Born: Jan. 13th, 1968 Height: 5' 7" Weight: 127lbs Eyes: Brown Orientation: Bisexual Measurements: 36C-25-37 Years Catfighting: 20
Previous League: BZL (defunct), XCF (defunct), Playboy Catfight Federation, 3XL, Video-1 (V1), The BBA (Black Beauties of America)
Previous Belts: XCF IC(Intercontinental) Champ 1x, V1-TV Champ 1x, BBA TVE (Television and Entertainment) Champ 1x, BBA Tag Champ (with Stacey Dash) 4x’s, BBA Tag Champ (with Vivica Fox) 2x’s, Playboy Champ 3x’s, Playboy Tag Champ (with Stacey Dash) 2x’s, 3XL Tag Champ (with Stacey Dash) 1x
Finishing Moves: Baywatch Blackout! (Tit-smothering submission!), Bingham Joy! (Facesitting smother submission!), Traci Bingham TORTURE RACK! (But it’s really a CAMEL-CLUTCH!), Ghetto-Blaster, BOMB! (Hits bitch with a cunt-kick and as she stoops from that Traci delivers a chop TO HER TO FORCE HER DOWN FURTHER! SO SHE CAN HIT HER WITH A DOUBLE-AXE HANDLE TO HER BACK TO DOUBLE HER OVER FOR A KNEE TO HER TITS! AND THEN A SINGLE-ARM EVEN-FLOW, DDT!), CPT Time! (Throws a series of stinging-jab’s as she literally looks like a boxer with the way that she holds her hands close to her body and face! As soon as any one of her stinging-jabs can even SLIGHTLY STUN, the next one actually is a concealed THUMB-TO-THE-EYE! HA-HA! The moment she gets that in and the bitch is BLINDED!?!? She then uses THE BITCHES HEAD AND TITS AS A HEAVY BAG AND UNLOADS EVERYTHING SHE’S GOT TILL THE BITCH GOES DOWN!)
Strengths: Veteran catfighter, MILF, great fighter, great brawler, Mistress of the Fists, great tag catfighter, able to take an ass-whipping and high endurance, fast and able to fight and keep up with lightning-fast opponents, able to withstand opponents momentum, able to break opponents momentum with Dirty Tactics, Blinding Rage, abilities increase with momentum, ultra-aggressive and attacks exposed weaknesses early and often, great speed moves, Queen of Combinations and knows how to throw combinations of varying types in move, can snap out of stuns prematurely, good power moves, good corner-turnbuckle techniques, good top-rope moves, can overwhelm opponents momentum with sudden offense of her own, Mistress of Dirty Tactics and Win-at-All Costs, abilities increase as she builds momentum, has shown that she can take multiple-finishers and not Sudden KO, some technical and submission moves, rarely submits, abilities increase when teamed with Stacey Dash and/or the Tenison Twins, some high-flying moves, arrogant, Evil Black Queen Complex, skilled in BDSM, actually gets along with Stacey Dash and the Tenison Twins
Weaknesses: BITTER, Traci has severe self-esteem issues that can send her into blinding rages that leave her vulnerable at the same time that she gains freakish ability to absorb punishment, blinding rage leaves her open to being duped and tricked by a smart catfighter as long as they can get the hell out of the way of her attacks, low psyche, self-hatred, Traci can be manipulated into making her own life harder as well as matches in the ring, constantly breaking her momentum and then having to endure an opponents momentum run will wear her out, once she is mentally broken she cannot recover, tits, mouth, bitch-slapping her is the easiest way to defeat her and a series of well-placed and timed bitch-slaps always stun her and while stunned she takes ungodly amounts of punishment if hit and especially if in her mouth, bitchy and needlessly so most of the time which tends to destroy most teams she is tied to, repeated gut-shots wear her out, Traci is petty and often times rubs even her friends the wrong way, Traci is so angry with Vivica because she has submitted to her and this within itself leads to a whole ‘nother weakness, Vivica knows how to handle her

Traci Bingham is a self-hater, plain and simple. The bitch has identity issues, self-esteem issues, issues of issues and on-and-on-and-on! Many have stated that she suffers from a severe inferiority complex, but as far as Traci is concerned she’s doing what she needs to do to get by… Or at least… that was her favorite party-line. In all honesty within the last few years she has clashed HEAVILY with many Black celebrities who have dissed and dismissed her! Even WORSE!?!! Even White celebrities have become tired of her Uncle Thomasina Crap! Hell even Uncle Tom has had to distance himself from her ass! Right along with Chicken George, Buckwheat and Aunt Jemima! For Bingham? Buckwheat talking shit was the last straw. Seriously, Buckwheat? So Traci realized that she needed to get out here and prove that Black people could talk shit about her all they wanted! She was gonna do her thing and worry about the small shit, LATER! Well…

Things didn’t work out too well for our friend Traci. No… they didn’t work out very well at all. Her crappy personality and phony demeanor eventually got her booted from most projects she managed to get into, unless of course they were some sort of Reality based TV Show, and even then she often found herself in situations with the other participants that left her looking… really bad. So the one thing that Traci could count on was celebrity catfighting! She was always a gym-rat and she loved to workout and she loved the thrill of the celebrity catfight circuit, BUT!? The only one she could consistently get work in was the BBA, so it can be kind of dicey for someone who doesn’t handle being Black, to only have opportunities BECAUSE OF, other Black’s. This took years off of her life, kinda like Superman having to endure being around red Kryptonite! OH NO, it won’t kill him, but years of being, well, you know!? Stupidman, oh sorry, thought this was the Joker from Justice League. YO! I WANNA GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO MARK HAMILL! THANKS FOR MAKING THE JOKER A SERIOUS MUTHAFUCKA TO DEAL WITH ON THE ANIMATED END OF THINGS!

And no… I don’t know Mark Hamill, but I still appreciate his work as a voice-actor. Mind you, I’m doing this in the midst of Traci Bingham’s bio, so it really does speak volumes about how little she matters in any community. And this is the main reason why Traci reluctantly agreed to stay in the BBA, because she could always get matches and find work. Whether hawking fake-gold, and no, I am NOT KIDDING! To proving Dave Chappelle’s thought provoking point of; When Keeping it Real, goes wrong. Like that Aunt that you just don’t want to see living on the steam vent down the street! Traci has continuously been given some sort of leeway by the Black Beauties of America League because well… Traci needs moral support… and a therapist… and a hug. And not those little twenty-five cent drinks either! They are tasty though, especially when you’re a little kid and you’ve got your

Where was I again? YES, Traci Bingham. Traci married and whored with as many White men as she could find, and after awhile that number dropped dramatically as they realized that the bitch was a certified self-serving nutcase. With that said, Traci hit rock bottom and she found herself unable to get out of the basement. She did get a contract with the BZL and she promptly sat around on the benches due to the fact that nobody actually wanted to see her matches. Her career in reality TV had finally dried up. Her fake marriage dried up and ended in divorce, supposedly with another White man waiting in the wings till he realized that he could do farrrrrr better than Bingham. And that really was the last straw. She’d hit the wall, HARD! And all jokes aside who knows what this confused and ultimately tragic figure would have done now that the lights had been finally turned down on her Vaudeville show. It was at this point that she was approached by Vivica Fox, a retired BBA veteran who had been eyeing Traci for years. I don’t need to tell you how that conversation went down initially. Vivica, I’m so Black that I’m TOO BLACK! Versus? Traci, I’m so Black that I’m WHITE! This strange meeting degenerated into name-calling and ultimately fisticuffs where Traci, wellll? She wasn’t quite Black enough to be able to keep from getting her butt-whipped in the end. A few weeks later Vivica tried again and she hadn’t gone to the tabloids about her KO over Traci. This time she played her part as an Elder Stateswoman and took the high-road, even apologizing to Traci, which threw her off-guard. But what really threw Traci for a loop was… Vivica used herself as an example of what NOT TO DO. And it was THIS that got Traci’s attention. Vivica had alllll the cards, in regards to her. NO, she wasn’t blazing trails anywhere in Hollywood, but she had enough clout and pull to be able to make her own movies, and Tarantino certainly wasn’t casting Traci after seeing Baywatch! In one of his 100 million dollar budget movies!

Gradually… over the course of the next few months… Traci just… gave in. Vivica’s sincerity actually caused her to open up, and it wasn’t without some very intense and emotional moments! But Vivica had a trump card that had allowed her to be able to bridge that often-times impassable bridge between Black people who have issues of self-esteem and either OVER-COMPENSATE, like Vivica sometimes did. Or were so low to UNDER-COMPENSATE, like Traci did. Vivica’s long-time friendships with Stacey Dash and Halle Berry were crucial in her being able to reach out and snag Traci before she finally self-destructed altogether. Vivica pitched her Sisterhood idea and introduced Stacey Dash and Renee and Rosie Tenison to Traci, gradually… slowly. As she suspected… Stacey, who had issues for a different reason with her Blackness, connected with Traci. Mind you Traci was still, TRACI, but she wasn’t a caricature of herself anymore. So with all of this, you can imagine Traci’s feelings when the Sisterhood finally got off the ground… And Vivica was nowhere to be seen or heard. Nowhere to confide in or give guidance to some of its more troubled members. Instead they now how heavy-handed and hard-hearted Lisa Raye. And this instantly led to problems between her and Traci. To Traci, Lisa Raye represented everything she hated about Black people and Black women in particular, so of course, in a warped way, its own way… Lisa Raye represented what Traci hated about herself. But without Vivica’s patience to help temper Traci’s oft-time inability to communicate EXACTLY what she meant and WHY!? Pfft, she bumped heads with Lisa Raye and the others on a constant basis. In the end, while searching for Vivica in Sin City. Traci was through taking orders from Lisa Raye. She was bitter and hurt and felt betrayed that she’d believed Vivica and bought into her Black woman crap… Then she left her behind to run off and do what she wanted to do for herself… Just like other Black people had done to Traci early in life.

Traci split from the Sisterhood, without Lisa Raye’s knowledge. Along with her gal pal’s Stacey Dash and the Tenison Twins. All four of them are still searching for Vivica solely so they can hold her responsible for selling them a dream while leaving them with the nightmare that was Queen Lisa Raye. Traci knows that if they don’t find Vivica BEFORE Lisa finds out or figures out that they’ve decided to leave the Sisterhood. They will be attacked by the other members as traitors to whatever cause they were supposedly all about. Traci and Stacey collided with Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz who both knew where Vivica was hiding at….