Born: February 22nd, 1968 Height: 5' 8" Weight: 120lbs Eyes: Blue Orientation: Bisexual Measurements: 36DD-23-35 Years Catfighting: 17
Previous League: BZL (defunct), SF-CF (Sci-Fi Catfight League), XCF (defunct), Video-1, G3L (Goldengate Girls Club)
Previous Belt: BZL Hardcore Champion 1x, SF-CF TV Champ 1x, SF-CF Femme Fatale 2x’s, V1 TV Champ 1x, G3L Champ 1x
Finishing Moves: Girls Gone Wild! (Tit-smother!), 7of9 SLAM! (Standing Belly-to-Belly Suplex where she lifts and turns with a 180 and then slams the bitch to the ground, crashing down on top of her as well!), Super 7of9 SLAM! (Same as normal, but she uses the ropes and her opponent’s moment to bounce them off the ropes and then SLAMS HER TO THE MAT! CRASHING DOWN ON HER AS WELL!), Deadly Descent! (Top Rope Superplex!), Northwestern JAM! (Stalling Brainbuster, rarely used…), NeoABA (Hangman’s Neckbreaker from the corner, sits opponent down on the top turnbuckle and then puts their head over her shoulder and hits neckbreaker from out of the corner on them!)
Strengths: Veteran Experience, great power moves, great brawler, great street fighter, great at ambushes and sneak attacks, Mistress of Dirty Tactics, does abnormal damage with body attacks and charging moves, great at body attacks and charging moves, quick, great at using the environment against her opponents, attacks exposed weaknesses immediately and stays on them, ultra-aggressive, Ex ABA member, treacherous, devious, great showmanship, great at double-teaming, good at taunting and baiting, good top rope moves, good technical moves and submission moves, abilities increase with momentum, able to take an ass-whipping, Mistress of BDSM, abilities can increase in certain situations, good stablemate/teammate, knows her own limits, Lucy Liu, Geese
Weaknesses: Tits (her Girls) take abnormally high damage, focused attacks against her Girls (her tits) can actually wear her out mentally making her easier to chain-hit and chain-stun till Sudden KO or Submission, Finishing Moves that highlight and hit her tits can actually Sudden KO her if she has already taken too much mentally or physically throughout the course of the match, chin, cannot withstand full-tilt brawls where she exchanges punches one-for-one, does not win long matches, takes abnormal damage when surprised and can actually be overwhelmed, low psyche, vulnerable to BDSM when used properly against her, constantly controlling momentum against her wears her out on all levels allowing her to be chain-hit and chain-stunned till KO or Sudden KO or Submits, the Fab-4 have Jeri’s number and fortunately Jeri is aware of that but, she is especially weak against Halle Berry, Tia Carrera and Pamela Anderson who have kicked her ass good and hard, One-dimensional/Jeri does not vary her moves nearly as much as she thinks and tends to do poorly when having to face an opponent straight-up, takes damage like a bitch as match progresses or as opponent builds momentum against her, opponents momentum must be kept down for Jeri to win as it actually opens her other weaknesses up even more, staying on her wears her out and makes her vulnerable to Sudden KO’s mentally and once she gives mentally then she just takes punishment till she Sudden KO’s/Submits, has reached her limits as a catfighter

Jeri has found herself in an unusual place as she has been trying to adjust to life on Geese’s Estate. It was not exactly done the way that she planned it, but!? She has found not only a safe haven, but has actually made some friends far faster than she ever thought since her encounter in the Diner, where she saw Chiaki and Lucy fight it out with Jennifer Love Hewitt!? She could tell by Chiaki and Lucy’s behavior and their demeanor, never mind her own intimate, AND PERSONAL, background in BDSM and other swinger shit! She was well aware of what she was watching unfold that night as Chiaki and Jen collided, with Chiaki losing. And then Lucy and Jen coming to blows, with Lucy loosing! Jeri was well aware that the way that both Chiaki and Lucy were acting, that the pair were actually A PAIR! But more importantly… she saw those sweet looking beautifully crafted chokers around their necks! Never mind that she knew that hawking one of those would probably net a sweet return, but the intimate detail and the way that they radiated the fact that “This bitch is property of so-and-so”!?!?

She hadn’t seen that kind of work put into a choker in a very, very long time! It caught her eye, especially with the situation being what it was. She’d been in the BZL since day one for the wrong reasons. None of that mattered though. Here, she could lay the smack down on bitches and not only get paid a nice sum of money, BUT!? She caught the attention of the baddest bitches of the BZL, the ABA! And got drafted in as a First Round Fuckin, PICK! While a lotta bitches in the BZL like Alicia Silverstone were still trying to “earn their way in”! And other bitches like Jennifer Aniston were straight pissing away the opportunity to be ABA material, tried and TRUE! With still other bitches being shelved and told “We’ll call you, DON’T…! Call us…”

Jeri RyanTo be picked up by the ABA and accepted into their GROUP!? It was a big time win for the Borg Bitch Queen… but… when she saw those collars… she immediately recognized not one… but two Bitch Queens… and although they were on the receiving end of a beat down… she knew… With collars like those? Ohhh noh! They weren’t gonna be left sitting ass out like the ABA had a pretty bad fuckin habit of doing to its own! Uh-uh! Jeri had lived her times in that kind of world, but mainly as a by-product, as someone just “passing through”. She’d also seen her share of real Master, Slave, BDSM type, SHIT! But as far as she was concerned, with the vibe that she was picking up and the outright animosity that both Chiaki and Lucy gave off towards Jenn!? No, these two bitches were not some stray’s roaming around, happy-go-lucky, at the same time! In the same city! Solely to get put down by the same bitch! No. Even after years of moving away from that kind of “culture”, Jeri remembered the fact that their was a small sub-sect of BDSM society that used similar terms, but was nothing like the current crop of “mainstream” BDSM participants. Jeri knew to get the fuck out of the Diner before their Master showed up, especially since she knew that a stubborn bitch like Lucy Liu just would not submit to some ole fake-ass, PEON!

People have asked about the breakup of the ABA before, but let’s get one thing straight! Jeri got out before she could GET, GOT! But when she saw Lucy’s collar and the way she reacted to Chiaki’s defeat? She knew that whoever gave them those collars wouldn’t be far behind, and even worse!? They’d have to be a real bad ass, to be able to handle the likes of Lucy and her Japanese girlfriend. They had to be powerful and not just with some checkbook! Jeri already knew that Lucy had the money game pretty well in hand, she didn’t need anyone to pay for shit for her and that… is when Jeri knew it had to be a man. And he had to be someone that was NOT tied to Hollywood or anything that was out-in-the-open! Because Lucy loved her privacy. And it was at that moment, as Jeri realized that she needed some protection of her own with the ABA now actively gunning to replace her spot! She was curious to see who the hell had gotten stubborn ass Lucy Liu to submit!? It wasn’t long till she found that out… and then the rest is history…