Salma's Shopping Spree 2 Part 2

And A Dash of Bingham
Salma Hayek & Penelope Cruz Vs. Stacey Dash, Tracy Bingham & the Tenison Twins
with Special Guest; Lisa Raye, Kellita Smith & Rosario Dawson

NOTE - This story immediately follows Salma's Solution 2
Traci got herself in order, she’d slept like a baby, but that was mainly because “her highness” was finally off her ass “Loser” she grumbled “We gotta get rid of her.” she saw the steady flashing button on the phone for her suite which meant she had a message waiting for her at the front desk. She picked up the phone and was instantly informed that Stacey, Rosie and Renee were waiting for her in a private party room for breakfast “Sounds like a good way to start the day.” The concierge also informed Traci that Rosario Dawson had left on a red-eye flight back to Hollywood for a casting call “Lucky bitch.”

As soon as Traci hung-up she still didn’t know what side of the fence Rosario was on. She didn’t speak at all last night, least not for the most part, and then she didn’t join them for drinks after Lisa left, so? Oh well, she found her cheap excuse to get out of everything anyway… good for her!

Traci dolled herself up as she stood in the mirror thinking out loud “We still need to find Ms. Fox, now don’t we?” Traci was looking forward to hammering the hell out of Vivica for leaving them like this “Yeah, we definitely need to talk” she adjusted her beautiful black bra in the mirror “A little girl talk never hurt, right?” then she flattened out the heavy frilled black skirt, enjoying the white wooly trim of it. If anything she looked like she was gonna go play some basketball or some sort of sport…in a skirt. Really she was still trying to decide whether she would workout first or what? She’d put her black knee brace sleeves on and their matching black elbow sleeves, along with a pair of chic black seasonal boots “Guess I’ll workout once we enjoy a little breakfast banter. I know that’s all they wanna do is talk shit and do some more ‘bitch-and-moan’, like we didn’t already do enough of that last night. Low class trash… but I love’em.”

As soon as she got off the elevator she gave a big grin at some fans and a fake-ass-wave and then she walked on. Ahhh, yes, my adoring public. I have indeed graced you with my ebony beauty, HA! Ohhh god, I’m losin it. I’m not gonna workout, not supposed to anyway after you eat. Hope these fools have some useful information. Traci kept on with her thoughts while enjoying the gawks and idle-eye-undressing that was being done to her “Pervy Simpletons!” she said to herself “You only WISH you could get a piece of this dish.” She continued to mutter under her breath as she saw Stacey coming from the other way in this lavish hotel of hob knobbers and no-chance-in-hell-HOOKERS “Ay Stace! Morning!”

Stacey waved back “What’s up girl” her soft spoken voice was always music to Traci’s ears, but Stace also added “You never cease to amaze me. You’re already bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed. Hmphf, I need a cup of coffee and at least two lattes’s to get me going.”

Traci smiled as Stacey fell in line with her as they approached the closed double doors to their own private little breakfast buffet room “I try to stay balanced” Traci explained “A little yoga, good diet, exercise, you know? All the shit they say keeps you young!” they laughed hard and Stacey couldn’t help but smile as she said back “You’re funny… and weird.” “Yeah, but at least I’m not weird and funny.” They exchanged more laughter and gentle, playful, caresses and touches of each others arms and such. Any fool could tell that they were close, never mind that they were practically walking in each others personal space. They got to talking quietly about the people they would send out to dig up info on Vivica’s last known whereabouts after she left with that Geese guy.

They gave their good mornings to the doorman as they laughed at how they were gonna take out their frustrations about everything on Vivica. He held the door open and the two C-List stars went inside to find Rosie and Renee Tenison laid out on the buffet table stripped naked and knocked out “What the FUCK!?!?” “RENEE! ROSIE!?” The scent of sloppy pussy and piss was sprayed all throughout this room from the two beaten and broken Black bitches arrayed on the table amidst the morning breakfast!

Both of them heard the door lock and Traci spun around and screamed “Son of a BITCH!!!! OPEN THIS DOOR!!!!” But as Traci tried to force the door, Stacey saw Salma and Penelope emerge from the far end of the room and Stacey got Traci’s attention immediately “Traci! Company!” Traci turned to Stacey’s voice and looked like an angry lioness at Salma and Penelope who made their way to the center of this mid-sized conference room. Stacey took in a quick glance at the Tenison Twins and she saw the fact that they’d been left in their garters and stockings, heels. She shuddered as she saw the fact that one had a quarter of an orange in her mouth and the other a lemon “U fuckin… bitches” Stacey muttered. Both Renee and Rosie were spread-eagled and painstakingly GARNISHED to be… aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Their pussies and assholes had clearly been lubed real good and an array of phallus fruit and vegetables were used to stuff the two turned out twats “No way…” Stacey flinched “No way is that gonna be me.”

Traci stood staring daggers at Salma and Penelope as she said “You bitches? How dare you do this to us! Open this fuckin door or else I’m gonna make you two tramps regret ever FUCKIN with us!”

Salma nodded and raised her hand slowly “Easy Traci, easy. I know this isn’t exactly ‘kosher’ for me to have tricked you down here, but hear me out.”

Stacey looked Salma square in the eye and snapped “Hear you out!? Look what you did to Renee and Rosie!? NO WAY!”

Traci Bingham “I know that you guys want Lisa off your ass,” that got Traci and Stacey’s attention in a hurry and as Salma spoke Penelope smiled “I know that you want Vivica’s head on a platter for putting you all out there to form a new stable and then she up-and-disappeared.”

Recognition set in quick with Stacey “How?” Wait a second…” Stacey felt those first twinges at the fact that somehow Salma had been “Spying, you’ve been” then she realized that “You heard us at the table last night, how?” The thought alone had Traci’s mouth slightly slack jawed as she knew Lady Lisa had a bad habit of spying and snooping and if Salma had caught them with their panties down? It was a good bet that Lisa did too. That alone was enough for Bingham to snap “Whaddya want, Hayek?”

Salma tried to salvage the situation, I need these two bitches, they’ve got a real reason to want Vivica dead “I wanna make a deal, an alliance.” “A deal, an alliance, deal, please!” Traci waved her off, but Stacey asked her “What kind of deal, why? If you wanted to deal, why not approach us straight-up? Why not approach us last night insteada spyin on us and shit?”

Stacey had a valid point and Salma didn’t bother to hide it “True, I could’ve, maybe I should’ve, but you ladies were pretty drunk and more than a little angry. The bottom line is, I know who you’re after” Salma hesitated and she hesitated off of instincts, but she said it anyway “And I know where she is.”

Traci’s eyes lit up “Where is she!? Tell me where she is!?!? NOW!!!!”

Even Penelope was taken aback by Bingham’s bulrush “Holy shit! Angry Black woman at 12 o’clock!!”

Stacey tried to grab Traci “TRACI STOP!!” but she was too late! IDIOT! You can’t just RUSH’EM LIKE THAT!

Penelope met Traci head-on as Salma was caught flatfoot “I see you need a time out TRACI!” The two bitches collided, but neither went down! Both Salma and Stacey knew it had to hurt, but neither of their bud bitches flinched as they immediately got ready to mix it up! Traci wasn’t in the mood to mix nothin! she hauled off with a weird ass looking left-uppercut that actually peeled Penelope up off her feet and sent her reeling back as Traci demanded to know “Where is that TRAITOR!?”

Salma saw Penelope was in trouble and moved to help, but Stacey knew that they were in it deep now, so? She cut Salma off and tackled her to the carpet! Salma cried out as Stacey quickly got on top of her and told her “You picked the wrong day, Hayek!” “We’ll see pin-up TRASH!” Salma managed to shove Stacey off of her and get back to her feet in time to see Traci tag Penelope two more times! Where the fuck has she been learning how to fight like “OW!” But Salma’s thought was interrupted by Stacey who made sure to say “Pay attention, punk bitch!” It was the best trash-talking she could come up with! She’d already survived years of slumming off the slop and crap of Hollywood! The last thing she was gonna do was be ignored in the lowest form of fuckin human communication “I’m over HERE!”

Salma backed off with an indignant snarl until Stacey’s fist dotted her eye and then her mouth “WHAT THE FUCK!!!!” This is not what the fuck I planned on! Salma threw her hands up to block but then Stacey simply shoulder-charged her right into the fuckin wall “BITCH!” Fuck is WRONG with these TWO!?

Traci took the shot to the gut just so she could smash her fist against the side of Penelope’s face “Where is Vivica, you fake ass Hispanic whore!”

DPenelope staggered again and she actually laughed like she’d lost her fuckin mind as she said “This coming from a wanna-be White bitch who sells fake JEWELRY!?”

If Traci could get any angrier she did “Its costume jewelry, BITCH!” Penelope actually heard Traci’s fist cut the air as she dipped aside it and actually shuffled away from the former Baywatch babe! This bitch is angry because Vivica bailed on her ass, but still!? She’s beatin me to the...

“DON’T RUN!” Traci threw two more sweet rights and then a left, but Penelope was doing just that… RUNNING! I swear to God when I catch you, you’ll fuckin sing like a goddamn CANARY “Hold STILL, you stupid Spaniard!” “No thanks!” Penelope dashed for the row of tables lined up against the back wall, never mind that the buffet table had two butt-ass-nekid Playboy Playmates laid out on it! Penelope cursed to herself “This fuckin plan is blowin up in our fuckin FACES! It’s that bullshit with the cuffs! It has to be! Salma’s been spooked all fuckin morning! Never mind that I’m getting my ass handed to me by a bitch from BAYWATCH?!

Salma grabbed Stacey and then cried out as Stacey grabbed hold of Salma’s shirt and then started slamming her against the wall while ramming into her too! If their was one thing that Stacey has, it’s a very well built, very well toned and tuned set of legs. And even with her star reduced to Playboy posterity, it was her posterior that looked just as good as, aw HELL WITH IT! I’m supposed to be, I’m tryin to write some ole elegant shit about her ass, but, and that’s not helping! Have you seen this woman’s ass!? We’re talkin about a classic confrontation of major male proportions here! This is serious shit here! Any serious man who likes a woman with a nice ass, unless you’re just a biased and dumb-son-of-a-bitch! Stacey Dash does not rhyme with the word ass for nothing!

Stacey held Salma tight by the front of her blouse as this classic confrontation of T vs. A continued. As Salma struggled Stacey just kept ramming her up against the wall while driving her legs to the point that Salma screamed “GET THE FUCK OFF MEH! BITCH!” No matter how hard she struggled Salma couldn’t get any kind of leverage as she kept thinking over-and-over, it wasn’t supposed to GO LIKE THIS! It’s NOT… “GET,” supposed to… she struggled as Stacey yelled and kept hammering her hard “FUCK, get OFF!!!!” Got me by my blouse, Salma felt the tightening in her chest. My TITS! Can’t fuckin, Salma began groaning hard in her throat as she struggled furiously! Fuckin-bitch, fuckin me up “LET GOH!” But Stacey only cursed back bitterly at Salma and demanded to know where the fuck Vivica was as she kept hammering Salma!

Penelope! Fuckin, can’t believe THIS!? Salma felt those all too familiar sensations from her numerous defeats that had forced her to take some time off “NOH!” I should’ve brought Jennifer, JENN THAT’S IT! If I can just “ARGH!” if I can just reach my cellphone! SHIT! The fuckin DOOR IS LOCKED! Not like this, NOT NOW!

But as Salma was melting down, Traci had finally caught up to Penelope and “I gotcha now bitch!”

Penelope smirked “Think so? Everyone knows that angry Blacks don’t do too good in the thinking department!” God this better work or I’m in serious trouble!

“Figures! A coward and a racist! Sciencetology,” Traci closed and swung “teach you THAT!?” Penelope ducked as Traci’s fist stopped before hitting the stacked tables that Penelope had lured her to “Nice try.”

Penelope didn’t think that Traci would be able to pull her punch fast enough to stop, but “Great,” she sighed “just great.”

Traci blocked Penelope’s punch and then unloaded a slap that had the little celebrity slut seeing stars! For Traci, she knew it was time to finish this! It’s now or never! She closed the short distance quickly as her nipples hardened with expectation! It had been some time since Traci had knocked somebody the fuck out! Let alone the fact that in the League she was a nobody, just like she’d returned to in her celebrity life! NOW I FINISH YOU OFF!!!! She closed in and then yelped in surprise as Penelope pulled the same shit that she did to Britney last night! It wasn’t as good and it was a bit harder because Traci had no real momentum, but a monkey-flip, “WHAT THE FUCK?” Traci screamed, is a monkey-flip!

Penelope sent Traci screaming till she landed on her back! “FUCKIN BITCH!” Everyone always thinks I’m STUPID! I’m NOT STUPID! I AM NOT STUPID BECAUSE I WAS ON BAYWATCH!!!! You’ll, I’ll show YOU! Everyone’s always laughing at ME, bossing me AROUND, or IGNORING ME!!!! I’m PRETTY DAMMIT and I’m PRETTY-FUCKIN-SMART!!!! I’ll show YOUUUUUUUUUU, YOU’LL PAY!!!!

Penelope got up just in time to see Traci ALREADY barreling down on her AGAIN! Bitch has the strength and speed of TEN ANGRY BLACK BITCHES “WHAT THE FUCK, HOW?!?!” Traci was right back on top of her again! If Penelope hadn’t been startled by Traci’s quick recovery, she could’ve easily monkey-flipped her again, except this time she would’ve sent her into all those stacked up tables and THAT… might have proven fatal, because they would have fallen, BUT!? Penny was like a deer-in-the-headlights “OH, FUCK!” A stinging left simply added to the piss in her panties from being startled like this! A sharp right “BITCH!” and then two quick jabs “SALMAAAH!?!?” had Penelope screaming like a bitch!

But while Penelope was being put away, Stacey grit her teeth as she saw Salma struggling desperately in her grip! Salma’s eyes were narrow and watered, glazing over, and she was whining hard as she was trying not to give out under Stacey’s assault “Its all over,” Stacey started kneeing Salma in her gut “now tell me where Vivica is!?”

Salma was pushing off of Stacey’s shoulders, whining as she was being put away by this angry Black bitch “Let goh, let GOH!! Damn you, d, damn YOU, let goh!” my tits, bitch, can’t, I can’t breathe with my blouse, holding me by my “Let…” “Where is she! Those fuckin monster melons are heavy as hell! Guys don’t fuckin understand that bitches like you can’t even sleep on your STOMACH because those things are heavy enough to fuck up your sleep, HA!” “Get, offa… meh” “Somethin so simple” Stacey’s voice, always held an angelic, soft quality to it, even when she got angry, but “Somethin so simple as takin you by the fuckin collar and pullin your fuckin SHIRT” she wrenched and slammed Salma up against the wall again which made her cry out as Stacey said “Pullin your fuckin shirt too tight and then puttin you through your paces” Stacey smiled “Shit is too tight, can’t expand those lungs with those heavy ass tits… and now I gotchu, hmphf… NOW TALK DAMN IT!”

Salma was trapped now, she didn’t wanna give up the fact that she KNEW EXACTLY where Vivica was and who she was with. If I, shit, if I tell this bitch? What will he think of meh, what, dammit, dammit, DAMMIT! If I can JUST GET TO MY CELLPHONE!? Then Salma was reintroduced to the wall and she whined hard as she was forced to stare down Stacey. Wasn’t supposed to goh like this, it wasn’t… she didn’t mean to… Salma didn’t mean to, but she was desperate, she was desperate and she was beaten. She didn’t want to roll over for this bitch, so she did what came instinctively “PENELOPE!?!?”

Stacey looked… so fuckin disappointed “Penelope?” then she slammed Salma up against the wall again “Penelope can’t save you now!” Vivica… you fuckin fake ass TRAMP! We were supposed to be best FRIENDS! I wanted this Sisterhood shit to work! But you fuckin bailed on me, BITCH! Stacey stared at Salma and saw she was helpless now and she intended to finish the fuckin job. She started venting on Salma as Salma cried out at the top of her lungs at how quickly she was being put away, but also because she knew that Jennifer was in the building, but like an arrogant BITCH, she’d left her upstairs in her room, let her sleep.

NOT LIKE THIS! I can’t get, FUCK! G, noh, NOHHHHHH! Geese… GEESE… help… meh…

“Where is Vivica, BITCH?!” Stacey was wild-eyed and angry as Salma was still stubbornly trying to keep her little secret “TELL ME OR I SWEAR I WILL PUT YOUR ASS RIGHT OUT!” Stacey hadn’t face-sat someone in a while… except for her husband, but that was different… no this time she’d slammed this bitch a few more times with good ole Paul Wall here, and then she’d slam her ass onto this fuckin floor! Then she’d send her right to sleep, uh-huh, PERFECT “TALK!!!!”

Noh, noh I can’t I just need, I? Geese, please, PLEAZ! You helped Chiaki and Lucy, you have to HELP MEH TOO!

This of course was just desperate-delusional thinking… but, the mind is a powerful thing when under duress. It either snaps or;

“What do you need my help for,” Salma gasped and stared at Stacey in a euphoric look of fear as she listened to him tell her “You don’t need my help, when Stacey’s already given you the answer.”

Salma was staring Stacey in the face as she tried to wrap her brain around what the fuck that just meant? But she could hear Stacey’s stuck-up accent as she demanded that she tell her “WHERE IS VIVICA!?!?”

Salma saw how Stacey? THAT’S IT! THAT’S IT, its her demand to know “Vivica?” “YES, WHERE THE FUCK IS VIVICA?!?!” “She thought, you might come lookin for her,” Stacey’s attention perked up as Salma said “She wanted me, to give you a message, if our plan failed” Salma licked her lips as she saw the sexiest fucked up look of betrayal on Stacey’s face… she could see it, Salma could see it in Stacey’s eyes… she could see Vivica… in Stacey’s eyes…

She screamed at Stacey like Stacey was killing her and Stacey flinched, startled as all hell! But it was all the opening Salma needed as she then screamed “HERE’S VIVICA!!!!” and dug her fingers into Stacey’s EYES and RAKED THEM BITTERLY!!!!

Stacey howled hard like a wounded bitch “WHAT THE FUCK!!!!” and immediately let go of Salma, she drew back covering her eyes and CURSING “FUCKIN, MY FUCKIN EYES!!!! OH U BITCH!!!!” Her nipples were already hard from all of the excitement, but now they were achingly hard and stiff and her pussy got wet IMMEDIATELY from such an unexpected move, PLUS THE FACT that Salma said that Vivica had PLANNED THIS “U BITCH! VIVICA U TRAITOR!!!!” TRAITOR!!!!

Salma panted as she heard Penelope’s all too familiar bitch-bark from being rocked by Bingham! Penelope’s almost finished! I have to, Salma ran up on a staggering and stumbling and very potty-mouthed and pissy-pantied Stacey and just GRABBED HER!

“YOU LET GOH OF MEH!!!! MY FUCKIN EYES!!!! BITCH! TRA-ARGH!!!!” BITCH!!!! Stacey was spun away from Salma from a shot right to the mouth! She staggered to get away as, my, I CAN’T, it hurts, “BITC-URK!!!!” Another shot to the mouth and Stacey was staggered, grabbed, NOH, then kneed right in her CROTCH “ARGH!!!!” She felt Salma connect with her jaw again and she flailed desperately and got away, but she couldn’t SEE! This is BULLSHIT, Stacey whined! Two more well placed haymakers and she went down to one knee, caught herself and just wailed as she staggered back to her feet “BULLSHIT!!!!” Turned around, all fuckin TURNED AROUND!!!! EVERYTHING’S TURNED AROUND “Let GOH” Salma grabbed her by HER SHIRT “ERRR, YOU BITCH!” and then just started pulling her, whirling her around and around and Stacey tried to open her eyes but everything was just a blurry fuckin mess of fucked up images and then with everything going on she just started creaming over till she felt the sudden stop of WALL “ARGH!!!!” and that sharp fuck-flinch in her asshole that she always got when she’d had enough!

Traci punched Penelope to the fuckin floor! Penelope fell onto her hands and knees panting hot, heavy and hard with her head down, I can’t take anymore… I can’t, bitch. Penelope was clearly beaten! I can’t, she? Penelope picked her head up as she sat there feeling the weight of her tits in her bra and the fact that she was ready to pass out. Her pussy was soaked sloppy and her body was bruised, she’d only kept getting up to keep Traci from ganging up on Salma, but now? All she could hear was Traci’s heavy breathing and she could feel the fact that it was over. She’d lost, she’d finally lost and the way that Traci was still fuckin her up, fuckin her hard, she wasn’t gonna just let her fall out without addin some more insult to injury “Salma… Salma I’m sorry… geese…” she gripped at the floor as she’d finally made a mistake and Traci heard her. Shit…

“Geese?” that name? Traci stood stunned for a second, then she said “Geese? The fuckin gloomy-ass-loner that lives on that gigantic fuckin estate outside Sin City!?” Penelope shuddered and kept panting like a bitch in heat while Traci said to herself, now it makes FUCKIN SENSE! Vivica had… a few fights with Halle, but… but then she disappeared. Penelope tried to get up, she NEEDED TO GET UP! She raised her left hand and rubbed her hanging tits through her shirt and bra, but it only made her realize that she was done, then she heard Traci’s booming voice again “TALK! You fucking,” Traci hauled off and kicked Penelope in her ribs “BITCH! TALK! WHERE IS VIVICA!?!?” Traci just wanted to be sure as Penelope lay on her side whining and mewling, clutching her ribs, barely awoke and barely aware “I said” but then Traci heard Stacey crying out and she rushed to her aid! You two fuckin cunts know where she is! Why would she hang with that weird-ass loner! Billionaire or NOT, he’s one creepy son-of-a-bitch!

Stacey moaned as she was now the one propped up against the wall “Salma, Salma you cunt. U won’t, this isn’t over,” Stacey swallowed hard as she knew it was all over “This isn’t over, between usss, this isn’t fuckin over” I was winning, I was. I’m a winner, a winner, you cunt. Traci? But even as Stacey thought about Traci, she immediately followed her instincts much like Salma did when the shoe was on the other foot. Vivica, Vivica where are u? Help meh, I’m hurt. How could you, how could you just leave me, me? How could u lie to meh… Stacey closed her eyes and turned her head to the side and simply waited for the end, Vivica…

Salma unloaded and Traci stopped her from punching Stacey’s ticket “No u don’t!” She spun a startled and screaming Salma towards her! WHAT THE FUCK!?!? NOH!!!! Salma immediately creamed her panties as it meant that Penelope was down! Traci socked the shit out of the Salsa Slut and sent her an extra straight shot that made her howl as she slammed into Stacey, who then grabbed her “NOH!!!! BITCH!!!! NOH, LET, GETTTT!!!! NOT NOW, NOT NOWWWW!!!!” Salma tried to get free, but it was too fuckin late! Traci buried a series of shots in Salma’s gut causing the Mexican Matron to struggle so hard that her hair became undone and it fell down and flung everywhere! Traci didn’t let up as Salma silently screamed for the man she so desperately wanted, needed to have, covering her beautiful backside! GEESE!!!! MY… plan, these two, Traci kept hammering her! Ruining my… PLAN… I’m not done, not done… SHOPPING!!!!

Salma swallowed hard and then starting panting as she remembered her ass-whippings by Cat and Alyssa and a few others, too many others. Finally, after a marvelous win streak since coming back from taking a break… Salma knew, she knew, that she was finally beaten. She yelled and screamed but no sound came out, not a sound escaped her as Traci worked her over mercilessly and Stacey gripped her with all she had left! Salma tried to curl up while she was in Stacey’s clutches, she stooped forward and gasped hard from each hit till she finally pissed all over her panties that were wedged up her Mexi-American MILF muff. Noh… noh… not now, not like this… Penelope… Penelope help… Salma knew why Traci was trying to beat her to a pulp and she could feel it, she was getting pushed closer and closer to what she knew Traci was trying to get her to do! She took the stiff shots and writhed around, hoping that for once she would shut down and pass out before Traci broke her and made her heart takeover where she needed to use her head at!

Not like this, Salma could remember how Vivica wouldn’t FUCKIN GO DOWN and she could feel the similarities and the fact that she could always take a lot of fuckin punishment, it was just that her goddamn mind would just shut the fuck down after a while and then she was just “Not like this,” she tossed her head back and forth as Traci hammered her in her tits and that was the last straw “Not, noh, NOT LIKE THIS!? GEESE!!!! You bitches,” Traci smiled, but kept on hammering her “You, U dumb… CUNTS!!!! GEEESSE!!!! U, u FUCKIN, UHHH-FUCK!!!! U… uuuuu… G, geese… geese… help…”

Stacey felt all of the fight go out of Salma “That’s it, she’s done and LOOK OUT!!!!”

Traci turned, threw up her hands on instinct as she barked “BITCH-ARGH!!!!” and ate conference room CHAIR!!!!

Penelope was slumped forward, panting, but standing there with a deranged look on her face as she said “I’m not… Melissa Joan Hart, I’m not MJH!!!! U let her goh… LET HER GOH I SAID!!!!”

Stacey held on to Salma’s limp body and used her as a shield “NO CHANCE! PUT THE CHAIR DOWN DYKE OR YOUR GIRLFRIEND’S DEPORTED PERMANANTLY!!!!”

Penelope staggered forward, panting harder “Put… PUT HER DOWN… u aren’t gonna do… anything to her”

"Stacey sucked her bottom lip, SHIT! It always works in the fuckin movies! Traci? Stacey glared down at her “I swear you’ll fuckin regret it! PUT THE CHAIR DOWN DYKE!”

“STOP CALLING MEH THAT!!!!” but as Penelope yelled, she felt her feet get swept out from under her as Traci knocked her to the floor “BITCH!!!!”

Traci staggered over to Stacey “C’mon, I think… I think I’m busted open… but… I know where… Vivica is, fuck Salma! Let’s goh!” Stacey dropped Salma who groaned hard for Geese. Traci gave both Salma and Penelope the finger as she watched Penelope crawl to Salma’s side while she was glaring hard as hell at her and Stacey! Bitch was crawling with that shitty blue-upholsteried conference chair! “Fuckin LOSERS!” Traci cursed!

“This isn’t OVER!” Penelope spat back!

“You started it BITCH!” Traci yelled, then she started banging on the fuckin door “OPEN THIS FUCKIN DOOR!!!!” Stacey helped her steady herself as the door unlocked and they quickly left out, paying no mind to the fact that they’d totally left the Tenison Twins behind, still laid out and lewd.

Penelope looked down at Salma and tried to rouse her “C’mon Sal, wake up” she glared towards the closed door that Traci and Stacey had escaped out of “You’ll pay for this. We’ll finish it, you’ll see” then she tried to bring Salma around “Sal? Sal please…”

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