Born: July 30th, 1964 Height: 5’7” Weight: 130lbs Eyes: Brown Measurements: 35DD-24-37 Orientation: Bisexual Years Catfighting: 15
Vivica FoxPrevious League: The BBA (Black Beauties of America)
Previous Belts: BBA Champ 3x’s, BBA TVE Champ 3x’s, BBA Tag Champ (with Lisa Raye) 5x’s, (with Stacey Dash) 3x’s,(with Halle Berry) 3x’s, (with Traci Bingham) 2x’s
Finishing Moves: Fox Force-1 (Super Sambo Suplex that actually takes opponent off of their feet as she drives them down onto their neck, shoulders and upper-back!), Hard Driver! (Cinches opponent up in a standing bearhug and then after securing them abruptly delivers a belly-to-belly driver where she brings her weight down on them as well!), Fox-Flyer (Overhead Release German Suplex!)
Strengths: Although she originally presented herself as non-experienced she is a Veteran Catfighter with Veteran experience, MILF, Mistress of the Clothesline, great power moves, Queen of the Closed Fist and Foot, great technical moves, great tag catfighter, Mistress of Dirty Tactics and Win-At-All-Cost which she keeps to a minimum until needed, great stablemate and teammate, great brawler, can take an ass-whipping and has high endurance, can win long matches, as she builds momentum her attacks do abnormal damage, can actually fight lightning fast opponents while she herself is only quick, can withstand multiple finishers even in long matches, good fighter that can actually fight great fighters, good leadership abilities, good speed moves, skilled in BDSM, Mistress of Deception and Sneaky Tactics which she keeps to herself till needed, Evil Black Queen Complex now with extra compassion since she leads Geese’s Girls, abilities increase whenever she works together with Lucy and/or Chiaki, abilities increase whenever she works with her old tag partners, abilities increase dramatically when managed by Geese, willing to toady to Geese and does so often and openly
Weaknesses: Much like her rival Salma and her teammates Lucy and Chiaki she is mentally worn and it can be used against her in matches, eye-rakes do ungodly things to her on all levels and leave her extremely vulnerable/she also takes damage like a bitch when hit after getting eye-raked, getting womanhandled has a severe affect on her which allows her to be KO’d and/or pinned, wearing her out mentally or physically causes her to be unable to recover and she simply takes damage till she gets KO’d or pinned, tits, her two Little Bitches (tits) react and respond as the match goes so if she is doing poorly they become extremely sensitive and can cause all kinds of crap to go wrong for her, continuous attacks against her tits can actually wear her out physically and mentally to the point of Sudden KO, constantly attacking her tits can also cause her to start taking damage like a bitch regardless of where she is hit, although she has definitely reigned it in she is still very stubborn about certain things which leads her into trouble, Vivica is actually needy but this weakness is non-existent now that she has Geese, Lucy and Chiaki, Halle Berry often times gets her goat and has been able to one-up her a number of times in their feuds, Vivica’s desire to please Geese can cause her to lose track of things.

Vivica Anjanetta Fox… has many secrets. Born in Indianapolis, Indiana she has found herself in the midst of the shadow of Sin City, and honest to God, loves it. But she has been intentionally at times downplaying who she is for the sole purpose of NOT giving Geese the wrong impression and getting dumped. She has lied a few times, which she believes he may have known were lies on her part, but let her slide. But she has lied in an attempt to show him that she is NOT what some people think and that she simply wants a clean enough slate so that he will see her for the woman she is, and not the bitch that she has been projected to be BY SOME PEOPLE. It is this unique perspective that makes her able to get along with and stay friends with Lucy Liu, because she knows exactly how Lucy feels and why she does-what she does, however? She is far better skilled at expressing herself and showing her love and devotion to the one she wants to be with, than Lucy is and that often leads to trouble between the two. Anji, as she is called by her close friends, sees this as her LAST CHANCE, to truly find love and happiness. She is one of The 3, and is the actual leader of The 3, known as the stable group of VLK. Unlike Lucy or Chiaki, Vivica was married and got divorced. But the man she married wasn’t much of a fit with her any better than 50 Cent was a fit for her either. Now… contrary to popular belief, Vivica is actually far from a hood-rat, but she has at times reached wayyyy too far to show how “DOWN” she is, with and for, the Black community of America. At times her attempts to show her “Blackness” has blown up in her face and other times it’s just been a big joke! And not the ha-ha funny kind, but the OhmifuckinGOD, what the FUCK is she doing!?!!

These are the mistakes of the past that are helping her shape how she has handled this entire encounter with Geese which has now turned into a full-fledged relationship. She has abandoned all of her other friends and projects prior to this! Solely because she is truly in love with this man and has decided to roll the dice one more time, but this time on a limb that is much-much further out from the tree than all of her previous ones, which is scary within itself. For her it is about the fact that he actually GETS IT! He actually GETS HER and that… turns her on more than anything else, and not just between the legs, but in all of the places that are said, and known, to separate WOMEN, from men. What made Vivica decide to stay with Geese, even though she knows full well that he has feelings for other women, is his honesty and the way that he clearly favors her above the others. They have had in the course of a few short weeks, conversations that she knows have been between THEM and THEM ALONE! This is the privilege of being FIRST, and it is the main reason why Lucy is fighting hard to dethrone her from the proto-typical “First Wife” position. Unlike Lucy, Vivica realized from Day One of being on Geese’s Estate, his Maid Enforcer’s staff, treats her and Lucy and Chiaki… like they are Geese’s wives! NOT, his girlfriends! And not some fly-by-night, FUCKS! OR BOOTY-CALL’S! But Lucy, so caught-off-guard by the situation, generally tends to start fights and get angry before paying attention to what is really going on around her and in this situation! It’s Vivica’s FAILURES in her previous relationships that she has learned from and grown far more tolerance before snapping off at the mouth or making a BAD quick-decision… and then regretting it. It is this undercurrent of calm that has totally thrown Lucy off and has made Vivica able to reach out and connect with the likes of Traci Bingham and Stacey Dash. It is also her actual honesty about herself that has proven to Geese why she is First. And all others are behind her. Vivica has gotten burned in the past by being honest about what she has done wrong or messed up on, but before? It was that almost confrontational nature that had people wondering, while her good deeds were definitely NOT going unpunished.

But from the moment she sat down in that bar where Halle literally beat the piss out of her! The moment she sat down next to that stranger and he started talking to her about what she still could do with herself and her life, the time she has left? As cliché and campy as some of you hardcore muthafucka’s may find it. Even Evil Bitches need love and support, and when Vivica met and was introduced to “Mister Manager” in what is now the Golden Fox Lounge… she knew she’d found the man that she would spend the rest of her life with regardless of all else….