of Generation Next so they could take on the Fab 4 and Vivica could get her payback for being humiliated by Berry. Her only thought as she talked to Alyssa was “This time it’s gonna be just you and me bitch and I’m gonna WHOOP THAT ASS!!!!” She hung up her cell phone knowing that for the next three days she was on her on with no back up at all, but that was fine! By the time I’m done, she thought, Halle’ll be able to get a starring role as a goddamn cripple BITCH!

She remembered what Lucy said as she was pulling out of the driveway and she laughed and realized that she needed to kick her ass again to shut her up. She’d do that when they got back, but for now it was all about Halle and hookin up with Gen Next so that they could do what they needed to do.

As soon as she caught up to Alyssa and the others in their sweet little villa, she saw that some of her “teammates” were none too pleased with her being there, but she ignored that. All that mattered was destroying Halle, I mean… Generation Next, I mean… the Fab 4. Vivica didn’t give a shit about Generation Next or the Fab 4, she was there for fuckin up Halle muthafuckin Berry and that was all! Mind you… her manager had tried to tell her to just let the whole thing with Halle go for now, but fuck THAT! Granted, she had gotten Halle with the disposable help of Janet, but… it didn’t feel right. It wasn’t good enough.

She sipped a little pre-celebration drink as Alyssa was talking her shit about where she thought the Fab 4 was holed up at. Vivica stayed quiet and listened, but she realized that these bitches were just tools for her to use in keeping Halle’s little girlfriends off of her ass. This time, Vivica stewed, this time… I’m gonna kick your ass and make you pee your panties and then parade that shit around! Hussy like you, Vivica could see it, you’d lose all your Hollywood stock then! She smirked and sipped quietly through her straw as Alyssa rambled on-and-on until the call came in! Vivica put her drink down and everyone moved out.

Truth be told, Vivica thought as she put her sunglasses on and they went out to their cars, I don’t trust not a one of you. She looked them over, one-by-one, tired ass tramps and turned out tricks. Least I’ve done something… but about the only thing you bitches have done is suck dick under execs tables to getcha little TV shows and shit. Vivica smiled and motioned that she was following and gave a few fake hood hoops and hollers and then thought about how he was telling her that she tried too hard.

She got in her car, closed the door and for whatever reason she kept hearing the shit that he said at the bar and she just said from out of blue “Shut up…” she sucked her teeth “I know what I’m doin… I’m a grown ass woman.” She adjusted her rearview and GASPED! As she spun around she heard him say “And what does that have ta do with the price of tea in China…”

But no one was in the back seat!

She sat there for a second… and took a deep breath “I know… you’re just tryin ta look out for me but…” then she looked at her steering wheel “Shit!” I gotta do this… she thought about it some more, then she psyched herself up again with, I gotta get even with this bitch… and she knew what he would say, cause he already said it.

“You ain’t ready yet Viv. Halle’s a pro, she’s smarter then you think or at least smarter than people give her credit for. It’s too soon, but… if this is what you wanna do? Then good luck. I’ll see you when I get back and… if you get into trouble? I left something for you underneath your car seat… driver’s side.”

Shit, she sighed to herself… I gotta do this “Yeah I’m COMMIN!” she put her car into drive and followed “Gimme a fuckin break will you? I know what I’m doin… I won’t lose… I won’t…” she followed them and they made their way into the hubbub of the Vegas Strip. It was just like when she went with Janet. Cruising to find Halle… but this time it was broad daylight. They broke a few speed limits to make it to the mall that the Fab 4 had snaked their sneaky way to! Alyssa had mentioned the fact that a number of other groups were in town to bust up the Fab 4 and some of them weren’t exactly on good terms with Gen Next, but what’s done-is-done! They were out-and-about and they appeared to have found the Fab 4 first.

They went in and started stalking them, but found nothing at first, until they went past a designer store where Vivica spotted something that she had lost. It was the white leather outfit that Halle had stripped her of. She made sure to let the others know that she had found them and in then went. What happened next still left Vivica stunned as she sat here now, staring off into space. She got the drop on Halle and started whippin her ass, but then the bitch started crying and shit and she got caught up “I can’t believe…” I got caught up. She THREW THE ICEBAG ACROSS THE LIVING ROOM! SNEAKY LITTLE BITCH! SNEAKY little… bitch… beat me again… fuckin little… bitch… beat me again…

“You aren’t ready… and she’s smarter than people give her credit for” Vivica put her hand on her choker as she remembered what he had told her and started mindlessly caressing it “She’s smarter… then people give her credit for” Vivica muttered. Bitch hit me with the fuckin door while I was gloatin an shit! She sighed as she realized that she had gotten totally punked AGAIN!

Then, her cell phone rang without warning! She got up and went over to it. She’d thrown the thing on the table as soon as she got in “Hello?”

“Are you alright?”

She recognized his voice immediately and even though she didn’t mean to she immediately told him “I lost.” she sighed and he responded without trying to make matters worse, but also to let her know that he wasn't just talking to talk.

So he replied “I warned you.” Vivica took a deep breath and then she had no choice but to admit “I know, I know… she… tricked me, hit me with the fuckin door and” she walked over to her couch and just flopped down “You were right, okay, you were right.”

“I’m not trying to rub your face it, just relax.”

She sat there trying to figure him out, then she said “I feel like shit”

“But I’m sure you don’t look like shit.”

She smiled at the compliment “You tryin ta butter me up Mister Manager?”

“Is it working?”

“A little…”

“Good, then forget about Halle for now. Hopefully you’ll listen” she cut him off...

“I will. I’ll listen…” this wasn’t easy for a woman like Vivica, but she knew that he was genuinely concerned and trying to help her and so she added “I’ll listen next time and you were right” and she could see why he had said what he’d said before heading out with Lucy to Tokyo as she said “You didn’t want me to lose, but”

“I needed you to lose, so this way you could see that I know what I’m talking about.”

Vivica nodded and smirked as she told him softly “So you’re slick with yours, huh?”

“Something like that.”

“So” Vivica didn’t want to ask, but after fuckin up against Halle, she had to know “Did Lucy win?”

“Yes, she did.” Great! Vivica thought, so, I eat door and that bitch beats “the Tokyo Tornado”, this is gotta be a sick fuckin joke! “Easy” he said with a soft whisper and then he told her “You’re sulkin so hard that I can hear your thoughts clear cross the Pacific. Lucy did what she was supposed to. Don’t worry about that. Go down to the gym after you get yourself in order and take out some of that stress. Take down this number and give Julia a call and she’ll help you out. Get that stress of that lovely chest of yours”

“I knew you were peepin”

“You make it impossible not to”

Vivica couldn't believe the back and forth and she licked her lips and realized that she needed to get back to reality and not whatever was going on here and so she said “Okay then, I’ll see you guys in a couple days” Vivica took down the number and then reluctantly told him “Tell Lucy and Chiaki I said, hi.”

“Right, we’ll see you soon.”

Soon as she hung up she could feel her ears burning and she knew Lucy was saying shit about her "Little bitch..." Lucy looked at him “She lost, didn’t she?” he simply nodded and she asked him “She didn’t pee herself again did she?”

Chiaki’s eyes widened as he responded “No, smart ass.”

“Welll… maybe we should head back early.” Lucy looked away. The last thing she wanted was for him to think she gave a fuck about Vivica, but… she was hoping she would win.

“Nah, besides, Chiaki is spending her last few days here for a while, so.” Lucy nodded to his comment and had forgotten that Chiaki had never really been outside of Japan for an extended period of time except for the Kill Bill movies. All the trips to New York and the Ecko ads and photo shoots were basically hop off the plane go do the shoot and then get back on the plane and go the hell back to Tokyo. Let alone the fact that she had never been anywhere by herself, by herself... like by herself, WHATEVER!

Chiaki looked at them and told them “We can… go back if you want.” Her English was better than she understood, but it still wasn’t to her liking as she smiled nervously. She was then very much relieved as he responded in his broken Japanese to level the playing field so that now he was just as awkward sounding as she was. Lucy smiled at him and then pushed him gently “You tryin to put the moves on her? She’s barely 22, you ole perv!” He looked at her as Chiaki smiled and told Lucy something in Japanese and she struggled to remember what the hell she’d just said and that quickly conversation got back to what it was before he had called Vivica and that was that, but... he was very concerned that something else might go wrong... he didn't wanna cut Chiaki's time short since she wasn't gonna be in Japan for a while once they left... but his instincts said...

Vivica set her duffle bag down. It was late and she had taken most of the rest of the day to sleep off how shitty she felt and the fact that doors and the human head don’t mix well “Thanks for coming out this late Julia.”

Julia looked at her and then smiled as she told Vivica “No problem. He called me before he left to go to Tokyo. Just go on back and get changed and then we can get started.”

Vivica nodded as this time there was no crowds here, just them. She did marvel at Julia's audacity to actually wear a sexy fuckin French maid outfit that clearly was not meant for anything, but appeasing fantasy and fetishes. Vivica could only smile at Julia's complete comfort in the sheer lace style of it and the fact that her mini was a mini's mini and was easy to see through because it was so sheer, even in black.

The lights were dim outside the ring as she started to walk to the back after telling Julia how hot she looked, but then Julia called to her from the ring “Vivica!!!!" Vivica stopped and looked at her and Julia told her “That was a good match you had with Lucy. I would have to agree, that he is right. Don’t worry about Halle and just focus on getting better and before you know? Beating Halle will be a snap.”

Vivica smiled at her “Thanks Julia” then Vivica turned and headed back.

Julia muttered to herself in French “If it weren’t for him, I could never think up these bullshit lines to say. You got beat by a door? And they say porn stars are stupid? HA!”

Vivica went ahead and put her headphones on as she was getting dressed. Julia’s right, she thought. All I gotta do is get stronger and then I can beat that bitch no problem. She quickly laced up her burgundy boots and then looked herself over in the mirror as the headphones blared in her ears. She wanted to go with something a little newer, so she was sporting a burgundy colored silk mini skirt which she was well aware could easily be up-skirted with the slightest of motions to show off her sheer burgundy thong. As she fluffed out her hair she remembered how Lucy was so fuckin shocked that her hair was HER HAIR “That’s right bitch, not every Black woman is too lazy to actually GROW HER HAIR OUT” she primped a little more as the swirled and curled locks of bronzed browns and beige accentuated her face. She blew a kiss at herself as she clearly remembered that Mister Manager was checkin her out and she told herself in the mirror as she envisioned him standing off to the side “You think you’re so slick. Think you’re so smart” she adjusted her new top “Don’t make me kick your ass” she smiled.

It fit just right. Her obsession with earth toned colors highlighted her caramel colored complexion completely, but the new top was also a burgundy bustier with silk trim attached to it’s frame all around “Not the greatest, but I guess I can work with this? You girls alright in there?” she checked her two little bitches’, her tits, and they were quite comfortable. Not too tight, not too loose “Okay, lets get these bitches movin!” She turned to leave and then without warning “Oh, wait” she ducked back in front of the mirror and checked to make sure her choker was in order. It was beautiful and she knew it cost a pretty penny and for whatever reason she actually reached up and ran her fingertips around the gold oval engraving “You think you’re so fuckin smart” and felt the recesses of the beautifully engraved “G” and she smiled mindlessly “So fuckin slick” then she abruptly walked off.

Now I’ma go out here and smack the shit out of Julia’s cum-catchin-ass! Vivica really thought about the fact that from everything that he had said, she was going to be the cornerstone of his stable and she loved how it made Lucy squirm while they were talking shop and he was telling them his hopes of how successful they would be.

She walked out into the aisle leading down to the ring and noticed that all the lights were still off except the ones that shone down on the ring “Hey Julia, you should” that’s when she saw the fact that Julia was face-down-ass-up in the center of the ring “JULIA!!!!”

“No need to yell” came a husky voice from somewhere near ringside “She can’t hear you.”

Vivica walked up slowly as she tried to make out the voice “Who are you? SHOW YOURSELF!” she was hoping it was only one bitch. The last thing she expected was this. Then she remembered they came in and like a pair of dumb cunts they didn’t even lock the fuckin door behind them, damn, she muttered under her breath, some fuckin cornerstone I am. Didn’t even remember to lock the fuckin door “WHO ARE YOU!?!?” Vivica remembered the fact that she had stabbed Janet in the back and she knew a few others might still be crawling around Vegas “COME OUT I SAID!!!!”

Salma Hayek emerged into the light of the ring with a rather devilish smile “So… this mystery manager… not here is he” she motioned with both arms out like a showgirl as Vivica approached the ring apron CLEARLY not expecting her “Cute bitch” Salma pointed to Julia who was out cold “Nice outfit, a French whore in a skimpy French Maid outfit, real original”

“What the fuck do you want?” Vivica sneered back as she got into the ring.

Salma smiled at her again and told her “I’ve been hearing about this new friend of yours… so I decided to come and check him out. I wanna join his little Band of Bitches” Salma looked at Vivica’s choker and her eyes gleamed in the ring lights “I see he even collars them” Salma's tongue traced the upper left corner of her lip and she breathlessly sighed at Vivica “Kinky.”

Vivica was taken off-guard for a moment and the simple fact was that it was kinda kinky and she unintentionally mimicked Salma’s tongue action right back at her, but then she frowned and said “We’ve already got enough bitchy attitude with Lucy” Vivica noticed how Salma was using Julia’s body in the center of the ring as an obstacle and slowly walking around her in a fashion where Vivica couldn’t come straight across the ring at her. One thing that Vivica had to mention was “You’re smarter than people say though” Vivica gave her a shitty smile to go along with her words, which didn't seem to make Salma happy.

“Lucy Liu” Salma smiled and then gave a disgusted chuckle “Hah, she’s just a wimpy Chinese girl who pretends like she’s tough” then she splayed her fingertips on the tops of her beautiful breast “While I?" then she sneered at Vivica "I am tough."

Vivica fired back “I’ve got that spot already”

“So I heard” Salma sneered again and let her know “But I was the holder of the War Queen Title and I actually know what it takes to get the job done. You, you’re tough, I’ll give you that, but not tougher than me” Salma put both hands on her corset covered waist as Vivica was clearly NOT pleased “This man, ‘G’” she pointed to Vivica’s choker with an obvious look of asking if THAT was his name, then she simply said it “Is that his name, ‘G’?”

Vivica kept pace with Salma as they slowly circled Julia and she told Salma “I don’t know”

Salma let out a surprised laugh as she told Vivica “You don’t even know the guys name, but you’re wearing that? He must be pretty good for you to not give a fuck, then again..." she sighed "you did get involved with 50 Cent and Six9” Vivica frowned as Salma was quick to point out to her “I admit, they were probably good fucks, but they certainly weren’t much else”

“I think you wanna shut up now” Vivica snarled slowly.

Salma wasn’t done just yet as she came back with “Ohh, Vivica, now don’t get angry. You'll need all of that aggression if you wanna last against me, but at least you’ve moved up to fucking men in the alphabet, instead of in the number series. You and your three losers could go on Sesame Street and teach kids how to count and how to say their ABC’s and learn how to make shitty choices.”

“Very funny, let’s see how funny you are when I put my foot up your ass”

Salma replied “Oh please, I’m so scared of the strong black woman, oh help me, help me please. Save me from the angry, bitter, Black bitch.” Salma looked at her desperately and then smiled as she said “Bitch please. After I lay you the fuck out that mystery manager of yours will know that he needs an experienced leader to lead a bunch of bitches like you. You can be my second-in-command, okay?”

“That’s it!” Vivica had heard enough “Let’s see how much shit talking you do when I knock you the fuck out!”

Now the slow circle dance was over, but Salma told Vivica “Hold it, hold it… let’s get the whore out of the way first” Vivica stopped as Salma went over cautiously to Julia’s up-turned-ass and tipped the French Fucker over and then used her sexy little white boots to roll Julia’s unconscious ass towards the ropes. Julia moaned once or twice, but her eyes stayed thin white slits as Salma’s ankle high flared boots, swirled Julia’s long mane of hers’ around her face as she was finally brought to a stop just at the ropes, back facing inwards towards the ring, arms twisted up underneath her beautiful body and her hips flat against the mat “I like a little clutter” Salma said “I want you to see what awaits you Vivica.”

Salma turned around right into a right cross that sent the Mexican matron cursing and crying out towards the corner “FILTHY BITCH!!!!”

Vivica didn’t say shit, but she remembered how she fucked up earlier with Lucy and that cheatin little bitch kept cheap shootin the shit out of her, NOT THIS TIME! Plus, Vivica saw the stained wet spot on the mat that was underneath Julia’s up-turned-ass and the faint smell of piss. NO WAY!!!! Clearly Salma was NOT playing around and she beat Julia bad enough that she pissed when she passed out, NO WAY!!!! I’m not taking any chances this time!

Salma tried to regain her bearings as Vivica was in hot pursuit! She knew she had underestimated Vivica and ran her mouth a little too much! She threw a punch back, but Vivica jumped back away from it and then dashed in and shoulder rammed into her GUT! SHIT!!!! SHE’S STRONG!!!! Salma tried to keep Vivica from driving her back, but she was too strong and she picked her up just enough, forcing another cry from Salma as Vivica barreled her into the turnbuckle “SHIT!!!!” It was cold comfort, but Salma’s gray corset took a little off, but she was still kicking herself for being so STUPID!!!! Have to get this Black bitch off of me or “UGH!!!!” Vivica began shoulder ramming her in her gut and jamming her into the corner! Salma cried out with each hit and she couldn’t get her bearings at all, NO!!!! Vivica plowed into her time-after-time-after-time until Salma slumped against her back and then cried out in bitter frustration at the ass kicking she was already taking!!!!

OKAY!!!! Now we’re cooking, Vivica thought! She stood up and quickly took Salma in, in all of her fucked up glory. Her bitches are pretty too, she’s got pretty titties, Vivica laughed to herself and knew exactly what to do as Salma was panting in the corner trying desperately to get her bearings! She immediately knife-edge chopped Salma right in her TITS!!!!

“SHIT!!!!” Salma barked and flinched, awww, FUCK!!!! I gotta, Salma YELPED AGAIN as Vivica knife-edged the shit out of her tits again!!!! Her white frilly bra didn’t take a damn thing off of those chops, especially with the way that it barely covered the tops of her tits and the soft cloth-like material that it was made out of. If anything the material seemed to magnify them as her nipples and areolas were stung into attentiveness by yet another chop “YOUUU!!!!” Salma flailed around without warning, just tossing herself from side-to-side in the corner as Vivica chopped her again!!!! STOP!!!! But Salma couldn’t react as she took another and another and then she finally settled back into the corner with her arms wrapped around the ropes, trying to stay up! Her weird gray corset had shoulder straps that went over the top of her white frilly bra and compressed her tits together and really highlighted them, but now all it did was make a giant neon sign for Vivica to hit her there! And Vivica was not letting up!

Salma thrashed about wildly as another chop connected and another and finally she cried out at the top of her lungs from a third! Her nipples were pressing hard through the bra as Salma’s hard panting had her chest heaving, she was ready to be put away that fuckin fast. She’d ran her mouth, turned her back and paid for. She could feel the sweet stinging sensations throughout her body from Vivica’s chops to her chest and then it was like everything was conspiring against her. The feel of her gray stockings on her legs, the garter belt firm around her waist with the straps connected to her stockings. The tail of her half dress that covered her beautiful bare ass from the white g-string she wore. Now she felt like she hadn’t dressed up to meet this mystery man and try to muscle her way into his stable, but that she had dressed up just to become Vivica’s bitch!

She stomped and strummed her heeled boots against the mat as Vivica chopped her again and finally untangled her from the ropes, it can’t… end this way…

It was at this point that she realized that she shouldn’t have taken off and left Penelope Cruz behind like that! She wanted to get here first and make a good impression. She wanted to try to take the top spot in this brand new stable and she’d heard that Vivica was his best bitch. Couldn’t have Penelope around to fuck it up when she won, but now?

Salma whined as Vivica shot her to the opposite turnbuckle tits first, NO!!!! She howled as soon as she connected and instinctively staggered off center from the corner, she was deathly afraid of Vivica running up on her and then smashing her from behind and squashing her in the fuckin corner, so she stumbled out as fast as her fucked up coordination could carry her! Sure enough she heard Vivica and she tried to get out of the way and managed to stumble enough, but then something weird happened “What, what the fuck?” She heard Vivica change direction and she looked to her right to see Vivica coming off the ropes with a very UNWANTED CLOTHESLINE just for her!!!!

Salma barked as her eyes got big and Vivica threw everything into her clothesline as Salma ducked it “SHIT!?!?” Vivica’s arm WHIFFED OVER SALMA’S HEAD and she staggered to a STOP!!!! FUCKIN BITCH!!!! Then Vivica felt Salma’s arms and hands on the back of her head and neck, huh? Then she was YANKED BACKWARDS AND OFF HER FEET!!!! Both bitches hit the mat, but Salma’s reverse neckbreaker had hit the mark and fucked up Vivica, at least for the moment. She heard Vivica’s low whine, but she could tell it was more out of annoyance than pain. Salma tried to get herself in order, but? I have to… SHIT… I’m… so fuckin tired…

Salma thought about running for it, but then what would he think when Vivica bragged about chasing her off like some bitch with her tail between her legs! I CAN’T RUN… I fuckin TRAPPED MYSELF! Salma had barely gotten to her feet when Vivica caught her with a short clothesline that smashed her into the corner that she had been originally shot into “SHIT!!!!”

“Oh no, I’m not gonna let you GET AWAY!!!!” Vivica yelled and then she backed up a little and came in with another clothesline, but Salma got her knee up and planted it in Vivica’s gut “FUCK!!!!” Salma, scared as shit, raked Vivica’s eyes!!!! “AAAA!!!! FUCKIN, BITCH!!!!”

Vivica staggered back and then felt Salma’s hands in her hair as she was being pulled forward!?!? She cried out as she was slammed face first into the turnbuckle by Salma who let out a desperate groan with each angry slam of Vivica’s face into the padded turnbuckle! Vivica cried out and grit her teeth as Salma made her eat turnbuckle by bouncing her head up and down like she was sucking dick! FUCKIN BITCH!!!!

Vivica tried to brace against the corner ropes, but Salma was just as strong as her and she had caught her off-guard! FUCKIN EYE RAKES!!!! EVERYONE ALWAYS DOES THAT SHIT TO ME!!!! COWARDS!!!! FUCKIN COWARDS!!!! She let out a bitter animalistic groan as Salma was also groaning as well and throwing everything she had INTO IT!!!!

Salma screamed as she used both hands in Vivica’s mane to force her to face fuck the padded turnbuckle “YOU LIKE THAT!?!? HUH, BITCH!!!!” Vivica IMMEDIATELY CRIED OUT BITTERLY IN RESPONSE!!!! She shut her eyes tight and just wailed with each forced face fuck and then without warning Salma slammed her face first again and then let her go!

Vivica sprung back up whining with a freshly fucked look on her face “Bitch, fuckin salsa slut” she moaned and tried to right herself, but then she yelped as Salma smacked her right across her cocksuckers and sent her draping arms first away from her, across the ropes groaning “Bitch, I’ll getchu bitch, fuckin bitch” She couldn’t believe how quickly this had turned around on her! It left her dazed and more than a little loose. As she panted she felt Salma pulling her off the ropes “I’ll getchu” she groaned “Salsa slut, I’ll getchu”

Salma however realized that Vivica was actually right. I’m all fucked up, one or two good hits from this bitch and its over. I have to stay on her, but if I can win, what better fuckin way to prove that I deserve a shot, I deserve to lead this Band of Bitches, by laying this ghetto booty bitch out!

She took Vivica turned her to face her “Let’s see how those tits of your like it when I” and knife-edge chopped HER!!!! Vivica immediately flinched and cried out, but Salma wasn’t done as she told her “How about now” and she chopped her again “And NOW” and she chopped her again, then again and again with each one causing Vivica to flinch and tense up!

Vivica covered her tits and cried out as she knew that all Salma was doing was keeping her dazed and off-balance “GET OFFA MEH!!!!” She shoved Salma and then tried to stagger away, but forgot she was trapped in the corner and blundered into the ropes “FUCK!!!!” then turned right into ANOTHER KNIFE-EDGE!!!! MY TITS!!!! She threw her head back and cried out at the ceiling as Salma grabbed her and dragged her stumbling out of the corner “Bitch, let go” but she couldn’t do shit and then Salma sent her shooting towards the ropes, no, she thought, she tried to stop herself, but it was like she had no choice and she rebounded off the ropes, if I can JUST....

Salma didn’t take any chance and she ran up on her and clotheslined the busty black bitch RIGHT IN HER TITS!!!! Vivica cried out and went down onto her back, have to get up! Can’t let her pin me, I CAN’T!!!! She immediately staggered back to her feet and turned into another clothesline to her tender tits! With a FRUSTRATED GROAN Vivica was sent back to the mat and like a mindless zombie bitch she got back up to take another to her tits and then another till she fell and cried out and arched her back! Salma, remembering how Christina Applegate beat her for the fuckin War Queen Title, dropped her elbow right in Vivica’s Canyon of Cleavage and Vivica arched up hard and let out a dick stiffening guttural groan as she tensed… and then fell out flat on her back panting!

Salma didn’t bother with a cover, she just staggered to her feet and said “We’re gonna do this… the old fashion way… bitch… last lady standing… is the winner… heh-heh… and you can’t fuckin stand… so…”

Vivica was panting hard as her two bitches were barking even harder at the punishment they had taken, "can’t… believe this… shit…I can’t… lose to her…I have… to GET UP." But nothing happened. Her legs flinched and she whined. "I have to… I have to…can’t let her… kick my ass… like this…" she hated having the lights in her eyes, but she was so close to passing out, but… "I have to get UP! I have to… I…"

Salma smiled and then let out a relieved sigh as she told Vivica “You’re tough… but I’m tougher, so tell your boss… I’ll be back…” she staggered to the ropes and then started to go through when she was spun around “NOH!!!!”

Sure enough it was Vivica and she cunt kicked Salma with all she had “NOOH!!!!”


Salma couldn’t BELIEVE THIS!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS, ROCKY!?!? She felt Vivica get up underneath her and lock her into some kind of weird ass “WHAT THE, NOOOH!!!!” then Vivica powered her up “NOOOH!!!!” turned abruptly “GHETTO BITCH!!!!” the sheer fact that all of this was going to put her away made Salma soaked and sloppy as she was spread eagled while she was being POWERED DOWN TO THE MAT!!!! Now she was crying out a dick stiffening whine with all she had and actually pissing her panties, then she felt her neck and shoulders slam hard into the mat and she let out a final fatal YELP “SHITTTTT”

Vivica lay there face down with her right arm over top of Salma’s heaving tits and she could hear Salma suckin wind like she was getting fucked. Vivica herself was doing the same, but then she groaned and slowly got up, using Salma’s tits to try and stand “uhhhh” Salma groaned and raised her heels and then she shivered from Vivica using her as a stepping stone… "ghetto bitch… you were supposed… to be… my… stepping stone… my tits… my tits…" Salma could feel every last knife-edge that Vivica had given and now the bitch was using them to get back to her feet… Salma’s eyes were barely open and she cursed in Spanish at Vivica who was finally getting herself in some sort of order.

“Last Lady… standing” Vivica groaned “I told you… we got the power position… filled… you cheap labor loser… now salsa your ass south… bitch…” with that Vivica pushed off of Salma’s tits causing Salma to whine at her and then slip into unconsciousness.

Vivica stood up and tried to get her wind back “That was… too close… too close…” She stood there for a minute and then remembered Julia and went over to her to help her “Hang on Julia” Vivica helped Julia who was out cold “C’mon girl, wake up”

“Wha… what happened?” Vivica helped Julia to her feet and looked her over as Julia was still trying to clear the cobwebs. She couldn’t quite get her bearings as Vivica was asking her something? Then she remembered the big breasted bitch that came in and started asking her questions… “Salma” Julia moaned “Salma”

“I know I just finished”

“You just finished what, LOSER!?!?” Salma grabbed Julia and Vivica by the back of their heads and rammed them together!!!! As soon as the two of them staggered apart Salma went downstairs on both of them with a quick shrug of their shoulders to point them towards her and then quick cunt kicks to fuck them up “LAST LADY STANDING” Salma screamed as she took Vivica and slung her into the far corner turnbuckle “Means that one bitch beats the other one” she then took the visibly fucked up French Fucker Julia and slung her into the corner directly opposite of Vivica “TILL SHE CAN’T GET UP!!!! I would use Ebonics, but I’m NOT FLUENT ENUFF!!!!”

Julia was still trying to get her bearings! I can’t believe this Spanish SLUT “AAAAA!!!!” Julia was jammed up into the corner by a hard splash from Salma which actually caused her to toss her arms over the ropes just to stay up! She remembered how hard she had fought Salma, but the bitch was just too strong for her and that quick she was practically out on her feet again! Julia whined out loud while she whined to herself, she’s breaking me, breaking me! I can’t let her lay me out again! My panties are already soaked from sloppy pussy juice and piss!

Vivica was no better as the shock that Salma had not only gotten up again, but so QUICKLY!?!? HOW!?!? HOW did she get back UP!?!? But she got no answer to that except the head-on-collision of Julia, right up into her from Salma sending her screaming out of the corner and into her! Both Black bitches barked hard as they connected and Vivica’s bitches in her bra started yelping again! NOH!!!! But then as Julia was panting hot and heavy against her they both barked again as Salma splashed Julia’s beautiful backside with her own body, crushing Vivica in the corner!

They howled bitterly as Salma backed up and Julia in her fucked up state staggered backwards moaning and then just fell out onto her back! FUCKIN CUNT!!!! Julia thought, but Salma had seen this shit a thousand times on TV but never in person and she was curious what would happen so like a fool she let it play out.

As Julia lay there arching her back and trying to get herself in order she looked up and saw Salma “BITCH” but then Salma’s sick smile threw her off. Vivica staggered forward and then crashed down face first right into Julia’s crotch and the French Fucker sat up with a weird squeal and started to grab the back of Vivica’s head, but then she felt the fringes of her mane being grabbed, "nooohhhhh, not now, not now. Vivica! Vivica you dumb cunt, help meh!" Salma was pulling her up by her hair and she was still stunned from the face plant that Vivica had just given her! Can’t get my bearings, I’m totally soaked and she’s all over meh! Julia crawled from underneath Vivica who was just moaning and panting into her pussy practically, but she crawled because Salma was forcing her to her feet, "nooooh, no." She still never really recovered from the ass kicking that Salma had initially given her and so she raised her arms as she was being forced to her feet, but they were raised more out of fear and not fight “You, let go of my hair” she whined.

Salma was shocked that once again she had found yet another Black bitch with ACTUAL long hair! He’s a picky son-of-a-bitch, I see that already. "Aww, don’t you look so pretty?" Salma finally got Julia to her feet and she cunt kicked the crap out of Julia again! "WHOA, you are one sexy sounding slut!" Salma soaked in Julia’s yelp and how she could look at Julia and tell, one good shot and the bitch was gonna go down, but she still needed her and so…

Salma took her and slung her back to the, NO! Julia REVERSED SALMA’S IRISH WHIP “NO YOU DON’T BITCH!!!!” Julia cried out!!!! Then she yelped again as Salma REVERSED IT BACK and they looked like a whirling dervish, but this time you could hear it as Julia cried out and her free arm was slung out away from her body as gravity and nature took its course! She couldn’t reverse it back and the sexy slut was sent screaming into the corner and the turnbuckle tits first “UHH!!!!” FUCKKKK… Julia just started panting and she lay there trembling and whining as her beautiful tits were telling her that she was too sensitive now to take anymore. The feel of her thong riding up her pantyline and reminding her of how wet and worn out she was, kept her dizzy with too many times when she had been ridden into the ground to be rolled over and have her backdoor drilled until she was face-down-and-ass-up totally turned out “Can’t… take anymore… I can’t” her eyes casted around, but he was nowhere to be found… he was in Tokyo… "Chiaki you bitch", Julia whined because he was in Tokyo while she was here, getting her cunt kicked!

On instinct Salma turned back towards Vivica and just charged FULL-TILT!!!!

Vivica was just starting to run at her, but Salma was already on her “NOH!!!!” Vivica cried out as Salma’s clothesline caught her in her chest! Worse than that Salma shoved her back into the corner “NOH, BITCH!!!!” Vivica was actually rocked backwards up and partially over the corner turnbuckle!

Just the fact that Salma had took her off of her feet like that, plus the fact that she had GOTTEN UP! The fact that Salma was back up on her feet!?!? It weakened her almost as much as the clothesline itself! But as she settled back down in the corner it was at that point as she was gasping for air that she felt the weight of Salma’s body against her, heaving just as hard as she was. "She’s on the verge… of collapse", Vivica whined to herself… "but… I just can’t get my mind right! Breaking me… bitch is breaking me… I can still win", she panted hard, "I can still fuckin win, BUT..." in the back of Vivica’s mind she could feel how hot she was at the fact that Salma was overpowering her, forcing her to give in and it was really fucking her up. She knew that she needed her manager at this point to start putting the whip to her, force her to keep fighting even though she was wearing out… or already worn out…

Sure enough Salma lay up against her weighing on her literally, they were tangled and sweaty from the exertion and neither wanted to lose, but Salma knew that one shot, one hit, from Vivica and she would hit the mat like a ton of bricks and that would be it. It had taken every ounce of strength to get the fuck up from that finishing move. Really it was the fact that she would be laid out and he would come back and Vivica would be able to brag about what an arrogant dumb bitch she had been and gotten knocked the fuck out for it! She’d NEVER HEAR THE END OF IT! Vivica had almost broken her with that fuckin Sambo style suplex. She had pushed her hard enough, fucked her up hard enough… fucked her… hard enough… that she’d actually pissed and just the understanding of what that meant. Just knowing that this bitch had almost knocked her the fuck out and forced her to piss!?!? She couldn’t lose like THAT, although it was… Salma had to admit…Vivica you’re a strong bitch, she had to admit that, but I have to beat you. I HAVE TOO!!!!

Salma got up off of Vivica and started to grab her when Vivica threw a sloppy punch that Salma easily blocked “CUNT!!!!” Salma yelled and caught Vivica in her jaw, rocking her back into the corner with another hard bark! Vivica felt her legs go numb and she tried to grab Salma, but then she felt Salma slap her senseless like she was some two-dollar tramp! NOOOH! Vivica knew that all Salma wanted was to get her turned around, get her fucked up mentally. Then Vivica whined as she was shot out of the corner and right towards Julia who was practically out on her feet! She tried to stop herself but she couldn’t and she crashed right into Julia who let out a long hard whine! Then both of them were barreled into by Salma. Julia couldn’t take anymore!

Salma summoned up all her strength as Vivica staggered back into her. She took the busty Black beauty and immediately sent her screaming right back to the corner that she had come from and saw Vivica slam to a stop and then just drape over the corner turnbuckle! GOOD! Then Salma spun back to Julia who was coming at her with a weak ass whine and she cunt kicked the bitch for the umpteenth time and the French Fucker immediately stooped over and stuck her ass out, ready to be put away! Salma struck quickly by sliding Chanel’s head in between her legs and setting her up for what could be a Pedigree or some other move. "NOH, NOH, FUCK! GET OFF, GET OFF!"

Either way Julia weakly danced around trying to get free! Salma struggled with her and then the bitch actually did get free! Salma staggered back in shock as Julia stumbled with her back to the corner and then cursed and tried to rush her! "Gotta put her away!" Julia thought, "I can’t let her beat both of us!" Julia knew that if he was here, he would know what to do! He would tell her what to do, but he WASN’T! So she had to do SOMETHING!

The distance was REAL CLOSE!!!! But Salma managed to grab the whore before she could do whatever was running through her mind. She got her up, Julia couldn’t believe this shit and she felt Salma’s firm grip on the undersides of her ass, "I’m in trouble! I can’t get out! CAN’T FEEL THE MAT" and then Salma spun slightly as Julia was once again yelping in surprise! It happened too fast and Julia couldn’t get out as she was lifted and she just pissed her panties as Salma got her over and powered her down!!!! Julia took all of Salma’s spinebuster, FUCK, and as Salma sat up, Julia sprung up sideways from off the mat in a totally fucked up, rebounding, sort of way!

"Have to hold on… Vivica… have to, ohhhhh FUCK," her eyes were fluttering and she hovered halfway sitting up for a second, "ohhhhh FUCK… that’s it… I’m ready, to be ass… fucked…" then her eyes showed that no one was home as she careened over onto the side of her face with a loud dick stiffening moan to let anyone within earshot know that she was out for the night!

Vivica heard Julia’s cock teasing cry and tried to rouse herself from up out of the corner, "Juliaaaah… shit… I’m sorry…" but she took in a deep breath and then with a hard shuddering moan she slumped back into the corner and went back to panting like a broken bitch. Vivica knew how she looked draped over the corner post like this. "Can’t take much more, but… I can’t… move… I can’t… bitch is strong… too strong… my bitches are just barking so hard… I’m worn out…" Vivica could feel the choker around her neck and she wished he was here. She wished he was here to shout words of encouragement! She needed him, this was why he was supposed to be, and that’s when it hit her. "He tried to tell me not to… fuckin bastard… I should’ve just gone with them to Tokyo…"

Vivica tried to get up out of the corner and she could imagine him cursing her the fuck out, but not really. "Salma is right", she thought, "I barely even fuckin know him… so fuckin desperate for something… anything…" Vivica tried again and Salma saw her trembling as she was running up behind Vivica! But she couldn’t get up and Salma slammed into her causing Vivica to cry out!

Quickly now, Salma slung Vivica around and she could see the exhaustion. Vivica felt so weak, Salma was starting to own her ass and she panted and licked her lips and tried again to do something, anything, but she was exhausted. Salma could see that Vivica was ready to be put away, but Salma said nothing to her. She didn’t dare! The bitch had surprised her enough already!

She took Vivica who whined in resistance and shot her to the corner to their left! "Nooooh, no more, I have to...", Vivica tried to stop but she just couldn’t, she was worn out and she just couldn’t resist anymore, "I can’t let this bitch beat me!" But as soon as she slammed into the turnbuckle she whined hard and she felt just how worn out she was. She was soaked slick with wetness as Salma was starting to womanhandle her now. The feel of the choker only intensified how hot she was. Salma was starting to show her just how much stronger she was as she slammed into her while she was desperately turning around in the corner. "MY TITS!!!!"

Vivica slumped against Salma, but there was no rest for the weary as Salma, with an angry groan, whipped her out of the corner. Vivica cursed bitterly “SHIT!!!!” as she was sent to the opposite one! Vivica knew Salma was right behind her, but she just couldn’t fuckin stop herself! Then she collided with the corner, tits first again! Her nipples dilated and her pussy actually creamed, then Salma slammed into her and the whole thing just made Vivica feel like Salma was just riding her like a man who’d just gone balls deep in her sloppy pussy! She cried out hard and loud as she could feel just how badly she was getting her ass kicked!

But no sooner did she start panting, she just couldn’t fall over, at least not before Salma could shoot her back to the corner that had Julia just off center of it, ass up turned again, eyes thin white slits, out fuckin cold... again.

Vivica wished that he was here, Lucy, someone! Salma was breaking her, totally fucking her senseless with these fuckin turnbuckles! But she knew that this time Salma was probably gonna finish her off now, she had to. She’d just slammed her into all four corners and even as horny and humbled as Vivica had been reduced to, she knew that this was going to be the end of their fight.

Julia was down-and-out, no one was here to help her and Salma was right behind her again, ready to go ball’s deep again into her already kicked cunt. Soon as she connected with the corner she threw her head back, wailed, and managed to turn around in time to see Salma who slammed her tits into hers! Salma made sure to splash Vivica hard and heavy by actually leaving her feet and getting her whole fuckin body into it! She needed to show this bitch that she was stronger than her in everyway! She was the former War Queen while Vivica was just Soul Food Slop!

Salma soaked in the pathetic whines of Vivica whose head was still thrown back. She was just whining as loud as she could at the ceiling lights! Vivica was letting Salma know that she had her and that she was having her way with her and that this was it for her. Salma let her whole bodyweight just crush Vivica in the corner and then she pushed off of the beaten bitch with authority “THAT’S IT!!!!” Salma yelled!

Vivica shuddered, "I’m finished, I’m finished", and then stumbled out of the corner right into her own finishing move, "Fuckin… bitch…" She couldn’t fend it off, she couldn’t do a damn thing as she knew Salma was getting a rush out of fuckin finishing her with her own fuckin move. "Fuckin bitch", Vivica whined mentally, but she couldn’t help but cry out as Salma got her up, turned quickly and then brought her powering down! The speed and angle always spread eagled whoever got caught with the fuckin move and this only mind fucked Vivica harder as she was no different! With a bitter bark “SHIT, BITCH!!!!” Vivica was slammed onto the back of her neck and shoulders and it was all over! Salma then quickly used Vivica’s tits to support herself and stand up the same way that Vivica had goosed her earlier!

Everything just crashed together on Vivica. She could feel how wet she was from fighting with Salma and somehow having the whole thing take a sort of sexual overtone of strength and… will power… "Bitch", she whined to herself, "I won’t let you… I won’t… I can’t… lose my spot… I can’t let you… take him from me… someone finally… wants to fuckin help me succeed… I can’t… fuckin bitch…" Vivica let out the sweetest whine and started to roll onto her side fighting unconsciousness… and losing, "Bitch… fuckin… bitch…" Vivica then felt her tits, her bitches, actually fall free from her bra and that was the very last straw for her, "Can’t… I can’t…" she knew she was broken and the shuddering waves washed over her and took her under. She felt the sweet sensations as she whined to herself at how Salma had kicked her cunt and shown her how she had won the War Queen Title the hard way. She wanted to hang on, hold out, but she just couldn’t and she wished that he was here. She hoped that he would forgive her for getting her ass beat like this… then her eyes rolled up and she whimpered in an attempt to actually say his name, but she didn’t even fuckin know it… "Pathetic", she thought, "I’m so fuckin… pathetic…"

Salma saw the trembling of Vivica’s body, but especially the slow spasms of her hips and she knew. "You put up one hell of a fight bitch, "she thought, "but you don’t have the experience... to contend with a bitch like me." Salma reached down and took Vivica’s boot by the ankle as she lay on her left side shuddering. She watched in aroused awe as Vivica pissed hot and heavy at being broken by her. Salma knew that this was not like what happened to Vivica with Halle… no… she knew that this was solely because she had beaten her, showed her who was really the better bitch “Looks like I beat you bitch” Salma moaned at Vivica and watched in a transfixed state.

Vivica instinctively whined and Salma saw how it seemed like Vivica was trying to make sure that she got every last little bit of her salty streaming shower out… and then Salma lowered her leg in an almost ceremonial fashion “You’re gonna be all fucked up in the head Vivica…something tells me he’ll know how to help you through this…” Salma smiled as she pointed out to Vivica's prone form “That’s why you shouldn’t always accept gift from strangers though”

Salma started to slowly walk away, but seeing that sight? Knowing that she had gone toe-to-toe with her like that and beat her bad enough to make her piss like she was some sort of… broken bitch? That kind of… power… strength, WHATEVER… Salma wanted more of it “I know you came too?” Salma was almost hesitant to leave as she looked at both Vivica and Julia “It was… intense, right? But at least now... we know that Black women... aren’t quite as strong as their own fuckin hype… cause I just broke two of you bitches... in one fuckin...” She didn’t bother to finish as she laughed and got out of the ring.

Slowly she made her way to the door, glancing back and seeing that neither Vivica… or Julia… were moving. She’d knocked both bitches out. She laughed some more “I beat two Black bitches in one fuckin fight, YES!!!!” Salma reached the door, it was dark outside… she didn’t want anyone to come in and do something to them, then she would look REALLY FUCKED UP. She knew by the fact that they had those chokers, he’d be real pissed if something happened to his bitches because she’d laid them low and then some asshole got more than sloppy seconds. So? She decided… to gamble.

Salma switched the lights off slowly while savoring seeing Julia’s up-turned-ass exposed in that beautiful French maid outfit. Seeing Vivica laid low… out fuckin cold… Salma shut the lights all off till the last light was outlining Vivica and Julia… and then she shut it off slowly, reluctantly, as she said “Okay mystery man… what are you gonna do now… when you find your precious little pussy, Vivica, all sloppy and worn out?” Salma disappeared into the night… leaving the door… unlocked… and the lights off.
DOWNLOAD - RagDoll Vol.2 (Vanessa vs. Brooke)
DOWNLOAD - RagDoll Vol.2 (Vanessa vs. Brooke)