Salma's Solution/Geese's Last Stand

Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz, Vivica Fox, Lucy Liu and Chiaki Kuriyama

Sitting in its wire framed stand, the chic silver cell phone stood alone with the casual cackling conversation in the background until "I'll get it!" The ring tone started yet another mad dash to this lovely little silver cell phone with the accompanying back and forth banter of "I'll GET IT!"

"No, you just RELAX, I'LL GET IT!"

"Take your hands off my, GET OFF"

"I SAID I'LL GET IT!!!!" finally Salma pushed Penelope out of her way and gripped up her cell phone! Penelope could only laugh quietly at how giddy Salma was! I guess beating two Black bitches at the same time does that to a woman, Penelope thought. But it's not like you won a title or nothing! You're really into this G-man, aren't you!?!?

As Penelope thought about that, Salma got herself in order, then flipped her head to the side quickly to get her long ass mane of her hair out of her way, as well as try to collect herself! This has GOTTA BE HIM THIS TIME!!!! It has to be, don't wanna sound over anxious and shit "Hello" Salma tried to sound as smooth and easy-going as possible, but her face soured immediately as she said "Excuse me… well, yes" then she looked in disbelief as Penelope started silently cracking up behind her. Salma didn't bother to turn around and look at Penelope as she said "Well, look, I'm waiting for an important call… of course I care about animals, but… look… well…" Salma sighed and then said "I'm really, really, really trying to be nice to you" then she whispered into her cell "but you're starting to piss me off. Well fine then" then Salma yelled "Fuck you and your furry friends, hope you find a cure for Hepatitis-C, BITCH!" then she hung up and tossed the damn silver piece of shit across the table!

Penelope sunk down against the couch and just started laughing to herself! She didn't wanna crush her best friend's dreams or whatever the hell they were, but still?

Salma looked up at the ceiling and then turned around slowly towards Penelope and said "What… the hell are you laughing at bitch?"

Penelope immediately answered "You" then she motioned with her hand at Salma and started moving her hand up and down like Salma was on display "Look at YOU! You're like 'I bet it's him, fuck outta my way! It's him, it's him! OHHH GGGGG-Mannnnn!!!!' HA-HA-HA-HAH-HA!!!!! And it's always anybody BUT HIM!!!! HA-HA-HA-OW!"

Salma tossed another sofa cushion at Penelope and told her to "Shut the fuck up! You're just jealous!"

Penelope batted down the next sofa cushion that Salma had tossed at her and came right out and said it "You're just hoping that he'll be all like 'Oh Salma, I was such a fool. How could I have that ignorant Ghetto Bitch Vivica anywhere near a position of Leadership?' … unless it was the Soul Train Dancing Line!?!? We all know that Vivica can DROP IT LIKE IT'S HOT!" and just as soon as Penelope said that she looked at Salma with the most retarded face and asked her best friend "And why does she always say that?"

Salma immediately started dying as Penelope looked at her and Penelope's face went from serious and intense thought on why Vivica seemed like a middle-aged woman stuck on stupid, to one of the goofiest looks ever! Penelope then got up and approached Salma with these next words of wisdom "Salma, cause I know that's what you want him to say. Salma" she then took Salma's hand and looked deep into her eyes, trying hard as hell to ignore Salma's sick ass smile as she said "Salma, you were right and you opened my eyes with your dazzling display of strength and superior skill!"

Salma blushed a bit and then batted her eyelashes as Penelope leaned into her and said "Come here you big busted Mexican bitch and I will make you a star of the catfighting court, reow, you sexy BEAST!"

Now, Salma couldn't hold it in any longer "REOW you sexy BEAST?!?! YOU'RE A FOOL!!!!" they immediately started laughing like jackals as they both realized that Salma's victory was one helluva calling card until Salma settled down, wiped the tears from her eyes from laughing and then seriously said "I think he may be upset with me because I left them there like that."

"You really think so?"

"I dunno I'm just? I thought he would have called by now."

Penelope smiled and settled down her damn self as she asked her under-tall Amazon friend "You really want in, don't you?"

"Yes" Salma didn't mean to say it so fast, the last thing she wanted was to sound desperate, but it was because, she told Penelope that it was because "Look at who he picked? Vivica Fox? Loser city and I don't mean that to be nasty, but Vivica has done okay for herself, but come on? Everyone and their mother knows that Vivica literally is junk in the trunk."

Penelope looked at Salma sideways and smirked, but then Salma told her "I'm serious. I know it sounds funny, but Vivica is going nowhere, was going nowhere and will never reach nowhere."

Penelope jumped in right quick with "You're really feelin it today"

Salma told her "Of course! It's because someone like Vivica wouldn't know opportunity if her life depended on it. She got clobbered by a door for Christ sakes! She's running around in butt-huggin booty shorts and shakin her ass on stage for some stupid son-of-bitch like 50-fuckin-Cent who disses women and yes I said diss! He disrespects women at every turn, but then wants us to buy his shitty record! He can go to the Candy Shop with his gay-ass thug boyfriends! Vivica, she's a fool, but he's giving her the top-spot?" Salma looked like the world was about to blow up at even the mere mention of such an utterly preposterous NOTION "I mean c'mon, Vivica A. Fox and what's up with the play on words? Vivica's A. Nut!" but even as Penelope laughed Salma said "Where does he think he's going with that tired old loser?"

Penelope raised an eyebrow as Salma flopped down next to her on the last remaining sofa cushion. Penelope had gotten here late, no thanks to the barroom brawl that her and Salma had earlier, but she didn't think that Salma was going to get this caught up in all of this "Is that what this is really all about?"

As soon as Salma heard that she really didn't know how else to put it, so she put it to Penelope like this "Look, I was War Queen and no one gave a shit, okay? Simple as that, but this guy is working with Vivica and Loose Legged Lucy Liu!"

Penelope laughed as Salma looked at her like, what the fuck, and then said "WHAT THE FUCK!!!!"

Everybody knows that that cross-eyed DOG EATER sucks major WHITE DICK!!!!"

Penelope checked her "Hey now, HEY, she doesn't eat dog!"

But then Salma looked at her like, I GOTCHA, as she fired right back "You know that and I know that, but then why did the DUMB CUNT, GET ON SNL" and she really wanted Penelope to follow her on what she was saying and her DISGUST WITH THIS BITCH, was even WORSE THAN VIVICA as she said "This WHORIENTAL" Penelope started cracking up at the absolute venom that was dripping off of Salma's words as Salma said "THIS CROSS-EYED FUCKDOLL! Have you noticed that she looks really RATTY!!!! Seriously, NO SERIOUSLY stop laughing, I'm serious! Some, I mean, some of her pictures? Like she just got off the fuckin BOAT! I'm like ILLLLL men think that's sexy? She looks like she needs shots or something in some of her pictures!"

Penelope could not help but laugh as she told Salma "STOP! STOP YOU'RE KILLIN ME!!!!"

"NO SERIOUSLY, the bitch looks like she's living on the streets some times or like she, like she JUST woke up and just dumped FOUNDATION" Salma just started stammering as she was pandering to Penelope on how she couldn't believe, she stressed to Penelope that "It's like she just gets up and 'Oh well, not too many Asian bitches willing to blow dick for a role, so hi-ho-here-I-go"

"STOPPP! MIGOD STOP!!!!" Penelope was holding her stomach as Salma had the arm flail going to show just how fucked up looking Lucy looked some times!

"Then she just WHOOSH!!!! THROWS A TON OF FOUNDATION, on her fuckin, ALL OVER HER FACE!!!!" Penelope started to fall over Salma's knee, but Salma kept going "I mean, then the bright lights, the funky-spunk from catchin cum all day LIKE A SEAL! Then that CRAP" Salma made a quick sweeping motion in front of her own face "ALL OVER HER FACE! Then those HOT ASS LIGHTS and all that shit JUST MELTS!!!! Then the bitch looks all GREASY AND SHIT, her face just looks GREASY ALL THE DAMN TIME!!!! And those FRECKLES!?!?"

Then Penelope cried out "STOP!!!! GOD STOP!!!!" but Salma wasn't tryin to hear that!

Salma gasped and then said "She looks like Petey the Fuckin Cross-eyed DOG!!!! OR THAT, that freaked out Cat from that Comic Strip, what the fuck is his name, the cat with the weird fuckin HAIRS and he looks all FUCKIN STRESSED!?!?"

Penelope looked lost for a second then she cried out "OH! WAIT, WAIT, You're talking about the comic strip with the little fuckin PENGUIN! Opus! The fuckin penguin named Opus and that weird ass FREAKY LOOKIN CAT!!!!"

"YEAH, YEAH!!!!" Salma started snapping her fingers as she remembered "BILL THE CAT!!!! She looks like Bill the Fuckin CAT! She gets on Saturday Night Live a few years back and starts doing this crappy monologue about eating dogs and shit while she was on vacation in China!" Salma looked at Penelope in disbelief and then said "What the fuck is wrong with her? I didn't know Asians ran Hollywood! I'm sure some Asian American will be along ANY MINUTE TO" Salma looked around and Penelope just busted out laughing as Salma kept looking for "Any MINUTE NOW? Where, WHERE ARE THE ASIAN PEOPLE" she looked under one of the cushions "They, THEY'RE AROUND HERE SOMEWHERE TO CONTRADICT THIS SHIT!?!? I KNOW, OH WAIT, it's just you Lucy, UNDER THE FUCKIN CASTING TABLE, AGAIN!!!! If the bitch was Mexican, she would've gotten her ass handed to her by now and knew to keep her ratty haired, greasy faced cum-catchin-cock-eyed-mouth SHUT!!!!"

Penelope fell out onto the floor dying as the cell phone rang from somewhere behind the living room table and Salma was quickly up off the couch and running "That's probably how Lucy Liu has to do it when she finally gets the part! Gotta be quick to get out the backdoor before someone knows what she's done!" Penelope waved her off as Salma found the cell phone and opened it as she stood to her feet and quickly got herself in order in time to say "Hello?"

"I didn't actually think that this number worked, guess I was wrong."

Salma's eyes lit up with recognition and she waved behind her to tell Salma to put a sock in it as she said "So, you're G-Man?"

"I wish, no, my name is Geese, Geese Howard." Salma couldn't make out his tone. It was very even-keel, almost devoid of any kind of emotion and she didn't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing. So she simply decided to go out on a limb, she'd gone this far.

She got herself together and said "I heard about your group."

"Oh really and how did you hear about that?" he asked.

She said "I have my ways, but when I heard who you were looking at? I had to hurry to get here and see whether or not you were as reasonable a man as I hear."

He pointed out to her that "It's dangerous in Vegas right now, you know that right?"

"I know" Salma countered and added "I proved that already, didn't I?"

Now she heard emotion and not the kind she wanted to hear as he said "Yeah, about that. I can't say that I appreciate you leaving Vivica and Julia in an unlocked gym."

Salma KNEW IT, SHIT, but she quickly responded "I know and I'm sorry" even Penelope was stunned. Salma wasn't whining, but Penelope was stunned by Salma's quick response to him clearly bringing up what Salma always thought and feared was gonna be a big-time problem.

Salma quickly told him "I know I could've done things differently, but Vivica was right where I knew she would be and I didn't expect the French Fucker to still be in town with you out of town. I found out that Chanel always goes wherever you are and to find her still here while you weren't? It was a big surprise and I… I know it was a risk, but Vivica and Lucy Liu and the Crazy Psycho Chick from Kill Bill? Chiaki I can at least understand, she's been fighting overseas, but Lucy couldn't beat Vivica and Vivica couldn't beat me" Salma cradled her cell phone and tried to keep it to a whisper, knowing Penelope was behind her somewhere as she told Geese "You know you need experience. Vivica's strong, but she's clueless! C'mon, I know you know that."

He countered with "That's why it's called training."

"But" Salma didn't like this as she said "C'mon" while trying to keep her voice low. "I've heard how you've fawned over her, that's not gonna help in the ring. I heard how you helped Lucy in Tokyo, I'm much better than both of them. If I had a manager like you, I'd be able to really get things done and then you could teach them while actually being involved in my actual ranking matches. Right now, you're stuck teaching them the basics OF the Basics!"

"Salma, I hear what you're saying, but the bottom line is that you barely beat Vivica and you already know if I would've been at ringside you would've lost."

Salma grit her teeth "But if you had me at the wheel, with Vivica and Lucy as one team and Chiaki and I as another, you'd have a ton of options! Vivica and Lucy are a matching set and Chiaki has experience and so do I! Both groups would have speed, power and quickness! I KNOW that you know that!"

why are you, she asked herself, is that it? Is it because you invited them, took them in yourself? "Look Geese," she told him bluntly "I have what you need and you have what I need. See, I'm not kidding you and I'm talking to you like a woman and not like lord knows what you've been hearing from them. I've always wanted someone in my corner that I knew I could rely on other than just Penelope. Someone who could see the whole ring and could help me when I couldn't help myself or give me that added edge when I needed it! I may not like Vivica, but I even told her to her face, the bitch is strong, okay? There, I admit, I would have probably lost if she had you at ringside and I told her that in so many words and THAT was why I was there! I could use some support, but unlike them I can stand on my own! I know having those three has to be a handful!"

He milled it over for a moment and he could tell that she was really trying to get him to understand. She does have a point, he thought, but Vivica would be devastated if I gave her spot to Salma "Sorry Salma"

"WHAT?!?! Are YOU FUCKIN KIDDING ME!?!?" Salma stood straight up and then her disbelief and frustration just got the better of her and she said "You feel sorry for those bitches?!?! That's it isn't it? I know I fucked up leaving them there, but C'MON! Lucy Liu and Vivica? Chiaki is good, but she doesn't have the body frame to wrestle over here!"

"Salma, you should've talked to me first before trying to Alpha Female your way into my stable."

Salma then looked at her phone like she had misheard him and Penelope finally came over as Salma said "Seriously, seriously, stop playing. You're doing this because, because you KNOW that I'm better than Vivica and, and, you don't wanna hurt her feelings! But she's NOT GOOD ENUFF! You should, she GOT KNOCKED OUT BY A DOOR!!!! A DOOR FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!!!"

Then he calmly replied "I know you aren't trying to argue with me when you got beat pretty fuckin fast for that War Queen Belt. Also, I can tell that you got pushed to your limits by Vivica and you won by the skin of your teeth. I didn't invite you, simple as that and then you crash my gym, beat up Vivica and Julia and then you honestly think that I would allow you to be rewarded for that?" Salma couldn't believe that he, but then he started up again "No Salma, you only showed me how close Vivica is without my help and you proved my point and helped me in a way that I can't possibly tell you."

He felt Vivica draw up next to him as he sat on his office couch. Listening to this, hearing him tell Salma to go to hell… in so many words, it sent a warm sensation coursing through her body that got her two little bitches to stand up at attention. That's right, Vivica smiled as he continued to berate and belittle Salma quietly, slowly. That's right you fuckin bitch, Vivica climbed onto the couch to sit up next to him, drawing her white sheer robe around herself. You beat me, but it was up to him to accept you, not me. She watched him closely as he smiled at whatever Salma was saying and then calmly replied and Vivica could actually hear Salma's squawking voice come back, loud and angry. Vivica reached over carefully and caressed his close shaved head and then she basked in his words and the fact that he would NOT let Salma join after she had done what she did.

Vivica couldn't resist pressing herself against him as he went back and forth with the bitch that had put her down and Vivica wanted him to feel the fact that she was getting turned on by his "protection", by his defending of his defeated bitch and the fact that even though she had tasted defeat he was not going to just cast her aside like some others had. You won't do that to me, will you, she asked herself.

She looked at him and loved how he would not turn to face her, but was instead totally focused on the conversation at hand and letting Salma know that she shouldn't have done what she did… and it made her hot. It made her wet, because he was standing by his word and so Vivica pressed into his personal space and as soon as he lifted his arm up she dipped underneath it and slid up against him and pressed her tits against his business suit. She held him and then wilted under his one armed protective embrace as she rested her forehead against his shoulder and just basked in his protective words and actions. You may have beat me in that battle, but you just lost the war because of it… bitch.

Salma turned pale and sour-faced and then she panted through her nose a few times at the audacity, then she finally said "LOOK, I got BEAT! It happens, that's why I'm sitting here, YOU KNOW WHAT? FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU AND YOUR GOOD FOR NUTHING SELLOUT STABLE OF C-LIST KICKED CUNTS!!!! BASTARD!!!!" Penelope tried to stop her, but she was too late as Salma slammed the cell phone down on the plush penthouse carpet and then proceeded to stomp the shit out of it "LOSER!!!! Why would you" then she stopped…

It was at this point that she could feel Penelope trying to calm her down and yelling at her to stop and… Salma stood there. Penelope finally settled down and asked her "Why are you freaking out? Just forget about him, it's not worth all of this!"

But no sooner did Penelope say it Salma spoke softly "No… I'm making a big deal because it is worth all of that. He knows" she thought about the hesitations, realized that he was thinking about what she was saying to him and then she told Penelope "He knows what I was saying was making sense."

"Then why didn't he..."

"Because," Salma sighed as she said "because he gives a fuck. He gives a fuck about those losers… I could tell, by his hesitations, but the way that he came back and quickly said no. That's why I need him. A manager like that… a man like that, in these shitty-ass times? At least you know where the fuck he stands most of the time. The motherfucker knew that if he let me in, Vivica would always be looking over her shoulder… he's wasted on dumb bitches like her and Liu, I don't know enough about the Japanese girl."

Penelope saw that far off look on Salma's face and she asked her "What are you thinking about? You got that look."

Salma nodded and then said "Right now… Vegas is crawling with all kinds of cunts looking to take out Stone Rage's Fab Floozies or looking to get some recognition or even get in good with Stone Rage…"

"Okay, so?" Penelope was trying to follow her slowly simmering down friend.

"So… I know what I'll do" Salma could already see Vivica ass-up and face down again "I know exactly what I'll do" she could also see Lucy and Chiaki suckin mat in the same slutty ass-up poses, totally laid out from getting their cunts kicked by none other than Salma herself.

Penelope spoke in a childish manner as she said "Uh-oh, you got that 'other look' now."

Salma just nodded and said "He won't let me in… then I'll force my way in and the only way to do that… is by slapping those weak bitches of his around a few times… C'mon… we're gonna go shopping."

Penelope felt the need to point out to Salma "Okay, but the sun's down and you know that means that everybody's out and about now. We don't know who we might run into out here and your 'manager' ain't gonna help us if we get in over our head."

Salma looked at Penelope and then she sniffed a few times and smiled as she said "Smell's like either piss or pussy, but either way you'd better change those panties girl."

Penelope immediately shoved Salma's laughing ass as she told Salma straight up "Whoa now bitch, look at you! I ain't no chicken!" They stared at the fourth wall and blinked and then Penelope said "I ain't no rubber chicken either!"

They stood there like this for a moment… staring at air… and then Salma fired right back "Good, because tonight we're gonna go looking for recruits and I'm gonna make MY OWN fuckin stable and then I'm gonna put those pathetic pussies of his down until he either lets me in or they fuckin quit like the losers they are."

Salma knew that if she could make Vivica and Lucy see that no matter how much he helped, they were STILL HOPELESS LOSERS! I can either run'em outta town, Salma thought, or I can put those pussies down. I like it, sounds tough and I'm not just tough, but I'm smart and sexy! I know you wanted to let me in, I could fuckin feel it, you fuckin softy! But you stuck by what you told'em, a rare fuckin find nowadays and that's… she thought about it and then kept it to herself, but she knew… that's what the fuck you wanted… wasn't it… you're a slick talking bastard. You wanted me to see that you had given them your word and that you weren't gonna go back on it… I can respect that, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna hold back. I've got to get on them now, while they're still green. That Japanese girl concerns me, I don't know enough about her, but I'm sure for a few dollars someone will know what's up with her "C'mon, let's go!"

"Right! Finally, the time for talk is over" Penelope clasped her hands together and smiled as she said "Now we can get down to kicking some ass!"

But as they headed out, Vivica looked at Geese as he sat there staring straight ahead with not nary a smile or a smirk "What's wrong, baby?" she asked.

He told her "Salma intends to stay in Vegas… and she intends to cause trouble."

Vivica immediately perked up "Don't worry I can handle her this time." As soon as the words left her mouth she felt her nipples harden and she could feel the sensations sweep through her body from being beaten into submission and broken by Salma. She didn't mean to, but she shivered as her two little bitches immediately whined for attention and her kicked cunt and collapsed asshole reminded her of her loss. Vivica tried to gather herself as he turned to face her and she looked at him in an almost… confused and doe-eyed look as the sensations started to flood through her body of how hard she'd fought that Salsa Slut Salma and… in the end, got put down "I can handle her" she whispered to him, but it was clear that she was still too turned out to face Salma as she sat there in an almost enthralled, stupor.

He looked at her, she had that… freshly fucked face, like she was just totally turned around and worn out and he told her "You still haven't recovered yet."

She whimpered as she felt herself getting wetter and she told him "I can beat her, she, she just got the drop on me last time" she whispered to him "She barely beat me, but… I want you with me this time… I want to fight her now"

He looked at her in disbelief and said "Why now?" but he knew why, he just wanted her to say it.

She smiled and spoke softly "You just wanna hear me say it" he didn't deny anything and so she told him "If I beat her in the condition I'm in right now… she'll be totally fucked up. I'll only be able to beat her now with you driving me on from ringside or wherever. It'll make her angry" Vivica looked deep into his eyes to show him that she wanted him to work through her to beat the crap out of Salma for what she had done to her "Just having that, just hearing you" she fumbled around for words then she said "I want her to know that I'm with you, I'm yours and you're with me and...."


Vivica sat up startled as he shook his head bitterly while Chiaki and Lucy tumbled into his office a tangled and jumbled ball of FLESH!!!! Lucy and Chiaki were trying to rip each other apart as he got to his feet slowly while Vivica started to say something and he simply stopped her. It looked like Lucy had been in a wrestling match earlier or something, while Chiaki looked like she was coming back from hanging-out with friends, but one thing was for sure, they were a MESS!


But as Lucy tried to choke the life out of Chiaki, Chiaki screamed back at her "YOU AND WHAT ARMY, LOSER!!!!"

FUCKIN BITCH, Lucy thought and then they rolled around some more as Lucy cried out "THiNK UR FUNNY WHORE!!!!" then she tried to get on top of Chiaki!

Chiaki couldn't believe that this bitch had tried to ambush her "Think I'm FUNNY?!?!" Chiaki'd just come back from hanging out with Asia-chan and Mia and Kaylani, but just like everything else that mattered, LUCY'D FAILED!!!! "YOU'RE SUCH A LITTLE GIRL!!!! A WIMPY LITTLE CHINESE GIRL!!!!"

"YOU SHUT UP YOU DUMB CUNT!!!!" Lucy couldn't get leverage and she still couldn't believe that Chiaki had beaten her senseless! Stole my fuckin MOVES! Frog-splash ME?!?! FUCK DO YOU THINK U R!!!! She tried to gauge out Chiaki's eyes as they slammed into the wall, then the open door and just kept rolling, rolling, rolling, ROLLING! Any moment Ricki Lake or Jenny Jones or Geraldo was gonna bust in with camera's and start talking shit about the rise and fall of Hollywood Fame "NOBODY LAUGHS AT ME and it'll be FUNNY, when I GAUGE YOUR FUCKIN EYES OUT WHORE!!!!"

When Chiaki looked at it, it was funny as hell in a perverse way. The irony was that Lucy must've been laid out for the rest of the day so she must've came right back from the infirmary and went waiting for the chance to ambush me! So Chiaki screamed back "I THINK YOU SMELL LIKE PISS, THAT'S FUNNY!!!!"

I WILL KILL YOUR SKINNY ASS!!!! Lucy had lost it and she just started screaming "DIE BITCH, DIE!!!!" they continued to roll around like a pair of alley cats fighting in, well, an ALLEY!!!! Lucy was hell bent on kicking the crap out of Chiaki "NOBODY DOES THAT TO MEH!!!! NOBODY!!!!"

But Chiaki got a fistful of Lucy's hair and screamed back "DON'T LIE!!!! EEVVVERBODY DOES YOU!!!! EVERYBODY!!!! YOU'RE JUST MAD CAUSE I'M ASIAN!!!!"

As soon as Lucy heard that she let out the most bitter guttural groan and shifted into overdrive as she screamed at Chiaki "I LOVE MY PEOPLE, BITCH!!!! I AM NOT A SELF-HATERRRRRRR!!!!! AAAAAA!!!!"


Vivica simply rolled her eyes and then closed them as she realized that seeing these two rolling around in this plush ass office was straight Springer shit, but they were funny! She had all day to really get to know him and she knew that he WAS NOT gonna go for her laughing right now, so she just kept it to herself.

It was only then that Vivica raised an eyebrow because the scent of perfume, pussy and piss couldn't really sneak by someone unless they were unable to smell. What the fuck? Vivica could clearly see that Chiaki had been out on the town or something, while Lucy? She looked like she'd been dressed for a wrestling match and came up on the short end of the stick. Did she beat Lucy, Vivica asked herself. She must've and I'll bet Miss Princess finally found out that it's not so funny to be on the wrong end of that. But even with all of that, Vivica smiled, they are funny as hell!

Meanwhile Geese calmly bent down and with a quick motion he pulled Lucy and Chiaki apart far too easily as he told them "That's enough."

They immediately scrambled to their feet and Lucy yelled at Chiaki "You stupid little STICK-FIGURE-FUCKER! I'm gonna BREAK YOU IN HALF!!!!"


Lucy's mouth dropped open and then she nodded and said "Ohhh, funny, real fuckin FUNNY!!!!" but as she went to lunge she found him easily able to stop her.

"Knock it off."

But no sooner did he say that Chiaki stuck her tongue out at Lucy and laughed at her "Too late for her to knock it off because I already KNOCKED HER OFF AND OUT!!!!"

"C'MERE YOU LITTLE BITCH!!!!" Lucy managed to grab part of Chiaki's blouse and then she felt Chiaki's nails as she was trying to pry her off, then they were both reaching around him trying to get at each other as he tried to keep them apart without getting too physical with them and… it wasn't working!


But no sooner did he yell that Lucy came back with "GOOD YOU'LL NEED TO CONFERENCE CALL A HOSPITAL FOR KURIYAMA DUMB CUNT!!!!"






Vivica actually turned her head somewhat and shied away as Lucy let out an almost inhumanly frustrated noise and started ranting and raving in Mandarin clearly in response to Chiaki's insult! Vivica wanted to step in but he was right, she was still too weak to get caught up in this shit with them and heaven forbid she get her cunt kicked by one of these two, then she'd REALLY be fucked… literally. How is this supposed to work, she asked herself, I mean really? Just looking at these, and how long is he gonna let them keep clawing up his arms? Then again… the more she thought about it?

She did enjoy the treatment that he'd shown her all day and being able to just lay up in the bed and sleep against him… "How long has it been since I've been able to do something like that" she whispered "And feel that sense of security?" To her, it was… weird… kinda like sleeping with a boy she liked when she was a teenager, but not going all the way because honestly?

Neither of them knew enough to make the first move, but she knew that his moves were deliberate… intentional… and so she just accepted his attention, his caresses, but it didn't get down to the nitty-gritty… no… this time, Vivica thought, I gotta play it cool. Gotta play this right… I'm up against the clock and I can't fuck this up… it's clear he likes me… and, Vivica felt warm all over, and I like him… this time I can get it right, I just have to do this right.

"Ladies, LADIES, I'M TRYING TO BE PATIENT HERE, BUT YOU'RE STARTIN TA PISS ME OFF!!!!" he tried to restore order.

But Lucy wasn't having it "MOVE!!!! I'm GONNA" then as soon as Lucy saw Vivica sitting there… in that see-through white gown or robe or… whatever the fuck it was… she went quiet. She just… stopped… and stood there… staring at Vivica and then she… even Chiaki got quiet as she could see? Chiaki looked over and saw Vivica and her first thought was; nice tits, but then she could almost feel Lucy's… pain. Chiaki looked back over at Lucy and actually started to reach out to her, but then she remembered the dirty trick she'd pulled in the mat room and she took her hand back.

Lucy… started to boil over. I can't believe him, Lucy thought, I can't? He fucked her… he slept with her… he… her heart sank. Call it what you will but a part of her was just devastated at seeing Vivica sitting there, naked as a newborn except for that shitty-ass-see-through-gown, nipples hard and just… glowing! I can't believe, Lucy's hands started to shake and she felt like a fool. She wanted to leap over there and rip that thieving whoring GHETTO BOOTY BITCH TO PIECES!!!!

He looked at Lucy and she just kept staring at Vivica and then Lucy abruptly looked at him. Vivica drew her robe tight and then she told Lucy "It isn't whatever's going through your mind Lucy."

Lucy trembled with obvious rage and then she just… fell apart "That's it, I'm OUTTA HERE!!!!" FINE, she said to herself! YOU CAN HAVE HIM! LOSER! YOU'RE ALL LOSERS!!!! I'm leaving YOU and KING SOLOMON GEESE TA GO TA HELL!!!! YOU TWO FUCKERS CAN GO TO HELL!!!! She went to go but Chiaki blocked her!

LOOK AT YOU!?!? That was all Chiaki could say to herself, LOOK AT YOU! As soon as things get tough you're ready to QUIT! You're just gonna QUIT!?!? No wonder no one has any respect for you except for in an unimportant way and Chiaki challenged Lucy "Running away AGAIN!!!! SAY SOMETHING!!!!"

He stood confused as Lucy sneered at Chiaki and said "You little bitch, get OUTTA MY WAY!!!!"

But Chiaki refused "NO!!!! I won't LET YOU RUN!!!! SAY SOMETHING, DUMMY!!!!"

Ohh, he realized now, so that's it. You think I slept with Vivica? Without warning his voice cut through theirs "ENOUGH!!!! Sit down!"

Lucy turned and looked at him and told him "Who the hell"

"I said SIT, DOWN!!!!" he pointed to his couch and then barged through her and Chiaki and slammed his office door shut and told Lucy again "SIT DOWN!!!!" Even as he said that Vivica looked at the ground as she crossed her legs to enjoy the sensations of the fact that she understood in his tone that enough was enough. Lucy however?

Who the fuck do you, then Lucy yelled "YOU BETTER STOP HOLLERIN AT ME!!!! NOBODY HOLLERS AT ME!!!! I'M NOT SOME FUCKIN CHILD, I'M NOT, PUT ME DOWN!!!! PUT ME DOWN!!!! GET OFF ME!!!! GET OFF UHHF!!!" he dropped Lucy on the couch next to Vivica and then went back around to his desk while Chiaki sat down on the arm rest of the couch next to Lucy.

Chiaki had seen this side of him and knew that joke time and all the other polite crap was over. She said not a word as she sat next to Lucy keeping her own sick smile well hidden as her hardened nipples told her that he still had that affect of reeling her in when he either gave her that look or his voice had that tone that said "Bitch you better sit your little narrow ass down before some shit jumps off up in this motherfucka."

Lucy sat there stunned for a moment, I can't believe? Did he just cop a free feel on my ass? Fuckin pervert, fuck does he think he is? I don't have to take this.

He could tell just by the way Lucy was looking that she was sitting there talking to herself so he just told her "QUIET LUCY, DAMN!!!! Just for once, be QUIET!!!! Sit there and LISTEN!!!! You always want somebody to listen to you, well this time you gotta listen to someone else, ME! Now sit there and be quiet!"

"Then stop yelling at me." Lucy told him.

Then Chiaki told Lucy "You just have to get the last word, childish."

Lucy then looked up at her "LOOK BITCH"

"Lucy, please be quiet" Vivica's voice was actually soft, but firm, and totally unexpected, totally unnatural sounding for her. Vivica spoke up again, just as softly as she said "He didn't sleep with me, so you can stop being jealous" Lucy turned to face Vivica as Vivica told her "Yes we were intimate, no Bill Clinton bullshit or lies, but I don't know him like that and I don't appreciate you swearing that just because he didn't turn his back on me that I was gonna give him some ass. He took good care of my two little bitches and he rubbed me down real good, VERY GOOD. But we're supposed to be homegirls. We're supposed to be cool, but every since you got here you been giving me grief and fucked up ass looks because you like the way he talks to you and you like the way he treats you."

Lucy actually fidgeted and then started to speak to get the spotlight off of her, but Vivica put her hands up and said "Lemme finish" then she looked straight at Lucy "You could get in a hot tub with McG and Cameron Diaz and Drew, you let those stupid motherfuckers laugh at you on-set when your shirt caught fire, but you're ready to bite, kick, claw and scratch at me because of what you think was going on? I see no rings on his finger OR yours OR mine OR Chiaki's. Yes he put his hands places and yes I reacted to it, but he kept his thing in his pants and I didn't need to ask him to do that, he did it on his own. So sorry, whatever you think or thought, save it. You claim to be so free to being naked, but it's obvious that you like him cause you're actin like he's your man, but he ain't"

Vivica took a deep breath and then repeated "He isn't. He isn't your man anymore than he is mine. I can relate to you actin crazy, but at least if you feel some type of way you should say something and stop hoping he'll get the hint. You're just a loudmouth shy girl when it comes down to it. Relax, we didn't fuck and rest assured I will NEVER explain myself to you again. I'm only saying this so that you can do what he did for me, give it a chance. He wants us to be a team, give it a chance."

Lucy sat there… stunned again, while Chiaki kept quiet. Chiaki didn't wanna say "See that's why I said we shouldn't be spying", but Lucy wouldn't listen when she was talking to her about NOT trying to eavesdrop.

Everything that has happened, Chiaki looked at Geese, sitting there behind his desk. Everything that has happened, he told me that he would find some way to help me, a smile… finally… spread on her face as Chiaki remembered how he had approached her years ago with his ideas and she could sense and feel so much more and she did what she was supposed to do and so did he. He's not gonna go where he's not invited OR where he can't. He's kept his promises to me… and that means so much to me. You have no idea how lucky you've been living here, even with all of the problems. You don't know what it's like sometimes, from where I come from. As long as he's there for me when I need him, I know he'll do what he's supposed to otherwise I wouldn't be sitting here with you… DUMMY!

As for Lucy, she was still slack jawed stunned. For Vivica to come out and say that, well? It was… unexpected "Could you close your mouth please?" Vivica asked her.

Lucy blinked away her confusion "I'm not gonna lie… I can't believe what… you just said." Lucy blinked almost absentmindedly as she thought of all of the times that she was being cut, copied and pasted to be involved with so-and-so, but here she was swearing that they'd? And then she looked at Vivica and then slowly said "Look, I'm… sorry… I jumped to conclusions and… I was wrong. I was wrong… and that's, I was wrong" without meaning to Lucy looked in her own lap and murmured "I was jealous" then she looked back at Vivica and repeated herself so that Vivica could see that she was really trying not to let whatever negative feelings she had get in the way of telling the truth that "I was jealous and I assumed and I made an ass out myself and I'm sorry… I'm sorry" then she turned to face Chiaki "I… couldn't lose to you, I know, I know… I shouldn't have done it that way, but… a part of me is uncomfortable with how… you… just seemed to accept everything and I owe you an apology too. I'm sorry Chiaki-chan… I got carried away."

Looking at everything for what it was, Geese reached the somewhat shaky conclusion that, it's working… sort of… he took a deep breath and let it out and immediately got their attention back on him "If General Hospital is done now? We have a problem. Salma may be out to cause some trouble for us, so it's time for me to actually get to the business of really teaching you ladies how to wrestle, but first and foremost… Lucy, what if I had slept with Vivica? You certainly haven't said a word to me about anything, so what right do you have to expect things, when only you know whatever is going through your mind?" Lucy looked at him perplexed as he spoke up again "I'm not a mind-reader and as you can see, things can become personal in a hurry. I think I need to put a number of things on the table so that this confusion doesn't continue. It's time for you to learn why I selected the three of you and why I didn't accept Salma."

And so he spoke and put all of his cards on the table and a long conversation was about to begin where each one of these ladies was about to have to make some tough choices on whether or not to stay or go, but while VLK was hammering things out with Geese… Salma was shopping… and Salma liked to shop, especially with the mood that she was in and the mood that city of Las Vegas was in. Salma intended to shop… till somebody got dropped…
DOWNLOAD - Idol Meteomix Vol.7 (Part 1)
DOWNLOAD - Idol Meteomix Vol.7 (Part 1)